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November 30, 2011

  • US fanning terror, flouting international laws: China
    China's top state newspaper on Tuesday accused the United States of flouting international law and fanning terrorism after a NATO attack killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, and it warned that the Islamabad's grip on security could be dangerously weakened.

  • Iranian embassy in London ordered closed, diplomatic staff expelled
    Britain closed its Tehran embassy on Wednesday after evacuating all its diplomats from Iran as part of a "very tough" response to the storming of the mission the day before by Iranian protesters.

  • Iran advises UK against opportunism
    Iran's Speaker criticizes the "hasty" UN Security Council move in condemning a student rally outside the British Embassy in Tehran and advises London against exploiting the incident.

  • Obama: 'No ally more important than Israel'
    President Barack Obama is reassuring Jewish supporters that his administration is committed to the security of Israel. He says: "We don't compromise when it comes to Israel's security."

  • Robert Fisk: Sanctions are only a small part of the history that makes Iranians hate the UK
    Britain staged a joint invasion of Iran with Soviet forces when the Shah's predecessor got a bit too close to the Nazis in World War Two and then helped the Americans overthrow the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 after he nationalised Britain's oil possessions in the country.

  • Target Iran: Washington's Countdown to War
    As William Blum documented in Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, 1953's CIA-organized coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, guilty of the "crime" of nationalizing the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, may have "saved" Iran from a nonexistent "Red Menace," but it left that oil-rich nation in proverbial "safe hands"--those of the brutal dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

  • Obama Refrains From a Formal 'I'm Sorry' to Pakistan
    The White House has decided that President Obama will not offer formal condolences — at least for now — to Pakistan for the deaths of two dozen soldiers in NATO airstrikes last week, overruling State Department officials who argued for such a show of remorse to help salvage America's relationship with Pakistan, administration officials said.

  • America: The ally from hell
    In Washington, the Pakistan-bashers are having a field day avoiding U.S. responsibility

  • Pakistan's air space may be denied to US
    Pakistan has decided, for the time being, not to block US military use of its air space for over-flights into Afghanistan, but this could come within 15 days if bilateral diplomacy fails to relieve tensions over the Mohmand attacks, security experts say.

November 29, 2011

  • Moscow concerned over calls for NATO to become global cop
    Moscow is concerned about calls by western politicians to turn NATO into a global cop. This comes in a statement made by an official of the Russian Foreign Ministry Yuri Gorlach at an international conference in Moscow on Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

  • US and Pakistan enter the danger zone
    The air strike by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the Pakistani military post at Salala in the Mohmand Agency on the Afghan-Pakistan border Friday night is destined to become a milestone in the chronicle of the Afghan war.

  • US senator says new Iran sanctions won't disrupt oil
    Saudi Arabia has expressed "great willingness" to boost oil production to ensure potential new US sanctions on Iran don't disrupt global petroleum markets, a key US senator said Tuesday.

  • Kirk and Menendez join forces on new Iran sanctions proposal
    Senate Democrats and Republicans have agreed on a way forward regarding new sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) that would impose crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy, with an eye toward preventing a catastrophic consequence for the world oil markets.

  • The Syrian Revolution Hijacked
    Mass demonstrations never materialized in Damascus and Aleppo. The military and security forces didn't crack. The Alawite on Sunni crackdown (Alawites form the backbone of the army/security forces/irregular goon squads) fomented sectarian divisions, with most non-Sunnis minorities cleaving desperately to the Assad regime. Prosperous Sunnis have presumably been hedging their bets by donating to the anti-government cause in recent days but have not explicitly abandoned the regime.

  • Bomb voyage: 600 Libyans 'already fighting in Syria'
    The Libyan government apparently wants to share its successful experience of overthrowing the Gaddafi regime with like-minded Syrians. It has sent 600 of its troops to support local militants against the Assad regime, according to media reports.

November 28, 2011

  • Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?
    Political blogger Glenn Greenwald recently wrote about retired General Wesley Clark's recollection of an officer telling him in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks that the then U.S. Secretary of Defense had issued a memo outlining a plan for regime change within five years in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

  • Nato may reap what they sow in Pakistan
    EVEN by the usual standards of American "friendly fire" incidents, the attack on Pakistani troops by US Apache helicopter gunships on Friday was potentially world changing.

