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October 02, 2011

  • Tensions rise as Tripoli residents urge rebel fighters out
    Tensions are rising in Tripoli as increasingly frustrated residents call on hundreds of armed Libyan fighters who stayed in the city after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi to leave.

  • Libya's post-Gadhafi rulers name new Cabinet
    Libya's post-Gadhafi leaders have named a new Cabinet and vow to step down after the country is fully secured.

  • Family Members Killed as Civilians Flee Libya's Sirte
    Shelling has killed at least three members of a family, including a child, near the Libyan town of Sirte where civilians are trying to flee heavy fighting between provisional government forces and Moammar Gadhafi's loyalists.

  • Anti-Gadhafi tribes clash in two Libyan locales
    Members of two Libyan tribes -- who fought together to unseat Moammar Gadhafi and his loyalists -- clashed Saturday, infighting among opposition forces that comes as a key ally of the longtime leader vowed to keep up the fight.

  • Situation in Libya 'dire': Red Cross
    People are dying due to lack of basic medical care in Sirte, the Red Cross said Saturday after it visited Moammar Gadhafi's besieged hometown and saw the hospital there hit by rockets.

  • Tripoli gets new militia, apparent rebuff to Islamists
    A Libyan revolutionary officer announced the creation on Sunday of an armed group to keep order in Tripoli, a mission analysts say may overlap uneasily with an existing Military Council with the same job which is led by a prominent Islamist.

  • NATO: At Least 10,000 'Lost Missiles' in Libya
    In a secret meeting with German MPs, top NATO officials reportedly confirmed that over 10,000 missiles inside Libya are still completely unaccounted for, with Admiral Giampaolo di Paola saying that the missiles pose a "serious threat to civil aviation."

  • Shortages "killing patients" in Libya siege hospital
    People wounded in fighting in Libya's besieged city of Sirte are dying on the operating table because fuel for the hospital generator has run out, medical workers fleeing the city said Sunday.

  • Missing Libyan missiles a threat to civilian aircraft?
    Some 10,000 missiles are missing in Libya, NATO reportedly acknowledged in a secret meeting with German MPs. Fears of where the missing missiles may end up are worsened by the alarm that Gaddafi's abandoned arsenals are still unguarded.

  • Pro-Qadhafi forces halt Sirte assault
    SIRTE: Fighters for Libya's new rulers have been forced to regroup on the edge of Sirte, after pro-Muammar Qadhafi snipers halted a two-week old assault on the ousted despot's hometown.

  • Libya To Question Gadhafi's Son, Says Niger Official
    A prominent member of Niger's ruling Party for Democracy and Socialism (PNDS-Tarayya) says a delegation from Libya's transitional authority will soon visit Niger to question the son of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

  • Rebels and NATO keep on Bombing Sirte despite dire Humanitarian situation

    BBC Report from October 2, 2011 in which you can clearly see that the Rebels are indiscriminately bombing and attacking the city, without being afraid to kill civilians in the town. Civilians who are forced to leave their city because there is a lack of food, water, electricity and just about anything else. Although people feared a siege of Tripoli, which didn't occur, the siege of Sirte is a fact. NATO and their ground infantery are simply starving out the people and throwing bombs killing civilians who do not want to be ruled by NATO and their NTC-puppets.

  • Arab League says will fund Palestinians after U.S. cuts aid
    The head of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi said Sunday Arab countries would offer financial assistance to the Palestinians instead of the aid which the United States threatened to halt over a Palestinian bid for a state.

  • U.S. Congress Freezes $200 Million in Aid to Palestinians
    Key US lawmakers are blocking about $200 million in Palestinian aid in response to the territories' UN statehood bid, congressional aides said Saturday.

  • Syrian army battles defectors in rebel town as 11 more protesters killed
    Syrian troops fought hundreds of fellow soldiers who have turned against president Bashar al-Assad as tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on Friday. At least 11 protesters were killed and scores were wounded, human rights groups said.

  • Civil war erupts in Syrian city
    THE semblance of a civil war has begun in Homs, Syria's third-largest city, where armed protesters now call themselves revolutionaries, gun battles at times erupt every few hours, security forces and opponents carry out assassinations and rifles costing as much as $A2000 apiece flood the city from abroad.

  • Venezuelan President: Syria is exposed to Foreign Conspiracy
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stressed on Sunday that Syria is being exposed to a foreign conspiracy led by the US and some EU countries.

  • Cheney: After Yemen strike, Obama owes apology to Bush
    Former vice president Dick Cheney on Sunday called last week's CIA drone strike against al-Qaeda operative Anwar Awlaki a validation of the George W. Bush administration's terrorist-fighting strategy, and said that President Obama should apologize for his past criticism of those policies.

  • Israel's Great Fear: Iran Might Act Like Them
    Those who follow the Israeli media will see the nation's government afraid of a myriad of things. Today, as it so often does, attention turns to Iran's nuclear program, but with a different spin than usual.

  • An unconstitutional killing: Obama's killing of Awlaki violates American principles
    President Obama apparently believes he is not bound by the Constitution or the rule of law. When it was reported that Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by U.S. drone strikes in Yemen last week, certainly no one felt remorse for his fate. Awlaki was a detestable person we believe helped recruit and inspire others to kill Americans through terrorist acts.

  • Cheney, Harman Defend U.S. Attack on Al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen
    The U.S. was justified in sending a drone aircraft into Yemen to kill U.S.-born Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda recruiter and propagandist, former Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic ex-Representative Jane Harman said.

  • Hillary Clinton warns Pakistan
    In a stern warning to Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a statement saying, "You can't keep a wild animal in your backyard and expect it to go only after your neighbour." This terse statement comes even as the country's beleaguered president Asif Ali Zardari pleaded with US for re-engagement after the Pakistani military's provocations in Afghanistan.

October 01, 2011

  • Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, October 1, 2011 [Full Translation of Interview]
    Broadcaster: "With us on the on the line is Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the official spokesman for the Libyan Government. Doctor, I want to begin by saying Thank God for your safety. The media channels of lies and deceit have said that you attempted to flee wearing women's clothing, wearing a neqab (female headdress covering face). Do you think it is an attempt to slander and muddy the image of the resistance and jihadi fighters like yourself?"

September 30, 2011

September 29, 2011

  • Venezuela slams US, NATO's involvement in Libya
    Nicolas Maduro Moros, foreign minister of Venezuela on Tuesday lashed out at the involvement of the US, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the UN in recent events in Libya.

