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    Trinicenter.com: 911

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    War and Terror:
    Sunday, November 29 @ 04:17:50 UTC
    911By Glen Ford
    November 29, 2015 - blackagendareport.com

    “By making only a partial correction of Donald Trump’s prevarication, the corporate media were telling their own lie about what happened on 9/11.”

    The corporate media don’t like Donald Trump. They used to like him a lot; in fact, Big Business Media are responsible for making this minor multi-millionaire into a household name. But Trump is on their hit list, nowadays, because the Republican presidential candidate insists on telling his own lies, rather than sticking to the list of official lies parroted by corporate media every minute of every day.

    Donald Trump told a really “HUGE” – as he would put it – lie when he claimed to have watched thousands of Muslims cheering in Jersey City, New Jersey, as the World Trade Center came down on 9/11. Every corporate news outlet in the country rushed to debunk Trump’s fictitious account. The Washington Post offered psychological theories for why Trump gets away with telling fantastic lies. The New York Times said there was no evidence that Jersey City Muslims cheered the destruction on 9/11. CNN said it never happened. And, they were right.

    (Read More... | 4574 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 5)

    War and Terror: George Monbiot's Sour 9/11 Grapes
    Thursday, February 22 @ 04:05:45 UTC
    911By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com
    February 20th 2007

    It stinks of desperation. George Monbiot, inveterate leftist of the foundation financed environmentalist persuasion, has once again taken a swing at the "conspiracy idiots" who believe government is capable of mass murder, including the reflexive murder of its own subjects.

    Not unlike his brethren, most notably Noam Chomsky and Alex Cockburn, Monbiot buys the Ward Churchill version of events in regard to the attacks of September 11, 2001—that is to say Osama and a small number of cave-dwelling Wahhabi fanatics magically made NORAD stand down and defied the immutable laws of physics, thus delivering one to the conclusion a piece of paper cannot be slipped between Monbiot and the moonstruck followers of the neocons, as they all buy the same Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

    (Read More... | 5108 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 0)

    Inside U.S.A.: Missing Link Atta 'Martyrdom' Video Appears Five Weeks Before Election
    Monday, October 02 @ 09:25:04 UTC
    911By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com

    Suddenly, with the midterm election five weeks away, a previously undiscovered video emerges, showing Mohammed Atta "reading his ‘martyrdom' will inside Afghanistan at Usama bin Laden's headquarters."

    In another segment, Atta appears with Ziad Jarrah, who, according to the official nine eleven fairy tale, was the pilot of "United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers apparently stormed the flight deck," according to Fox News.

    As an extra added bonus, the tape shows Ramzi Binalshibh, the "senior" al-Qaeda leader and Hamburg cell member, supposedly captured after a gunbattle in Karachi, Pakistan, on September 11, 2002, and handed over to the United States.

    (Read More... | 5453 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 0)

    Inside U.S.A.: A Third to Half of Americans Still Link Saddam, 9/11
    Wednesday, September 13 @ 05:17:50 UTC
    911The Enduring Power of Ignorance, and Need to Fight It

    By Gary Leupp, dissidentvoice.org

    The caption of the angus-reid.com report was "Some Americans Still Link Hussein to 9/11." Some, indeed. As of September 2006, 46% of Americans asked, "Do you think there is a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 terrorist attacks?" said yes. 50% said no, and 4% said they weren't sure in a poll with a 3.2% margin of error. In other words, fully half of us link Saddam and the 9/11 attacks. (The poll was taken Sept. 1-5, 2006.)

    Of course, it's all in the wording of these questions. There might have been a different result had the pollsters asked, "Do you still think there is a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 terrorist attacks?" or "Given the fact that no expert has been able to establish any evidence for an operative relationship between al-Qaeda and Saddam, and that only people who never pay attention to the news think that anymore, do you think personally still think there is a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 terrorist attacks?" (Don't laugh at the tendentiousness built into my rewritten questions. The online polls conducted by the cable networks are often just as skewed.)

