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Denis Solomon

Crisis of confidence March 07, 2005
There are no constitutional experts. Not Ellis Clarke, not Selwyn Ryan, not Lloyd Best, not Denis Solomon. There are only people who think honestly, sensitively and fruitfully about politics, and those who don't. An in-built irony of our repeated constitutional "crises" is not that the non-thinkers so massively outnumber the thinkers (that is true of everything), but that all those in positions of influence belong to the first category, their political dishonesty and insensitivity being thereby exponentially increased. more

UNCouth politics February 28, 2005
I would be less than honest if I did not admit to heaving a sigh of relief when the UNC was defeated at the 2002 election. I hold no brief for the PNM. But five years of Panday was more than enough, on aesthetic grounds alone. more

Our empty National Anthem February 21, 2005
Every so often (not "ever so often", as everybody in this country seems to say and write-the two expressions are exactly opposite in meaning) somebody re-discovers the ungrammaticality of the National Anthem, and writes a letter to the editor about it. more

Replacement part December 27, 2004
Cecil Caruth, former head of the NAR, says that the arrival of the MV Sonia on December 21 was a gimmick designed to help the PNM's chances in the upcoming THA elections. THA Deputy Chief Secretary Cynthia Alfred says no. more

Replacement part October 18, 2004
Minister of Health John Rahael says that "patients can now go to [Mount Hope] and receive emergency surgery at no cost". This reminds me of the saying that a bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove you don't need it. Surely if you can "go" to the hospital you can't need any kind of surgery that could be classified as emergency. more

Where are you, Hans Blix? January 30, 2003
From the heights of Afghanistan, or wherever Osama bin Laden may be holed up for the moment, comes the inspiration for a terrorist chemical ("and biological") weapons laboratory, so secret that the scientists labouring there can't wait to organise a guided tour for the Express. more


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