  • Rebels retreat from Sirte after ferocious attacks from Gaddafi forces
    Ferocious attacks by Gaddafi diehards forced fighters of Libya's new rulers to retreat from the ousted strongman's birthplace Sirte, where a tank shell killed three in a "friendly fire" attack.

  • Libya: Mass killing and humanitarian disaster in NATO siege of Sirte
    Refugees from the Libyan coastal city of Sirte report that thousands have died as a result of relentless NATO bombardment and shelling by the the Western-backed "rebels."

  • Exclusive: Concern grows over militant activity in Libya
    As the dust settles after six months of fighting in Libya, U.S. officials are stepping up efforts to identify Islamic militants who might pose a threat in a post-Gaddafi power vacuum.

  • Tripoli residents want revolutionaries out
    More than a month since revolutionary forces seized the Libyan capital, the heavy thud of anti-aircraft guns and the crackle of automatic weapon fire still echoes across the city, and bands of young fighters in pickup trucks bristling with heavy weapons cruise the streets.

  • Libyan forces recapture Sirte airport
    Libyan interim government forces recaptured the airport in Sirte, Gaddafi's birthplace amid mounting concern for civilians trapped inside the besieged city.

  • Civilians flee Sirte battle, fighting hampers aid: U.N.
    Desperate civilians are fleeing the besieged Libyan coastal city of Sirte where the battle to dislodge fighters loyal to ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi has caused heavy casualties, U.N. and other sources said.

  • Libya's NTC urges more NATO air strikes
    Anti-Gaddafi forces have urged NATO to intensify its air war as they took heavy losses in a push on the ousted despot's birthplace of Sirte and his other remaining bastion, Bani Walid.

  • Former Libyan PM starts hunger strike in Tunisia
    Muammar Gaddafi's former prime minister, Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi, has started a hunger strike in a prison in Tunisia to protest a request for his extradition from Libya's new rulers, his lawyer said on Thursday.

  • Dissidents in Syria reject foreign intervention: Kilo
    Anti-regime activists inside Syria oppose the Syrian National Council, an opposition body formed in Turkey last month, because it favours foreign intervention, prominent activist Michel Kilo said on Thursday.

  • U.S.: Attack on envoy in Syria part of ongoing intimidation campaign
    The United States on Thursday strongly condemned an attack by pro-government Syrian protesters on the U.S. ambassador in Damascus, saying it was part of an "ongoing campaign to intimidate U.S. diplomats."

  • Pakistan warns against U.S. attack on militants
    U.S. military action against insurgents in Pakistan would be unacceptable and the country's army would be capable of responding, intelligence chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha told a meeting of political leaders in Islamabad, according to media reports.

  • US on Pakistan: Good cop, bad cop or confused cop
    There are two ways to explain why the Obama administration is distancing itself from harsh criticism of Pakistan by America's top military officer -- that the U.S. is playing "good cop/bad cop," or that policymaking toward a key ally is in disarray.

  • US 'threat' of military action unites Pakistan
    U.S. accusations that Pakistan is supporting Afghan insurgents have triggered a nationalist backlash and whipped up media fears of an American invasion, drowning out any discussion over the army's long use of jihadi groups as deadly proxies in the region.

September 28, 2011

  • A Questionable Form of Freedom for North Africa
    The autocrats are gone, but who will inherit power in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt? Islamist influence is significant across the region and conservative political groups are flexing their muscles. The coming months will determine just how much democracy North Africa can support.

  • The War in Libya is a Fraud: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars
    The war against Libya is built on fraud. The United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of unproven claims, specifically that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi. The claim in its exact form was that Qaddafi had ordered Libyan forces to kill 6,000 people in Benghazi. These claims were widely disseminated, but always vaguely explained. It was on the basis of this claim that Libya was referred to the U.N. Security Council at U.N Headquarters in New York City and kicked out of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

  • Anti-Gaddafi fighters pounded in Bani Walid
    Anti-Gaddafi fighters on Wednesday appealed for help from NATO after being blasted by rockets fired by loyalist troops in Bani Walid, one of the ousted Libyan leader's last bastions.

  • NTC fighters killed in Sirte battle
    More than 10 fighters of Libya's new rulers were killed on Tuesday in fierce street fighting with forces of Muammar Gaddafi in his hometown of Sirte, a commander told AFP.

September 27, 2011

  • Libya: Mugabe attacks African "sellouts"
    PRESIDENT Mugabe has described as "sellouts" those African countries that recognized Libya's transitional government.

  • Analysis: Libya adrift
    Nothing is settled yet in Libya, and it is unclear what will happen in the coming weeks and months. Will the National Transitional Council be able to extend its authority over the whole of the country? Or will the fighting go on and on, with no stable regime being established?

  • Sirte civilians accuse NATO of genocide
    CIVILIANS pouring out of the besieged city of Sirte accused NATO of committing genocide yesterday as revolutionary forces reinforced their numbers and prepared for a new attack on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's home town.

  • Libya Council Delays Interim Government
    Libya may not have a new interim government for weeks or months, said Mahmoud Jibril, prime minister of the nation's National Transitional Council.

  • Libyans Flee Loyalist City
    Dozens of families fled Col. Moammar Gadhafi's hometown on Monday as fighters supporting Libya's interim leadership pushed to capture the city and the loyalist forces' few other remaining redoubts.

  • Libya could cost Britain 1.75bn
    THE true cost of Britain's military involvement in Libya could be nearly seven times what the government has estimated, according to a new study which warns the overall bill could spiral to 1.75 billion.

  • In Riddle of Mideast Upheaval, Turkey Offers Itself as an Answer
    Not so long ago, the foreign policy of Turkey revolved around a single issue: the divided island of Cyprus. These days, its prime minister may be the most popular figure in the Middle East, its foreign minister envisions a new order there and its officials have managed to do what the Obama administration has so far failed to: position themselves firmly on the side of change in the Arab revolts and revolutions.

September 26, 2011

September 25, 2011

  • Libyan NTC fighters pull back from Sirte
    Fighters regrouping after forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi mount strong resistance in former leader's home city.

  • Former Rebels' Rivalries Hold Up Governing in Libya
    When the fighters who ousted Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi find caches of weapons from his arsenals, they do not entrust them to Libya's new provisional government. Instead, they haul them back to their hometowns, like Misurata, Zintan, Yafran or Rujban. And when they capture members of the Qaddafi government, the fighters say, they cart them home as well.

  • Turkish premier signals joint operation with Iran
    Turkey's prime minister has signaled a joint military offensive with Iran against their common enemy: Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq.