  • Russia Considers Blocking NATO Supply Routes
    Russia said it may not let NATO use its territory to supply troops in Afghanistan if the alliance doesn't seriously consider its objections to a U.S.-led missile shield for Europe, Russia's ambassador to NATO said Monday.

  • French forces said to be training Syria rebels
    A Turkish newspaper has reported that French military forces are training armed Syrian rebels to fight the government of President Bashar Al Assad.

  • UN: Ex-rebels still hold 7,000 people in Libya
    Former Libyan revolutionaries still hold about 7,000 people, and some reportedly have been subjected to torture and ill treatment, according to a U.N. report circulated Monday.

  • Libyan clerics back disarmament of ex-rebels
    Dozens of Libyan religious leaders on Monday urged authorities to disarm former rebels and form a national army, backing the transitional government's struggle to exert control over the militias that overthrew dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

  • 'Regret' as UK ambassador expelled from Iran
    Downing Street expressed "regret" today at Iran's decision to expel the UK's ambassador from Tehran in a further worsening of relations between the two countries.

  • No explosion in Isfahan: Iran official
    A top Iranian official has rejected media reports about an explosion being heard in the central city of Isfahan.

  • Image shows Iranian missile site was destroyed
    Two weeks after a mysterious explosion at an Iranian missile base, a Washington-based research group has released a satellite image showing extensive damage to the site.

  • US presses Emirates over Iran
    The UAE is under increasing pressure to sever its links with Iran's financial system as US terrorism and financial intelligence officials visit the country to drum up opposition to Iran's nuclear programme, which Tehran says is for peaceful purposes.

  • Bahrain Postpones Protesters' Death Penalty Appeal
    A civilian court in Bahrain on Monday postponed a highly anticipated ruling on the appeal of two protesters sentenced to death by a security court during a wave of anti-government protests earlier this year.

  • Pakistan: Nato ignored pleas for ceasefire
    ISLAMABAD: The Nato air raids that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers lasted almost two hours - continuing after commanders pleaded with the US-led coalition forces to stop, the army claimed yesterday.

  • Former Pakistan FM joins up with Imran Khan
    Pakistan's ex-foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi joined forces with cricketer-politician Imran Khan Sunday, becoming the most high-profile defector to his growing campaign to win the next general election.

  • Kuwait cabinet resigns amid political crisis
    Kuwait's cabinet has resigned after protesters and opposition deputies demanded that the prime minister step down over allegations of corruption, state-run television has reported.

  • Kenya issues arrest warrant for Sudan's Omar al-Bashir
    A Kenyan court has issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir over alleged war crimes in Darfur.

November 27, 2011

November 26, 2011

November 25, 2011

November 24, 2011

November 23, 2011

  • On Cairo's Violent Streets, an Untenable Status Quo Meets an Unwritten Future
    "Say it, don't be afraid: the military council has to leave," chanted some of the tens of thousands of protesters who thronged Cairo's Tahrir Square Tuesday night. Their slogan was a combative response to the junta's plan, announced hours earlier in an unprecedented television address by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, for a transfer of power to an elected civilian government next summer.

  • Drone attacks: Complaint to UN panel planned
    ISLAMABAD: The government told the National Assembly on Tuesday it was planning to complain to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) against frequent deadly US drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas to target militant hideouts, but held the Punjab government as the main culprit for most domestic human rights violations.

  • Yemen's Saleh signs power transfer deal
    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed a Gulf initiative on Wednesday to hand over power to his deputy as part of a proposal to end months of protests that have pushed the Arab country to the brink of civil war.

  • Bahrain commission issues brutal critique of Arab Spring crackdown
    An independent commission presented its findings to Bahrain's king, offering the tiny Gulf country a road map for moving beyond the violence of recent months and repairing relations with the US.

  • Half of US voters say bomb Iran if sanctions fail
    Fifty percent of Americans believe military action should be taken to stop Iran's nuclear program if sanctions do not work, a national poll released on Wednesday said.

  • China opposes expanded sanctions against Iran
    China said Wednesday it opposed unilateral and expanded sanctions against Iran, such as those announced by several Western countries aimed at pressuring Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program.

