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Bukka Rennie

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A TRINI VIEW OF INDIA "The guide books and the media persist in giving false impressions about India,"


A TRINI VIEW OF CHINA To me, a Trini who has spent most of his life on a small tropical island, Tibet is one of the most exotic destinations


Last of the great Kings of Southern Africa

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African People entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago.

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Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Western Europe etc.

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The Problem with Obama's Cuba Speech
Posted: Friday, December 19, 2014

The Problem with Obama's Cuba Speech

Obama Intends to Lift Several Restrictions Against Cuba on His Own

The US – not Cuba – comes in from the cold

Who's afraid of Cuba? Almost nobody anymore.

The ill-fated schemes to upend Castro

US congressional leaders vow to block Cuba embassy and ambassador
Opponents of Obama initiatives threaten to curtail funding as 2016 presidential aspirants stake out their embargo positions

Not much chance of Congress stopping Cuba policy

Obama has power to further weaken Cuba sanctions

US Was at Odds With World Over Cuba Policy

U.S. spy freed by Cuba was longtime asset

The American Spy Traded in the U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Breakthrough

If It's True on Cuba, It's True on Iran
America's Cuba policy has long been an open joke in international circles. Seldom has a country pursued such a futile policy for so long while clearly recognizing its senselessness. It's probably the foremost example of how American domestic politics can take its foreign policy hostage, leaving everyone a loser.

Rand Paul Breaks with Other 2016 Candidates on Cuba

Emails Reveal US State Department Influenced Sony's "The Interview" so as to Encourage Assassination and Regime Change in North Korea

The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy

Obama Vows U.S. Response to North Korea Cyberattack on Sony

US delays release of study on 1953 Iran coup

Russia warns US over sanctions bill

West's sanctions on Russia bite, but backlash could hurt
As Vladimir Putin tries to gloss over his country's economic problems, ordinary Russians are starting to feel the double whammy of falling oil prices and sanctions. But has the West bitten off more than it can chew?

China Prepares To Bailout Russia

Russia signs deals with China to help weather sanctions

Western Nations Want to Chain 'the Russian Bear' - Putin

Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia
Washington is trying to drive down prices by flooding the market with crude but risks collateral damage to its own shale industry

Ruble Takedown Exposes Cracks in Putin's Defense

What Putin is not telling us
The perfect storm evolves in two fronts; an overt economic war – as in siege by sanctions - and a concerted, covert, shadow attack to the heart of the Russian economy. Washington's endgame is clear: impoverish and defang the adversary and force him to meekly bow to the 'Empire of Chaos's' whims. And bragging about it all the way to "victory."

Free Fall of the Ruble – A brilliant ploy of Russian economic Wizards? Who's chess game?

Financial Imperialists Attack Russia
Financial Market Manipulation Is The New Trend: Can It Continue?

Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine

Russia says EU sanctions on Crimea unacceptable

European leaders warn against too much economic pain on Russia

Bahrain May Start Importing Russian Gas From 2017
A senior official said that gas will be transported by sea from Russia to Bahrain but did not specify the amount of gas that will be imported.

Top Islamic militants killed; more US troops going to Iraq

Officials: Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32 people

Glenn Greenwald Blasts Dick Cheney And President Obama On Torture
"The reason why Dick Cheney is able to go on 'Meet The Press' instead of being where he should be -- which is in the dock at The Hague or in a federal prison -- is because President Obama and his administration made the decision not to prosecute any of the people who implemented this torture regime despite the fact that it was illegal and criminal," Greenwald said.

The lesson of the torture report: Governments lie

Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland

Dump the Dollar, Says Ecuadorean President
President Rafael Correa says the U.S. dollar is the "exact opposite" of what Ecuador needs.

Carnage in Pakistan school
Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Carnage in Pakistan school as Taliban attack kills 160
In the bloodiest terror attack in Pakistan in years, at least 160 people, mostly children, were on Tuesday killed by heavily-armed Taliban suicide bombers who stormed an army-run school here and took several hostages, a throwback to the 2004 Beslan school siege by Chechen rebels.

