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'Middle East' & North Africa Unrest

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March 03, 2011

  • UN council delays soft report on Libya's record
    The U.N. Human Rights Council has postponed issuing its report on Libya in the wake of criticism that it contains praise for the North African nation's human rights record.

  • Chavez Libya talks offer rejected
    United States, France and opposition activists dismiss Venezuelan proposal to form a commission to mediate crisis.

  • Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations
    What is lacking is any attempt to provide a framework for the revolt which takes account of the large scale, long and medium term socio-economic structures as well as the immediate 'detonators' of political action. The scope and depth of the popular uprisings, as well as the diverse political and social forces which have entered into the conflicts, preclude any explanations which look at one dimension of the struggles.

  • Libya is not helped by this prism of propaganda
    Media talk of tank battles and swooping bombers is inflating an already serious situation - with dangerous consequences

  • Obama Says Pentagon Examines 'Full Range' of Libya Options
    President Barack Obama renewed his call for Muammar Qaddafi to give up power in Libya and said he has authorized the U.S. military to study a "full range of options" to respond to violence in the North African country.

  • Rich Gulf states may roll out their own Marshall Plan to help Bahrain, Oman
    Oil- and energy-rich Gulf Arab states are considering rolling out a massive Marshall Plan-style program to help poorer neighbors Bahrain and Oman tackle unrest and social discontent, Kuwaiti media has reported.

  • Yemeni president to resign
    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has tentatively agreed to a five-point plan from opposition leaders that includes the demand that he step down by the end of the year, according the president's office. Opposition figures and Saleh have reached "an initial agreement," said presidential spokesman Mohammed al-Basha.

  • Germany says action against Libya counterproductive
    Germany is against any foreign military intervention in Libya, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Thursday. Rebels fighting against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who control large swathes of the country, have called for foreign air strikes against what they said were foreign mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi.

  • US defence secretary Robert Gates slams 'loose talk' about no-fly zones
    David Cameron appears to be flying solo as senior Washington man shoots down prime minister's Libya proposal

  • To the Shores of Tripoli? NATO's Inevitable War
    In contrast with what is happening in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya occupies the first spot on the Human Development Index for Africa and it has the highest life expectancy on the continent. Education and health receive special attention from the State. The cultural level of its population is without a doubt the highest. Its problems are of a different sort. The population wasn't lacking food and essential social services. The country needed an abundant foreign labour force to carry out ambitious plans for production and social development.

  • Gaddafi accepts Chavez talks offer
    Muammar Gaddafi has accepted an offer from Venezuela to mediate in Libya's political crisis after talks with Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, Al Jazeera has learnt. Sources told our correspondent in Caracas that Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan's foreign minister, discussed the offer with Amr Moussa, the head of the Arab League, and that details of the plan could be announced by the Arab League in Cairo on Thursday.

  • Chavez: I won't condemn 'my friend' Gadhafi
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez refused Monday to condemn Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and warned the United States was preparing an invasion of the North African country to seize control of its oil reserves.

  • Libyan rebels reject Hugo Chávez mediation offer
    Libya's rebel leaders have ruled out any attempt by Hugo Chávez to broker a truce between them and Muammar Gaddafi, who they insist must leave the country.

  • Gaddafi's forces capture Dutch marines on rescue mission
    Three Dutch marines are being held in Libya after they were captured by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi while trying to rescue Dutch workers.

  • Rebels deploy around strategic Libyan oil port
    Mutinous army units in pickup trucks armed with machine-guns and rocket launchers deployed around the strategic oil installation at Brega today, a day after the opposition foiled an attempt by loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi to retake the port in rebel-held east Libya.

  • Libyan cities under renewed attack
    Pro-Gaddafi forces launch fresh assualts on Ajdabiya and Brega after being repelled by rebels a day earlier.

  • ICC to probe Gaddafi over violence
    Luis Moreno-Ocampo says Libyan leader and key figures to be investigated for crimes against humanity.

  • Robert Fisk: The historical narrative that lies beneath the Gaddafi rebellion
    Poor old Libyans. After 42 years of Gaddafi, the spirit of resistance did not burn so strongly. The intellectual heart of Libya had fled abroad.

March 02, 2011

  • Qaddafi and the London School of Economics
    As the Libyan crisis has yet to complete its first month the list lengthens of British multinationals and institutions that have taken money from Muammar Qaddafi. Even Prince Andrew, the UK's 'Ambassador for Trade', is implicated.

  • Report: Saudi Facebook activist planning protest shot dead
    Saudi activists alleged Wednesday that state security shot dead a leading online activist, who was calling for a 'Day of Rage' on March 11 in the oil-rich kingdom.

  • Intervention in Libya would poison the Arab revolution
    Western military action against Gaddafi risks spreading the conflict and undermining the democratic movement.

  • Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war
    Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said that comments he made on March 2 were meant "to pull the cover off Satan" and reveal that "Zionists dominate the US government and banks." Moreover, said the Chicago-based preacher, Jews and Zionists are "trying to push the US into war" and are a cover for Satan, at the group's annual meeting near Chicago.

