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    Africa Focus: Africa: since ages living in the racist abyss of capitalist barbarism
    Friday, April 02 @ 16:53:09 UTC
    Africa FocusBy Franz J. T. Lee
    April 02, 2010

    When we are sitting at the foot of the lighthouse, we can barely see its warning lights of imminent approximating danger. Currently our global ship of State, our Titanic, is steering directly towards the huge rocks of disaster. No great god, no great idea, no great man, no Herrenvolk, can and will save us from this man-made self-destruction. Of course, we will remain on collision track unless we ourselves, ... global Society in relation to galactic Nature ... get rid of the current 'democratic-republican' Janus-faced barbarism on a world scale: exploited Labor versus exploiting Capital. At this moment the 'great powers' are activating their mortal arms of mass destruction, they are launching the Goebberls generation of diatribal, fascist, political propaganda and they are going for 'total war' (Hitler), total body, mind and thought control.

    Furthermore, HAARP, dangerous geo-engineering, transgenetic fiddling with Nature and geophysical warfare are playing havoc with our planet. Unnoticed by the general public, ... by the consumer bees, the victims of pan et circenses ...  all these Orwellian measures have been implemented since ages already. At breath-taking speed we surpassed the pre-Orwellian age to the post-'Big Brother' era. This has nothing to do with 'post-modernity' or 'transitional governments'. It is the inherent dialectical logics of a closed world order of a closed globalized system.

    All over, in Africa, America, Asia and elsewhere, we can notice the devastating effects of what we have determined as a 'Mental Holocaust'. Even here in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution has great difficulty to differentiate between praxis and practice, between theory and ideology, between disalienation and religion.

    The global truth stares at us straight in our bewildered faces, but very few brains are left, especially in metropolitan countries,  to know the truth, to become free, to liberate ourselves from the chains of illusion, to evade the epicenter of vandalism in the sky, of full spectrum dominance, of solar barbarism. The billions of workers, the 'wretched of the earth', are victims of centuries of economic,  exploitation, political domination and social discrimination, of racism. Especially the latter has taken its toll, mainly in Africa, but also here in Venezuela. There is no modern racism without capitalism, and vice versa. To eradicate racism, is to annihilate capitalism; here we have barely introduced some necessary social 'missions' against capitalist racism, but not yet a real, true anti-capitalism project.

    In this brief commentary, we will demonstrate the pharisaic hypocrisy of the ruling classes, what they say, their big lies, and what they do, have in mind to do very soon. For example, according to Bill Gates of Microsoft, and others, the idea is to reduce world poverty, by reducing the poor to only two billions. This is not conspiracy theory, anti-antisemitism or 'communism' jargon.

    Bill Gates of Microsoft, in a presentation at the February 2010 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference, spoke about the Global Warming Challenge and effective means to confront it, like drastically reducing the world's population with aggressive population control measures such as vaccines and "reproductive  health services".


    In Venezuela or Africa, it is not the choice of socialism or barbarism. Billions have 'Hobson's choice', it is a matter of immediate world socialism or to perish within the 21st century! The 'miserables' of Africa and of all Humania South, came into being, lived and died in barbarism since the Neolithic Revolution, since the division of labor, since the capitalist world market, since indentured labor and chattel slavery,

    Not only were our countries in Humania South classified by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' as "barbarian and semi-barbarian countries", ever since our 'discovery' by the European feudal and capitalist ruling classes we lived and died in perpetual violence, in barbarism, especially in Africa where this exploitative vandalism lasts till this very second.

    The only real and true modern barbarism, ranging from 'democracy' to fascism,  is capitalism, is globalization.

    In colonial bondage, in domination by the Dutch East India Company in the South, by Cecil John Rhodes ('I would annex the planets if I could.') in the Rhodesias, by Ultra-Portuguese colonialism in Guinea Bissau, by genocidal annihilation in the 'Belgian Congo' and by French 'assimilation' in the North, Africa was forced into infra-human existence, into open vegetating barbarism. Added to this economic and political subjugation was a social, intellectual holocaust, an 'education for barbarism' (Isaac B. Tabata). Till this day, Africa is experiencing global and globalized educational barbarism.

    Never any 'bill of rights', any 'magna carta' or 'human rights' ever were declared for Africa, no reparation will ever be given, no truth commission organized, no human dignity nurtured; except lip service at summit conferences; concretely none of these ever were applied. More and more Africa is sinking into the quagmire of imperialism, of land-grabbing, of robbery of all its human and natural resources, and some African elites participate in this imperialist barbarism.

    For whom the following declarations were made?

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    (Declaration of Independence, 1776.)

    "Every political association has as its goal the preservation of the natural and inprescriptible rights of men. These rights are liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression."

    (Art. 11, Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen, 1789.)

    Yes, African students have to study the 'Politeia', which states that they, the slaves, are “Speaking Tools” (Aristotle). They do not form part of the famous "Zoon Politikon". They are only barbaric, banausian "Speaking Tools".

    We would like to hear what the President of the United States thinks about the following statements of the famous Prussian State philosopher, G. W. F. Hegel, of Montesquieu and Voltaire, of bourgeois, capitalist Enlightenment.