Children massacred in Pakistan school attack
Gunmen kill 141, 132 of them children, as the Pakistani Taliban storms school in one of nation's bloodiest ever attacks.

A Rare Glimpse Inside Pakistan's Anti-Taliban Operation in North Waziristan

Sydney gunman was 'wanted in Iran'

Sony hackers threaten terror attacks on theaters

Terror Threats Over 'The Interview' Are Quandary for Sony

Obama backs bill imposing new sanctions on Russia

Obama Signals Support for New U.S. Sanctions to Pressure Russian Economy

Russia says arms for Kiev won't help solve Ukraine crisis: RIA

Russia says it wants east Ukraine to stay with Kiev under reformed constitution

Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking

White House: Sanctions Putting Russian Economy on 'the Brink of Crisis'

Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998

The U.S. Government Is Practically Begging for Global War

How Vladimir Putin Upset NATO's Strategy

Regime-Change Makeover: Blaming Syria for the Rise of ISIS

Al-Qaeda faction in Syria claims to have U.S.-supplied anti-tank weapon

Nearly 200 dead as al-Nusra fighters take Syria bases
Over 100 soldiers captured; another 100 flee on foot and in vehicles to neighboring town

China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS – report
Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jafari says that his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, has made an offer to help Iraq fight Islamic State militants. Beijing has volunteered to assist with airstrikes, though it will not join the US-led coalition against ISIS.

Imperialism and the Politics of Torture
The US Senate Report documenting CIA torture of alleged terrorist suspects raises a number of fundamental questions about the nature and operations of the State, the relationship and the responsibility of the Executive Branch and Congress to the vast secret police networks which span the globe – including the United States.

CIA torture: health professionals 'may have committed war crimes', report says
Physicians for Human Rights called for federal investigation on CIA torture program participation, calling rectal feeding technique 'form of sexual assault'

How We Outsourced CIA Torture And Why It Matters

The allegations against MI6 are serious – so why aren't they front page news?

U.S. fights to stop release of photos showing soldiers abusing and sexually humiliating prisoners in Iraq

First ground clash between ISIS and US forces in Iraq
An American force has fought its actual first battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria "ISIS" organization during a counter-attack that was carried out by tribal forces.

Palestinians: US to veto UN resolution 'to end occupation'
Secretary of State John Kerry tells top Palestinian negotiator that US will block Jordanian-backed resolution at Security Council.

Joining the military doesn't make you a hero

OPEC won't cut production even if oil below $40 – UAE energy minister

25 people killed after two car bombs explode in central Yemen

John Kerry races to stop UN bid to force Israeli withdrawal

30 Palestinians injured as thousands lay Qalandiya man to rest

Israel Counting On US to Veto Palestinian UN Resolution
Israel seeks US support in opposing a Palestinian resolution in the United Nations Security Council, setting a two-year deadline for Israeli withdrawal from territories in the proposed Palestinian state.

Evo Morales: We Will Confront US Economic Aggression
Strengthening regional unity will move Latin America away from U.S. dominance, says the Bolivian president in an exclusive interview with teleSUR.

Mexico Gov't Claims on Disappeared Students Exposed
Explosive allegations published in Proceso, one of Mexico's leading news weeklies, this past Sunday, revealed strong evidence pointing to direct participation of federal authorities in the presumed killings of dozens of education students from the drug war-torn state of Guerrero.

Venezuela Wants to Take the US to Court Over War Crimes
The President of Venezuela proposed the creation an international committee of lawyers to charge the U.S. government for the wars in the Middle East and the deaths of black civilians by police.

Venezuelans march against United States sanctions
Thousands of government supporters in Venezuela have marched through the streets of Caracas to denounce the recent approval of sanctions by the US.

