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Representation of the people Act

Chapter 2:01

7. (1) On the day and at the fixed place for the nomination of candidates, the Returning Officer shall attend between the hours of nine o'clock in the morning and twelve noon and between the hours of one and three o'clock in the afternoon for the purpose of receiving the nomination of any duly qualified candidate.

(2) Every candidate for election shall be nominated by six or more persons, whose names appear on the lists of electors supplied to the Returning Officer under rule 5, singing as proposers a nomination paper in duplicate in the form set out as Form No. 37 or 38, as the case may be, in the validly nominated notwithstanding that subsequent to his signing the nomination paper any person by whom the nomination paper was signed had been struck off any list of electors for that electoral district.

(3) No nomination paper shall be valid or shall be acted upon by the Returning Officer unless it is accompanied by the consent in writing of the person therein nominated or, where the person is absent from Trinidad and Tobago, by the consent of his duly authorised agent expressed in duplicate in the form set out as Form No.37 or 38, as the case may be, in the Prescribed Forms Rules.

(4)The nomination paper shall state the full names and addresses of the candidate and his proposers, the occupation of the candidate and the registration numbers of his proposers.

(5) Each candidate shall be nominated by a separate nomination paper.

(6) A person shall not at any election be nominated as a candidate for more than one electoral district.

(7)When at any election nomination papers are received nominating the same person as a candidate for more than one electoral district, every such nomination shall be deemed to be void and the deposit accompanying every such nomination shall forthwith be forfeited and paid into general revenue.

8. Every candidate shall at the time fixed for the nomination of candidates cause to be delivered to the Returning Officer a statutory declaration of his qualifications made and subscribed to by him or, if he is absent from Trinidad and Tobago on the day when the same is subscribed, by his duly authorised agent, in duplicate in one of the forms set out as Form No.39, Form No.40, form No.41, Form No.42, Form No.43, Form No.44 in the Prescribed Forms Rules, as the case may be; and if the statutory declaration is not delivered as aforesaid the nomination of the candidate shall be deemed void.

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