  • US drones kill dozens in Somalia
    United States drones have reportedly struck three districts in southern Somalia, killing dozens of civilians and wounding scores of others.

  • Who will blink first: Islamabad or Washington?
    A barrage of accusations by senior US officials that the Pakistani army and its spy agency support militants targeting American troops in Afghanistan has further frayed an already shaky alliance.

  • US in 'disarray' in Afghanistan: Pakistani PM
    Pakistan's prime minister has turned on the US over its allegations of links to the Haqqani terror network, saying the "blame game is self-defeating" and US policy in Afghanistan is in "disarray".

  • US on Wrong Side of History over Palestine
    The Palestinians have set the cat among the pigeons with their freedom song. And it's good to see Uncle Sam and his fiendish brat break out in a cold sweat for a change.

September 24, 2011

  • Tony Blair's six secret visits to Col Gaddafi
    Tony Blair's close relationship to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has come under fresh scrutiny after it emerged he had six private meetings with the dictator in the three years after he left Downing Street.

September 23, 2011

  • Robert Fisk: A President who is helpless in the face of Middle East reality
    Obama's UN speech insists Israelis and Palestinians are equal parties to conflict

  • Mahmoud Abbas accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing
    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivers fiery anti-Israel speech at UN, accuses Jewish state of ethnically cleansing east Jerusalem; FM Lieberman walks out during address, blasts Palestinian leader's 'speech of incitement'

  • Netanyahu at UN: Palestinians can get state only after peace with Israel
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that the Palestinians must first make peace with Israel, and only after get their state, during his address to the UN General Assembly in New York.

  • US sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel: report
    President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-busting bombs to Israel, Newsweek magazine reported Friday.

  • Gaddafi doing well, says daughter
    Muammar Gaddafi's firebrand daughter has said her father is in high spirits and fighting alongside his supporters against the revolutionary forces who swept his regime from power.

  • Fear and loathing in Libya's Misrata
    Misrata - The graffiti on a burnt-out building on Tripoli Street - the main boulevard in Misrata in ruins after ferocious street fighting - sums up the bitter mood in a city besieged for months by Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

  • Accused of Fighting for Qaddafi, a Libyan Town's Residents Face Reprisals
    On the edge of this city where Libya's war goes on, several men from the town of Tawerga sat on the patio of a mosque, having fled their homes and traded one war zone for another.

  • Race hatred clouds Libya's democratic ambitions
    For the rebels who toppled Muammar Gaddafi, the new Libyan era has ushered in unbounded political freedom and deep personal joy. For Dijmon, a 25-year-old Nigerian laborer in the newly captured capital, it brought fear.

  • Terror: Somalia, Libya may be sign of US military action to come, expert says
    The toppling of Muammar Gaddafi's 40-year-old dictatorship was an apparent victory for rebels who fought together for six months with Nato support. Less obvious is that its success may signal Washington's military strategy of minimising the risk of losing American lives by using naval and air forces in conjunction with "proxy" militaries during global interventions, according to a report by independent military correspondent David Axe published on the website of The Diplomat, a current-affairs magazine.

  • NATO to stay in Libya
    NATO has prolonged its mandate for staying in Libya for another 90 days.

  • The Neocolonial Order is to Stay: A Puppet Government in Libya
    Colonialism by the imperial powers gradually ended after World War II. However, a neo-colonial order was created to maintain the same economic relationship without formal political mandate or protectorate of the former colonies. The neo-colonial order since has lingered in most Third World countries and the western powers are at work to continue it for the foreseeable future.

  • Syria: The revolution will be weaponised
    Journalist Nir Rosen discusses armed struggle with army officers who have defected to join the opposition.

  • Eight killed in US drone attack in Pakistan
    At least eight suspected militants were killed when two missiles were fired by US drones in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan Friday night, a media report said.

September 22, 2011

September 21, 2011

  • Africa will hold NATO responsible for black lives in Libya
    A group of 500 Ghanaians who managed to arrive back home from the fighting in Libya told harrying stories of how difficult life had been for them. Many TV stations and reputable news organisations have also confirmed that racists in Libya are making life very dangerous for black migrants who have not been able to leave Libya.

  • NATO's top decision-makers authorize 90 more days for Libya mission
    NATO's decision-making body granted approval Wednesday for the military alliance to continue its mission over Libya for another 90 days. Libya's former leader, Moammar Gadhafi, has fallen from power but pockets of loyalist resistance remain.

  • Another 'Symbolic Victory': Abbas' New Political Gambit
    When Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas decided to go to the United Nations to request the admission of Palestine as a full member, he appeared to have had an epiphany. Had he finally realized that for the past two decades he and his party, Fatah, have gone down a road to nowhere?

  • France's Sarkozy urges UN to support Syrian people
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy took a swipe at Syria on Tuesday for its harsh military repression of pro-democracy protesters, calling on the UN to give the Syrian people the same assistance given to the Libyans, dpa reported.

September 20, 2011

  • Against all odds, Al Fateh resists white and Arab supremacists
    The North Atlantic tribes, under the banner of NATO, and their Arab flunkies are lining up for a showdown in Sirte. Muammar Qaddafi and the Al Fateh revolutionary forces remain defiant and have issued statements saying that they will never surrender. Their extraordinary resistance has most certainly earned them a place in the history of modern warfare.

  • Tiny Burkina Faso confronts Gadhafi's enormous legacy
    Even though his portrait no longer graces the lobby of this city's premier hotel, fallen Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's presence in this West African nation won't fade quickly.

  • Libya - The Other Side of the Coin
    As for NATO's breaking its rules of engagement and the UNSC Resolutions covering this conflict, there are reports ( that numerous French and British special forces have been caught in Bani Walid.

  • Obama Flip Flopped on Palestinian State
    'This time we should reach for what's best within ourselves. If we do, when we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the United Nations -- an independent, sovereign state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel. ' -- Obama's speech before the General Assembly, September 23, 2010
    When Barack Obama uttered these lines, the assembled delegates rewarded him with a standing ovation. That was last year's promise. This year, Obama is promising to veto a Palestinian state for reasons that he has yet to clearly articulate.

  • U.S. building secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, officials say
    The Obama administration is assembling a constellation of secret drone bases for counterterrorism operations in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as part of a newly aggressive campaign to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, U.S. officials said.

  • IAEA meeting: Iran blames Israel for killing nuke scientists
    Blaming Israel for assassinating its nuclear scientists, Iran said Tuesday it would not retaliate for the "ugly phenomenon" but would seek more international support against such killings.