The new European 'arc of instability'

How To Renounce Your US Citizenship And Become Stateless

U.S. Senate Report on CIA Torture
Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CIA report: 'Torture is a crime and those responsible must be brought to justice'
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other rights advocates say prosecutions must follow Senate's CIA torture report

Senate Report on CIA Torture: Full Redacted Text (pdf)

Senate CIA Torture Report Details 'Ruthless' Brutality of Bush Era
Senate Intelligence Committee's report says CIA abuse violated 'U.S. law, treaty obligations, and our values.' Journalists, experts and human rights advocates say that torture program under the Bush administration was systematically orchestrated by top officials.

Hypothermia, Broken Limbs, and Rectal Feeding: Details from the CIA Torture Report

17 Disgraceful Facts Buried In The Senate's 600 Page Torture Report

CIA interrogation report: The 20 key findings
The US Senate Intelligence Committee has released a summary of a report into the CIA interrogation program established by US spy chiefs after the terror attacks of 11 September 2001.

Sexual Assault and Rectal Feedings: The CIA Report's Messy Details
Interrogation Chief Said Forced Enemas Needed to Demonstrate 'Control'

Report: CIA Tortured Many, Lied Often, Gained Little Intel
Captives Told Torturers What They Thought They Wanted to Hear

ACLU Reacts To CIA Torture Report
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today released the executive summary and findings of its landmark report on the CIA's rendition, secret detention, and torture program.

CIA cited Israeli Supreme Court rulings to justify torture, Senate report says
'Israeli example' cited as possible justification for use of torture when interrogating terror suspects 'where there is no other available means to prevent the harm' they might inflict.

To deter U.S. from torturing again, those involved should be prosecuted

Senator compares CIA's actions to 'war crimes'
"We did things, Alisyn, that we tried Japanese soldiers for war crimes for after World War II," he told the host of CNN's "New Day," Alisyn Camerota. "This is not America, this is not who we are, and what was done has diminished our stature and inflamed terrorists around the world."

CIA torture report: China and North Korea quick to settle accounts
Asian neighbours regularly criticised by the US over human rights say Senate findings prove Washington should not lecture

Will growing consensus that torture is 'morally repugnant' lead to action?
Tuesday's release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's post-9/11 interrogation techniques has revived a national debate about the effectiveness of torture. While opinion is divided, a consensus does seem to have formed around the idea that torture is a moral abomination.

Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap
Posted: Monday, December 8, 2014

CIA torture report: spy agency braces for global impact of inquiry as release date nears
Public airing of post-9/11 practices, coming after months of negotiation, is likely to attract attention worldwide and could come as early as Tuesday

"Turk Stream": Huge Win for Turkey - Big Win For Russia - Historic Loss for EU

Gorbachev: US 'Triumphalism' Fueling New Cold War
Former Soviet leader: 'We need to return to the starting line when we began building a new world'

Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap
Accusations of the West towards Putin traditionally are based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of lack of intelligence.

Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners
The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington's vassals, and the American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a vote of 411 for and 10 against.

House Chooses New Cold War With Russia
Last week the US House voted overwhelmingly in favor of an anti-Russia resolution so full of war propaganda that it rivals the rhetoric from the chilliest era of the Cold War. Ironically, much of the bill condemns Russia for doing exactly what the US government has been doing for years in Syria and Ukraine!

"You Do Not Have The Courage To Resist The US Government"
German MP Criticizes Merkel For Putting US Before German Interests

Ukraine's Made-in-USA Finance Minister
A top problem of Ukraine has been corruption and cronyism, so it may raise eyebrows that new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, an ex-U.S. diplomat and newly minted Ukrainian citizen, was involved in insider dealings while managing a $150 million U.S. AID-backed investment fund, writes Robert Parry.

Syria Complains to UN After Israel Attacks Damascus Airport
Lebanese TV Claims Sites Were Iranian Intelligence Locations

UN reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels
Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian opposition figures at the border.

