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Bukka Rennie

1845: INDIANS &

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TAINO: The story
of the 'Caribs and Arawaks'

by Kim Johnson

A TRINI VIEW OF INDIA "The guide books and the media persist in giving false impressions about India,"


A TRINI VIEW OF CHINA To me, a Trini who has spent most of his life on a small tropical island, Tibet is one of the most exotic destinations


Last of the great Kings of Southern Africa

by Corey Gilkes

African People entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago.

by Corey Gilkes

Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Western Europe etc.

by Corey Gilkes

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World News from a Variety of Media Sources

News Archive: 'Middle East'/North Africa | Egypt | More news on facebook
AP | Xinhua | Islamic Republic | Business

Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance
Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again. And yet again ... using Saddam's WMD

Putin: 'US wants to subdue Russia, but no one did or ever will'
The US has no plans to humiliate Russia, but instead wants to subdue it, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that no one had ever succeeded in doing so – and never will.

US and Europe Conceal Their Bankruptcy with Hostility to Russia
US President Obama was joined by European leaders last weekend in trying to turn the G20 summit in Australia into a forum for baiting Russia, rather than dealing with the more onerous problem of a failing world economy.

Living with Insanity Harper, Abbott, and Cameron at the Brisbane G-20

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply

Top US Military Officer Predicts ISIS War Will Last up to 4 Years

On Media Outlets That Continue to Describe Unknown Drone Victims As “Militants”

Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance. Here's What Matters Instead

Dragnet: Justice Dept gets airborne to spy on thousands of American cellphone users
New disclosures show the Justice Department is engaged in dragnet surveillance using aircraft equipped with a device that mimics a cellphone tower and scoops up data from thousands of mobile phone users to hunt for criminal suspects.

Ferguson grand jury nears end, tensions rise over outcome

Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal
Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boko Haram suspected in suicide bomb at Nigeria school, 48 dead

Political Bunraku
For those who are not familiar, Bunraku is an old form of Japanese puppet theater, its distinctive characteristic being that the puppeteers are on the stage with their puppets, dressed in black so that the audience can pretend not to see them.

Sen. Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal
The president is subverting the Constitution—and America's latest undeclared war in the Middle East is just the latest example.

ISIS is America's Dream Rebel Army
US policy paper reveals desire for construction of full-scale extraterritorial army to invade Syria. Such an army is being built in Iraq and Turkey and it's called "ISIS."

Dozens of U.S. troops on ground in Iraq's restive Anbar province

Iraq Airstrikes and Clashes Leave 215 Dead

Iraq is a game ..Sam

The video of an Israeli cop shooting an Arab citizen that has rocked the country

Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It
An anonymous U.S. official caused a dustup when he called the Israeli prime minister "chickenshit." Others might have said worse

UN envoy meets President Assad in Damascus
Staffan de Mistura in Syria to push for plan that would "freeze" fighting in some areas, including Aleppo.

Iran confirms building missile manufacturing plants in Syria

Hezbollah blames Israel in death of 5 nuclear technicians in Syria
The deaths of five nuclear scientists Sunday in an ambush outside Damascus has raised anew suspicions about whether Israel is conducting an assassination campaign intended to blunt Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Will the Blackmail of British Jewish Funders Backfire?

Syrian rebel leader: US-led attacks on Isis are undermining anti-Assad forces
Hadi al-Bahra claims Syrians see US-led coalition turning a blind eye to Assad's forces while failing to liaise with Free Syrian Army

Islamic State: Egyptian militants pledge loyalty
A jihadist group which has carried out a series of attacks on security forces in Egypt's Sinai peninsula has pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS).

Russia's Vulnerability to EU – US Sanctions and Military Encroachments
The restoration of Russian power engineered by Vladimir Putin is compromised by the economic war waged against him by the United States and the European Union. Western aggression, observes Professor James Petras, will compel Russia to either eliminate the oligarchs on whom it has relied so far or die.

How Our People Do Their Extermination-Jobs in Ukraine
...the Ukrainian civil war carrying out part of the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Mikhail Koval's, extermination plan, which was injudiciously described by him right after a press conference.

Ten lies we're told to justify the slaughter of 20 million in the First World War
Dominic Alexander debunks ten myths being used by politicians and historians to rebrand World War I in the centenary of its outbreak.

"Death to Iran" Over Airline Passenger Safety

Obama Vows Broad New Regulations to Ensure 'Free Internet'
Move Couched as Enforcing Net Neutrality, But Will FCC Stop There?

Gary Webb and Media Manipulation
Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014

Ukraine president calls rebel vote a 'farce'
Petro Poroshenko's condemnation comes as separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko claims victory, citing exit polls.