  • Chavez to UN: Palestinians have right to country
    Venezuelan president backs Palestinian statehood bid, accuses Israel of 'Palestinian genocide'.

September 19, 2011

  • Black life is cheap in Libya
    They are killing black people in Libya. They are killing them in the street, they are killing them in hospitals, they are killing them in transit camps, they are killing them in their houses.

  • French lawyers to sue Sarkozy over Libya abuses
    In Libya, new government forces are turning up the heat on Colonel Gaddafi's remaining supporters. Meanwhile, some Western leaders are facing charges at home over the legacy of their military intervention. The defiant loyalists are making a last stand in three key cities — Sirte, Bani Walid and Sabha — which have been under heavy assault for over a week, with reports Gaddafi and his sons could be hiding there.

  • Libyan Rebels Move to Conquer Southern City
    Many thought the Libyan rebel conquest of the capital city of Tripoli made the civil war ambitions of regime change a fait accompli, and with the UN rushing to give the rebels a seat, you'd figure they had already taken over the country.

  • U.S. Is Quietly Getting Ready for Syria Without Assad
    Increasingly convinced that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria will not be able to remain in power, the Obama administration has begun to make plans for American policy in the region after he exits.

  • Saudi-backed forces attack Bahrainis
    Saudi-backed Bahraini troops have attacked anti-government protesters demanding an end to the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty, Press TV has learned.

  • 'Saudi tanks cross border into Yemen'
    A convoy of Saudi tanks has reportedly crossed into Yemen to assist Sana'a in suppressing anti-government protests in the country, Yemini fighters say.

  • Turkey blocks Israel's NATO request
    Amid worsening relations between Tel Aviv and Ankara, Turkey has blocked a bid by Israeli officials to open an office at NATO headquarters.

  • 'NATO recruiting jihadists to Syria'
    Outside forces are trying to destabilize Syria by funding and supporting an armed insurrection which does not represent the majority of Syrian society, says Michel Chossudovsky from the Center for Research on Globalization.

September 18, 2011

  • Libya conflict: Black African migrants caught in backlash
    Hundreds of African migrant workers in Libya have been imprisoned by fighters allied to the new interim authorities, accused of being mercenaries for Col Muammar Gaddafi, and there are claims that homes have been looted, and women and girls beaten and raped, as the BBC's Ian Pannell reports.

  • In Libya, prison populations grow and questions arise about the missing
    The majority of the more than 800 bodies and sets of remains in the "pro-Gadhafi" cemetery are without names or identification other than digital photos of their faces taken by the volunteers who run the cemetery. Many of the bodies were left at the cemetery by the rebels, with no information about where they were killed or found.

  • Gaddafi spokesman: 17, including French and British, captured
    A spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi said on Sunday that 17 "mercenaries," including what he called French and British "technical experts" have been captured in the Gaddafi bastion of Bani Walid in Libya.

  • Libyans fail to form new cabinet
    Libya's interim leaders have failed to agree on a new cabinet even as battles raged with pro-Muammar Gaddafi forces. The cabinet -- or executive committee -- was dissolved last month after procedural errors in the handling of the unexplained shooting dead of the newly ruling National Transitional Council's (NTC) military chief.

  • Gaddafi strongholds repel fresh assaults
    Libyan interim government forces charged back into the besieged desert town of Bani Walid, a day after diehard loyalists of Moamar Gaddafi beat them back into a humiliating retreat.

  • Evidence grows of Blair's links with Gaddafi
    Tony Blair's shadowy links with Muammar Gaddafi were thrust into the spotlight again last night after it emerged that he met the former Libyan dictator twice for secret talks in the run-up to the release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

  • Tony Blair 'visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan'
    A senior executive with the Libyan Investment Authority, the $70 billion fund used to invest the country's oil money abroad, said Mr Blair was one of three prominent western businessmen who regularly dealt with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the former leader.

  • Libyan forces battle to loosen grip on Gaddafi towns
    Libyan interim government forces charged a desert stronghold controlled by fighters loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and battled on the streets of the ousted leader's hometown as they struggled to quash his last pockets of support.

  • Turkey Predicts Alliance With Egypt as Regional Anchors
    A newly assertive Turkey offered on Sunday a vision of a starkly realigned Middle East, where the country's former allies in Syria and Israel fall into deeper isolation, and a burgeoning alliance with Egypt underpins a new order in a region roiled by revolt and revolution.

  • Imran Khan: 'America is destroying Pakistan. We're using our army to kill our own people with their money'
    When Barack Obama announced in May that American commandos had killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Imran Khan was furious. "The whole of Pakistan felt this way. Wherever I went I felt this humiliation and anger in people. It was humiliating because an American president announces it, not our president. And because it was the American military, not our military, which this country has given great sacrifices to nurture, that killed him."

  • 'US military action in Pakistan will have disastrous consequences'
    Anticipating unilateral military action by the United States against the Haqqani network, the Pakistani military establishment has said that any such move would have disastrous consequences for bilateral relations.

September 17, 2011

  • Libyan militias amass weapons
    At a huge weapons depot in the Libyan capital, flat-bed trucks line up to be piled high with land mines, rockets and shells, before being driven off into the western mountains.

  • China: the West's bogeyman in Libya
    In an era in which the United States is still the only power capable of projecting military force across the globe, the unique combination of anxiety, arrogance and oblique post-colonial racism that marks the Libyan intervention will probably not signal the twilight of Western influence.

  • Civilians join Gaddafi fighters to defend hometown
    Libyan fighters battled street by street for control of Muammar's Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte for the third day on Saturday, taking sniper, assault rifle and rocket fire from his loyalists perched on the city's rooftops.

  • NATO air strikes kill 354 in Sirte-Gaddafi's spokesman
    Muammar Gaddafi's spokesman told Reuters on Saturday that NATO air strikes on the ousted leader's home city of Sirte overnight had hit a residential building and a hotel, killing 354 people.

  • Over 300 reported killed in Sirte air strike
    Moussa Ibrahim said an overnight airstrike on Sirte had hit a residential building and a hotel, killing hundreds and increasing the towns death-toll from such attacks to over 2,000.

  • Libyans fight for Bani Walid, street by street
    The pick-up trucks screeched to a halt in a cloud of dust and the fighters, some injured, some already dead, were brought out amid cries of "Allahu akbar". The assault on Bani Walid was proving to be a bloody and vicious business.

