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    Inside U.S.A.: Racism and War in America and Beyond
    Wednesday, December 10 @ 07:07:41 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Ramzy Baroud
    December 10, 2014

    America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad.

    Their “democracy” in both of these regions is a ruse, and it is yet to deliver any degree of social justice and equality to the millions of disadvantaged Americans which are comprised mostly of black and Latino communities. The unequal distribution of wealth in the United States is simply staggering. In fact, 75.4% of all wealth in the US is owned by the richest 10 percent, according to the authoritative Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook (2013).

    This influx of wealth comes at the heels of a major economic recession, of which rich bankers were mostly to blame, but were never held accountable. Instead, millions of lower-middle class and poor Americans became even poorer. And since America’s political and economic classes largely overlap and feed upon the privileges of one another, millions of Americans lost their homes and savings, while the rich got richer.

    (Read More... | 9082 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Donald Sterling Thinks He Owns Basketball Players, But Really Does Own the NAACP
    Thursday, May 01 @ 10:01:07 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Bruce A. Dixon
    May 01, 2014 - blackagendareport.com

    “Depending on the rich and powerful to pay their bills while pretending to speak for the poor and oppressed is not a mere bug in the way our 21st century civil rights organizations work”

    For us at Black Agenda Report, the most telling angle on the story of Donald Sterling, the racist billionaire owner of the LA Clippers, was that the Los Angeles NAACP , which had been about to give Sterling a second – not a first but a second “Lifetime Achievement Award” eagerly stepped forward to offer redemption and forgiveness for the small cost of a few more strategic donations from the deep pockets of Donald Sterling.

    This won't be the first time Sterling has purchased absolution for his many sins. In 2003 Sterling settled a housing discrimination lawsuit paying $5 million to plaintiff attorneys alone, and in 2006 he was accused again of refusing to rent apartments to African Americans and Latinos. But a steady stream of donations to big-name so-called civil rights organizations amounting at most to a few ten thousandths of his net worth, were sufficient to make it OK in the eyes of those outfits, and in the case of the NAACP, they were sufficient to get him that first “lifetime award.”

    (Read More... | 4914 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Freedom Rider: Black Faces for White People
    Wednesday, November 06 @ 14:41:27 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Margaret Kimberley
    November 06, 2013 - blackagendareport.com

    "It seems that white supremacy is the new national pastime every October."

    Black people have been stigmatized with racist caricatures from the first moment that Africans encountered Europeans. People who worked without pay at the point of a lash or a gun were called lazy. The victims of sexual assault were themselves labeled as "over sexed" perverts and freaks. This awful history isn’t dead. It is celebrated by millions of people who think that our plight and position in society is part of the natural order of the universe. At the first possible opportunity they publicly display their hatred and their determination to exult in and continue white supremacy.

    This tendency may always be present but in recent years Halloween is the moment when the ghouls show themselves. This celebration has morphed from what used to be a simple children’s holiday into a multi-billion dollar, month long event for adults. What was an enjoyable time to dress up in costume has become the white racist moment to act out sick fantasy. They do so quite publicly, with numerous examples made easily visible on social media.

    (Read More... | 6362 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Racism ... Just Get Over It?
    Tuesday, August 06 @ 20:13:25 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Onika Henry
    August 06, 2013

    Racism is oppressive, dehumanising and has been systematically put in place to keep people from achievement and advancement, based on a belief of superiority over another or "more worthy than" the other. I do not recall a time when certain groups of people EVER had the power to enforce racism. To suggest certain people practise racism and "reverse racism" when they discriminate against others, is in my opinion, an indication of ignorance of what racism really is and how it operates. To me it suggests a denial of truth and/or an inability to see and feel from another's perspective.

    Those who have never lived the life as a member of an oppressed group, or who have not inherited the sometimes intangible but real effects of hundreds of years of slavery and dehumanisation (which continues in more subtle and disguised forms today) may find it difficult to understand how the weight of racism can crush the spirit. While for some, living the life of a civil and human rights fighter or activist on a daily basis is a fine and comfortable choice, for others, the "fight" takes on the persona of a moral commitment to live life holistically and to promote well-being of self, family, friends and colleagues, which in and of itself is another way of dealing with oppression.

    (Read More... | 3893 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 5)

    Racism Watch: Is Tim Wise Stamping the Anti-Racist Ghetto Passes at Teach For America
    Wednesday, July 17 @ 11:42:01 UTC
    Racism WatchWhy Is Tim Wise Stamping the Anti-Racist Ghetto Passes at Teach For America?

