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Indian Time Ah Come by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Indian Time Ah Come by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Caribbean Visionary: A. R. F. Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Caribbean Visionary: A. R. F. Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation by Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe

RUPERTA Tale in Black and White GRAY
The new edition of the novel published by Calaloux Publications RUPERTA Tale in Black and White GRAY by Stephen Nathaniel Cobham [PDF]
The Cudjoe Collection of Trinidad and Tobago Literature With an Introduction by Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe is a professor of Literature at
Wellesley College

Identity and Caribbean Literature
A lecture delivered to the Japanese Black Studies
Association at Nara Women's College, Nara, Japan.


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C. L. R. James:
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Trinidad News

The Web We Weave - Part 2 February 21, 2017
As I indicated in Part 1 of my article, Sherma Batson, my second cousin, died of a massive aneurism at Blackpool, England on January 8, 2017. She was buried in Stevenage, England on February 3, 2017. On the same day, the London Guardian ran an obituary by Howard Rooke, her husband. Two days later, the Trinidad Express ran my eulogy on Sherma's life. Full Article

Beware of our Talents February 12, 2017
Last Monday, Dr. Keith Rowley embarked upon a tour to converse with his constituents. Symbolically, he began his conversation in the constituency of his most tone-deaf, most unavailable minister. Full Article

The Web We Weave - Part 1 February 05, 2017
This is an excerpt of a eulogy of my cousin, Sherma Batson, delivered at St. Hugh and St. John's Church, Stevenage, England, on Friday, February 3, 2017. I tried to capture how the lives of families-in this case, my family-starting from humble beginnings, expanded in regions and ways which their ancestors could never have known or understood. Full Article

Kamla's Equivocation January 29, 2017
On Wednesday 18th January the Senate passed the Miscellaneous Provisions (Marriage) or the Child Marriage Bill (2016) that prohibits twelve-year-old girls from getting married. It did so with the notable abstention of the UNC-led Opposition. Put simply, as Jennifer Baptiste Primus suggests, this bill prevents "hard-back men" from clambering over young girls to satisfy their lust.
Full Article

President Trump and the Black Blowback January 22, 2017
Last Friday Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America. As in so many other offensive things he has tweeted since November, Trump began this year by trying to besmirch (unfortunately one dictionary defines the meaning of this word as "to blacken") the reputation of John Lewis and his courageous actions... Full Article

Poor Rolph, Brilliant Rolph January 16, 2017
Poor Rolph or should I say brilliant Rolph. I do not wish to denigrate Dr. Rolph Balgobin's name or rush to judgment about any of the charges that have been made against him. I expect justice to run its course since Balgobin has hired the best legal minds to defend his innocence and sustain his reputation. Full Article

Do so eh like so January 08, 2017
It would be hilarious if the issue were not so deadly serious. President Barack Obama accuses the Russians of undermining the US presidential election and the Senate Armed Services Committee holds intelligence hearings to discover why President Vladimir Putin tried to sabotage the will of the American people. Such treachery, President Obama suggests, throws us back into a past from which American citizens have turned their gazes. Full Article

A Brek-UP, Brek-DOWN Society January 01, 2017
WHEN I was a boy I wanted to go to Queen's Royal College (QRC), not because of its academic standing but because I loved the khaki jackets its cadets wore. I thought it was cool as I imagined myself in that uniform. Full Article

Sleep in Heavenly Peace December 25, 2016
It's Christmas Day. All are gathered at home with their loved ones. You may have started your day by going to church, calling friends to wish them "Merry Christmas," or even getting over a hangover, the product of too much partying.
Full Article

Race and Tribal Consciousness December 18, 2016
I wish to continue the discussion Keith Subero started in his two excellent articles of December 5 and 12. I agreed with many things he said. Some points are worthy of closer examination. Subero interpreted the UNCís performance at the local elections as a coming together of "tribal members, anticipating a threat, or an economic opportunity, to make it a moral duty to band together" ("T&T Caught in-Betweenity"). Full Article

The Challenge of Ideology December 11, 2016
No one who has followed Caribbean history over the last century could miss Fidel's important role in helping Caribbean people to access their condition. Fidel had his faults. However, his achievements surpassed his shortcomings and that is the salient point. Full Article


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