  • China opposes expanded sanctions against Iran
    China said Wednesday it opposed unilateral and expanded sanctions against Iran, such as those announced by several Western countries aimed at pressuring Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program.

  • U.S. urges Americans to leave Syria "immediately"
    The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart "immediately," and Turkey's foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria.

  • Syrian army defectors pin hopes on prospect of Turkish safe zone
    The prospect that Turkish troops might create a safe zone inside Syria has inspired Syrian army defectors, who say that with such protection they would swiftly be able to mount a rebellion and sweep President Bashar al-Assad from power.

  • David Cameron: War looms in Syria
    David Cameron urged world leaders to "engage" with Syrian opposition groups yesterday as he warned the country was on the brink of a full-scale civil war.

  • France considers 'humanitarian corridors' in Syria
    France will discuss creating protected humanitarian corridors in Syria with its EU and Arab allies, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Thursday, after meeting the exiled Syrian opposition leader.

  • Revealed: how Gaddafi's son was caught
    Saif Al Islam Gaddafi was betrayed to his captors by a Libyan nomad who says he was hired to help Muammar Gaddafi's son escape to neighbouring Niger on the promise that he would be paid £1 million (Dh4.95 million).

November 22, 2011

  • Arab states, Turkey plan 'No-Fly Zone' over Syria
    Senior European sources said that Arab jet fighters, and possibly Turkish warplanes, backed by American logistic support will implement a no fly zone in Syria's skies, after the Arab League will issue a decision, under its Charter, calling for the protection of Syrian civilians.

  • More questions than answers about NATO's Libya role
    The reasons and the consequences behind NATO's bombing on the Libyan town of Majer still remain unclear three months on. Deutsche Welle visited the scene of one of the darkest episodes in Libya's war.

November 20, 2011

  • Egypt protests: Deadly clashes in Cairo and Alexandria
    Two people have been killed and more than 600 injured in fierce clashes between protesters and security forces in Cairo and Alexandria.

  • Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir
    Egyptian soldiers and police set fire to protest tents in Cairo's Tahrir Square and fired tear gas and rubber bullets in a major assault Sunday to drive out thousands demanding that the military rulers quickly transfer power to a civilian government. At least 11 protesters were killed and hundreds were injured.

  • Syria Won't 'Bow Down' as Forces Kill 24
    Syria's President Bashar al-Assad said he won't "bow down" to international pressure as an Arab League ultimatum that called for an end to the violence expired.

November 19, 2011

November 18, 2011

November 17, 2011

  • Militia warning as Libyan PM forms government
    A commander of Libyan former rebels has warned that his men could overthrow the incoming government if it fails to meet their demands for representation.

  • IAEA resolution to sharply criticize Iran for nuclear efforts
    World powers meeting at the United Nations' nuclear agency have agreed on a draft resolution sharply criticizing Iran for its nuclear activities while deferring any discussion of new U.N. sanctions until the spring, two Western diplomats familiar with the document said Thursday.

  • Bomb Iran? Sanity in Exile
    Or as Mitt Romney put it, playing the irresponsible-lunatic game convincingly enough to become the leading Republican presidential candidate: "If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon."

  • China, Russia Resist Sanctions Against Iran
    A new U.S. and European-led push to censure Iran before the United Nations nuclear agency for alleged efforts to develop atomic weapons is facing resistance from Russia, China and a bloc of developing countries, which threaten to dilute any international punishment.

  • Israel may target Iran civilian infrastructure as part of military strike, report says
    U.S. security sources quoted by The Daily Beast claim Israeli forces plan to use electronic warfare to shut down Iranian electrical grid, cellphone networks.

  • Top US senator unveils Iran central bank sanctions
    Looking to heap pressure on Iran over its suspect nuclear program, a top US senator on Thursday introduced legislation aimed at collapsing the country's central bank.

  • Why the West is demonizing Iran
    Iran nationalised its oil to achieve economic and political independence and combat poverty.

  • Barak tries damage control after 'Iran gaffe'
    Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, has reassured Israelis about his government's resolve after he appeared to empathise with Iran's alleged quest for nuclear weapons during a US television interview.