  • Syrian official media rejects reports on Friday protests
    Syrian official media rejected reports by some TV channels about new protests in the country on Friday.

  • US Backing Muslim Brotherhood In Syria: Envoy
    Syria on Saturday accused "external" forces of trying to destabilise the country with the help of "radical Islamic" groups and the US of backing the Muslim Brotherhood which he said was "responsible" for bloodshed, reports Press Trust of India.

  • Iranian leader warns Arab nations
    Iran's top leader has warned Arab nations swept up in uprisings against autocratic regimes not to allow the US or Nato to influence the types of post-revolution political systems they form. "Never trust America, Nato, and the criminal regimes like Britain, France and Italy who for a long time divided and plundered your lands," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told an international Islamic conference in Tehran on Saturday.

  • US drones kill 17 al-Shabab fighters
    Seventeen al-Shabab fighters have been killed in drone attacks by the US military that targeted their bases in southern Somalia, Press TV reports.

September 16, 2011

  • Libya Counts More Martyrs Than Bodies
    Where are all the dead? Officially, according to Libya's new leaders, their martyrs in the struggle against the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi should number 30,000 to 50,000, not even counting their enemies who have fallen. Yet in the country's morgues, the war dead registered from both sides in each area so far are mostly in the hundreds, not the thousands. And those who are still missing total as few as 1,000, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  • Libya rebels forced to retreat
    Muammar Gaddafi supporters put up fierce resistance against offensives trying to storm two strongholds today, forcing revolutionary fighters into retreat in the mountains and turning Gaddafi's seaside home town into a battlefield of snipers firing from mosques and heavy weapons rattling main boulevards.

  • 13 rebels killed as fighting rages in Kadafi's hometown
    Fighting continued in Moammar Kadafi's hometown of Sirte on Friday, with 13 anti-Kadafi troops reported killed and at least 25 wounded.

  • Libya: RAF carries out biggest raid yet on Gaddafi forces
    The strikes come as defence sources suggest that a "final push" is beginning to develop to remove the former Libyan regime troops from their last strongholds.

  • NTC fighters regroup for new attack on Sirte
    Libya: National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters regrouped on Friday for a new assault on Muammar Qaddafi's hometown of Sirte, remaining upbeat despite suffering heavy losses the previous day at the hands of the toppled tyrant's forces.

  • Niger will not send Saadi Gadhafi back to Libya: Official
    The Nigerien government said Friday it will not send fallen Libyan dictator Moamer Gadhafi's son Saadi back home from Niger, where he fled after the collapse of the regime in Tripoli.

  • Global Nato and the Recolonisation of Africa - Lessons From the Libyan Intervention
    If there was any uncertainty about the real mission of the United States, France, Britain and other members of NATO in Libya, these doubts were clarified with the nature of the military campaign against the people of Libya that had been orchestrated under the mandate of the United Nations Security Council.

  • Libya Rebels Fight for Sirte as Cameron, Sarkozy Pledge Aid to New Rulers
    Opponents of Muammar Qaddafi battled for control of Sirte, his birthplace, as the leaders of the U.K. and France pledged aid to Libya's new rulers during a visit to Tripoli.

  • Armed men attack Syrian troops, kill 1
    Armed groups have killed a Syrian law enforcement agent and injured four others in the southern province of Dara'a, SANA reported.

  • US drone strikes south Somalia
    At least three missiles have reportedly been fired by US drones near the Kenya-Somalia border, raising fears of possible casualties, Press TV reports.

September 15, 2011

September 14, 2011

  • US backing for Arab Spring bearing 'strange fruit'
    The US has strongly backed the Libyan opposition and is now enthusiastic in its condemnation of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. But could America's decision to take sides bring some unexpected - and unwanted - results?

  • AFRICOM commander: 'I'd like more special operations forces now'
    The commander of U.S. troops in Africa said he wants more special operations forces to handle a growing demand for counterterrorism operations against al-Qaida and other terrorist groups and to help build up Africa's own militaries.

  • Gaddafi UN "message" - can't surrender Libya to colonialism
    Moamer Gaddafi said Wednesday in a reported message to the United Nations that his hometown of Sirte was facing "unprecedented destruction and terrorism" from NATO, dpa reported.

  • Gaddafi Asks U. N. To Defend Sirte From Nato Attacks
    Muammar Gaddafi has asked the U.N. Security Council to protect his hometown Sirte, still controlled by loyalist troops, from what he described as NATO's "atrocities". Gaddafi made his request by sending a letter that was broadcast by the al Arrai television network broadcasting from Syria.

  • Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, readying forces: spokesman
    Muammar Gaddafi is still in Libya and in good spirits, with a powerful army behind him, the ousted leader's spokesman said on Wednesday.

  • Israel warns of 'harsh' consequences of Palestinian UN bid
    Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned on Wednesday there would be "harsh and grave consequences" if the Palestinians persist with their plan to seek UN membership as a state.

  • United States in last-ditch effort to set up Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
    US fears major diplomatic embarrassment if Israelis and Palestinians collide in New York over looming request at UN for recognition of Palestinian statehood.

  • Israel is paying for Gaza war with Turkey and Egypt crises
    During Hanukkah 2008, Israel attacked Gaza in Operation Cast Lead. Now it is eating the bitter fruit of that operation, which was the turning point in the attitude of the world and the region toward Israel and its belligerent and violent policies.

  • UN resolution would create UN mission in Libya
    The Security Council is considering a new resolution that would establish a U.N. mission in Libya, unfreeze assets of two major oil companies and lift a ban on flights by Libyan aircraft, according to a copy obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

  • Libya prepares for Turkish PM's visit
    Turkey's Ambassador to Tripoli Ali Kemal Ayd?n said the prime minister's visit on Friday would be the first top-level visit from Turkey to Libya since the National Transitional Council, or NTC, moved to Tripoli while the chairman of the NTC, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has said people in their region love Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdog(an and Turkey.

  • Venezuela oppose rebels in Libya's UN seat
    Countries belonging to a left-leaning Latin America trade group oppose giving Libya's U.N. member seat to the former rebels who ousted Moammar Gadhafi's government, the Venezuelan ambassador said in a Wednesday letter to the new General Assembly president.

September 13, 2011

  • Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans
    This town was once home to thousands of mostly black non-Arab residents. Now, the only manmade sound is a generator that powers a small militia checkpoint, where rebels say the town is a "closed military area."

