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Capitalism and Slavery
Capitalism and Slavery

From Columbus to Castro
From Columbus to Castro

A Brief History of the Caribbean: From the Arawak and Carib to the Present
A Brief History of the Caribbean

The Black Jacobins
The Black Jacobins

Rituals of Power & Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition In Trinidad & Tobago 1763 - 1962
Rituals of Power & Rebellion

Historical Dictionary of Trinidad and Tobago
Historical Dictionary of Trinidad and Tobago

Stealing election 2000

Unofficial Election results: UNC 18 - PNM 16 - NAR 1
Basdeo Panday and Patrick Manning
Government/UNC Leader & Opposition/PNM Leader

Statutory Declaration Form // Representation of the people Act

.Dual citizenship dilemma Interpreting Section 48 (1) Aug 1, 2001
Gypsy and Chaitan lost Appeal An excerpt from Justice Sat Sharma
who offers a dissenting view from that of the CJ

.Gypsy-Chaitan Appeal Judgment May 14, 2001
.Excerpt of Justice Ivor Archieís judgment March 10, 2001
.Justice Ivor Archie ruled March 10, 2001
.AG attacks judge on eve of decision March 9, 2001
.Paranoid PM claims: Moves to overthrow
.Motions against Gypsy and Chaitan put off again Feb 20, 2001
.Little regard shown for law Jan 21, 2001
.Cops canít charge Gypsy & Chaitan until Jan 09, 2001
.PRESIDENT: A Matter of principle Jan 05, 2001
.On second thought Jan 04, 2001
.Chronicle of a crisis; PM vs President Jan 3, 2001
.On Sunday Robinson sent his final answer to Panday Dec 31, 2000
.PNM lawyers fear sneak attack Dec 31, 2000
.Manning served petition papers Trini News Dec 30, 2000
.Politically incorrect Terry Joseph Dec 26, 2000
.No child's play: Nation or nothing Dec 26, 2000
.Robinson seeking legal advice Dec 24, 2000
.UNC swearing-in and out Dec 23, 2000
.PNM gets leave to file petitions Dec 21, 2000
.Khans get $m offer to drop Gypsy, Chaitan case Dec 20, 2000
.President Robinson in and out of hospital Dec 20, 2000
.President's address to the nation Dec 19, 2000
.Hart launches protest for Tunapuna Dec 18, 2000
.PNM moves cautiously Dec 15, 2000
.President to Panday: No set time for re-appointment Dec 14, 2000
.Panday tells President Dec 13, 2000
.PNMís letter to President Arthur NR Robinson: Dec 13, 2000
.President can await court ruling Dec 13, 2000
.It's not over till it's over Dec 12, 2000
.Legitimacy or power? Nov 26, 2000
.Illegitimacy or powerless? Hotep's Response Nov 26, 2000
.Right of belonging Nov 23, 2000
.Right of belonging in jail Hotep's Response Nov 23, 2000

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UNC in Voter padding: Dec 8, 2000
Fitzroy Alleyne was also charged with vote-padding earlier this week and he is now appearing in two UNC television advertisements. He appeared with five others in the San Fernando First Court on Monday. more

Gypsy and Chaitan's false declarations
Both Gypsy and Bill Chaitan, two UNC candidates, signed nomination forms declaring that they held no allegiance to a foreign State. Chaitan, a citizen of Canada, has said heís working on giving up his Canadian citizenship. Gypsy claimed that he has since given up his. more

Dec 2, 2000 - Sir Isaac Hyatali is Dead

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