  • Iran nuclear sanctions hurt the middle class, not Guards
    International sanctions aimed at Iran's nuclear program have hurt the country's middle class and caused factories to shut down while low-quality goods flood the country, say foreign policy analysts.

  • Sanctioning Syria: The Long Road to Damascus
    In 1996, an Israeli think tank, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, prepared "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" for incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In that seminal report, the Richard Perle-led study group suggested that Israel could "shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria."

  • Syrian opposition welcomes Arab League observers, opposes suspension
    The Syrian opposition will welcome Arab League observers, but is opposed to the organization suspending Syria's membership and imposing sanctions on the Western Asian country, an opposition leader said on Thursday.

  • Iraq's Sadr backs embattled Syrian leader Assad
    Iraq's radical anti-US Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has expressed support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even as much of the Arab world turns against the embattled strongman.

  • Syria conflict 'similar to civil war', Russia says
    Russia's foreign minister has said the situation in Syria is beginning to resemble civil war, after renegade soldiers attacked a key army base.

  • US drone strike kills 7 in NW Pakistan
    At least seven people have been killed in the latest non-UN-sanctioned US assassination drone strike in the northwestern tribal belt of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan, Press TV reported.

November 16, 2011

  • Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI 'entrapment' questioned
    Critics say bureau is running a sting operation across America, targeting vulnerable people by luring them into fake terror plots.

  • Syria apologises for attack on Jordan embassy
    The Syrian government on Tuesday apologised for an attack the previous night on the Jordanian embassy in Damascus, perpetrated by regime supporters.

  • Airstrike Against Iranian Nuclear Facilities Could Kill 100s of North Koreans and Russians
    As the drums for direct military intervention to derail Iran's purported covert military nuclear weapons program beat louder in both Jerusalem and Washington, an overlooked issue is the possibility of international "collateral damage," to use the Pentagon's favourite euphemism for civilian casualties.

  • "Nuclear Option" Against Iran's Economy Paves Way for War
    The drumbeat for another round of draconian sanctions against Iran is growing louder on Capitol Hill. While Illinois Senator Mark Kirk's proposed legislation to "collapse the Central Bank of Iran" was intended to be attached to the now-stalled international affairs funding bill, the pressure from Congress for another round of indiscriminate sanctions continues to build.

  • Powers make "progress" on IAEA Iran resolution
    World powers are making progress in narrowing their differences on how to respond to a U.N. watchdog report that aired intelligence suggesting Iran has worked on designing a nuclear weapon, Western diplomats said on Wednesday.

  • Iran ready to help Turkey with nuclear plant - aide
    An adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader said on Tuesday that Tehran was willing to share its controversial nuclear technology with neighboring countries, suggesting it could help Turkey build an atomic power plant.

  • Abbas calls on Palestinians to mount non-violent resistance against Israel
    Palestinian president says his people 'will not succumb to the occupation,' says will meet Hamas leader next week to discuss implementation of unity agreement.

  • 'Saudis, Egypt will seek nukes if Iran gets them'
    In interview with US broadcaster, Barak concedes if he were in Iran's place he would "probably" try to acquire nuclear weapons.

  • Who said Gaddafi had to go?
    So Gaddafi is dead and Nato has fought a war in North Africa for the first time since the FLN defeated France in 1962. The Arab world's one and only State of the Masses, the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyya, has ended badly. In contrast to the bloodless coup of 1 September 1969 that overthrew King Idris and brought Gaddafi and his colleagues to power, the combined rebellion/civil war/ Nato bombing campaign to protect civilians has occasioned several thousand (5000? 10,000? 25,000?) deaths, many thousands of injured and hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, as well as massive damage to infrastructure. What if anything has Libya got in exchange for all the death and destruction that have been visited on it over the past seven and a half months?

  • The killing of blacks in Libya and the rise of the African mercenary
    It is a dangerous time to be dark-skinned in Tripoli," Human Rights Watch reported recently. Since the revolutionaries defeated, and then killed, Muammar Gaddafi, "dark-skinned" Africans from outside traditional North Africa have seen hell.

