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Congratulations to Venezuela

From Trinicenter Staff
April 16, 2002

Congratulations to the ordinary people of Venezuela for restoring democracy to their country and for demonstrating to the entire world that a united grassroots movement is mightier that the arrogance of any leading nation, big business and billion dollar media conglomerate.

Our team worked twice as hard to get the facts to the people in Trinidad and Tobago through call-in segments on our local radio stations to counteract the fraudulent mainstream coverage that dominates our country. We are yet to get space on our local Radio/Television media but this single event emphasized the need for alternative sources to the mainstream BBC and CNN type coverage that is dominant here.

For many years we have been making this appeal and this single event in Venezuela with our constant factual updates opened the eyes of many to this need.

Our Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and other senior personalities failed to rise to the challenge and denounce what was clearly an attempt to undermine the independence of Venezuela. Each time we updated them, popular radio personalities were stunned as we gave a roadmap through which the people could have penetrated the propaganda.

One of our popular radio stations was forced to host a program yesterday to discuss the affair and this allowed for more clarity of the events in Venezuela. They are still stunned at the speed we were able to prove that their news reports were fraudulent.

Later, a more informed audience thrashed the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader for not denouncing the attempted coup and for not having the backbone to appeal for the reinstatement of the duly elected President of Venezuela.

Congratulations to several Websites, Webmasters and writers, but special congratulations to and who fed us information.

We got the early warnings of the attempt to kill or overthrow Mr. Chávez from several contacts and we immediately went to work checking and rechecking until we were convinced this was a genuine possibility. We were prepared for what was to follow.

We know only too well that in times of crisis information should be stored simultaneously on different servers as international terrorists are likely to have Websites disrupted. Many did not know that steps were already in place to break the backs of these international terrorists.

From Russia to England, pages were being translated and stored and exchanged at the speed of light so that interested persons around the globe were kept up-to-date on the facts of what was taking place on the ground in Venezuela. These more informed persons were not swayed by the ongoing mainstream propaganda.

We made no comments on Mr. Chávez's policies as we felt and openly stated that his policies and methods are to be discussed with and among the people of Venezuela. That was not our concern at the moment. Mr. Chávez did not threaten or attack any outside nation and as such the people of Venezuela had a right to determine their own destiny however flawed it may be in the eyes of others.

Chávez did not fall but instead the common people of Venezuela rose to the challenge.

These are the events that make great bedtime stories and lessons in textbooks so children could learn of the power of the collective spirit that is generated on the ground and not the illusion of grandeur, which is the domain of the affluent and arrogant.

This is the triumph of people on the ground, the grassroot people, and though many will forget the tremendous service from those behind the scene in that moment of crisis, those who choose right over wrong are thoroughly satisfied with themselves.

Yes brothers and sisters of independent minds and media. This was a historic moment.

Take a bow….

This time, ordinary people succeeded in toppling the might of big business, media conglomerates and the United States all at once.

For generations this story will be told and we can now allow the indecisive mainstream media commentators to copy and regurgitate the views they neglected that eventually broke their backs. Simply check the dates of their articles and see who are the real Men and Women of peace and human dignity.

Yes, take a bow and

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