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Venezuela & Chávez

Venezuela 5/11 : Democracy Held Hostage

  The Ongoing Lessons
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¤ Venezuelan coup d'état: « BBC Video »
¤ Todos los caminos van a La Nacional
   www.talcualdigital.com Apr 18, 2002
¤ Gunpoint democracy sfgate.com Apr 13, 2002
¤ EYEWITNESS: The Plot Was Well Prepared
   anncol.com Apr 13, 2002
¤ Hugo Chávez must be returned...
   by Trinicenter Staff Apr 13, 2002
¤ Democracy Held Hostage in Venezuela
   narconews.com Apr 13, 2002
¤ Coup in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account
   by Gregory Wilpert Apr 12, 2002
¤ Coup d'etat in Venezuela
   narconews.com Apr 12, 2002
¤ CIA planned to assassinate Hugo Chávez
   vheadline.com March 21, 2002
¤ An Imminent Coup in Venezuela?
   by Gregory Wilpert April 10 2002

Venezuela & Chavez
Telephone Interview with Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez conducted
12 April - in midst of coup d'état

People Power
Note the Change in Tune by Commercial Media That Has Been So Dishonest in These Days
Remember who reported the facts:
NarcoNews.com / VHeadline.com

¤ US Fingerprints on Venezuelan Coup
   by Calvin Tucker Apr 22, 2002
¤ The Coup That Failed
   by Calvin Tucker Apr 22, 2002
¤ TT media attempts its own coup
   by Meri Ranut Apr 21, 2002
¤ U.S. Agency, IRI, Boasts
   "We Were The Bridge" In Venezuela Coup

   by Jared Israel Apr 18, 2002
¤ Latin America's Dilemma: Otto Reich's
   Propaganda is Reminiscent of the Third Reich

   by Tom Turnipseed Apr 18, 2002
¤ Can Venezuela now launch its own War On
by Angela John Apr 17, 2002
¤ 'The death and resurrection of Hugo Chavez'
   by Gabriel Ash Apr 16, 2002
¤ Irish Filmmaker's Eyewitness Account Of
   Coup D'état
Michael McCaughan Apr 16, 02
¤ Hugo Chávez: Thorn in the side of the U.S.
   by V. Browne Apr 10, 2002

¤ Mr. Hugo Chávez must be returned
as the democratically elected
President of Venezuela

by Trinicenter Staff Apr 13, 2002

Not a Banana-Oil Republic after All

by Gregory Wilpert Apr 14, 2002

¤ Chávez Comeback Exposes U.S. Government & Media Lies by D. Baatar, Jared Israel, Nestor Gorojovsky & Nico Varkevisser Apr 14, 2002

by Al Giordano www.narconews.com

¤ Congratulations to Venezuela
   by Trinicenter Staff Apr 16, 2002

Chávez The U.S. wants to get rid of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez By Pilger Carlton Mar 07, 2002
Almost 30 years after the violent destruction of the reformist government of Salvador Allende in Chile, a repeat performance is being planned in Venezuela. MORE

In the Shadow of the Liberator BUY

In the Shadow
of the Liberator:
The Impact of
Hugo Chávez on
Venezuela and
Latin America

¤ You are either with us or against us, Hugo coha.org
¤ Washington Seeks to End World's Truest Democracy narconews.com Feb 20, 2002
¤ Some of America's Past Crimes U.S.Crusade.com

"NO JUSTIFICATION" FOR CIVILIAN DEATHS : Chávez raises its voice with pain and courage and morality ... let the killing of innocents in Afghanistan stop right away," he added, speaking during a lengthy, detailed account of his recent three-week tour of 14 countries. He held the pictures of the dead children, who included a baby, up close to the camera and said: "See this baby, what fault did it have? ... These children can't be blamed, not for terrorism nor for bin Laden, nor for anything like that."

Chávez rejected the US's explanation "There is no justification of any kind, you can't say it was a mistake. Ah, a mistake. And will they carry on making these mistakes?"

CARACAS, Venezuela -- September 28, 2001 - Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on Friday defended his friendly ties with nations shunned by the United States and said he saw no proof that countries such as Iraq and Libya were "terrorist" states.

In an emotional speech to parliament, the Venezuelan leader angrily rejected criticism of his oil-rich country's foreign policy in the tense aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks against the United States.

Following these attacks, foreign and domestic opponents of the outspoken president have stepped up calls for him to reduce Venezuela's ties with states blacklisted by Washington as "sponsors of terrorism."