  • Russian military reports airstrikes in Libya did not take place

    According to Al Jazeera and BBC, on February 21 Libyan government inflicted airstrikes on Benghazi – the country's largest city – and on the capital Tripoli. However, the Russian military, monitoring the unrest via satellite from the very beginning, says nothing of the sort was going on on the ground. At this point, the Russian military is saying that, as far as they are concerned, the attacks some media were reporting have never occurred.

  • Airstrikes In Libya Did Not Take Place — Russian Military
    The reports of Libya mobilizing its air force against its own people spread quickly around the world. However, Russia's military chiefs say they have been monitoring from space – and the pictures tell a different story.

  • World Cheers as the CIA Plunges Libya Into Chaos
    How was Libya doing under the rule of Gadaffi? How bad did the people have it? Were they oppressed as we now commonly accept as fact? Let us look at the facts for a moment.

  • Unverified Misreporting on Libya
    America's media, Britain's state-controlled BBC, other Western sources, and Al Jazeera are spreading unverified or false reports on Libya's uprising.

  • U.S. assault ships clear Suez, enter Mediterranean
    Two U.S. amphibious assault ships have reached the Mediterranean Sea, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, as Washington intensifies pressure on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to end his four-decade rule.

  • Libya rebels regain Brega town
    At least 10 killed as rebels fought intense battles to repel Muammar Gaddafi's forces from key oil port town of Brega.

  • Libyans repel government forces from rebel-held town as Colonel Gaddafi claims: 'West only wants our oil'
    The veteran ruler twinned the failed attack with a fiery propaganda broadside against the rebels, playing on both nationalist opinion and Western jitters by saying much blood would be shed in 'another Vietnam' if foreign powers intervened in the crisis.

  • Gaddafi: Libya dignity under attack
    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has said that he is not a president and so cannot resign his position, and that power is in the hands of the people, during a televised public rally in the capital, Tripoli.

  • Fierce battles rage in Libya
    Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, are reported to have regained control of two strategic towns in the country's northwest, even as opposition fighters in the east prepare to march on the capital, Tripoli.

  • Gaddafi forces seize rebel held town
    Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have recaptured a town in Libya's mostly rebel-held east, rebel military officers said today, in an attempt to break the momentum of a popular rebellion against his 41-year-old rule.

  • Explosion that suggests Gaddafi remains a force to be feared
    The truck exploded with shattering noise in the middle of the road, flames shooting out as it swung wildly on to an adjacent field before lurching to a stop. Two men on board jumped out shouting, one beating out the smoke on the jacket he was wearing.

  • Stock markets fall and oil surges on Middle East unrest
    Stock markets around the world fell on Wednesday as the ongoing political unrest in North Africa and the Middle East alarmed investors.

  • Cameron backtracks on Libya no-fly zone plan as US distances itself
    Britain has backtracked from its belligerent military stance over Libya after the Obama administration publicly distanced itself from David Cameron's suggestion that Nato should establish a no-fly zone over the country and that rebel forces should be armed.

  • Russia slams 'no-fly zone' plan as cracks appear in Libya strategy
    Governments around the world stepped up the rhetoric against Muammar Gaddafi yesterday, hoping the weight of international pressure would further loosen his grip on power, yet cracks also started to appear in the strategy to remove him as Russia ruled out imposing no-fly zones over Libya.

  • Gadhafi vows to fight to last man in Libya
    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has vowed to fight to the "last man and last woman" to defend his country. Gadhafi was addressing supporters and foreign media on Wednesday in a conference hall in the capital Tripoli as his forces were launching a counteroffensive against parts of the rebel-held eastern half of the country.

  • Rebels fight Gadhafi forces over Libyan oil port
    Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi battled government opponents for control of a key oil installation and an airstrip Wednesday on the Mediterranean coast in a counter-offensive against the rebel-held eastern half of the country.

March 01, 2011

February 28, 2011

  • Thousands protest across Yemen
    Tens of thousands of protesters demanding the end of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 32-year rule of Yemen joined demonstrations on Monday, while skirmishes in the south killed three soldiers and a policeman.

  • Oman oil shipments continue; 6 die in protests
    Shipments of refined crude from the port of Sohar are continuing, a port spokeswoman said after anti-government protests blocked roads leading to Oman's key industrial area.

  • Libya: African mercenaries 'immune from prosecution for war crimes'
    African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend's UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

  • Criticism-hit France sends aid to Libya opposition
    France is to send two planes of aid to opposition territory in Libya, Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said.

  • As Libyan rebels close in on Gaddafi, US and Europe ramp up intervention
    With dictator Muammar Gaddafi's control over the country ebbing, the United States and its European allies are stepping up their intervention into the Libyan crisis. Their aim is to ensure that any new regime will be equally subservient to their economic and geostrategic interests.

  • Cameron proposes no-fly zone to protect Libyan people from attacks by Gaddafi loyalists
    Britain will work allies on plans to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya to protect its people from military attacks by Muammar Gaddafi's government, David Cameron has told the House of Commons.

  • US military forces surronded Libya
    The US military is moving naval and air forces into position around Libya, the Pentagon said Monday, as Western countries weigh possible intervention against Moammar Qaddafi's regime.

  • Clinton: US sending aid teams to Libya's borders
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. is sending assistance teams to Libya's borders with Egypt and Tunisia. The teams will help desperate refugees trying to flee a potential civil war.