    (Read More... | 7086 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: Annals of Liberation: The Noble Fruits of 9/11
    Monday, September 11 @ 05:29:43 UTC
    911By Chris Floyd, chris-floyd.com

    Let us pause on this day of solemn remembrance and take stock of what our noble Leader has done in the world with the vast storehouse of "political capital" he received from the "new Pearl Harbor" that his noble captains Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby (and brother Jeb) once openly called for – in September 2000 – in a document published by their noble organization of selfless zealots for global altruism, The Project for a New American Century. Now, on this solemn occasion, as the noble Leader himself takes to the airwaves to remind us of his nobility in those dark days after the attack that his noble captains had so presciently yearned for, let us assay just one small gleaning of the great and noble crop of freedom the Leader has harvested with the seeds from what he has often called the "opportunity" provided by the murder of almost 3,000 American citizens and nationals from many other countries.

    (Read More... | 8175 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: 9/11 Patsies Make Bin Laden Video Cameo Appearance
    Saturday, September 09 @ 13:06:21 UTC
    911By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com

    Unfortunately, due to the emotional nature of the September 11, 2001, attacks, a large number of Americans will undoubtedly buy into the latest Osama bin Laden video purporting to show the Evil One lavishing attention on alleged hijackers Wail al-Shehri and Hamza al-Ghamdi prior to their supposed martyrdom on American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 respectively.

    Never mind that Wail al-Shehri and his brother, Waleed al-Shehri, were both reported to have been found alive and well, according to the BBC. However, the intelligence patsy version of the al-Shehri brothers, according to the Washington Post and Arab News, disappeared after boasting of wanting to go off and fight the jihad in Chechnya in December, 2000.

    (Read More... | 3325 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: Gullible Americans
    Wednesday, August 16 @ 11:16:14 UTC
    911By Paul Craig Roberts
    08/14/06 Information Clearing House

    I was in China when a July Harris Poll reported that 50 percent of Americans still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when Bush invaded that country, and that 64 percent of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein had strong links with Al Qaeda.

    The Chinese leaders and intellectuals with whom I was meeting were incredulous. How could a majority of the population in an allegedly free country with an allegedly free press be so totally misinformed?

    The only answer I could give the Chinese is that Americans would have been the perfect population for Mao and the Gang of Four, because Americans believe anything their government tells them.

    (Read More... | 11234 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 5)

    Inside U.S.A.: Michael Moore's Patriotism
    Monday, October 18 @ 21:44:38 UTC
    Filmmaker Michael Moore is a controversial figure. The left loves him for having the courage to shine the light of truth on the abuses of power and privilege that have defined the past 3 years of American history.

    For exactly the same reason, the right hates him. And most of America's elite media have a hard time figuring out what to do with him - they cannot dismiss the most successful documentary filmmaker in American history, yet they do not feel comfortable giving the man and his ideas the attention that is usually afforded so successful and broadly recognized a commentator on the Zeitgeist.

    When Moore appears in Madison tonight, for an 8 p.m. get-out-the-vote rally at the Memorial Union Terrace, all of the passions and conundrums associated with the man who made the film "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be on display. There will be fans, there will be protesters, and there will be folks trying to make sense of the phenomenon. And, as is the case everywhere that Moore goes, there will be passionate debate about not just the issues of this election but the direction of this country.

    Full Article : commondreams.org

    (Read More... | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: Critiquing the critique
    Friday, July 09 @ 10:52:48 UTC
    911Pandering to the lies the Left tells itself about the Democrats

    By Stephen Gowans

    Robert Jensen, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas, has written a penetrating and mostly cogent critique of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, in which he argues the filmaker's documentary panders to the lies Americans tell themselves about the US military protecting Americans' freedom, rather than projecting US power abroad.

    Calling the film conservative, and not the far-Left critique it's believed to be, Jensen takes issue with Moore's attributing the US drive to war to the business dealings of the Bush family, rather than recognizing empire-building as a regular feature of US foreign policy, as ardently pursued by Democrat as Republican presidents.

    (Read More... | 8806 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: Fahrenheit 9/11 is a Stupid White Movie
    Wednesday, July 07 @ 13:48:58 UTC
    911What Michael Moore Misses About the Empire

    by Robert Jensen

    I have been defending Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" from the criticism in mainstream and conservative circles that the film is leftist propaganda. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is very little left critique in the movie. In fact, it's hard to find any coherent critique in the movie at all.

