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Indian Time Ah Come by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Indian Time Ah Come by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Caribbean Visionary: A. R. F. Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Caribbean Visionary: A. R. F. Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe

RUPERTA Tale in Black and White GRAY
The new edition of the novel published by Calaloux Publications RUPERTA Tale in Black and White GRAY by Stephen Nathaniel Cobham [PDF]
The Cudjoe Collection of Trinidad and Tobago Literature With an Introduction by Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe is a professor of Literature at
Wellesley College

Identity and Caribbean Literature
A lecture delivered to the Japanese Black Studies
Association at Nara Women's College, Nara, Japan.


African Timeline

Ancient Man

C. L. R. James:
His Intellectual Legacies

Trinidad News

Ralph Maraj's Myopia October 22, 2014
RECENTLY, I had a lively debate with Ralph Maraj on Cuba and its successes on i95 FM Showdown programme. Mr Maraj insisted that nothing good could come out of Cuba because Cuba has failed as a socialist society and there is "no freedom in that country". I tried to convince him that Cuba has emerged as a leader on the world stage in areas of health care and education and there is little crime to speak of in that country. Full Article

The Responsibility of Intellectuals October 16, 2014
Last Saturday I attended the launch of Sat Maharaj: Hindu Civil Rights Leader of Trinidad and Tobago, a biography written by Kumar Mahabir. Although I did not read the book (it was not available at the time) I could see the enthusiasm and joy that emanated from an audience that had come to embrace Sat as their personal hero. Full Article

Eulogy of Rudolph Samuels September 23, 2014
Sookooloo, oh what a name. How he got that name, we will never know. But ever since we knew him, we all knew him as Sookooloo. We knew Mrs. Samuels was his mother and Violet was his sister but how he came to be known as Sookooloo, we will never know. But Sookooloo was Tacarigua and Tacarigua was Sookooloo. Full Article

Professor Maignot's Non-Response August 20, 2014
Professor Antony Maingot has accused me of myopia but he has not responded to the arguments I made in my recent article on the constitutional reform proposed by the present government. Full Article

Staining the Soul of Our Nation August 15, 2014
To hear Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Anand Ramlogan tell it, one would think that August 12, 2014, was a red-letter day for Trinidad and Tobago's democracy. They seem to indicate that somehow our society realized one of its brightest moments when the PP voted legislation to recall parliamentary representatives after three years of service if the needs arises... Full Article

The Impact of Caribbean Culture on North America
June 28, 2014
When Brother Aggery Dechinea, associate director of grievances and legal services, asked me to address you on the impact of Caribbean Culture on North America, I really had to scratch my head for the simple reason that North America includes Canada and the United States and as much as we would like to cross boundaries I thought it best that we narrow our focus to "The Impact of Caribbean Culture on the United States." Full Article

Happy Indian Arrival Day:
Documenting Indian/Trinibagonian History
June 01, 2014
I endorse Sat Maharaj's offer of grants of "about $100,000 to local historians who wish to document 'authentic' East Indian history in the communities" (Express, May 25). Although I don't know what Sat means by "authentic" history or what constitutes misrepresented histories "by the children of converts," I still think his thrust is correct. Full Article

Farewell, My Brother May 19, 2014
I met Ifeanyi Menkiti more than forty years ago when I arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the fall of 1976 to teach at Harvard University. We did not meet at a conference or in any academic setting. Full Article

Confessions of a Soft Man April 13, 2014
Let me confess to my eternal shame that I am a soft man. After my prostatectomy (an operation for prostate cancer) about six years ago, I am sure that I can never win any titles for possessing the hardest hard which some of our calypsonians, promoters of this kind of wisdom, proclaim is the true sign of a real man. Full Article

Cuffie's Fantasies March 11, 2014
Maxie Cuffie is a dear friend. It is unfortunate that he misrepresented and distorted what I said in my article. In his anxiety to defend our party, he simply repeats and repositions what he believes rather than to confront the points I made in"PNM's Last Chance." (Express, March 3 & 4, 2014) Full Article

PNM's Last Chance March 05, 2014
I am pretty certain that Keith Rowley will emerge victorious during the PNM's party election and go on to become the next prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Fortunately, that is the easy part of the political equation. The more difficult part is to govern in such a way that the society emerges in a better place than it is in 2014. That's the challenge PNM faces when it takes the helm of government. Full Article

In Tribute to Nelson Mandela December 13, 2013
I am pleased to share in this tribute to this great man—perhaps the greatest man—of the twentieth century, Nelson Mandela. While there are those who will praise him to the skies—and they must—I prefer to spend the time allotted to me on this program to say what Mandela and the struggle of the people of South Africa meant to me and what we can learn from the life of this great man. Full Article

C. L. R. James and the Canon December 11, 2013
This lecture was delivered by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe at the Oval in Surrey, England on the anniversaries of Beyond a Boundary and Black Jacobins.
Full Article


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