  • US presses Europe on Libya, Germany gets tough
    The United States pressed its European allies on Monday to set tough sanctions on the Libyan government, and Germany responded with a far-reaching proposal to cut off all oil and other payments to the country for 60 days so that Moammar Gadhafi's regime cannot use the money to repress his people.

  • Saudi activists eye protests, wait for new cabinet
    Democracy activists in Saudi Arabia say the government is closely monitoring social media to nip in the bud any protests inspired by uprisings that swept Arab countries, toppling leaders in Egypt and Tunisia.

  • Oman protesters stage third day of unrest
    Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and rallied at two places in this seaside town on Monday in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the strategic Gulf nation.

  • Kuwait key opposition group calls for PM ouster
    A key Kuwaiti opposition group on Monday demanded the ouster of the prime minister as youth activists called for a rally on March 8 to force the premier to quit.

  • US supports Bahrain 'dialogue'
    The US president has expressed his support for an effort at "national dialogue" in Bahrain, and said it should be "inclusive, non-sectarian and responsive" to the people of the Gulf kingdom.

  • Protesters defy crackdown in Oman
    At least one person has been killed and 20 others injured in anti-government protests in Oman, the country's health minister said, but hospital workers put the death toll at six.

  • Yemen 'to declare unity government'
    Beleagured president to make announcement "within next 24 hours", sources tell Al Jazeera.

  • Gaddafi aide 'to talk to rivals'
    Muammar Gaddafi has reportedly appointed the head of Libya's foreign intelligence service to speak to the leadership of the anti-government protesters in the east of the country.

  • African migrants targeted in Libya
    As nations evacuate their citizens from the violence gripping Libya, many African migrant workers are targeted because they are suspected of being mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader. Dozens of workers from sub-Saharan Africa are feared killed, and hundreds are in hiding, as angry mobs of anti-government protesters hunt down "black African mercenaries," according to witnesses.

  • Christiane Amanpour in Tripoli: Gadhafi Doles Out Cash to the People
    I've just returned from the center of Tripoli, Libya, after a drive around town. Like all journalists here, my team and I were driven and accompanied by government employees, but they did take us precisely where I asked to go.

  • Libya bombs military base in region held by protesters
    A Libyan military jet bombed a base in eastern Libya on Monday, as embattled leader Moammar Gadhafi fought to hold onto his regime.

  • Global pressure mounts on Gaddafi
    More world leaders have called on Muammar Gaddafi to step down as the Libyan leader fights for his survival in the face of a mass uprising at home.

  • Gaddafi rivals close in on Tripoli
    Libya's opposition movement has seized control of territory close to the capital, Tripoli, as anti-government protesters gear up for what could be a final battle for leader Muammar Gaddafi's stronghold.

  • Clinton urges Gaddafi to step down
    US secretary of state says Gaddafi's government must be held to account as EU approves new sanctions against Libya.

  • World's message to Libyan leader Gaddafi: time to end your regime
    Russia and China join west in UN war crimes ruling as Britain revokes immunity for leader and family

  • Yemen President vows bloody rebuff to protests
    YEMEN President Ali Abdullah Saleh is vowing to defend his three-decade regime "with every drop of blood", accusing opponents of hijacking gathering protests in a ploy to split the nation.

  • Plan to grab £1bn in Libyan banknotes foiled
    British authorities have thwarted an attempt to export nearly one billion pounds worth of mint Libyan banknotes back to Tripoli. Last night the Government moved to officially freeze the assets held by the Libyan regime in the UK following sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council.

  • Libyan rebels set for battle with troops
    The rebel-held Libyan city closest to Tripoli was preparing for battle with government troops today.

February 27, 2011

February 26, 2011

  • Demanding equal rights in Bahrain
    Many Shia citizens of Gulf island demand ouster of PM, and less power for the ruling Khalifa family.

  • Bahrain opposition demands resignation of prime minister
    Bahrain's increasingly assertive opposition movement flexed its muscles on Saturday, staging a massive demonstration in central Manama at short notice to demand the ousting of the kingdom's prime minister.

  • Behind the Arab Revolt is a Word We Dare Not Speak
    Shortly after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I interviewed Ray McGovern, one of an elite group of CIA officers who prepared the President's daily intelligence brief. McGovern was at the apex of the "national security" monolith that is American power and had retired with presidential plaudits. On the eve of the invasion, he and 45 other senior officers of the CIA and other intelligence agencies wrote to President George W. Bush that the "drumbeat for war" was based not on intelligence, but lies.

  • Deaths in Tunisia clashes
    Three people dead after clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Tunis, in second day of unrest in capital.

  • How Gaddafi's Words Get Lost In Translation
    Col Muammar Gaddafi's speeches this week will have struck many viewers as crazy and perhaps pathetic, with their overblown rhetoric, theatrical delivery and furious calls to arms against the "drug-takers" who oppose him.

  • Libya's UN ambassador denounces Gaddafi
    The Libyan ambassador to the UN, who is one of Colonel Gaddafi's oldest friends, denounced the embattled leader on Friday night and urged the world to punish him.