Isn't It Important To Realise Who Our Enemies Really Are?
Children are so often the forgotten victims of conflict – regardless of the perpetrators

Hunger Games: Western Terror Warriors Spurn Their Innocent Victims
So now there is no money left for the Syrian refugees created by the civil war fomented and fanned for years on end by Western governments. (Who, bizarrely, then prosecute any of their citizens who go off to fight in the war their governments promote as a noble and worthy cause.)

Thirteen killed in failed U.S. hostage rescue bid in Yemen

Why Hasn't the IAEA Followed Up Iran's Inspection Offer?
When Iran offered last month to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit the Marivan region near the border with Iraq, the IAEA might have been expected to respond with alacrity to the opportunity.

Six Guantanamo prisoners fly to Uruguay for resettlement

NYPD Officer NOT Indicted for Chokehold Death of Eric Garner
'First Ferguson, now Staten Island. The Grand Jury's failure to indict sends the clear message that Black lives don't matter. But they do.'

Netanyahu says only IDF in West Bank will ensure peace
In address to Brookings Institution's Saban Forum, prime minister lists requirements for peace and takes credit for failure to reach nuclear deal with Iran.

The Brown/Garner Killings are about a Larger State of Official Terror
America's police forces increasingly serve as a a private corporate army, beyond the reach of the law. But our nation is distracted by race. And millions of white Americans are under the illusion that what was done to Michael Brown and Eric Garner can't happen to them.

Why I Want to Burn Everything Down Right Now—And Why I'm Not Going To

Chris Rock's economic bombshell: What his "riots in the streets" prediction says about the American Dream
Comedian reveals what it means to be rich today -- and how little the average American really understands about it

Evil: The Theory And Practice Of...
The word evil, if not readily definable in clear, comprehensive language, is at least roughly understood in concept by a person of normal intelligence. The purpose here is not to endeavor to define the term explicitly, but to examine the use made of it by men and nations and specifically by ours.

Waistband-Reaching Syndrome Could Get You Killed
Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2014

Waistband-Reaching Syndrome Could Get You Killed
The Bizarre Compulsion of Black Men to "Reach for their Waistbands"

Why Darren Wilson is driving you mad
Do not accept the Ferguson police officer’s retirement. Just keep talking about his phantasmagorical fear of the black body – or else

Out of Control Boko Haram Kills Dozens in Kano Mosque

Nigeria: 200 People Killed in Kano Mosque

The US/UK Campaign to Demonize Social Media Companies as Terrorist Allies

U.S. Drones Targeted 41 People; Killed 1,147

If drone strikes are acceptable, so are suicide bombings

How Western Intervention Fuels 'Terrorism'
The purpose of major terrorist activities directed at the West, from the 9/11 attacks to ISIS videos, is not to "cow" or "intimidate" Western countries. It is to get those countries to bomb Muslim countries or, better yet, invade them. The terrorists want to come to power in Muslim countries, not in Canada or Britain or the US. And the best way to establish your revolutionary credentials and recruit local supporters is to get the West to attack you.

Nuclear Chicken in the Middle East
To no surprise, nuclear talks between Iran and major world powers have become stalemated. Iran will not sink "to its knees" to win a nuclear deal with the great powers, said its leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, after the failure of six months of talks in Vienna.

Report: Russia to supply Syria with S-300 missiles
State-affiliated media in Syria have reported that the during a recent visit to Moscow by representatives of the embattled regime, Damascus received promises of widespread Russion support, including in the field of military.

Plan to retake Mosul from ISIS emerges
A military plan to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS could begin as soon as January using Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, a U.S. official confirmed to CNN.

U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training
The U.S. military will subject Syrian rebels taking part in a new training program to psychological evaluations, biometrics checks and stress tests under a screening plan that goes well beyond the steps the United States normally takes to vet foreign soldiers, a sign of the risks the Obama administration faces as it expands support for armed groups in Syria.