  • U.S. drone strikes kill at least 16 militants in South Waziristan
    At least sixteen suspected militants were killed on Wednesday when a U.S. drone launched a series of airstrikes in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region, officials said on Thursday.

  • The real cost of Israel's occupation of the Palestinians
    Palestinians are losing out on some $6.9 billion a year, a study shows, as restrictions on water use, resources and imports exact their toll.

November 15, 2011

  • US drone strike kills 17 in Somalia
    A US assassination drone strike has killed at least 17 people and wounded nearly 67 others in southern Somalia, Press TV reports.

  • US drone kills 7 in Pakistan
    Pakistan: A suspected US drone fired missiles at a house in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border early Tuesday morning, killing seven alleged militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

  • Syria frees 1,180 prisoners
    Syria has released 1,180 prisoners who were arrested during the past few months of unrest in the country.

  • Syrian soldiers killed in clash with defectors
    Dozens of soldiers and security forces were gunned down by suspected army defectors in southern Syria, a deadly ambush that comes as President Bashar Assad increasingly appears unable to manage the crisis, activists said Tuesday.

  • Syria decides not to attend the Arab League meetings in Morocco
    The Syrian government decided late Tuesday that it will not take part in the 4th session of the Arab-Turkish Forum nor the Arab League ministerial meetings scheduled to convene in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, on Wednesday, the state-run Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported.

  • Iran's nuclear defiance finds rare common ground in fractured country
    Banners proclaiming Iran's "obvious right" to nuclear technology are draped over building facades. State media describe the head of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency as an American puppet and dismiss claims about nuclear weapons advances as made-in-USA falsehoods.

  • Nuclear Pots Call Iranian Kettle Black
    Here we go again. The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) long awaited, much ballyhooed report on Iran's nuclear activities has been thunderously greeted in North America as conclusive evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons.

  • Iran Getting Nukes? The Hard Sell to Send Troops to Iran
    In politics, there is no such thing as coincidental timing. Over the last week, Iran has become more prevalent in the next as Israel may be preparing for a preemptive strike on the nation in the hopes of preventing Iran from creating a nuclear weapon. Today, there is word of a United Nations report that points out that Iran is very close to a nuclear weapon. I would say that these announcements were not coincidence.

  • Iran students form chain to defend nuclear site
    Hundreds of Iranian students on Tuesday formed a human chain around one of the Islamic republic's nuclear sites, vowing to strongly respond to any strike by arch-foe Israel, Fars news agency reported.

November 14, 2011

November 13, 2011

November 12, 2011

November 11, 2011

November 10, 2011

  • IAEA errs on "foreign expert" in Iran n-programme
    The latest report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran appears to have falsified information about a Russian scientist who allegedly helped Tehran advance its nuclear weapons programme.

  • Dennis Ross Fired Over IAEA Dud
    I have a hunch that the abrupt firing of Dennis Ross is one of the (well deserved) outcomes of the recent "nuclear Iran" IAEA, Americn induced report dud.

  • Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all
    The Iran nuclear report released yesterday by the UN nuclear watchdog agency sought to corroborate details provided by US intelligence in 2005. But some nuclear experts are unconvinced.

  • Russia, China: No new Iran sanctions
    Russia and China have voiced their opposition to fresh sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, the Russian Foreign Ministry has announced.

  • Heavy security measures along Iraqi-Syrian borders
    Source at the Border Guards Command told NINA on Thursday, Nov. 10, that heavy security measures are been taken along the Iraqi-Syrian borders in Anbar province in anticipation of infiltration by gunmen as a result of Syrian forces withdrawal into cities witnessing demonstrations.

  • US terror drones kill 38 more in Somalia
    At least 38 people have been killed in US assassination drone attacks in southern Somalia near the border with Kenya, Press TV reported.

November 09, 2011

November 08, 2011

November 07, 2011

  • Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar'
    Microphones accidently left on after G20 meeting pick up private conversation between US, French presidents. Sarkozy admits he 'can't stand' Israeli premier. Obama: You're fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!

  • From Balfour to Obama: Colonial Thinking on Palestine
    The phrase "British Mandate of Palestine" is as commonplace in Western and Zionist scholarship on Palestine as to be inoffensive and therefore barely given a second thought. Indeed, a quick internet search of this seemingly innocuous term reveals some two million results of wildly varying quality and usefulness.

  • Senior Cleric Warns of Iran's Powerful Reprisal for US Plots
    Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami, a senior and influential cleric in the Islamic Republic, warned on Monday that Tehran would reciprocate any US move and plot against the Islamic Republic with such strong acts of reprisal that Washington and its allies would never forget.

  • Iran says IAEA's documents on its missile program "fake"
    A senior member of Iran's Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami said Monday that the documents of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on its missile program are "fake," the official IRNA news agency reported.

  • Syria asks for Arab help against U.S. involvement in 'bloody events'
    Syria has sent the Arab League a letter asking for support against what it called U.S. involvement in "bloody events" in the country amid increasing opposition calls for international protection of civilians against the forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

  • Former Syria VP leads new opposition group
    A new Syrian opposition group backed by Bashar al-Assad's former Vice-President Abdul-Halim Khaddam said on Monday it wanted to unify the various opposition strands and use "all means" necessary to oust the Syrian leader.

November 06, 2011

  • Ron Paul: Befriend Iran
    GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says "offering friendship" to Iran, not sanctions, would be a more fruitful to achieving peace with Tehran.

  • Israel set to attack over Iran nuclear risk
    ISRAELI President Shimon Peres has warned that an attack on Iran was "more and more likely," ahead of tomorrow's release of a report by the UN nuclear watchdog, which is expected to say Tehran has tested nuclear triggering technology and modified ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads.

  • Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran
    IAEA: Iran Had Model of Nuclear Warhead
    The UN atomic agency plans to reveal intelligence this week suggesting Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and other previously undisclosed details on alleged secret work by Tehran on nuclear arms.

  • Iran to IAEA: Go ahead and publish 'counterfeit' report
    A crucial IAEA report on Iran's nuclear programme due in the next few days -- raised as a possible trigger for war by Israel -- is based on "counterfeit" claims, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in comments published on Sunday.

  • Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran
    An Inside Look at the (Alleged) Base where Iran is Developing Nuclear Weapons
    UN nuclear watchdog to release report on activities this week; Iran has carried out experiments in the final stage for developing nuclear weapons including explosions and computer simulations of explosions.

  • Iran says US plot suspect is anti-Tehran militant
    Iran has complained to the United Nations about a U.S. accusation it tried to assassinate a Saudi diplomat, saying one of the alleged plotters Washington calls an Iranian military official is really a member of an anti-Tehran rebel group.

  • The Guardian of Israel
    Gilad Atzmon argues that, by regurgitating Israeli disinformation that the UK is ready to join the US and Israel in attacking Iran but without any attribution or substantiation, Britain's Guardian newspaper has turned itself into a mouthpiece of Israeli propaganda.

  • 150 killed in attacks in Nigeria: rescue official
    Some 150 people were killed in attacks claimed by an Islamist group in northeastern Nigeria, a rescue agency official said on Saturday.

  • '15,000 strong' army gathers to take on Syria
    An insurgent army which claims to be up to 15,000 strong is being coordinated from Turkey to take on President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, which risks plunging the region into open warfare.

  • Zionist plan to build 60,000 settlement units in Jerusalem
    Hebrew media sources revealed a strategic plan of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem which aims to build more than 60,000 new settler residential units in Jerusalem over the next 20 years.

November 05, 2011

November 04, 2011

  • Urgent: ships BOARDED by Israeli Navy
    Canadian and Irish ships sailing with Freedom Waves to Gaza have been illegally boarded by the Israeli military in international waters a short while ago.

  • Libya militias taking law into own hands
    Many of the fighters that pushed Muammar Qaddafi from power have refused to stand down. Now, some of Libya militias are allegedly stealing and targeting Qaddafi supporters for revenge.

  • Libya's Liberation Front Organizing in the Sahel
    "Sahel" in Arabic means "coast" or "shoreline". Unless one was present 5000 years ago when, according to anthropologists, our planets first cultivation of crops began in this then lush, but now semiarid region where temperatures reach 125 degrees F, and only camels and an assortment of creatures can sniff out water sources, it seems an odd geographical name place for this up-to-450 miles wide swatch of baked sand that runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.

  • Libya dispatch: as lawlessness spreads, are the rebel 'good guys' turning bad?
    Once welcomed as liberators, Libya's rebel fighters are beginning to outstay their welcome in Tripoli.

  • CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are
    The expansion of the CIA's undeclared drone war in the tribal areas of Pakistan required a big expansion of who can be marked for death. Once the standard for targeted killing was top-level leadership in al-Qaeda or one of its allies. That's long gone, especially as the number of people targeted at once has grown.

  • Ex-Mossad Chief: Radical-Right Jews More Dangerous than Iran
    A former chief of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, says that ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel pose more of a threat to the Jewish state than Iran. Ephraim Halevy pooh-poohed the threat from Iran, even as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak were said to be rounding up support for a unilateral attack on Iran. Halevy said Iran is "far from posing an existential threat to Israel."

  • US advises Syrians against surrendering to regime
    The US State Department on Friday advised Syrians against turning themselves in to President Bashar al-Assad's regime after Damascus announced an amnesty for those who surrender their weapons.

  • Syria Blasts U.S. For 'Blatant Interference'
    Damascus has condemned Washington for advising Syrians not to turn themselves into Syrian authorities who offer them amnesty.

November 03, 2011

  • The Lynching of Libya
    British writer and political thinker George Orwell died at 46. In the short span of his writing life, he left behind lucid pieces of prose in which he articulated his brilliant political thought. Had he lived longer, the world would have been further enriched by his political philosophy. In his essay "Shooting an Elephant," Orwell wrote, "When the white man turns tyrant, it is his own freedom that he destroys." After having launched unprovoked wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the white man has now inflicted tyranny on Libya.

  • Egypt: "We Will Not Allow Israel To Attack Gaza"
    Egyptian security leaders stated that they believe Israel still intends to conduct a large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip, despite extensive Egyptian efforts to maintain calm, and added that Egypt will not allow Israeli to cross "Red Lines".

  • Israel freezes UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership
    Netanyahu decides to hold $2 million Israel transfers to UN cultural body yearly; Israel decided Tuesday to expedite settlement building in West Bank in response to PA's UNESCO membership.

  • Syrians rally in support of Assad govt
    Syrians have held a massive demonstration in the Mediterranean port city of Tartous to voice their support for President Bashar al-Assad's government.

  • Syria: At least 12 dead as number of army defectors reaches 15,000
    Rights activists said at least 12 Syrian civilians were killed Thursday by security forces, one day after Damascus announced its acceptance of the initiative put forward by the Arab League to resolve the crisis. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced earlier the killing of 7 civilians in the city of Homs.

  • Iranian Commander: Attack on Syria will put an end to U.S. existence
    Chairman of Iran's Joint Chiefs of Staff Hassan Firouzabadi warned on Wednesday that any possible attack on Syria will put an end to the existence of the United States and the Zionist regime.

  • US planning Iran attack? Tehran ready for worst
    Iran's foreign minister said on Thursday that Tehran was "prepared for the worst" and warned the United States against putting itself on "collision course" with his country.

  • Israel attack on Iran military suicide
    There is a strong speculation that Israel is bound to mount an attack on Iranian nuclear sites, a threat which the Zionist regime has frequently repeated and an idea which, if translated into action, will bring about apocalyptic consequences for the Zionist entity.

  • US drone raids kill over 120 in 2 days
    At least 127 people have been killed in separate US assassination drone strikes in Somalia and Pakistan's northwestern tribal region bordering Afghanistan over the past two days.

  • US night raids killed 1,500 Afghan civilians
    United States Special Operations Forces (SOF) killed well over 1,500 civilians in night raids in less than 10 months in 2010 and early 2011, analysis of official statistics on the raids released by the US-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command reveals.

  • Murder as Instrument of Foreign Policy
    President Obama has openly deployed murder as an instrument of foreign policy. Soon after assuming office, Obama authorized the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to plan and execute the murder of terrorists and other enemies, regardless of whether they are U.S. citizens.