  • Pressure mounts on Libya's Gaddafi
    Most of Libya is out of control of the government, and Muammar Gaddafi's grip on power may soon be confined only to the capital, Tripoli, Libya's former interior minister has said.

  • Gaddafi vows to crush protesters
    Libyan leader speaks to supporters in the capital's Green Square, saying he will arm people against protesters.

  • Parts of Tripoli defy Gaddafi's rule
    Poor neighborhoods of the Libyan capital Tripoli openly defied Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday as his grip on power after 41 years of rule looked increasingly tenuous in the face of nationwide revolt.

  • Major Yemen tribes join protesters
    Powerful tribal leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, pledge to join protesters against the government.

  • UK officials tell Gaddafi loyalists to defect or face war crimes trial
    British officials are contacting senior Libyan regime figures directly to persuade them to desert Muammar Gaddafi or face trial alongside him for crimes against humanity, the Guardian has learned.

  • Rebels lay siege to Gaddafi stronghold
    The beleaguered Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi defiantly appealed to his hardcore supporters to "defend the nation" against an uprising which was last night closing in on Tripoli after thousands of protesters braved gunfire to try to march through the capital.

February 25, 2011

  • US: Neo-Con Hawks Take Flight over Libya
    In a distinct echo of the tactics they pursued to encourage U.S. intervention in the Balkans and Iraq, a familiar clutch of neo-conservatives appealed Friday for the United States and NATO to "immediately" prepare military action to help bring down the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and end the violence that is believed to have killed well over a thousand people in the past week.

  • Tunisia sets poll date amid turmoil
    Tunisia's transitional government has said it will hold elections by mid-July at the latest, the official TAP news agency has said, quoting a cabinet statement. The government "has decided that consultations with different political parties should not exceed mid-March.... Elections will be organised at the latest in mid-July 2011," the statement on Friday said.

  • US to impose sanctions on Libya
    The US is to impose unilateral and multilateral sanctions on Libya, the White House has announced. US spy agencies are also monitoring Libya for evidence of atrocities, Jay Carney, the White House spokesperson, announced on Friday.

  • UN to meet on Libya violence
    The UN Security Council will meet on Friday to consider actions against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's government that could include sanctions aimed at deterring his violent crackdown on anti-government protesters.

  • Gaddafi addresses crowd in Tripoli

    Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has appeared in Tripoli's Green Square, to address a crowd of his supporters in the capital. "We can defeat any aggression if necessary and arm the people," Gaddafi said, in footage that was aired on Libyan state television on Friday. "I am in the middle of the people ... we will fight ... we will defeat them if they want ... we will defeat any foreign aggression.

  • Fawaz Gerges: Saudi probably won't fall, but if it does the world will change
    There is a revolution taking place in the Middle East. The young people are emboldened and confident in a way they have never been before, and what we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya could yet take hold in other countries in the region. But if the revolution is going to stop anywhere, it is likely to be in the desert at the gates of the House of Saud; crucially the home of the world's greatest supply of oil.

  • Now we can see the folly of our Faustian bargain on oil
    The price of oil is surging. At one point yesterday, the price of a barrel of crude touched $120 – its highest level since 2008. The commodities trading markets are telling the world something it should have grasped long ago: that the global economy is disastrously over-reliant on energy from the most unstable of regions.

  • Benghazi celebrates as reports emerge of battles in central Tripoli
    Clashes have continued on the outskirts of Tripoli for a third consecutive day as Muammar Gaddafi's loyalists try to retain the capital in the face of a rampant anti-government revolution.

  • Libyan forces shoot protesters
    Several people reported dead as tens of thousands of Libyans take to the streets calling for an end to Gaddafi's rule.

  • UN rights body urges Libya action
    Leaders urged to "step in vigorously" to end bloody crackdown, while envoy says Libyan mission to Switzerland has quit.

  • Libyans hold mass protests in push to oust leader
    Thousands of Libyans demanding Moammar Gadhafi's ouster rallied to show solidarity with the besieged capital, while the government moved to tighten its grip on Tripoli following opposition gains elsewhere in the country.

  • BofA Expects Libya Oil Production To Shut Down Completely
    Oil production in Libya is expected to shut down completely and could be lost for a prolonged period of time, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Thursday.

  • Al Jazeera Enrages Dictators, Wins Viewers With Coverage
    Arab-owned television channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya have been denounced by targets of the Middle Eastern revolts, showing they've played a pivotal role in the uprisings that have shaken countries from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya and Yemen.

  • Deaths in Iraq pro-reform rallies
    At least six protesters killed by security forces, amid nationwide "day of rage" against corruption and poor services.

  • 6 killed as Iraqis protest in 'Day of Rage'
    Thousands marched on government buildings and clashed with security forces in cities across Iraq on Friday, in the largest and most violent anti-government protests here since political unrest began spreading in the Arab world several weeks ago.

February 24, 2011

  • A revolution against neoliberalism?
    On February 16th I read a comment was posted on the wall of the Kullina Khalid Saed ("We are all Khaled Said") Facebook page administered by the now very famous Wael Ghonim. By that time it had been there for about 21 hours. The comment referred to a news item reporting that European governments were under pressure to freeze bank accounts of recently deposed members of the Mubarak regime. The comment said: "Excellent news ... we do not want to take revenge on anyone ... it is the right of all of us to hold to account any person who has wronged this nation. By law we want the nation's money that has been stolen ... because this is the money of Egyptians, 40% of whom live below the poverty line."