    By Bruce A. Dixon
    July 17, 2013 - blackagendareport.com

    Tim Wise has made a career as an author and speaker lecturing white Americans on racism. We suppose that's a good thing and that somebody's gotta do it. Mr. Wise is speaking at a major Teach For America event on July 19. How do we reconcile that with a stand against racism? We can't, and unless TFA is gonna pay Mr. Wise to tell them their entire practice and premise is elitist, evil and yes, racist, we're pretty sure he can't reconcile it either.

    Teach For America is part of an elite bipartisan scam to privatize public education, starting, and perhaps ending with the inner city. TFA replaces qualified, experienced mostly black teachers who live in the communities they serve with mostly white temps, graduated from a 5 week course who will move on to Wall Street and other lucrative careers after only a couple seasons in the classroom.

    (Read More... | 4900 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Why White People Get Mad
    Wednesday, December 05 @ 08:16:58 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Margaret Kimberley
    December 05, 2012 - blackagendareport.com

    "The Mayflower's cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans." – Glen Ford

    "Most white Americans can only think of themselves and their country as the pinnacle of enlightenment and civilization."

    In 2003 my Black Agenda Report colleague Glen Ford wrote "The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicings," a brilliant piece of commentary which cast a spotlight on the horror which inspired the holiday that came to be known as Thanksgiving. Mr. Ford documented the genocide visited upon the original inhabitants of this country which is inextricably intertwined with the Thanksgiving myth that is so revered by most Americans. The facts that he presented are easily known to anyone who cares to seek them out. The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday is not only a celebration of slaughter but it is used to this very day to keep all Americans secure in their love of white supremacy.

    (Read More... | 6050 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 5)

    Racism Watch: Justice, Not Drama, for Trayvon Martin
    Thursday, March 22 @ 15:33:30 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Margaret Kimberley
    March 22, 2012 - blackagendareport.com

    "Al Sharpton and Michael Baisden have announced that they will attend a rally in support of the Martin family."

    The shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida has thankfully become a national news story. Martin was killed as he went about his daily business, under circumstances which usually don't result in death for anyone but black people. While Martin was returning to the home of a family friend in a gated community, a "neighborhood watchman," a trigger happy rent-a-cop, shot and killed the seventeen year old. The killer's assertion of "suspicious behavior" boils down to just one thing. Martin had a black face, and that has always served as reason enough to be deemed suspicious.

    (Read More... | 7090 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Hollywood and Race: Still Stuck in the 1950s
    Wednesday, February 22 @ 15:58:17 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    February 22, 2012 - counterpunch.org

    This Sunday, nearly 40 million people are likely to tune in to see who captures an Oscar at the annual Academy Awards ceremonies. Winning the award can add millions to a film’s box office and supercharge the career of an actor, director, screenwriter or editor. According to the Academy’s 2009-10 fiscal year tax filing, the Oscars generated $81.3 million in revenue. This is a big deal.

    It is avidly watched by the moviegoing population of this sprawling and diverse nation of more than 300 million people, and by millions more around the world. Hollywood sets styles, captures imaginations, touches dreams. Worldwide, movies provide people with much of what they think about America.

    (Read More... | 4045 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Your House Is On Ground Zero (And Quite Without Permission)
    Sunday, September 12 @ 17:24:07 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Tim Wise
    September 07, 2010 - timwise.org

    In all the rancor over whether or not one group of Muslims should be allowed to build a cultural center and worship space near the site of the 9/11 attacks -- which were committed by a separate and totally unrelated group of Muslims --there is one thing above all else that no one appears anxious to point out: namely, that for any white Christian to say "Ground Zero" is off limits to anyone is possibly the most deliciously and yet grotesquely ironic thing ever suggested.

    After all, there is scarcely a square foot of land upon which we tread that is not, for someone, Ground Zero. I am sitting atop one now: a killing field for Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Creek; a graveyard in which are buried the bones -- and if no longer the bones, then surely the dust -- of peoples whose evisceration occurred not so long ago, and is still remembered by those who have not the luxury of forgetting.

    (Read More... | 6308 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 4.33)

    Racism Watch: Racism, Reparations and the Politics of Blame: Pardon You
    Friday, May 07 @ 17:03:10 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Tim Wise
    May 07, 2010 - counterpunch.org

    As a writer, there are times when you have something to say, and yet no particular "hook" upon which to hang the missive you are burning to release. In these moments, it is often best to wait, to hold on to the material you find so compelling, secure in the knowledge that soon enough something will happen--some personal experience or news event--that will render the intended screed relevant at long last.