  • IMF to meet with Libya's TNC officials
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday said it was meeting with leaders of Libya's Transitional National Council (TNC) to determine the needs of the country. "There will be a meeting with the authorities shortly. I don't have a specific date but it will be soon," IMF spokesman David Hawley said at a news conference in Washington.

November 02, 2011

  • Neocolonial scramble for Africa
    The neocolonial scramble for Africa has truly begun with the installation of the National Transitional Council in Libya.

  • Peace? You're joking. Much blood will yet be shed in Libya
    Days after Gaddafi was buried, the flag of Al Qaeda is flying in Libya and sharia law has been imposed. Now, many rebel fighters fear the rise of a hardline Islamist state - and will fight to the death to stop it.

  • Israeli nuclear bluff and the American hand behind it
    As reported by Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, a senior U.S. State Deapartment official has said that Washington is concerned that Israel will mount a military operation against Iran's nuclear facilities. An uncontrolled an uncoordinated unilateral Israeli action against Iran "may not necessarily be in line with US interests in the region."

  • After UNESCO vote, Israeli sanctions on Palestinian Authority anger U.S.
    U.S. envoys tell Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aides that Washington objects to Israel freezing tax income that it collects for the Palestinians.

  • The human toll of the U.S. drone campaign
    The principal reason so little attention is paid to the constant victims of American violence in the Muslim world is because the U.S. Government refuses to disclose anything about these attacks and media outlets virtually never report on those victims (MSNBC demoted and then fired its then-rising-star Ashleigh Banfield when she returned from Iraq and pointed out that fact in an April, 2003 speech denouncing the "one-sided" coverage of American wars: meaning, the invisibility in U.S. media of America's civilian victims).

  • US drone attack kill 20 Somalis
    The US assassination drone carried out the attacks on Wednesday morning on the outskirts of Kismayo city, leaving 20 people dead and 60 others, mostly women and children, injured.

  • Group: Syrian army deserters kill 15
    Syrian army deserters killed seven soldiers and eight members of the security forces and gunmen loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in an apparent response to the killing of 11 villagers earlier on Wednesday, an activist group said.

November 01, 2011

  • Bahrain rights probe head says torture systematic
    Bahrain said on Tuesday it would push ahead with parliamentary reforms it hopes will end unrest in the Gulf Arab country in an announcement that came a day after the head of a rights commission said he had found evidence of systematic abuse.

  • Syria mining Lebanon border
    Syria is planting landmines along parts of the country's border with Lebanon as refugees stream out of the country to escape the crackdown on anti-government protests, officials and witnesses said Tuesday.

  • UN probe unveils new suspected Syrian nuclear facility
    Investigators identify previously unknown complex in northwest of country, bolstering suspicions of nuclear ties between Assad regime and the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb.

  • In Libya, Fighting May Outlast the Revolution
    Many of the local militia leaders who helped topple Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi are abandoning a pledge to give up their weapons and now say they intend to preserve their autonomy and influence political decisions as "guardians of the revolution."

  • Libya: Abdurrahim al-Keib named new interim PM
    Libya's interim authorities have named Tripoli academic Abdurrahim al-Keib as the new prime minister.

  • Libya's Other Victims Pick Up the Pieces
    Suleyman and Rasool have come to the University of Bani Walid, in western Libya. If they are lucky, they might find some chemistry notes and, perhaps, a computer that works. Unfortunately, it is not likely, since NATO reduced the campus to rubble.

  • Libya: Military Success Doesn't Erase Moral Questions
    Shortly after the first U.S. cruise missiles fell in Libya on March 19, 2011, signaling the start of the seven-month NATO campaign to "protect civilians" by dropping bombs on that country, I wrote that even if we reduced our moral standards to those of Osama bin Laden, the murder of even one Libyan in the name of "human rights" must still be considered immoral. With the declared end of NATO's "Operation Unified Protector" on Oct. 31, 2011, it is worth revisiting the morality of the so-called humanitarian intervention in Libya.

  • With UNESCO membership granted, Palestinians seek to join 16 more UN agencies
    World Health Organization, Intellectual Property Organization and Atomic Agency are among the organizations where the PA will request full membership.

  • US condemns UNESCO over Palestine vote
    Washington stops payment of $60 million in annual funding to UN heritage body after it admits Palestine as full member.

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