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Sir Isaac Hyatali is Dead

Sir Issac Hyatali

December 2, 2000
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ELECTIONS and Boundaries Commission (EBC) chairman Sir Issac Hyatali DIED around 1AM this morning after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at St Clair Medical Centre yesterday.

Sir Isaac was admitted to the St Clair Medical Centre Wednesday afternoon suffering from internal bleeding. Family members said Friday Sir Isaac's haemorrhaging was associated with
*diverticular disease, a condition with which he was diagnosed 15 years ago.

Sir Isaac Hyatali, 83, was Trinidad and Tobago's first Chief Justice and sitting Chairman of Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) .

Doctors claim that Sir Isaac's condition was not believed to have been stress-related, despite the several contentious current issues relating to the December 11 general election. Among them were the illegal transfer of voters' names and a controversy surrounding the holding of dual citizenship by two UNC candidates, Winston Peters and Bill Chaitan.

There have been many calls for the EBC to take action on those issues.

* diverticulum: sac which branches off from the bodily cavity

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons