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    Venezuela and Chavez

    Latin America: Globalized Apartheid, Asian Tsunamis and Racist Invasions in Africa
    Wednesday, March 23 @ 03:57:16 UTC
    Venezuela and Chavez By Franz J. T. Lee
    March 23, 2011

    Whatever were the real geophysical causes of the mega-earthquake and the accompanied tsunami in Japan, one thing is very clear, it is only the beginning of a century of worse natural and technological disasters. Also in such a case, disinformation rules the scene. However, all the damage reported, especially about the possible reactor meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, like Chernobyl, and the escape of atomic radiation, indicates that humanity is sitting on a time-bomb which in chain reaction could blast the whole planet out of orbit. According to latest reports, more nuclear reactors are now being threatened by possible  meltdowns.

    Our great corporate leaders of NATO, like global 'blood hounds', more precisely, like 'military humanitarians', have nothing else to do than to prepare a belligerent attack, in fact, the brutal 'murder', namely , the 'collateral damage'  of thousands of innocent men, women and children who in all probability would soon perish in Libya.

    Our international world order has become a dangerous explosive mixture of Globalized Apartheid, Asian Tsunamis and Racist Invasions in Africa.

    The current magnates and tycoons are more interested in oil business than in the protection of lives, of their own workers, especially on the west coast of the USA. Where NATO urgently is needed to save lives and to help the poor Japanese workers, this is not a top priority. Again here we see what is social discrimination, racism; the live of a poor Bedouin, a Tuareg, a 'camel driver', is not worth a farthing, not a dime. Obviously, if the United Nations should approve it, then if necessary, these 'marauding', migratory, poor devils could easily be sent to heavenly eternity, by means of military humanism.

    With HAARP - with other similar geophysical arms of mass destruction - or geo-engineering, wherever the power elites should desire it, their corporate gendarmes of the globe could create droughts, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. They can even move planets out of their orbits. The weather is not fine anymore, not normal; the same is also true for the thousand of tremors and earthquakes.

    Because all these crimes are 'natural', it is impossible to catch the bellicose culprits in flagranti. This imperialist vandalism has already a very long racist history, especially with reference to the African continent.

    As Marx and Engels have warned in 1848, because of anarchic, unplanned production, the capitalists have set free mighty natural forces of the nether world, which they cannot control anymore. They want to control the bodies, minds and thoughts of billions, but they cannot quench their own ravenous, insatiable hunger for power, oil and profits.

    Is this the possible twilight of Humanity?

    In historic retrospection, let us now look at the imperialist roots of this global drama. In the middle of the 20th century in South Africa the apartheid racists were claiming that the ancestral lands and natural wealth of the indigenous Bantu and Khoisan peoples were 'white man's country'.

    Long ago already Johannes Gerhardus Strijdom ... from 1954 to 1958, Apartheid Prime Minister of South Africa ... had informed us about the nature of colonial land-grabbing in Africa.

    He stated:
     "Our view is that in every sphere the European must retain the right to rule the country and to keep it white man’s country." (1)

    All over Africa, international corporations are grabbing or buying the best lands of Africa. Like in the current case of Libya, NATO organizes the military grabbing of the oil, gas, potable water, mineral and metal wealth of Africa.  Like how the arch-imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, owner of the British South Africa Company, had considered Northern and Southern Rhodesia (today Zambia and Zimbabwe respectively) as his personal private property; today, the United States of America with their military arm, the NATO, consider Africa (and the rest of the world) to be their very own private booty. With racist double standards, arrogantly they plunder natural resources, topple legitimate governments and invade foreign territories. Nobody and nothing can stop them, nobody can terminate this inhuman barbarism. Across the past centuries millions and millions of heroic freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives in the class struggles of world revolution, in the wars of proletarian permanent revolution, alas, the Frankenstein monster is more powerful, more violent and terrorist than ever.