    Apparently, Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. believes not in this sagacious advice. To wit his recent essay for the New York Times, in which he addressed the issue of reparations for slavery, imparting therein the completely unoriginal and long-recognized wisdom that Africans were implicated in the enslavement of their continental peers. This, to Gates, is a revelation of monumental proportions, which demonstrates the complexity of the slavery issue, and implacably muddies the matter of who should pay whom for the damage done. Resolving this last point is, Gates wants you to know, far more difficult than the apparently simple-minded who clamor for repair might believe.

    (Read More... | 14251 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: Why the Oscars are a Con
    Wednesday, February 10 @ 23:12:01 UTC
    Racism Watch By John Pilger
    February 10, 2010 - johnpilger.com

    Why are so many films so bad? This year’s Oscar nominations are a parade of propaganda, stereotypes and downright dishonesty. The dominant theme is as old as Hollywood: America’s divine right to invade other societies, steal their history and occupy our memory. When will directors and writers behave like artists and not pimps for a world view devoted to control and destruction?

    I grew up on the movie myth of the Wild West, which was harmless enough unless you happened to be a native American. The formula is unchanged. Self-regarding distortions present the nobility of the American colonial aggressor as a cover for massacre, from the Philippines to Iraq. I only fully understood the power of the con when I was sent to Vietnam as a war reporter. The Vietnamese were “gooks” and “Indians” whose industrial murder was preordained in John Wayne movies and sent back to Hollywood to glamourise or redeem.

    (Read More... | 6365 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: In South Africa, Apartheid is Dead, But White Supremacy Lingers On
    Wednesday, June 10 @ 09:40:52 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Robert Jensen
    June 9, 2009 - counterpunch.org

    Apartheid is dead in South Africa, but a new version of white supremacy lives on.

    "During apartheid the racism of white people was up front, and we knew what we were dealing with. Now white people smile at us, but for most black people the unemployment and grinding poverty and dehumanizing conditions of everyday life haven't changed," a black South African told me. "So, what kind of commitment to justice is under that smile?"

    This community activist in Cape Town said that, ironically, the end of South's Africa's apartheid system of harsh racist segregation and exploitation has in some ways made it more difficult to agitate for social justice today. As he offered me his views on the complex politics of his country, Nkwame Cedile, a field worker for People's Health Movement, expressed a frustration that I heard often in my two weeks in the country: Yes, the brutality of apartheid ended in 1994 with free elections, but the white-supremacist ideas that had animated apartheid and the racialized distribution of wealth it was designed to justify didn't magically evaporate.

    (Read More... | 16858 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 5)

    Israel-Palestine: Durban II: Politicizing Racism
    Tuesday, March 17 @ 17:35:29 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Ramzy Baroud
    March 12, 2009

    Many countries are set to participate in the Conference against Racism, scheduled to be held in Geneva, April 20-25. But the highly touted international meet is already marred with disagreement after Israel, the United States and other countries decided not to participate. Although the abstention of four or more countries is immaterial to the proceedings, the US decision in particular was meant to render the conference 'controversial', at best.

    The US government's provoking stance is not new, but a repetition of another fiasco which took place in Durban, South Africa in 2001.

    (Read More... | 7075 bytes more | Israel-Palestine | Score: 0)

    Racism Watch: The State of Black America: From Oscar Grant to Barack Obama
    Friday, January 16 @ 05:06:04 UTC
    Racism WatchBy Ron Jacobs
    January 15, 2009

    I was out in Oakland, CA. this past weekend for a friend's birthday. Naturally, I visited Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley--my old stomping grounds--while I was there. Things have changed there while remaining the same. The area is certainly much more ethnically diverse. Gentrification has slithered in, but its presence is quite minimal when compared to other sections of Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco.

    Peoples Park looks better than it has in years, with its native plant life dominating the east and west ends of that small piece of turf where so many battles have been fought. Doorways that used to shelter street people have been blocked off and some benches have been removed from areas where those same folks used to relax.

    (Read More... | 5775 bytes more | Racism Watch | Score: 5)

    Inside U.S.A.: Jeremiah Wright Delivers the Knockout Punch
    Thursday, May 01 @ 08:16:33 UTC
    Racism Watchby Mike Whitney
    April 29, 2008

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright appeared on PBS Bill Moyers Journal on Friday night and delivered a knockout punch to the bully-boys in the corporate media. It was an impressive performance that left the political assassins over at FOX News choking on their sausage-rolls. Wright showed that he is neither a fanatic nor an “America hater”; just an extremely well-read and principled man with an unshakable commitment to justice. Wright has also paid his dues; he's an ex-Marine who served in Vietnam when most of his critics were either hiding behind their student deferments or languishing in the "Champagne Unit" of the Texas National Guard. He's earned the right to say whatever he chooses.

    (Read More... | 11921 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 5)

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