  • Egypt/Turkey-Israel: 'A clean break'
    A year and a half ago, an Israel Navy submarine crossed the Suez Canal to the Red Sea, sending a message of deterrence to Iran. Just one week after the fall of Mubarak, Iranian warships cross the canal on their way to Syrian ports, notes Eric Walberg.

  • Toward Palestine's 'Mubarak moment'
    The Palestinian Authority should dissolve itself, as it is acting in Israel's interest, writer says.

  • Chomsky: US supports stable dictators
    Weighing in on the latest developments in the Arab world, renowned American intellectual Noam Chomsky says the US policy of "stability" in the Middle East refers to "stable dictators."

  • Over 10,000 protesters gathered in Sulaimaniya, Iraq
    Around 10,000 protesters gathered on Wednesday in central Sulaimaniya, calling for political, economic and social reforms...

  • Putin warns West on North Africa democracy-building
    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin cautioned the West Thursday that attempts to meddle in the rebellions of the Arab world may sweep extremists to power.

  • Qaddafi Urges End to Violence as Foes Increase Control in East
    Libya's Muammar Qaddafi, who has lost control of much of the country's oil-rich east, appealed to citizens to end violence as his forces stepped up a crackdown on opponents and more than 100 people were reportedly shot dead.

  • Yemen security forces 'to protect' protesters

    President Ali Abdullah Saleh has instructed security forces to protect protesters who call for an end his 32-year rule.

  • Stay away from anti-government protests: Iraqi PM
    Iraq's prime minister warned his people to boycott a planned anti-government protest scheduled for Friday, saying it was being organized by supporters of Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.

  • Mideast turmoil rattles Iran-Saudi standoff
    Saudi Arabia's rulers answered the Arab world's winter of rage with money: throwing $36 billion into housing and other social assistance channels in attempts to quell rumblings of dissent. Iran's president offered more bombast as Tehran tries to project sympathy for protesters.

  • Yemen's president orders forces to protect protesters
    He has also instructed forces to prevent direct confrontation between the two sides, according to an official statement.

  • Setback to Gaddafi's African dream
    Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan president, has always promoted himself as one of Africa's great leaders touting a vision of progress and wealth for the entire continent. Now, after a week of violence in his country, the African Union has condemned his actions against the pro-democracy movement that demands to oust him from office. Al Jazeera's Yvonne Ndege reports from Abuja.

  • Libya oil output down 75 per cent
    LIBYA'S oil output dropped 75 per cent due to the continuing unrest, the chief executive of Eni - the energy company with the biggest operations in the North African country - has said.

  • Gaddafi blames unrest on al-Qaeda
    Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has said in a speech on Libyan state television that al-Qaeda is responsible for the uprising in Libya. "It is obvious now that this issue is run by al-Qaeda," he said, speaking by phone from un unspecified location.

  • Tripoli: a city in the shadow of death
    Gunfire in the suburbs – and fear, hunger and rumour in the capital Thousands race for last tickets out of a city sinking into anarchy

  • Gadhafi forces strike back at revolt near Tripoli
    Army units and militiamen loyal to Moammar Gadhafi struck back against rebellious protesters who have risen up in cities close to the capital Thursday, attacking a mosque where many had taken refuge and battling with others who had seized control of a local airport.

  • Gaddafi digs in, but much of Libya is already out of his grasp
    Forces loyal to the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi were fighting last night to consolidate control over what appeared to be the rapidly diminishing parts of the country not yet overrun by protesters in rebellion against his 42-year rule.

  • Gaddafi struggles to keep control
    Pro-democracy protesters takeover eastern part of the country, as state structure appears to be disintegrating.

  • Confusion at Tripoli airport

    At least 26 nations have begun efforts to get their citizens out of Libya and to safety. A military Hercules aircaraft was en route to Tripoli on Thursday to collect British citizens, and Turkey says it's mounted the biggest evacuation effort in its history. An Algerian who landed safely in his home country, told Al Jazeera that it took him four days to get to the airport in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Al Jazeera's James Bays speaks to Imran Garda after returning from Tripoli, where he heard first-hand accounts of people caught up in the violence.

February 23, 2011

  • Khadafi On the Outs
    "The worst possible consequence of the Libyan crisis would be for the United States to find some way to intervene."
    Mouammar Khadafi was once the bane of the West, but in the past decade he has made an "accommodation" with imperialism. Since 9/11, "Khadafi has appeared more concerned with Islamic fundamentalists...than with American and European machinations." U.S secret services may or may not have acted against Khadafi, but they will surely take advantage of any opening.

  • Fidel Castro: The NATO Plan is to Occupy Libya
    Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro said that the government of the United States is not in the least worried about peace in Libya and it will not hesitate in giving NATO the order to invade that rich country, perhaps in a matter of hours or a few short days. Concerning al-Gaddafi he expressed: "I cannot imagine that the Libyan leader would abandon his country".

  • US mulls all options against Libya
    Barack Obama orders his national security team to prepare the full range of options for dealing with the crisis.

