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Venezuela & Chávez

Mr. Hugo Chávez must be returned as the democratically elected President of Venezuela

April 13, 2002
Trinicenter Staff

Both Britain and the U.S. who purport to promote democracy have not condemned the coup in Venezuela. This has also been the position of both the British and American mainstream media.

When there was a coup in Fiji they were quick to condemn the coup leader George Speight and threatened further action. Normally these major powers are quick to condemn the overthrow of leaders that serve their interest under the sales pitch of democracy.

We have not heard from the U.N. or any other leading agencies.


Extract from www.washingtonpost.com:
"The Bush administration yesterday blamed former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for the events that led to his forced resignation and arrest, calling his toppling by the nation's military a "change of government" rather than a coup. U.S. Officials said Chavez's departure was the will of Venezuela's people. Link

BBC's Venezuela's new dawn and Venezuela to hold elections within year articles, failed to report on the vast support for Chavez and the ongoing protest to have him reinstated. Although they have no confirmation of the 'resignation' they keep reporting it as if it was legitimate.

These mischievous mainstream media focused on a few thousand persons on the streets in Venezuela in what was clearly an orchestrated protest and many failed to mention that a few thousand is a small fraction of Venezuela’s population of 24 million. The illegal coup did not have popular support. They were too busy promoting U.S. propaganda so they could not give the news.

The mainstream media and the U.S. government have already condemned Chávez to the annals of history as an erratic leader and are openly showing support for the coup leaders.

We are not going into the obvious plot to remove Chávez as it has was well written by Vincent Browne and posted here.

The point of concern is the Democracy these leading powers claim to promote.

Is democracy only for serving the interest of America and Britain? If the majority of people in a country have chosen a path of reform that does not infringe on the rights of other countries but does not meet with British and American approval, is it ok then to stage a coup? What we are witnessing is the illusion of British and American democracy.

Mr. Hugo Chávez tried a coup and was unsuccessful. He was soundly condemned. He tried it by Western rules and overwhelmingly won the election but was not allowed to pursue a program that has the support of the majority in his country.

This is the modus operandi of American and other European powers in collusion with the Catholic Church and the business elite.

These powers simply finance political parties that protect narrow business interest but they stumble if and when a leader decides to change direction in the interest of and with the backing of the majority of ordinary people. These elites often use the mainstream media, which they usually own, to silence this opposition. This type of violation is the reason many resort to violence.

The Catholic Church has always been an accomplice to these injustices and willingly collaborates with elitist groups to serve American/European narrow economic interest. It is not surprising that the Catholic Church in Venezuela supported the overthrow of Hugo Chávez, the democratically elected leader of Venezuela. The Church is simply the tool of these foreign agencies in dispensing the 'opium' to the masses.

The agenda of the U.S. and many other leading nations could not be clearer. This is one more example of the obvious double standards that keeps violence alive. I hope others are taking note of what is behind the Western illusion of democracy.

Mr. Hugo Chávez must be returned as the democratically elected President of Venezuela.

This article was also linked from Yahoo opinions section.

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