In Ukraine, A Tale of Two Elections
The US government loves to "promote democracy" overseas, often at the barrel of a gun. Strangely enough, however, it often "deplores" actual elections being held in such places.

Exit poll: Rebel chief Zakharchenko to win eastern Ukraine vote
Alexander Zakharchenko, the main rebel leader in Ukraine's largest separatist region, is due to win a disputed election, according to an exit poll. Kyiv and Western governments say they won't recognize the results.

Thousands gather in Burkina Faso to denounce 'military coup'
Protest against rule by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida after power struggle following resignation of President Blaise Compaoré

Burkina Faso crisis: Army promises 'transition body'
Burkina Faso's military has said it will install a transitional government, days after it seized power as President Blaise Compaore resigned.

Why is there such an explosion of violence across the Middle East?
Here's an alternative view...

Syrian rebels use US supplied anti-tank missiles
US backed Syrian rebels, seen here using anti-tank missiles to destroy two regime planes, have reportedly surrendered to al-Qaeda, raising fear those weapons have fallen into the terror groups hands

US-backed forces in Syria suffer big setback
Al Qaida-backed militants Saturday stormed the base of the most prominent civilian commander in the U.S.-backed Syrian rebel force, forcing him and his fighters to flee into hiding in the Jebal al Zawiya mountains of northern Syria.

Canada launches first airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq

Over 6,700 Killed in Iraq during October; 205 Killed on Saturday

US Officials: Iraq Preparing for 'Spring Offensive' Against ISIS

Hamas: Closure of Gaza crossings 'collective punishment'
Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouq early Sunday condemned an Israeli decision to close crossings into Gaza, calling it "collective punishment."

Abdullah: We will block 'unilateral' moves by Israel on Jerusalem
In speech to parliament, King of Jordan vows to protect Christian and Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, 'where the blood of our martyrs soaks the earth.'

Pentagon's plans for a spy service to rival the CIA have been pared back

If Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Fail, US Will Be Blamed

AP Exclusive: Ferguson no-fly zone aimed at media

FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance
Agency requests rule change but civil liberties groups say 'extremely invasive' technique amounts to unconstitutional power grab

Netanyahu insists he is 'under attack for defending Israel' after remarks from US official
Quotes from senior Obama administration figures damn Israeli prime minister as 'chickenshit' over stance on settlements and peace with Palestinians

Gary Webb and Media Manipulation
Many Americans still count on the mainstream media to define reality for them, but too often the MSM spins false narratives that protect the powerful and diminish democracy, as happened in the long-running denial of cocaine trafficking by President Reagan's beloved Nicaraguan Contra rebels, writes Beverly Bandler.

The Battle for Palestine
Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Battle for Palestine
You can't understand the worsening Mideast violence without knowing the modern history of Palestine, a story that begins with European anti-Semitism causing Zionists to claim Palestine for the Jews and to expel the Arabs, wrote retired U.S. diplomat William R. Polk in the first of three parts.

The Battle for Palestine — Part Two

The Battle for Palestine — Part Three

Jordan warns settlements may 'imperil' treaty with Israel
Jewish construction, Israeli change to religious status of al-Aqsa mosque is 'incompatible with international law', says Jordan's ambassador to Israel.

Abbas asks US to stop Israeli 'escalations' in East Jerusalem
Urgent missive to Washington comes as Jordan warns that changes to status quo at al-Aqsa Mosque could endanger peace treaty

Israel Apartheid? Palestinians to be banned from West Bank settlers' buses
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has decided Palestinians working in Israel should only be able to return home to West Bank via a single crossing and should not be allowed to ride the same buses as settlers.

Ya'alon launches scathing assault on US policy in the Middle East
In Washington Post interview, 'without naming names,' defense minister batters the administration over Palestinian conflict, Iran talks and overall regional approach

Using the Holocaust to Justify War
Since bursting onto the U.S. foreign policy stage in the 1980s, the neocons have been masters of "perception management," devising emotional (and often false) messaging to justify aggressive war, as Maidhc Ó Cathail sees in recent Holocaust-themed propaganda against Syria's government.

Israeli president's diagnosis — 'Israel is a sick society'
— doesn't go viral in the U.S.

Did you hear that the president of Israel said Israel is a "sick society"? Reuven Rivlin, a Likudnik, said this over the weekend. There's been lots of coverage in Israel, but as Sullivan points out, the declaration hasn't gotten much attention stateside. I should think it would be viral.