But Chávez unreservedly defended these ties on Friday, hailing countries such as Iraq, Libya, Iran and others as "brothers and partners" of Venezuela in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

2001/12/29 - The Scent of Another Coup: The US and Venezuela By Conn Hallinan Zmag
2001/12/22 - Opposition in Venezuela, encouraged by the US By John Cherian
2001/12/11 - General strike paralyses Caracas BBC
2001/12/08 - Editorial: Venezuela's Downward Spiral Washington Post
2001/11/11 - Neo-liberalism is the path to hell... Message Board
2001/11/09 - What's really bugging America Stevens senate.gov
2001/11/02 - Venezuela's president resists U.S. policy on terror By A. Olson
2001/10/31 - U.S. attacks Venezuela's President
2001/NA/NA - Chávez raises ire of Washington By Neville Spencer
2001/10/02 - Latin Americans Disagree With Leaders On War uscrusade.com
2001/03/01 - Editorial Comment: Caracas gimmick Financial Times
2001/01/08 - Chavez presents Bush with a problem Antonio C. Hsiang Taipei Times
2001/01/05 - The New Bolivar AntiWar
2000/12/30 - Bush plans aggressive policy in Latin America By Patrick Martin WSWS
2000/12/24 - Three amigos who bear close watching By Tad Szulc. Los Angeles Times
2000/12/07 - Venezuelan President Denounces US Smear Campaign Third World Network
2000/11/19 - Old guard fights back by Maurice Lemoine
2000/11/02 - Fidel Gets Hero's Welcome In Venezuela By Teresa Gutierrez
2000/10/30 - Castro: Cooperation with Venezuela beyond trade F. Castro iacenter.org
2000/10/21 - President Hugo Chávez Message Board
2000/09/14 - Fuel crisis: The Venezuelan view BBC
2000/09/NA - Venezuela's Chávez Takes On The US By Hazel Henderson
2000/09/12 - VENEZUELA ALERT : Chávez Era Part II By Lowell R. Fleischer
2000/08/17 - Venezuela's president is playing with fire salon.com
2001/08/14 - Castro watches as Venezuela, Brazil open power link Reuters
2000/08/10 - Chávez's tour of OPEC nations arrives in Baghdad CNN
2000/08/10 - Iraq greets defiant Chávez BBC
2000/08/08 - US attacks Chávez' Iraq visit BBC
2000/08/04 - The Venezuelan elections Chris Lehmann feedmag
2000/08/02 - Venezuela's Chances Washington Post Editorial
2000/08/01 - A Venezuelan History Lesson San Francisco Chronicle
2000/08/01 - Venezuela's Uncertain Course Christian Science Monitor
2000/07/30 - Chávez wins re-election in Venezuela CNN
2000/07/28 - A Disguised Dictatorship? by Brian Latell WP
1999/12/28 - The nation driving up oil prices Christian Science Monitor
1999/09/13 - In Venezuela: Chávez or chaos Christian Science Monitor
1999/09/10 - Coup warnings grow in Venezuela World Scocialist Web Site
1999/08/30 - Venezuela's Coup de Chavez Christian Science Monitor
1999/08/09 - The Chávez Revolution Time.com
1999/07/27 - Venezuela's Chávez says 'no' to drug war overflights Panama News
1998/12/14 - From prisoner to president U.S. News
1998/12/17 - VENEZUELA ELECTION Political setback for IMF austerity

¤ Extracto de la cadena presidencial del 29 de octubre de 2001
¤ Dávila y Hrinak precisaron deberes, apoyos y preocupaciones
¤ Iglesia Católica acusa a Chávez de "terrorismo de Estado"
¤ Declaración De La Embajada De Los Estados Unidos
¤ Bush lamenta actitud de Chvez...

Venezuela History & Culture

¤ Constitution Of The Bolivarian
   Republic Of Venezuela

¤ Venezuela country profile
   by James Ferguson (May 1995)
¤ Venezuela : Key Dates
   Le Monde diplomatique
¤ Venezuela page
   (University of Texas)
¤ Venezuela country profile & timeline
¤ Colonial Era - Independence - Páez
   & The Conservatives - The Monagas
   Guzmán Blanco & Crespo
   - The Andinos - Since 1935

¤ Venezuela's history
   Webzine Communications
¤ Venezuela History & Culture
   InterKnowledge Corp.
¤ President Hugo Chávez of
& Commentaries
   by Steve Ellner
¤ ZNet: Venezuela

¤ CIA World Factbook 2000

¤ Venezuela is important to world
   energy markets

¤ Venezuela and the Oil Crisis :
   The Colonial Script
by Kelly Cogswell

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