  • Obama breaks silence, condemns Libya crackdown
    President Barack Obama condemned the "outrageous" crackdown by Libyan security forces on protesters and said Washington would work with international partners to hold Muammar Gaddafi's government accountable.

  • UK does not rule out using military for Libya rescue
    Britain refused on Wednesday to rule out using its armed forces to rescue 170 British workers stranded in the Libyan desert after an appeal for help by desperate oil industry workers.

  • Mass evacuations under way in Libya
    Governments scramble ships and aircraft to pick up citizens stranded amid violent unrest in the North African nation.

  • Libyan city dubbed 'Free Benghazi' as anti-Gaddafi troops take control
    Libya's second city, Benghazi, appears to have fallen beyond the control of Muammar Gaddafi, with the local military defying his regime and monarchy-era flags flying from government buildings.

  • Why Europe Fears the North African Uprisings: The Spectre of a Black Europe
    While millions in the world are celebrating the popular uprisings in North Africa, Europe is watching with skepticism and fear. The fall of the African dictators will deprive Europe of valuable allies in the fight against irregular migration. The political vacuum and the social and economic instability that follows will create a new wave of desperate migrants daring the high seas to reach the coats of Europe. This will deepen the immigration crisis Europe has been trying hard to manage in recent years. Europe is responding with an increased use of force. A new humanitarian crisis is looming.

  • Algeria repeals emergency law
    Scrapping the draconian law to placate growing discontent had been a major demand made by the opposition parties.

  • Yemen MPs resign over violence
    Seven parliamentarians quit ruling party to protest against what they say is government violence against demonstrators.

  • Bahrain frees political prisoners
    At least 50 people released, including 23 Shia activists accused of a coup plot, in response to protesters' demands.

  • Saudis call Day of Rage protests across the country
    The Saudis have posted on facebook calling for Day of Rage protests across the country on march 11 as king Abdullah promises more benefits for the citizens. The calls include that rulers should be elected and that political prisoners released . Saudis are also demanding more freedom for women.

  • Saudi king back home, orders $37 bln in handouts
    Saudi King Abdullah returned home on Wednesday after a three-month medical absence and unveiled benefits for Saudis worth some $37 billion (23 billion pounds) in an apparent bid to insulate the world's top oil exporter from an Arab protest wave.

  • As Wave of Liberation Revolutions Sweep the Arab World: No Room for Western Hypocrisy
    The West will be surprised by the will, determination and ability of Arab people to change their future and steer it away from those who forced occupation and humiliation on them

  • A crude mercantilist doctrine stands exposed
    David Cameron made a speech in the Kuwaiti parliament yesterday calling for governments across the Arab world to meet their people's legitimate aspirations for freedom. The Prime Minister also conceded that Britain had been wrong, in the past, to support repressive regimes for the sake of stability. But actions speak louder the words. Mr Cameron's address cannot conceal the fact that he is seeking to arm those very Arab leaders who would deny the people of the region their liberty.

  • Gaddafi loses more Libyan cities
    Protesters wrest control of more cities as unrest sweeps African nation despite Muammar Gaddafi's threat of crackdown.

  • Global community isolates Gaddafi
    European Union calls for investigation into possible crimes against humanity ahead of emergency UN meeting.

  • Gaddafi defiant as state teeters
    Libyan leader vows to 'fight on' as his government loses control of key parts in the country and as top officials quit.

  • France urges EU sanctions on Libya
    Sarkozy calls for "concrete sanctions" and suspension of economic ties in protest over Tripoli's crush of protesters.

  • Muammar Gaddafi: method in his 'madness'
    Gaddafi has lost touch with his people, but though his actions may seem bizarre, there is a kind of logic to his behaviour

  • Libyan protesters defiant after Gaddafi speech
    Heavy gunfire broke out in Libya's capital today as forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi opened fire in the streets a day after the longtime leader vowed to defend his rule and called on supporters to crack down on anti-government protesters.

  • Robert Fisk: Gaddafi raved and cursed, but he faces forces he cannot control
    So he will go down fighting. That's what Muammar Gaddafi told us last night, and most Libyans believe him. This will be no smooth flight to Riyadh or a gentle trip to a Red Sea holiday resort. Raddled, cowled in desert gowns, he raved on.

February 22, 2011

  • Is the West Bank next?
    If Binyamin Netanyahu's govenment, and its lobby in Washington, were rational they would be rushing to plan Israel's evacuation from the occupied territories, and encouraging the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

  • Tribal system still important in Libya

    Libya is one of the most tribal nations in the Arab world - a country where clans and alliances shape the political landscape. Tribal structure has played a crucial role in the country's history. Al Jazeera's Dorsa Jabbari takes a look at the country's tribal system.

  • After the air raids, Gaddafi's death squads keep blood on Tripoli's streets
    Residents too terrified of mercenaries to collect victims' bodies, but vigilante groups take over 'open cities' elsewhere

  • Gaddafis' hidden billions: Dubai banks, plush London pads and Italian water
    Libya's oil wealth has been siphoned out of the country by a powerful elite — including Gaddafi and his nine children

  • Cameron says UK prejudiced for believing Muslims cannot manage democracy
    Prime minister will tell Kuwait national assembly that Britain was wrong to prop up 'highly controlling regimes' as way of ensuring stability

  • Dominic Lawson: A Libyan stain on Britain's reputation
    It was entirely predictable that Gaddafi would order annihilating force to be brought against internal opponents

  • The King of King's speech
    Muammar Gaddafi is dangerously in denial. Alas, he's been that way for a long time.