Israeli FM's Peace Plan: Pay Arabs to Leave
Lieberman's Two State Solution Seeks to Court Israel's Centrists

Why America Is to Blame for Mexico's Carnage and Corruption
The crisis over 43 massacred students shows how dysfunctional and corrupt Peña Nieto's government is. And yet Obama keeps patting him on the back.

'No One Else Is Going to Stand Up For Us': Workers Target Walmart on Black Friday
'For all of my brothers and sisters who have experienced illegal threats, I am on strike.'

Arrests, protests & 'Xmas carols': Ferguson unrest enters fifth day, c15 detained
Black Friday protests in Ferguson saw activists singing the words "it's a racist time in the city" to a Christmas tune. However, the holiday caroling mood was marred by clashes as police arrested at least 15 people for failing to clear the streets.

#BlackOutBlackFriday Protests Connect Ferguson with Consumer Boycott
'We demand an immediate end to the brutal treatment and inhumane killings of our loved ones; the lives of our friends, our parents and our children have value and should be treated with respect.'

Iran nuclear talks extended seven months
Posted: Monday, November 24, 2014

Iran nuclear talks extended seven months after failing to meet deadline

Israel – America's Biggest Frenemy
The Jewish State in the Levant is a burden we shouldn't have to bear

Netanyahu: Recognition of Palestine's Statehood by France Would Be Reckless

Familiar Bedfellows
Hillary and Henry sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G-E-R!

Marion Barry, former Washington DC mayor, dies aged 78
Scandal-plagued politician jailed for six months after being filmed smoking crack cocaine but later made surprise return to office

Hagel Said to Be Stepping Down as Defense Chief Under Pressure
WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down under pressure, the first cabinet-level casualty of the collapse of President Obama's Democratic majority in the Senate and the struggles of his national security team amid an onslaught of global crises.

NATO Jets Surrounding Russia: Before And After

Opening the Gates to World War III
According to news reports, Washington has decided to arm Ukraine for renewed military assault on Russian ethnics in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russia Warns U.S. Against Arming Ukraine as Biden Visits Kiev

Putin: 'US wants to subdue Russia, but no one did or ever will'

President Putin calls upon US not to meddle in Russia affairs
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the US not to interfere in Russia's affairs, saying Moscow is open to cooperation with Washington on issues of mutual interest.

Putin says Russia not isolated over Ukraine, blames West for frosty ties

Tony Blair, Infanticide Endorser is Rewarded by Save The Children
When the Orwellianly name "Middle East Peace Envoy" Tony Blair was named "Philanthropist of the Year" by GQ Magazine in September for "his tireless charitable work" (tell that to the dismembered, dispossessed, traumatized of Iraq, Afghanistan) there was widespread disbelief. Mind stretching, though, it was hardly a heavyweight accolade, coming from a publication with seemingly a strange fetish for David Beckham's knickers and little grounding in reality.

License to kill! SAS given permission to take down British jihadis
SAS troops have been given a licence to kill British jihadis in Iraq and Syria, the Daily Star Sunday can reveal.

Cleveland boy's fatal shooting prompts call for fake guns to be brightly marked
A legislator plans to introduce legislation to require all BB guns, air rifles and airsoft guns sold in Ohio to have fluorescent strips

UK: New Security Bill will force online service providers to keep log of users' activity
Move to keep record of IP addresses will help police trace terror suspects, cyber bullies and members of organised crime gangs

Ukraine in the Aftermath of Maidan
One year after the first protests, Western interests and Ukrainian lives have been sacrificed at the altar of democratic idealism.

Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists
Shiite and Sunni clerics from about 80 countries gathered in Iran's holy city of Qom on Sunday to develop a strategy to combat extremists, including the Islamic State group that has captured large parts of Iraq and Syria.