Rivlin: Violence an epidemic in Israeli society

Cross-Canada Anti-War Demonstrations This Weekend

Canadian government seizes on Ottawa shooting to promote militarist, anti-democratic agenda

The True History of Blowback in One Sentence

Kenyan soldiers kill over 80 militants in Somalia

As Executions Rise, Allies Must Focus More Closely on Warring Anti-IS Forces
In many respects the situation in Saudi Arabia is getting worse rather than better, as if the government feels it must compete with the IS

ISIS Expulsion From Iraq Town Leads to Revenge Killings
Shi'ite Militias Summarily Execute Captives

No direct combat for Iraqi Kurds in Kobani, ISIS loses ground in Iraq

After victory in key Iraqi town, time for revenge

Missiles of ISIS May Pose Peril for Aircrews

ISIS sends Chechen commander to Kobane
The Islamic State leadership has ordered a prominent Chechen commander to Kobane, according to a Rudaw source inside ISIS-controlled territory.

Kurds 'repulse ISIL push' in Syria's Kobane
Kurdish fighters endure fourth day of ISIL attempts to take border crossing into Turkey, despite US-led air strikes.

Oil Gives Kurds a Path to Independence, and Conflict With Baghdad

More than 800 killed in 40 days of clashes in Syrian city of Kobani

U.S.: Rebel force in Syria to be built from scratch

Obama Still Does a Good Imitation of Bush
We really should be used to this by now. After almost six years in office, President Obama is far more like George W. Bush in national-security matters than he led the American people to believe.

Stand Tall America, We're #1!
(When It Comes to Our Military Budget, Knocking Off Wedding Parties, Military Bases, etc.)

Putin lashes out at US, West for destabilizing world
Vladimir Putin lashed out at the United States and the West for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. He also accused the West of inflaming the situation in Ukraine and said Russia is not interested in building an empire.

Putin Warns Of Risk Of Major Conflict, Says Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status

Western Sponsors Liable for Kiev Basket Case
Since Washington and Brussels shunted the geopolitical tracks in the first place to create the financial train wreck that is now manifestly the Ukraine, you would think that there might be a sense of obligation on Western governments to salvage the mess. Not a bit of it, it seems.

China not to join sanctions against Russia

Citizenfour's Escape to Freedom in Russia
An international community of resistance has formed against pervasive spying by the U.S. National Security Agency with key enclaves in Moscow (with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden) and in London (with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange), way stations visited by ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

'Google grown big & bad': Assange reveals company & its founder's links to US govt

Israel Beats Out US for $525 Million Arms Sale to India

US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn
Posted: Monday, October 20, 2014

US Bio-warfare Laboratories In West Africa Are The Origins Of The Ebola Epidemic
Could Ebola Have Escaped From US Bio-warfare Labs? American law professor Francis A. Boyle, answers questions for tvxs.gr and reveals that USA have been using West Africa as an offshore to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons and do bio-warfare work.

U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training
As the U.S. military rushes to combat Ebola in West Africa, soldiers are receiving on-the-fly instructions on how to protect themselves against the deadly virus.

Troops to Africa Won't Fix a Failed Presidency

US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn
It is not merely hyperbole when it is said the US created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the so-called "Islamic State." It is documented fact. The current conflict in the Middle East may appear to be a chaotic conflagration beyond the control of the United States and its many eager allies, but in reality it is the intentional, engineered creation of regional fronts in a war against Iran and its powerful arc of influence.

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS
Not only are foodstuffs, medical supplies—even clinics—going to ISIS, the distribution networks are paying ISIS 'taxes' and putting ISIS people on their payrolls.

Bombs Fall in Syria as Weapons-Makers Profits Soar in the West
There is only one consistent winner across a war zone that now spreads across Iraq and Syria.

Turkey will not OK U.S. arms transfers to Kurdish fighters: Erdogan

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

Rival Governments Dispute Control of Libyan Oil
Proceeds From Oil Exports Are Libya's Main Revenue Source

Ukraine says it agrees on interim gas price with Russia

Ukraine, Russia gas deal may be just enough to get through winter

The Forever-War President: Obama's 'Transformational' War Powers Legacy

As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been "Hugely Underestimated"

"We Are Better Off Without US Government" Evo Morales
Bolivia's president talks about the country's ongoing socio-economic transformation and his third term in office.

What 'Democracy' Really Means in U.S. and New York Times Jargon: Latin America Edition

The American oligarchy
There is an unspoken rule in American politics, expressed ever more clearly in each election cycle, that the more important an issue is, the less it can be discussed—much less decided—by the election. The US military has embarked on a new war in the Middle East, democratic rights have been eviscerated, millions are without jobs, household incomes are falling, and a record number of people are being deported from the country. Yet, with the 2014 midterm election just 17 days away, none of these issues are being discussed.