    Is capitalism dialectically destroying its own negation, socialism, and therewith inexorably it is annihilating itself? Capital without Labor is like a Master without a Slave and vice versa.

    Let us just illuminate some forgotten colonial racist practices. Currently this is important to understand the renaissance of McCarthyism in the USA, of witch-hunts of Muslims and Arabs in the USA; and also of modern forms of racism in Europe.

    What is presently happening in North Africa, especially in Libya, which easily could spill over to Latin America, to Venezuela, is the corporate 'Second Conquest'. It concerns racism, lies, hoaxes, corruption, land-grabbing, plunder of natural resources and massacres. This time the imperialist conquest concentrates on total body, mind and thought control, on 'full spectrum dominance', technologically generated by a planned global Mental Holocaust. The reason for the production of a slave mentality and  inferiority complexes in the official ideology factories and mass media is to avoid that African wage slaves ever would break out of the closed corporate Moloch and create the New, could transcend this 'vale of tears' towards human emancipation.

    It is now or never, either billions defend themselves or together with our rulers we would end up in total barbarism.

    Shakespeare already told us in 'Hamlet' that the unexpected could be possible:

    "Horatio: O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!
    Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy". (2)

    The racist ideological view of African history

    Racism is a quintessential element of global capitalist master-servant relations. Economically, the unequal exchange on the world market more than ever is reflecting the super-exploitation of international labor forces and natural resources by corporate vandalism. The superstructural ideological reflex of contemporary imperialist barbarism, also called globalization, is simply racism. It is an integral part of apartheid and Zionist regimes. The logical coming into being of a fascist 'one world government' of the current capitalist mode of destruction, militarily already launched by the USA and NATO, would drive virulent racism to its zenith, to the possible extreme of global systemic and systematic mass genocide and ecocide.

    The beginning of Orwellian double standard racist attacks - which are now using sophisticated war technology - can already be witnessed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Libya. It is the advent of a trying era for humanity, for 'coolies', 'camel drivers', 'slit-eyes' and 'niggers', for the emancipatory quo vadis of the 'wretched of the earth', for billions of working peoples, whose future belligerently is progressively being truncated every second by racist hegemony and megalomania.

    Racism in Her Majesty's Language

    What does a human being from Africa, from Ghana or the Congo - endowed by Mother Nature, by Nyx, with black pigmentation to protect him or her from dangerous tropical sun rays - feel and think when he reads the following words which in general pejoratively are associated with obscure, morally negative things, with his very skin color black? How does she feels when white skin, blue eyes and blond hair are supposed to be attributes of a first class citizen? And from where will she import a 90-60-90 international figure to become a 'beauty queen'? A 'Miss Universe'?

    The Christian conqueror identified evil and the devil with black, with the African

    Let us mention just a few of the many English words which the thought and mind control Moloch permanently is generating:

    "Black magic, black art, black comedy, black book, black cat, black sheep, blackout, black cap, Blackshirt, Black Pope, Black Monk, Black Maria, Black Peter, Black Orpheus, black widow, black market,  blackguard, blackballing, black faced, black browed, black headed, black hearted, black humoured, black hole, blackwater, blackmail, blacklist, blackball, Black Monday, Black Friday, Black Sabbath, Black Muslims, Blackamoors, Black Africa, Black Continent, Black Africans, etc., etc., ... "
    These are the subliminal ideological messages which we are receiving in education, culture, socialization, in all walks of life. In Christianity our minds are being over-flooded with white angels and black devils. The conqueror has perpetuated racism in his very language. He identified evil and the devil with black, with the African. We need not only new thoughts, we need a completely new emancipatory language.

    If we do not study the history of modern capitalist racism, that is, the ideological superstructural reflex of the world market, of the global division of labor, It would be practically impossible to understand how the emancipatory quo vadis of Africa (and therewith of humanity) was violated by colonial capitalism-imperialism. Across the last centuries, the tremendous degree of metropolitan social scorn, political disdain and economic contempt indicates the inhuman magnitude of merciless exploitation and domination of Africa.

