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State's claim against Jamaat begins:
HEARING of the State's claim for millions of dollars against the Jamaat al Muslimeen for destruction of State property during the 1990 attempted coup finally began. more

Court orders halt to water protest:
To rely on the force of law to keep the WASA workers on their jobs is clearly not a satisfactory resolution. The issues between WASA and the government, is centered around a restructuring exercise carried out by the authority that have negatively affected hundreds of workers. more

  ( TnT Government's policies are spelt out in this document. )

Dhanraj Singh
Dhanraj Singh
Carlos Paves Over The Sheriff's Rosy Career
October 13, 2000
Following his sacking the commissioner of Police Hilton Guy has hinted that action may be taken soon in connection with the killing of United National Congress (UNC) councillor Hansraj Sumairsingh, chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation.
Dhanraj said that he did not know that he was going to be fired. Singh's ministerial career seemed rosy up to two years ago more

Ken Gordon
Ken Gordon
2nd Judgement against the PM in two weeks
October 11, 2000
Prime Minister Basdeo Panday lost another case to Ken Gordon and was ordered to pay close to $800,000.00 for defamation of character. Once again the Prime Minister said he will appeal the Judge's ruling. more
On May 30, 1997 during an Indian Arrival Day celebration in Caroni, the PM called Gordon a Pseudo-Racist. ( From Pseudo-Racist to 'Sued-U' Finish more:)

Basdeo Panday
Basdeo Panday
Judge rules against PM Basdeo Panday
September 29, 2000
Prime Minister Basdeo Panday's decision to exclude the proposal of the Caribbean Communications Network Ltd (CCN) for a licence to provide a cellular service was unconstitutional and affected by bias.
The Prime Minister said he will appeal the Judge's ruling. more

How Carlos 'paving' John made his millions
By Joannah Bharose Sept 13, 2000
Carlos John
Since becoming a government minister in June this year at what he has insisted is a greatly diminished salary, he has acquired a million dollar Royal Castle franchise, completed a million dollar mansion in upscale Moka, for which he issued a $400,000 cheque to have professionally decorated, acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz and purchased two million-dollar La Fontaine condominiums in Westmoorings, among other assets. Tell us if you believe him or if you believe Miss Universe and the Savannah Paving was his personal success. more

Rum talk from PM, say union leaders
By Raffique Shah Sept 24, 2000
NEW information in the hands of the Independent shows that two recent valuations of Caroni's aged rum stocks put its 18,146 casks of rums at between $1 billion and $6billion, depending on whether the cash-strapped sugar company sells its stocks as bulk rum or as blended aged rums. At least one of these reports was done by a foreign expert in the field (who valued it at $6b) and was presented to the company's board of directors, which, in turn, will have passed it on to Minister of Agriculture, Trevor Sudama.

Gypsy: Why I chose the UNC
By Clevon Raphael October 4, 2000
Winston Peters, the ruling UNC candidate for the Ortoire/Mayaro constituency in the following Election 2000 interview with News Editor CLEVON RAPHAEL.

Are we a country of racists?
By Joannah Bharose Sept 13, 2000
ONE of our proudest boasts in Trinidad and Tobago is our racial harmony. Those who claim that we have serious racial problems are usually perceived as racists who reflect a minority view.