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Are we a country of racists?

Special report by Joannah Bharose September 13, 2000
ONE of our proudest boasts in Trinidad and Tobago is our racial harmony. Those who claim that we have serious racial problems are usually perceived as racists who reflect a minority view. Full Article

Why I married an African man September 13, 2000
ONCE upon a time there were five Indian sisters who grew up in a small central village called Tabaquite. Eventually they had families of their own and moved out of the area. Three of them had long-term relationships with Indian men. Full Article

Hindus against mixed marriages September 13, 2000
POLLUTING one’s lineage with a mixed relationship is probably one of the greatest travesty one can inflict upon one’s race, according to Hindu philosophy. Full Article

I’m lucky with Chinese men September 20, 2000
SHE is obsessed with the Chinese culture and he is fascinated by mixed women. Five years ago they got married and it turned out to be match made in heaven. Full Article

Racism not a Christian thing September 20, 2000
A Catholic priest has sounded a warning to certain groups of people in Trinidad that they should be aware of the dangers of isolation which gives rise to racism and prejudice. Full Article

He’s a good Indian man September 27, 2000
SHARON Thomas was only 15 when she caught his eyes. Radhay ‘Krish’ Mahabir was 18, but knew that Sharon would be important to him one day. Two years later the couple married under Hindu rites. Full Article

A lawyer fights for equal rights September 27, 2000
RUMOURS and allegations of favouritism for certain races over others have always plagued the Public Services Commission (PSC), the single largest employer in Trinidad and Tobago. Full Article

If you’re not white... October 4, 2000
“LOOK at you, you figure jus’ because you have a white man you better than me,” the Tobago shark and bake vendor told the Trinidadian woman, who had asked for a knife to slit open the bake.Full Article

Rajkumar’s a bitter man October 4, 2000
THIS man claims he has been rewarded with pain and bitterness for his loyal service of 32 years. Dougnath Rajkumar has the record for the lowest ranking longest serving prison officer in Trinidad and Tobago.Full Article

Is this prisons officer a victim? October 4, 2000
THE Constitution guarantees equal treatment for all races in this country. We even sing about it in our national anthem but our laws do not facilitate the racial equality enshrined in our Constitution.Full Article


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By Eugene Robinson

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