  • Revenge Feeds Instability in Libya
    A senior Libyan rebel leader told local officials and residents in Misrata on Monday that he would stay out of their bloody feud with neighboring Tawergha, a loyalist town that served as staging ground for the devastating siege of the rebel-controlled city by Col. Moammar Gadhafi's troops this year.

  • Sharp splits emerging among Libya's new leaders
    Sharp splits are already emerging in the ranks of Libya's new rulers between Islamic conservatives and more secular figures competing for power even as the leadership begins to settle in Tripoli and start creating a post-Moammar Gadhafi government.

  • NATO: 'We don't know' if Gadhafi has fled Libya
    One of Gadhafi's sons is known to be in Niger, but NATO military spokesman says does not have 'any sure information' on Gadhafi's whereabouts.

  • NATO airstrikes pound pro-Gadhafi targets in Libya
    NATO warplanes pounded targets in a number of strongholds of support for fugitive dictator Col. Moammar Gadhafi, the alliance said Tuesday, as an offensive by revolutionary forces on a key loyalist town stalled.

  • Urgent Questions to NATO on Libya
    1) Why at this time is NATO bombing Bani Walid and other sieged cities? (They have been under siege by the Abdel Jalil forces; therefore NATO should try to protect the civilians inside from the aggression of Abdel Jalil forces: INDEED, when civilians were inside Misrata and the city was under protection and control of the Libyan army, NATO heavily bombed that army).

  • Canada unlocks Libyan assets; SNC Lavalin on hold
    Canada has obtained U.N. approval to unfreeze $2.2 billion in Libyan assets for humanitarian aid and reestablished its diplomatic mission in Tripoli on Tuesday, government officials said.

  • Amnesty says rebels responsible for possible war crimes
    Troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels that successfully fought to oust the Libyan leader both share responsibility for war crimes committed during the seven-month civil war, according to a new report by human rights group Amnesty International.

  • Libya: Rebels 'execute 85 mercenaries, including 12 Serbs'
    Libyan rebels who control most of the country after defeating Muammar Gaddafi's military, have executed 85 foreign mercenaries, including 12 Serbs, in the city of Misrata alone, Serbian media reported on Tuesday.

  • US warns of backsliding in post-revolt Mideast
    The Obama administration warned Tuesday of growing religious intolerance and violence in Arab nations undergoing popular revolts that could undermine fragile democratic transitions.

  • Report: Turkish warplanes now able to fire at Israeli targets
    Ankara's Star Gazete says country's new F-16 radar system modified to recategorize Israeli targets as hostile. Order said to come directly from PM Erdogan's office; naval, submarine radar systems to be changed next.

  • Turkey: Israel, West's spoiled child
    Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Israel is "the West's spoiled child" that has always disregarded decisions made by the international community.

September 12, 2011

September 11, 2011

September 10, 2011

  • The UN was an accomplice to NATO aggression on Libya
    Superficially, the establishment of the no-fly zone over the Libyan territory in March by the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 looked well-intentioned: to "protect civilians against attacks" by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces that had been unleashed to quell the uprising in Benghazi - the stronghold of the rebel National Transition Council (NTC) - against the Tripoli regime. But, in actual fact, the no-fly zone was meant to provide air cover for ground rebel troops which, on their own, could not dislodge Gaddafi's forces.

September 09, 2011

  • Tony Blair calls for regime change in Iran and Syria
    Tony Blair calls for regime change in Iran and Syria as he blames Tehran for prolonging the conflict in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

  • Libyan Rebels Hound Black Refugees
    The Libyan revolution has been devastating for 20-year-old Alybe Nally from Nigeria, as it has been for countless others from Africa seen by the rebels as Gaddafi loyalists. "When the rebels took over Tripoli two weeks ago they took my money, my mobile, my passport. All I have is what you see now," he says, pointing to his mismatched pair of sandals.

  • Netanyahu's office distances itself from Foreign Minister's plannned measures against Turkey
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office released on Friday a statement regarding Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman's "plan" to take retaliatory steps against Turkey.

  • Turkey FM condemns Israeli 'plan' to support PKK
    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu on Sunday condemned the plan proposed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, in which Israel should punish Turkey by supporting the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party).

  • U.S.-NATO robbing Africa at gunpoint
    The U.S.-NATO Hands Off Libya! Hands Off Africa! Coalition consists of revolutionary and progressive African organizations in Ghana who oppose the U.S.-NATO illegal invasion of Libya/Africa and support Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya to win the war against U.S.-NATO imperialist military forces and NTC/Al Qaeda reactionaries. The coalition is organizing a march from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to the U.S. Embassy to demonstrate against the illegal U.S.-NATO invasion and for victory to Qaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya on Sept. 21, 2011. We are calling on all Africans in Africa and the Diaspora to demonstrate at U.S. embassies on the same day.

September 08, 2011

  • Libya: 'civil war not over'
    Libya's new prime minister has warned that the country's civil war is not over, as new figures estimated that 30,000 people had already been killed in the conflict.

  • U.S. doesn't think Gadhafi's foes know where he is, official says
    The United States does not know where ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is and does not believe the National Transitional Council has a lock on his whereabouts either, a senior U.S. official told CNN Thursday.

  • Libyan rebels struggle to win over pro-Gaddafi town
    Sitting on a carpet under the shade of a tree, the men say they know where Moammar Gaddafi is today — and where he will always be. "He is in our hearts," they say, almost in unison, tapping their chests with their right hands.

  • Libya, propaganda and imperialism
    A shot of Libyan hero Muammar al-Gaddafi playing lovingly with his grandchildren on a sofa. An idiotic comment on SKY News, that this seemingly normal behaviour from a grandfather shows just how close the ties of clan can be in this part of the world. The question is, to what extent to westerners actually believe this nonsense?

  • British firms clamor to get a foot in the door in Libya, but don't expect a bonanza, advisor says
    British business are 'clamoring' to invest in Libya, says the chairman of the Libyan British Business Council (LBBC), but they shouldn't expect to be handed contracts on a plate and it won't be a walk in park, he says.

  • Rebels say Gadhafi loyalists holding hostages outside Sirte
    Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have moved hundreds of hostages to a village outside Sirte in what appear to be preparations for a final violent stand, officials of the National Transitional Council said Thursday.

  • Turkey 'to escort Gaza aid ships' amid row with Israel
    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will in future escort aid ships travelling to the Gaza Strip.