U.S. and allies threaten sanctions in Libya

United troops trying to take back Tripoli
Libya's internationally-recognised prime minister said yesterday that military forces in the strife-torn country had united to try to recapture Tripoli and the second city Benghazi from Islamist militias.

'In 1976 I discovered Ebola...'
Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The long and ugly tradition of treating Africa as a dirty, diseased place
This week's Newsweek magazine cover features an image of a chimpanzee behind the words, "A Back Door for Ebola: Smuggled Bushmeat Could Spark a U.S. Epidemic." This cover story is problematic for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that there is virtually no chance that "bushmeat" smuggling could bring Ebola to America.

'In 1976 I discovered Ebola - now I fear an unimaginable tragedy'
Peter Piot was a researcher at a lab in Antwerp when a pilot brought him a blood sample from a Belgian nun who had fallen mysteriously ill in Zaire

'I didn't think of Iraqis as humans,' says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl before killing her and her family

Obama Leads His Coalition of Arab Tyrants Into Another losing, Islamist-boosting War

Serious disagreements remain in U.S.-led coalition battling the Islamic State

Why Regime Change Won't Stop ISIS in Syria...

Iran touts 'experience' fighting terrorists, says airstrikes not enough against ISIS

Iran hits back at Saudi claims of 'occupying' Syria
IRAN hit back Tuesday at demands from Saudi Arabia that Tehran withdraw its "occupying" forces from Syria and insisted no country was more committed to confronting jihadists in the region.

Iraq Descends Into Anarchy
Shia Militias 'Abducting and Killing Sunni Civilians In Revenge For Isis Attacks'

Iraq military abandons key Anbar base to ISIS militants


Pakistani Taliban leaders pledge allegiance to Islamic State

Russia to help fight Islamists in the Middle East
The United States and Russia will share intelligence on Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq and work together to combat the threat of terrorism that hangs over the region, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Tuesday after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Turkish jets bomb Kurdish PKK rebels near Iraq
Turkish F-16 and F-4 warplanes have bombed Kurdish PKK rebel targets near the Iraqi border, as their ceasefire comes under increasing strain.

Kurdish Anger Soars as Turkey Won't Open Iraq Arms Corridor

British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
Yesterday the British Parliament voted overwhelmingly (274-12) to recognize a Palestinian state, and if you listened to the debate, one theme above all else explains the crushing victory: The British public has been horrified by Gaza and its opinion of Israel has shifted.

EU considers banning violent Jewish settlers
European Union looking at ways to pressure Israel on settlements without resorting to sanctions

French FM: If peace talks prove impossible, we'll recognize Palestinian state
Paris should recognize a Palestinian state only if doing so would help achieve peace, Fabius says.

No One Has A Monopoly On Truth: Sergey Lavrov's U.N. Address
Video and English Transcript
"Washington has openly declared its right to the unilateral use of military force anywhere to advance its own interests. Military interference has become a norm, even despite the dismal outcome of all operations of force that the US has carried out over recent years..."

Putin: Nazi virus 'vaccine' losing effect in Europe
The coup d'état in Ukraine is a worrying example of growing neo-Nazi tendencies in Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a Serbian newspaper. He stressed that "open manifestations" of neo-Nazism is also commonplace in Baltic states.

UN Report Finds Mass Surveillance Violates International Treaties and Privacy Rights
"The hard truth is that the use of mass surveillance technology effectively does away with the right to privacy of communications on the Internet altogether," the report concluded.

Cuba leads fight against Ebola in Africa
Posted: Monday, October 13, 2014

70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months
In two months, Russia is planning to send a new experimental vaccine against Ebola to Africa, according to the country's health minister. The efficiency of the drug, which is to be tested on the ground, is about 70-90 percent.

Cuba leads fight against Ebola in Africa as west frets about border security
The island nation has sent hundreds of health workers to help control the deadly infection while richer countries worry about their security - instead of heeding UN warnings that vastly increased resources are urgently needed

Cuban doctors train, fight Ebola in Africa
461 Cuban health workers heading to West Africa

Ebola vaccine research stalled by budget cuts - NIH director
The United States would have had an Ebola vaccine ready by the time the virus had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa if not for budget cuts that prevented scientific research, according to a top US health official.

Liberia nurses threaten strike over Ebola pay
Health workers threaten to stay away from work on Monday, unless government agrees to hike their hazard pay.