    The sad truth is that "Fahrenheit 9/11" is a bad movie, but not for the reasons it is being attacked in the dominant culture. It's at times a racist movie. And the analysis that underlies the film's main political points is either dangerously incomplete or virtually incoherent.

    (Read More... | 23232 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 5)

    War and Terror: Mohammad Atta and the 911 cover up in Florida
    Thursday, June 17 @ 06:17:50 UTC

    HICKS: The new book is called Welcome to Terrorland, about Mohammad Atta and the 911 cover up in Florida. There is a lot to talk about here. You are unique because a lot of these 911 books are speculative. But you do did two years of independent research in Florida obviously putting yourself through a lot of risk and danger. We want to jump in and talk about Amanda Keller, Mohammad Atta's girlfriend and maybe go to a clip later, but before we do that give us the summary of what you've found in Florida.

    HOPSICKER: What I found in Florida was that the government story about the terrorist conspiracy's activities before September 11th is not just an error, it s a lie. The time line is wrong. The FBI's timeline is wrong. Everything they are doing is designed to protect an operation that was under way in southwest Florida that trained, between 1999 and September 2001, literally hundreds of Arabs to fly. In other words, in 1998, there were two or three Arabs learning how to fly, by the end of '99 it was flying hundreds of them. So obviously there was a covert operation going on; the flight school where Mohammad Atta went to, Huffman Aviation in Florida is not a business and was not operating like a business. So it was, and is, something else.

    Full interview

    Also reproduced here

    (Read More... | War and Terror | Score: 0)

    Inside U.S.A.: Bush Knew, But Failed to Act
    Thursday, April 08 @ 19:48:34 UTC
    911Rice (and the Record) Proves It

    By Wayne Madsen

    Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 911 Commission on April 8 provided yet more proof that the Bush administration and some within the intelligence community were aware before 911 of specific domestic terrorist threats by Al Qaeda cells operating within the United States.

    Many of those who watched Bush's impassive reaction on television the morning of 911 to being told by his Chief of Staff Andy Card during a visit to the Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida that two planes had struck the World Trade Center towers were genuinely puzzled by the president's unusual facial response. The 911 Commission hearings may have stumbled on to the reason for the ho hum reaction -- that the attacks came as no real surprise to Bush. In fact, in answer to a question by Richard Ben Veniste, the former Watergate committee counsel, Rice confirmed that the August 6, 2001, President's Daily Brief (PDB), which the White House had steadfastly refused to release to either the Commission of the public, was titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.'' She added that the PDB included information on the FBI field offices pursuing "70 full-field investigations" of Al Qaeda cells in the United States. "I don't remember the Al Qaeda cells as being something that we were told we needed to do something about," Rice testified to the Commission.

    (Read More... | 6506 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 5)

    Inside U.S.A.: Richard Clarke: CFR Insider, Darling du Jour for Liberals
    Thursday, April 01 @ 11:42:00 UTC
    911by Kurt Nimmo
    March 27, 2004; www.kurtnimmo.com

    Here's a few things about Richard Clarke generally overlooked or glossed over by the Bush Ministry of Disinformation and so-called Liberals who make him out to be some kind of hero:

    Clarke is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. In other words, the New World Order club that has a vested interest in creating and perpetuating the evil Muslim cave dwellers myth and the profitable war on (some) terrorism.

    (Read More... | 2792 bytes more | Inside U.S.A. | Score: 0)

    War and Terror: 9/11 Commission: A Week of Lies and Spin
    Sunday, March 28 @ 16:33:48 UTC
    911By Kurt Nimmo, www.kurtnimmo.com

    In regard to the 9/11 hearings: Why should you believe anything said by a group of demonstrated liars? The Bush administration has lied consistently and conducted business under a cover of "executive" secrecy, so why should you believe a single word they say? They have thwarted the 9/11 commission at every turn. All told, the 9/11 commission is a PR stunt and whitewash. Like the Kennedy assassination, people will be speculating on what really happened for decades to come. It is unlikely the truth will ever be revealed, at least not during our lives. As Joe Pesci, portraying David Ferry in Oliver Stone's JFK, said of the Kennedy assassination: "It's a mystery, it's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!"

    (Read More... | 4606 bytes more | War and Terror | Score: 0)

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