  • Al Qaeda's Project for Ending the American Century Largely Succeeded
    A decade after its spectacular Sep. 11, 2001 attacks on New York City's twin World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon and despite the killing earlier this year of its charismatic leader, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda appears to have largely succeeded in its hopes of accelerating the decline of U.S. global power, if not bringing it to the brink of collapse.

September 07, 2011

  • Walter Fauntroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home—Guess Who He Saw Doing the Killing
    Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who recently returned from a self-sanctioned peace mission to Libya, said he went into hiding for about a month in Libya after witnessing horrifying events in Libya's bloody civil war -- a war that Fauntroy claims is backed by European forces.

  • The CIA's Libyan Helpers: When Qaddafi Was Our Friend
    With Muammar Qaddafi's ignominious disappearance to who knows where, fast on the heels of President Obama's proclamation that "Qaddafi's rule is over," it is easy to think of the United States as the dictator's stubborn, persistent, and ultimately triumphant foe.

  • British envoy offers olive branch to torture victim
    A day after arriving in Tripoli to re-establish a diplomatic mission there, Britain's new envoy to Libya said yesterday that he would meet Abdelhakim Belhaj, the Libyan rebel leader who told The Independent that MI6 knew he was being tortured and did nothing to stop it.

  • The deadly dilemma of Libya's missing weapons
    Human Rights Watch discovered several weapons-storage sites in Libya where surface-to-air missiles are missing, raising concerns that the weapons could arm an Iraq-style insurgency.

  • Libya to be made safe for plutocracy
    It is doubtful Western elites shared the optimism of President Obama when he recently announced that the end of Moammar Gadhafi means control of Libya's destiny will devolve to its "people."

  • Libya's Zintan Brigade refuses to leave Tripoli
    Libya's Zintan Brigade, formed by its cult leader who died in a fierce battle with Moamer Kadhafi's forces, refuses to cede control of vital installations in Tripoli until the Libyan capital is safe.

  • Israel Better Think Twice
    As the rift between Israel and Turkey deepens, the Israeli media is preparing its crowd for another possible exciting bloody conflict.

  • China opposes putting pressure on Syria to solve internal crisis
    China said on Wednesday that the Syrian crisis should be solved through dialogue and consultations instead of simply putting pressure on the country, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

September 06, 2011

  • AU defies expectations by not recognizing Libya's rebels
    On Friday the African Union once again stood against, western positions by not recognizing the rebel movement in Libya — the National Transitional Council (NTC).

  • Libya is now set to be a scene of multiple battles
    A growing rift between the National Transitional Council and local leaders exposes conflicting visions for Libya's future.

  • Niger: Only 1 major Libyan figure in Niger
    A spokesman for the president of Niger debunked media reports that a convoy of over 200 military vehicles from Libya had entered his country, saying only three cars had crossed ferrying one senior member of Moammar Gadhafi's entourage.

  • The Other Special Relationship: Documents Reveal Cozy Ties Between Britain and Gaddafi
    Since the rebels in Libya first rose up against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Britain has done much to support regime change, launching air strikes against forces loyal to Gaddafi and expelling his diplomats in London. But newly revealed documents suggest that in the years leading up to the revolution, British security agents actually helped the Colonel silence his opposition — including a former dissident now in charge of rebel forces in Tripoli.

  • Near a Libyan Holdout Town, a Waiting Game
    At this village on the highway to the loyalist stronghold of Bani Walid on Tuesday, negotiators from both sides sat down in the small mosque to talk peace, an event broadcast live by Al Jazeera.

  • Mike Rogers: Send U.S. weapons teams to Libya
    President Barack Obama should send U.S. personnel to Libya immediately to secure shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles and chemical weapon components beginning to circulate now that Moammar Qadhafi has lost power, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said Tuesday.

  • Convoys of Gadhafi loyalists flee Libya to Niger
    Armed loyalists of Moammar Gadhafi, including his security chief, fled into neighboring Niger in multiple convoys across hundreds of miles of desert on Tuesday. Libya's former rebels — now the country's de facto rulers — claimed the convoys were a major flight by Gadhafi's most hardcore backers from his final strongholds.

  • The Truth About the Libyan Conflict and Consequences for the Continent
    The invasion of Libya has little to do with protecting civilians, all to do with strategic interests and is a wicked blow to Africa; argues Charles Abugre.

  • Gaddafi: African asylum-seeker?
    Ousted Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi once drove through several African countries in a convoy, throwing money out of his window to poor people who had lined the road to catch a glimpse of him in his flowing robe.

  • Russia Rejects Western Plan for Further Syrian Sanctions
    The European Union intends to introduce an imminent embargo on the importation of Syrian oil in the next several days, a move that the Russian Federation strongly opposes.

September 05, 2011

  • Nigeria protests killing of its nationals in Libya
    Nigeria is protesting to Libya's Transitional National Council (TNC), Britain and France the killing of its nationals in the troubled North African country.

  • NATO strategy for Gadhafi holdouts: first leaflets, then bombs
    As Libya's revolutionary regime prepares for a military assault on three towns still controlled by Moammar Gadhafi loyalists, NATO aircraft backing the new authorities aren't just destroying missiles and tanks.

  • One Hell of a Humanitarian Intervention: 30,000 Bombs Over Libya
    After some 8,000 bombing raids, with estimates of 4 bombs used per attack NATO has already dropped over 30,000 bombs on Libya. That's almost 200 bombs per day for 6 months, some tens of thousands of tons of high explosives. With an estimated 2 Libyans killed per bomb and without a single NATO casualty the Western regimes have massacred over 60,000 Libyans in the past half year with the rebels themselves having said there have been 50,000 Libyan deaths. One hell of a humanitarian intervention isn't it?

  • UK: Inquiry to examine intelligence ties to Libya
    A British inquiry into the country's pursuit of terrorism suspects will examine new allegations about cozy ties between U.K. intelligence officials and Moammar Gadhafi's regime, Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday.

  • Libya: Gaddafi wife and children holed up in Algerian villa
    Algeria is holding a group of Col Muammar Gaddafi's immediate family under close confinement at a luxurious villa in pine forests west of Algiers, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

  • Libyan intelligence files show Gadhafi's police state failure to quash rebellion
    These reports and hundreds of other intelligence documents seen by The Associated Press in Tripoli trace how the tide shifted in the six-month uprising that ended Gadhafi's 42-year reign. They show how an authoritarian regime using all its means failed to quash an armed rebellion largely fueled by hatred of its tools of control.