Ebola, 'Scaremongering,' and the Epidemiology of Interventionism

Liberty, Not Government, Key to Containing Ebola

In 'Victory for Anti-Imperialists,' Evo Morales Wins Third Term
'Nationalization won with more than 60 percent,' the Socialist leader told the thousands who gathered outside the presidential palace

Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker
Not long after American forces defeated the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in 2003, caravans of trucks began to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington on a regular basis, unloading an unusual cargo — pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills.

Billions set aside for post-Saddam Iraq turned up in Lebanese bunker
Stuart Bowen, who investigated corruption in Iraq, says US and Iraqi governments ignored appeals to recover money

Propaganda War of Islamic Extremists
Ever since the Pentagon started talking about Isis as apocalyptic, I've suspected that websites and blogs and YouTube are taking over from reality. I'm even wondering whether "Isis" - or Islamic State or Isil, here we go again - isn't more real on the internet than it is on the ground.

War Against Isis: US Strategy in Tatters as Militants March on
American-led air attacks are failing. Jihadis are close to taking Kobani, in Syria - and in Iraq western Baghdad is now under serious threat

Drumbeat grows for US troops in Middle East war

IS group pouring reinforcements into Syria's Kobane: monitor

Afghan officials say air strike killed civilians, NATO says 'enemy'

Pakistan says 12 dead in border clashes with India, appeals to U.N.

Donor conference pledges $5.4 billion for Gaza reconstruction
International powers outperform Abbas' expectations with generous donations from Qatar, EU, US, Turkey, and UAE.

China, Russia Sign CNY150 Billion Local-Currency Swap As Plunging Oil Prices Sting Putin

Saudis Dump Oil To Increase Leverage Over U.S. Middle East Policies
The Saudis and other Gulf state rulers disliked U.S. energy independence talk very much. They need to keep some leverage over U.S. policy. They now decided to end the U.S. "energy independence" talk and to push the U.S. to again do their bidding. The simple method they apply is to keep oil production high enough during a period of declining consumption to take prices lower and to thereby make new U.S. domestic production a money losing business...

Cornel West among protesters arrested in Ferguson
At least 18 people, including author Cornel West, were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri on Monday as activists continued to protest police brutality more than two months after a local officer fatally shot an unarmed teen.

Monsanto announces major losses after settling environmental suit
Biotech giant Monsanto announced major losses for their fourth quarter last week well below analysts' expectations after spending millions settling an environmental suit.

Latin America's 'Made in USA' 2014 Recession
Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola outbreak: UK sending 750 troops to Sierra Leone
Philip Hammond: "We now need the wider international community to step up to the plate"

Ebola patient's death renews questions about care

The US Is Copying Ancient Athens
Obama Attempting To Impose His Own Rule of "Law" Over The Entire World

Democracy and Education in the 21st Century and Beyond
An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Chomsky: U.S. Spawned a Fundamentalist Frankenstein in the Mideast

Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine

A War for Power
The "war on terrorism" is a farce. But unless we stop them, US elites will carry it on forever.

Obama Claims Progress Combatting Islamic State

Notice that ISIS Isn't Beheading Swiss Citizens

Over 200 Killed Across Iraq in Airstrikes and Bombings

Isis air strikes limited without viable Syrian rebel force, says White House

White House 'deeply concerned' as ISIS threatens Kurdish town

Isis in Kobani: Turkey's Act of Abandonment May Mark an Irrevocable Breach with Kurds Across the Region

U.S. Focus on ISIS Frees Syria to Battle Rebels

New Yemen PM Resigns After Opposition From Houthi Rebels
Threat of Mass Protest Led to Resignation

Suicide bombings in Yemen kill 67 after premier quits

After 13 Years, President Obama, 'Time to End Our Endless War in Afghanistan'
As 'longest war' hits another milestone, human costs continue to rise

Israel's occupation is more complex than a genocide

US: Israel must play role in rebuilding Gaza
Ahead of donor conference in Cairo, State Department says range of countries to contribute funds following 50-day conflict

Implications for Israel: First sitting head of state appears before ICC
Kenyan president's appearance before ICC removes numerous obstacles which could block Palestinians from successfully getting court to take up cases against Israelis.

What was the most damaging conspiracy theory in U.S. history?

China just overtook US as the world's largest economy, IMF says
China just overtook the US to become the world's largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund. By the end of 2014, China will make up 16.48% of the world's purchasing-power adjusted GDP (or $17.632 trillion), and the US will make up just 16.28% (or $17.416 trillion).

US Official Downplays Cuba's Invitation to Summit

Keiser Report: Financial Ebola (E662)

Latin America's 'Made in USA' 2014 Recession
The USA is taking advantage of the emerging recessions in Latin America to put additional economic pressure on two of the region's most important economies: Argentina and Venezuela.

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