    "Characteristic of the Negro (of Africa) is, that his world outlook didn't reach any definite objectivity as yet, e.g., God, Law, which would reflect a human will, and in which he could experience his essence. ... The Negro represents the natural human being still in a state of total savageness and wildness. ... The Negro displays a total disrespect, a contempt  towards humanity. ... For him, humanity is worthless, this takes on incredible forms; for him, tyranny is not injustice, and a generally accepted and sanctioned custom is to devour human flesh. ... Another characteristic of Negroes is slavery. ... On their own continent the Negroes experience a slavery worse than European enslavement of Negroes. ... The fundamental expression of slavery is precisely that man is not yet conscious of his freedom, hence he degenerates into a thing, into something without any human value. ... We leave Africa, not to mention it anymore, because it is not a historic continent, because it lacks motion and development, ... it is just appearing vaguely on the dark threshold of world history. "

    (G. W. F. Hegel, Excerpts from: LECTURES ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF
    HISTORY. (My free translation, exhibiting  "racist" arrogance.)

    Montesquieu was very clear about who has a soul, a white soul:

    "It is almost unthinkable that God, who is all goodness itself, could have determined to place a soul -- let alone a good soul -- in a body as black and repulsive as that of a Negro."

    (Montesquieu, "Esprit des Lois", Livre XV, Chapter 5.)
    This was the racist, ideological justification for exploitation, domination and social discrimination, this is pure barbarism till this very day. For the military invasion of Arab or Latin American territories similar racist justifications are being given by the current metropolitan powers.

    Venezuela is extending friendly foreign and diplomatic relations towards Africa. What do Mitsubishi, Repsol, Exxon Mobil and Chevron-Texaco think about the billion Africans?

    We really should investigate, what they did and are doing to us here, to nature, to the indigenous peoples.

    Voltaire, himself involved in the late slave trade told us what a 'corporate' capitalist thinks about an African:

    "The Negro race is a species of men as different from ours as the breed of spaniels is from that of greyhounds. ... If their understanding is not of a different nature from ours, it is at least greatly inferior. They are not capable of any great application or association of ideas, and seem formed neither for the advantages nor the abuses of philosophy."
    (Voltaire, Works.)

    Montesquieu stated this as follows:

    "It is impossible for us to suppose these creatures to be men!"

    Yes, in case that we have not noticed it as yet, there are two different species of Man on planet Earth: 'homo worker' and 'homo capitalist', the slave and the master, living in global class struggle.

    There we have the only true 'white ruling class man' speaking, whilst his 'burden', the Africans, 'Latinos' and others are the "non-men", the "non-human beings", --- yet, it is all that difficult to explain this to so many of us, already brain-washed and brain-laundered to a large extent, have messed up our thinking capacities..
    This racist manipulation continues in our big mass media against the Arabs, Chinese, Africans, 'Latinos' and other 'Children of Ham'.

    A century later, in 1953, the architect of apartheid, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd clearly described the fascist views of the South African Herrenvolk with reference to the  'human rights' of black 'Non-Europeans'.

    In a speech in parliament in 1953, Verwoerd stated: :

    "There is no place for (the native) in the European community,"Verwoerd explained, "above the level of certain forms of labor... Until now he has been subjected to a school system which drew him away from his own community and misled him by showing him the green pastures of European society in which he was not allowed to graze."

    (Quoted from African Nationalism by N. Sithole, 1961. See: Franz J. T. Lee, The Anatomy of Apartheid in Southern Africa, Alexander Defense Committee Publication, New York, 1966. For more information, also see:

      In picturing the 'blacks' as animals grazing in the 'white' fields, Verwoerd was only using the accepted language of the master race in Southern Africa.

    In "Bantu Education, Policy for the Immediate Future"(1954), Verwoerd wrote:

    "(Bantu) education should stand with both feet in the reserves and have its roots in the spirit and being of Bantu society... Their education should not clash with Government policy... If the native in South Africa today... is being taught to expect that he will live his adult life under a policy of equal rights, he is making a big mistake."(Ibid)

     J. G. Strijdom, who succeeded Malan as prime minister, described baasskap as follows: "Our policy is that the Europeans must stand their ground and must remain Baas (overlord) in South Africa. If we reject the Herrenvolk (master race) idea and the principle that the white man can remain Baas, if the franchise is to be extended to the non-Europeans, and if the non-Europeans are given representation and the vote and the non-Europeans are developed on the same basis as the Europeans, how can the Europeans remain Baas? Our view is that in every sphere the European must retain the right to rule the country and to keep it white man’s country."(Ibid)

    International 'baasskap', apartheid, ideology and racism are more virulent than ever. They will only disappear when their radix, master and slave relations, that is, when global capitalism, will fade into galactic oblivion. This our international heroes, even Nelson Mandela, and the 'African National Congress of South Africa' never will understood. Frantz Fanon and Kwame Nkrumah knew that the historic objective, radical emancipation, is the only true serpentine road towards total freedom. The appearance forms of apartheid have changed, its exploitative quintessence is more virulent than ever across whole Africa,


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