    In a nutshell, racist ideology always was a diatribal, propagandist cover-up for capital and cardinal war crimes against Humania South, against humanity at large. As we will see later, like in the apartheid regime (and elsewhere), like today in globalization, these colonial, genocidal crimes were scientifically premeditated, were perpetrated by means of violent exclusion of Africans from the species Homo sapiens. The European pseudo-historians, lumpen-social ideologues, oligarchic theologians and corrupt politicians degraded (and still humiliate) the peoples of Africa; they called them all kinds of pejorative names: 'apes and monkeys', 'truculent Kaffirs', non-whites, non-Europeans, non-humans or even  'children of Ham'. Racist ideology was the religious excuse, the capitalist justification to massacre and enslave millions and millions of inhabitants of the 'Third World', in the name of Western, Christian Civilization, in other words, of the accumulation of capital, in the service of surplus value production, of extra-profits, of world order and world power.

    According to historic reports, a merchant from Tunis had asked the famous Portuguese 'discoverer of the seaway to India' Vasco da Gama in Spanish the following: 'The devil take you, what brought you here?"

    Succinctly Vasco da Gama replied: "We have come to look for Christians and spices."

    This reply was written down in Portuguese by Vasco da Gama's friend Alvao Velho. (3)

    The "devil did not take him", also not the colonial masters, but very early already, the capitalist relationship between Christianity and Big Business was established and consequently also with slavery of all genres. During that European epoch of 'God, Gold and Glory', of conquest, pillage and vandalism, Vasco da Gama was searching for 'Christians and spices', in reality, it ended up to have been a maafa, a continental disaster, a transhistoric hunting for a transatlantic slave trade. In reality, it was for the establishment of a capitalist world market. Carefully the European upsurging ruling classes were organizing the First Conquest - by means of 'discovery', Christianization and militarization - to enslave millions of  indentured laborers and, last but not least, millions of cheap African, 'emancipated', wage slaves.

    This is also the colonial essence of current Conquest Version 2, of the planned invasion of Libya!

    In the 20th century African wage slaves were necessary for arch-imperialists like Cecil John Rhodes to toil in agriculture, plantations, mining and industry, especially in Southern and Central Africa.

    As Shakespeare's Hamlet told us, the above is part of the "wondrous strange" things which happened (and are occurring daily) in African history, about which many of us know very little today.

    Body, mind and thought control ... the exploitation of physical labor force, the domination of the mind and social discrimination, that is,  racism, ... the wiping out of all self-thinking, of historic memory and of social resistance, namely, the Mental Holocaust (alias capitalist education and socialization for barbarism)  destroys historic class consciousness, working class memory, revolutionary praxis and emancipatory theory.

    Even erudite scholars are falling prey to this avalanche of fascist propaganda

    What we were (and are still) being told in our mass media, in schools and universities, was that 'European civilization', 'democracy' and 'world peace' were being threatened by scalping 'Red Indians', dazed, opiate 'slit eyes', bellicose 'camel drivers', treacherous 'coolies' and 'truculent Kaffirs'. Till today these lies are being disseminated by the mass media about Africa. The latest disinformation distributed by the corporate mass media about events in Libya demonstrates that 'info war' is part and parcel of the current world wars of NATO and its allies. CNN and other press agencies discriminate the protesting starving Africans on the streets of North Africa as a 'cheering mob'. This attitude towards Africans has a long colonial tradition. According to many illustrious, racist European philosophers of the Enlightenment, Africans were part of the 'scum of the earth', the 'white man's burden' and are soulless pagans and  'outcasts'. For them Africans form an inferior species of 'hewers of wood and drawers of water'; they have been living outside civilized reality, were (and still are) 'living outside world history' (Hegel): they have no spiritual essence, no intellectual capacities.

    Past European and North American ruling class arrogance and racism - which today are living on in the "international corporate crime syndicates" (Jane Buergermeister) -  knew (and more than ever know) no limits.