  • Libya: Here We Go Again
    Here we go again. The cheering crowds. The deposed dictator. The encomiums to freedom and liberty. The American military as savior. You would think we would have learned in Afghanistan or Iraq. But I guess not. I am waiting for a trucked-in crowd to rejoice as a Gadhafi statue is toppled and Barack Obama lands on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit to announce "Mission Accomplished."

  • Libyan Islamist says NTC executive committee should resign
    A Libyan Islamist military commander who helped defend Benghazi against Muammar Qaddafi's forces has called on the interim cabinet to resign because they are "remnants of the old regime". In an early sign of divisions among the victors in Libya's six-month civil war, Ismail al-Salabi also took a swipe at secular groups he said were trying to give Islamists a bad name and create political strife that would only benefit Qaddafi.

  • RAF Tornados conduct strikes on Gaddafi troops at Sirte
    British aircraft yesterday mounted a long-range mission against a military facility in the Libyan city of Sebha and conducted strikes on pro-Gaddafi troops at Sirte.

  • Qaeda offshoot acquires Libyan air missiles: EU
    Al-Qaeda's north African branch has acquired a stockpile of weapons in Libya, including surface-to-air missiles that are threatening air travel, the EU's counter-terrorism coordinator said Monday.

  • Libya conflict: Gaddafi sons 'left Bani Walid'
    Two sons of fugitive Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi were holed up in the town of Bani Walid until Saturday but have now left, says the head of the country's interim authorities.

  • NATO chief says Gaddafi forces still threaten civilians
    The head of NATO said on Monday that remnants of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces still posed threats to civilians and the military alliance would continue its operation in Libya as long as needed.

  • Rebels scour desert for Gaddafi as his loyalists reportedly flee to Niger
    A chaotic and apparently ill-coordinated effort by rebels to track down Moammar Gaddafi is being led by competing factions of military commanders and bounty hunters, as well as Libyan commandos commissioned by civilian leaders.

  • China denies arms sales to Qaddafi, admits meetings took place
    The possible arms sales to Qaddafi, detailed in a Libyan government document, would violate UN sanctions. If true, the report would threaten China's standing with Libya's National Transitional Council.

  • Libya: Tell it like it is
    Two weeks ago, western journalists swept into Tripoli on a wave of euphoria as the city welcomed the NATO/TNC with open arms. Not a shot was fired as the city where just a few weeks previously, millions of people had turned out to support Muammar al-Qathafi, came out to celebrate. Then why is the NATO/TNC leadership still holed up in Benghazi?

  • Gadhafi's Ukrainian nurse talks about life with 'Daddy'
    In the Ukraine house where she grew up, Oksana Balinskaya's hazel eyes transfixed on television images of Moammar Gadhafi.

  • Life in Syria's Capital Remains Barely Touched by Rebellion
    As protests broke out across a restive Syria on a recent Sunday, and crowds were dispersed yet again by gunfire that left many dead, the conversation in the capital dwelled not on the uprising but rather on nails, along with the choice of polish and hair color and the latest in makeup trends.

  • Red Cross granted access to Syrian detention facility
    The International Committee of the Red Cross has been granted access to a detention facility in Syria for the first time since unrest broke out in the country, the committee's president said Monday after meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

  • Syria forces raid cities of Hama and Homs
    Syrian troops on Monday launched an assault on the central cities of Hama and Homs, shooting dead six people, activists said as at least two were reported killed near the Turkish border.

  • Israel vows "tolerance" for Palestinian protests
    A senior officer said Monday that Israeli soldiers would show "much more tolerance" toward Palestinian demonstrations than in the past thanks to riot-control training and new equipment designed to reduce injuries and deaths.

September 04, 2011

September 03, 2011

September 02, 2011

  • BBC Bombshell: The Dark Side Of The "War On Terrorism"

    Cameron, Sarkozy & Obama Train, Fund, Arm, Join & Lead al-Qaeda in Libya

  • Rebel military chief says he was tortured by CIA
    The overthrow of Gaddafi has brought together strange allies, but few stranger than Abdulhakim Belhaj, the military commander of all rebel military forces in Tripoli, and Nato. An Islamist whom Gaddafi tried to have the US list as a terrorist, Mr Belhaj says he was tortured by CIA agents after being arrested in the Far East in 2004 and later handed over by them to Colonel Gaddafi for further torture and imprisonment in Libya.

  • Libya warned smugglers are looting Gaddafi's guns
    Libya must urgently secure weapons hoarded by the Gaddafi regime amid growing fears that smugglers are exploiting the chaos there to loot hundreds of portable missiles and other small arms, western officials have warned.

  • Meet Professor Juan Cole, Consultant to the CIA
    Juan Cole is a brand name that is no longer trusted. And that has been the case for some time for the Professor from Michigan. After warning of the "difficulties" with the Iraq War, Cole swung over to ply it with burning kisses on the day of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. His fervor was not based on Saddam Hussein's fictional possession of weapons of mass destruction but on the virtues of "humanitarian imperialism."

  • Clinton presses for sanctions on Syria and al-Assad
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday urged European and other countries to impose more sanctions on Syria and President Bashar al-Assad, saying more pressure was needed to force him to step down.

  • Russia, China Oppose Outside Interference in Syria's Affairs
    Russia and China oppose outside intervention in Syria's internal issues and call for stopping violence acts in that country, the Russian Foreign Ministry's statement quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti said Friday.

  • France welcomes EU embargo on Syrian oil exports
    France on Friday said it welcomed a European Union decision to slap an embargo on Syrian oil exports and vowed to continue to apply increased pressure on the Damascus regime to get a halt to violence in Syria.

  • France to develop ties with Syrian opposition
    PARIS: The foreign minister says France will develop its contacts with Syria's opposition, in a new effort to pressure President Bashar Assad's regime over a bloody crackdown on protesters.

  • Turkey President: Expulsion of Israeli envoy is just the first step
    Abduallah Gul's comment comes after Turkish FM announced a downgrade of Turkey-Israel ties over Israel's refusal to apologize for the death of 9 Turkish nationals in a 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

  • Turkey expels Israel envoy after Gaza flotilla report, freezes military ties
    Speaking to reporters, Turkish FM says Anakra disagrees with Palmer Commission report's support of Israel's blockade of Gaza, intends to aid Turkish families of Gaza flotilla raid to file suit against Israel.

  • Root of Syrian unrest: Politics or religion?
    Britain, the US and France are pushing for harsher sanctions against Syria's President al-Assad, who is believed to have ordered the torture and death of protesters. But on the streets there seems to be no real evidence of anti-government sentiment.

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