Language has the power to disarm the concerned citizen
Steven Poole is utterly confused by the words chosen to explain the US-EU trade agreement – mission accomplished, then

Market manipulation of oil prices backfire on those that start it - Putin

Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance
Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again. And yet again ... using Saddam's WMD

Putin: 'US wants to subdue Russia, but no one did or ever will'
The US has no plans to humiliate Russia, but instead wants to subdue it, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that no one had ever succeeded in doing so – and never will.

US and Europe Conceal Their Bankruptcy with Hostility to Russia
US President Obama was joined by European leaders last weekend in trying to turn the G20 summit in Australia into a forum for baiting Russia, rather than dealing with the more onerous problem of a failing world economy.

Living with Insanity Harper, Abbott, and Cameron at the Brisbane G-20

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply

Top US Military Officer Predicts ISIS War Will Last up to 4 Years

On Media Outlets That Continue to Describe Unknown Drone Victims As “Militants”

Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance. Here's What Matters Instead

Dragnet: Justice Dept gets airborne to spy on thousands of American cellphone users
New disclosures show the Justice Department is engaged in dragnet surveillance using aircraft equipped with a device that mimics a cellphone tower and scoops up data from thousands of mobile phone users to hunt for criminal suspects.

Ferguson grand jury nears end, tensions rise over outcome

Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal
Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boko Haram suspected in suicide bomb at Nigeria school, 48 dead

Political Bunraku
For those who are not familiar, Bunraku is an old form of Japanese puppet theater, its distinctive characteristic being that the puppeteers are on the stage with their puppets, dressed in black so that the audience can pretend not to see them.

Sen. Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal
The president is subverting the Constitution—and America's latest undeclared war in the Middle East is just the latest example.

ISIS is America's Dream Rebel Army
US policy paper reveals desire for construction of full-scale extraterritorial army to invade Syria. Such an army is being built in Iraq and Turkey and it's called "ISIS."

Dozens of U.S. troops on ground in Iraq's restive Anbar province

Iraq Airstrikes and Clashes Leave 215 Dead

Iraq is a game ..Sam

The video of an Israeli cop shooting an Arab citizen that has rocked the country

Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It
An anonymous U.S. official caused a dustup when he called the Israeli prime minister "chickenshit." Others might have said worse

UN envoy meets President Assad in Damascus
Staffan de Mistura in Syria to push for plan that would "freeze" fighting in some areas, including Aleppo.

Iran confirms building missile manufacturing plants in Syria

Hezbollah blames Israel in death of 5 nuclear technicians in Syria
The deaths of five nuclear scientists Sunday in an ambush outside Damascus has raised anew suspicions about whether Israel is conducting an assassination campaign intended to blunt Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Will the Blackmail of British Jewish Funders Backfire?

Syrian rebel leader: US-led attacks on Isis are undermining anti-Assad forces
Hadi al-Bahra claims Syrians see US-led coalition turning a blind eye to Assad's forces while failing to liaise with Free Syrian Army

Islamic State: Egyptian militants pledge loyalty
A jihadist group which has carried out a series of attacks on security forces in Egypt's Sinai peninsula has pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS).

Russia's Vulnerability to EU – US Sanctions and Military Encroachments
The restoration of Russian power engineered by Vladimir Putin is compromised by the economic war waged against him by the United States and the European Union. Western aggression, observes Professor James Petras, will compel Russia to either eliminate the oligarchs on whom it has relied so far or die.

How Our People Do Their Extermination-Jobs in Ukraine
...the Ukrainian civil war carrying out part of the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Mikhail Koval's, extermination plan, which was injudiciously described by him right after a press conference.

Ten lies we're told to justify the slaughter of 20 million in the First World War
Dominic Alexander debunks ten myths being used by politicians and historians to rebrand World War I in the centenary of its outbreak.

"Death to Iran" Over Airline Passenger Safety

Obama Vows Broad New Regulations to Ensure 'Free Internet'
Move Couched as Enforcing Net Neutrality, But Will FCC Stop There?

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