    Worse even, bombarded with racist propaganda, for example, big lies and hoaxes against the Arab peoples, the majority of global workers, especially those living in metropolitan countries, has internalized this social racism, they have developed inferiority complexes; they even believe in all this racist terrorist crap. Even in Libya Gaddafi seems to believe in  the United States Bin Laden and Al-Queda propaganda myths.

    Even erudite scholars are falling prey to this avalanche of fascist propaganda, 'information' and 'news', which are coming from the Murdoch empire and the already existing post-Orwellian 'One World (United States) Government'. To affirm corporate globalization all over we could find galaxies of 'information'. To defend emancipation, to negate corporate terrorism, to know the truth about Venezuela and Libya, we have to look for needles in the global burning haystacks, in the wild bush fires, in the white clouds of phosphorous rain over Falujah and Gaza, and in the 'chemtrails' over NATO countries and even over Brazil and South Africa.

    For Africa to be able to annihilate racism and capitalism, it never was a matter of grabbing a gun, then to disappear in the next jungle, and to kill the enemy forces. In this way we could never stop Microsoft, Murdoch, the Pentagon and NASA.

    The liberation struggle against global racism and apartheid has to be carried out on all fronts

    Nearly three decades ago, in 1983, the reporter of 'Cuadernos del Tercer Mundo' (Mexico), German Wettstein, made an interview with me in Mérida (Venezuela) titled "It is the moment to attack". Later Wettstein came to the conclusion that I was a 'true academic guerrilla'.

    However, in this interview I tried to explain the modern liberatory quintessence of the contemporary quo vadis of Humania South.  I explained central issues pertaining to a future radical emancipatory approach with regard to the coming global self-defense of our oppressed peoples. Concerning the organization of a working people's international, I explained that the liberation struggle against global racism and apartheid has to be carried out on all fronts. Then already I underlined the central role which "economic and technological guerrillas" will have to play. in future socialist struggles. (4) To read the Spanish version of this interview, click the link in the footnote.

    Whether we like it or not, after the massacre of the guerrilla leader Raul Reyes Reyes in Ecuador by the United States military forces, and with Venezuela soon totally encircled by Yankee military bases, we will have no option but to consider new tactics and strategies of self-defense. After Libya, we may be next on the NATO list of global military targets. We cannot wait that they fetch us one by one, at least, humanity has the cosmic obligation to perish proudly in upward gait, in legitimate fighting for life, for emancipation.

    Today, thanks to the small mercy of the Pentagon for having granted us the wonderful gift, the internet, as a means of trying to disseminate the truth about global reality. However, beware, in imperialism freedom is slavery, no capitalist good is free, this is too good to be true ... soon this Janus-headed gift will be totally restricted.

    In the current information wars which are raging everywhere, in Libya, North Africa and the Middle East, our beloved toy, the internet, was switched off, anytime it could be taken away from us again, at the earliest when it has fulfilled its purpose of global surveillance, of mind and thought control of Love for 'Big Brother'.

    The current nuclear disaster in Japan, like the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is marking the crossing of the Rubicon: to Barbarism or to Human Emancipation?

    In the epoch of the total collapse of world capitalism, in the era of multiple world wars, why is this mega-disaster happening now, and why in an imperialist country? Will it save world capitalism?

    (1) For more information about 'Education for Barbarism', see: Franz J. T. Lee, Anatomy of Apartheid in Southern Africa, An Alexander Defense Committee Publication. Newfile:///C:/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/Franz%20Lee/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/Internet%20Explorer/Quick%20Launch/Desktop%20anzeigen.scf York, 1966.
    (2) William Shakespeare (1564-1616), Hamlet, act 1, sc. 5, l. 164-7.
    (3) See: http///www.jstor.org/stable/1595839
    (4) For the complete interview, see:  http://www.franzlee.org.ve/marxengels16.html


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