  • Defiant Gaddafi vows to fight on
    In televised speech, Libyan leader blames youths inspired by region's revolutions for unrest and vows to die a "martyr".

  • Gaddafi's hold on Libya weakens
    Leader appears on state TV briefly to signal defiance in the face of mounting revolt against his 41-year rule.

  • Muammar Gaddafi remains defiant

    In a lengthy televised address, Muammar Gaddafi variously blamed the media, the US, the UK, Italy and hallucinogenic drugs forced on young protesters for causing the trouble in his country.

  • Libya's falling tyrant
    Gaddafi reaps what he has sown during his four-decade rule: terror, nepotism, tribal politics and abuse of power.

  • Fresh violence rages in Libya
    Protesters say security forces using warplanes and live fire 'massacred' them, as UN warns of possible 'war crimes'.

  • Libyan diplomats defect en masse
    Envoys at key embassies across the world disown Gaddafi's regime in protest over violent crackdown against protesters.

  • UN council to discuss Libya
    An extraordinary meeting of the Arab League will also take place on Tuesday as leaders express alarm over crackdown.

  • Gaddafi defies revolt with tanks, planes
    Libya's Muammar Gaddafi used tanks, helicopters and warplanes to fight a growing revolt, witnesses said on Tuesday, as the veteran leader scoffed at reports he was fleeing after four decades in power.

  • Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears on state TV
    Libya's leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi, has dismissed reports that he had fled amid the unrest sweeping the country, calling foreign news channels "dogs".

  • Libyan Dictator Moammar Ghadafi: 'I Am Here, Don't Believe the Dogs'
    Libyan strongman Moammar Ghadafi made a brief television appearance shortly after midnight Tuesday, just long enough to say he hadn't fled the country. "I am here to show that I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela," he said. "Don't believe those misleading dog stations."

  • Libya: intelligence agency 'jamming' television signals
    Libya's intelligence agency is behind the powerful jamming that has disrupted Al Jazeera television's signal across much of the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab satellite broadcaster said on Monday.

  • The pot boils over: development lessons from Tunisia and Egypt
    Some of the Middle East's star performers on development indicators face popular anger and dissatisfaction. So where does that leave development policy?

  • Gaddafi: 'I'm not in France, I'm not in Venezuela, I'm still here'
    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi appeared on Libyan state television last night to insist that his 42-year rule over the country remained intact.

  • Cruel. Vainglorious. Steeped in blood. And now, surely, after more than four decades of terror and oppression, on his way out?
    Robert Fisk on Muammar Gaddafi, tyrant of Tripoli
    So even the old, paranoid, crazed fox of Libya — the pallid, infantile, droop-cheeked dictator from Sirte, owner of his own female praetorian guard, author of the preposterous Green Book, who once announced he would ride to a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Belgrade on his white charger — is going to ground. Or gone. Last night, the man I first saw more than three decades ago, solemnly saluting a phalanx of black-uniformed frogmen as they flappered their way across the sulphur-hot tarmac of Green Square on a torrid night in Tripoli during a seven-hour military parade, appeared to be on the run at last, pursued — like the dictators of Tunis and Cairo — by his own furious people.

  • I will not stand again, says Sudan's Bashir
    President Omar al-Bashir, the iron-fisted leader who has ruled Sudan for 22 years, will not stand for re-election, Rabie Abdul Ati, his spokesman, has told Agence-France Presse. Mr Ati denied that the decision was connected with the unrest in the region. "He is not under pressure," he said.

February 21, 2011

February 20, 2011

February 19, 2011

February 18, 2011

February 17, 2011

February 16, 2011

  • The massacre behind the revolution
    It was the deliberate slaying of protesters in Tunisia that turned a regional uprising into a nationwide revolution.

  • At Least 3 Killed, 55 Wounded in Southeastern Iraq Protests
    Protests that began late last night and continued throughout the day led to a violent police crackdown in the southeastern Iraqi city of Kut. The current toll, according to local health officials, is at least three protesters slain and 55 others wounded, many of them seriously.

  • Iran protester's death 'hijacked by regime'
    Saane Zhaleh, who was killed in clashes between protesters and security forces, is being falsely described as a pro-government militia member, according to his family

  • Yemen violence mounts in bid to remove President Saleh
    Police shoot dead protester in Aden, while students lead anti-government rally in Sana'a

  • Thousands of police confront protesters in Yemen
    Authorities flooded the streets of Yemen's capital with 2,000 police Wednesday to try to halt six days of Egypt-style demonstrations against the president of 32 years, a key U.S. ally in battling al-Qaida. One person was killed when police and protesters clashed in the southern port of Aden in the first known death during Yemen's political unrest.

  • Violent protests break out in Libya
    Clashes reported in eastern city of Benghazi as security forces and government supporters confront demonstrators.

  • Protesters occupy Bahrain square
    Anti-government protests continue in tiny kingdom, despite apology by king for the deaths of two demonstrators.

  • Bahrain Protesters Step up Pressure on Rulers
    Protesters demanding sweeping political reforms from Bahrain's rulers held their ground Wednesday in an Egypt-style occupation of the capital's landmark square, staging a third day of demonstrations that have brought unprecedented pressure in one of Washington's most strategic allies in the Gulf.

  • Iran funeral triggers new clashes
    Government supporters and opposition activists clash at funeral procession for student killed in Tehran.

  • Iran opposition leader ready to 'pay any price'
    Iran's opposition leaders remained defiant Wednesday despite calls from hard-liners for them to be brought to trial and put to death, with one reform advocate saying he was willing to "pay any price" in pursuit of democratic change.

  • Iraq activists storm public offices
    At least one person killed in clashes with security forces after protesters break into council building.

  • The massacre behind the revolution
    It was the deliberate slaying of protesters in Tunisia that turned a regional uprising into a nationwide revolution.

February 15, 2011

February 14, 2011

February 13, 2011

  • Palestinians should join Arab revolution says Gaddafi
    Gaddafi, giving his first speech to Libyans since the uprising in neighbouring Egypt, said Palestinian refugees should capitalise on the revolution wave in the Middle East in a demonstration on the borders of Israel.

  • Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel
    Palestinian refugees should capitalize on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Sunday.

  • Bahrain opposition calls for rally
    Opposition groups call for protests on Monday as riot police clash with youths in Shia village in the west.

  • Yemeni protesters beaten, thousands march in Algeria
    Yemeni police with clubs yesterday beat anti-government protesters who were calling for the ouster of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, while thousands of Algerians defied an official ban on demonstrations in the capital and gathered in the city center for a pro-reform protest, the day after weeks of mass protests in Egypt succeeded in toppling the president.

  • Iran's opposition planning protests
    Seemingly emboldened by events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition leaders call for anti- government rallies on Monday.

  • Tunisian foreign minister resigns
    Ahmed Ounaies steps down after being embroiled in controversy over compliments he paid to his French counterpart.

February 12, 2011

  • Unblocking Syria's social media
    Some wonder if Syria's decision to allow access to facebook and blog sites is just a new way to track activists.

  • In Yemen, Many Protests, One Villain
    It was only sheer chance or serendipity perhaps that southern Yemen's "Day of Rage" was scheduled for Friday, earning the #Feb11 hashtag on Twitter. The Southern Uprising Facebook page drew nearly two thousand members since its founding two weeks ago in a nation with 2 percent Internet penetration. The group's goal is the liberation of southern Yemen from occupation–by the northern forces of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of southerners have been demonstrating nearly weekly since 2007, but Friday's appears to be the first organized on Facebook.

  • Scuffles have broken out at pro-democracy rallies in Algeria and Yemen following the fall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

  • Algerian protesters clash with police as Egypt fervour spreads
    Algerian police have beaten back around 2,000 demonstrators who tried to rally in central Algiers as aftershocks from the Egyptian revolution rumbled throughout the Middle East.

  • Thousands rally in Yemen's capital
    Anti-government protesters inspired by Egypt's revolution call on Saleh to step down as president.

  • Middle East rulers make concessions
    Moves seen as bid to appease people after mass protests in Tunisia and Egypt toppled long-serving presidents.

  • Algeria protesters push for change
    Pro-democracy demonstrators, inspired by the Egyptian revolution, ignore official ban and march in the capital Algiers.

  • Security forces in Yemen beat protesters
    Yemeni police with clubs on Saturday beat anti-government protesters who were celebrating the resignation of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and demanding the ouster of their own president.

  • Police tried to separate pro and anti-government demonstrators in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Saturday.

  • Pro-democracy rally begins in Algeria, defying ban
    Thousands of people are holding a pro-democracy rally in Algeria's capital Algiers, defying a government ban.

  • Thousands demand reforms in Algeria; 400 arrested
    Heavily outnumbered by riot police, thousands of Algerians defied government warnings and dodged barricades to rally in their capital Saturday, demanding democratic reforms a day after mass protests toppled Egypt's autocratic ruler.

  • Gap Widens Between U.S. and Arab World
    Arab public opinion will become increasingly difficult for the United States to favourably influence in light of recent regional unrest, according to experts speaking at a conference organized by the Brookings Institute on Wednesday.

February 11, 2011

February 09, 2011

  • Gaddafi ready for Libya's "Day of Rage"
    Gaddafi has dealt with the calls being issued by the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition [NCLO] and Libyan [political] activists for a Libyan "Day of Rage" to take place on 17 February, modeled on similar events in Tunisia and Egypt, by issuing an unprecedented warnings against any attempts to create chaos and instability in Libya.

February 06, 2011

February 04, 2011

February 03, 2011

February 02, 2011

February 01, 2011

January 31, 2011

  • Thousands in Algeria protest march: organizers
    More than 10,000 protesters marched against authorities in Algeria's northeastern city of Bejaia on Saturday, organizers said, in the country's latest rally inspired by neighboring Tunisia.

January 29, 2011

January 28, 2011

January 23, 2011

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