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    Invasion of Iraq: Who cares how many 'camel drivers' are being massacred in Iraq...?
    Thursday, August 12 @ 16:46:39 UTC
    Iraqis ProtestCapitalist Education for Barbarism vs Human Emancipation in the Epoch of Globalization

    By Franz J. T. Lee
    August 12, 2010

    Over the last decades, here in Venezuela and elsewhere, we have learned the hard way that nothing that capitalists and their loyal followers do or say is innocent or naive. Somewhere there is always hidden a quid pro quo. Education in global imperialism is not to liberate or to inform anybody about anything human, humane or humanist, especially it is not to emancipate the billions of 'speaking tools' (Aristotle), that is, not to enlighten the modern, already by and large, docile, ignorant wage-slaves. Global 'correct', ruling class education, generated and controlled by the 'Hitlerite' think tanks, by the State, by the 'Ministry of Education' that is, by the Orwellian 'Ministry of Love', massively aids in the capitalist production, distribution, consumption and destruction of wares; it helps to realize capital and super profits, but it also serves ideologically to destroy natural and social resources in times of social crisis or economic collapse, of open fascism.

    Our problem is that in the case of '9/11' or of the 'British Petroleum crime against humanity', we are exempting our 'great leaders', our Democratic and Republican elites, from the well-deserved punishment for crimes committed by ever telling more and more political and economic Big Lies. We elevate them to 'sainthood', of being incapable of committing mega-crimes against humanity. Whether they enslave and kill fifty or hundred millions of Africans, kill a million 'commies' in Indonesia, kill and maim over a hundred and fifty million workers, gypsies, Africans, Marxists and Jews in two imperialist world wars, kill a million Arabs and Palestinians over the last decades and now, who knows, are perhaps conspiring again to reduce world poverty by reducing more millions of the poorest of the poor to dust.

    The victims of capitalism, holding hands, forming an endless human chain, would go many times around the equator of planet earth and would even reach the moon.

    Of this human chain alone the millions of victims of the reign of terror of King Leopold and Co. in the Belgian Congo and those of the recent Hutu and Tutsi massacres in Africa would be sufficient to go many times around the globe.

    The magnitude of 'historic' capital and cardinal crimes of homo homini lupus borders on the unimaginable, especially it cannot be grasped by a totally manipulated and indoctrinated mind.

    If billions of workers would know what is really happening to them in globalization, as George Bush Sr. has already feared, near all 'white houses' there would not remain a single lamp post unoccupied.

    Rulers are very lucky, this will not happen, because official education assures that people should never learn to think! And without thinking and acting emancipation is not possible.

    Now we could imagine what Fidel Castro so seriously was warning about lately, that is, about 'a possible nuclear war', about a major killing event in the Gulf of Mexico.

    And still NATO is considering to bomb Iran to blazes or even to invade Venezuela!

    As indicated before, all these crimes are carelessly exempted by nearly all of us, if we do and say nothing against their perpetrators. After all, 'democratically and peacefully' we are voting our 'great leaders' into power and, of course, we believe that they represent our interests.
    While still alive, millions in the Gulf region should ask and try to answer the following or similar questions:

    *Who or what really rules the USA and the world with a terrorist iron fist?

    * Is President Barack Obama or is British Petroleum, ... as part of Corporate America, of the 'One World Government' ...  ruling in the USA?

    * With few exceptions, did we really vote the international corporations, a belligerent crime syndicate,  into power all across the globe? If not, then why this horrible global scenario?

    * Why this colossal degree of global criminality and immunity?

    * Why this huge monopoly of violence by State order?

    * How deep is our love for criminality and terror? Are we really educated?

    * Is terrorist violence being impregnated into the tender minds of our beloved kids already at a very early age, in the kindergarten or in primary education?

    What we are being told about the oil disasters in the Gulf of Mexico and the Niger Delta as usual has very little to do with the truth. In all walks of capitalist society we are permanently besieged by religion, ideology, lies, hoaxes, indoctrination and manipulation, especially by sophisticated subliminal technology and devices.

    Concerning the latter, as Frantz Fanon explained, via colonial education, in Humania South, we have already been mentally mutilated and violated. The Mental Holocaust was launched across many channels, inter alia, by means of clever Caribbean 'Nancy' and other fancy children stories, Christian parables, everlasting commandments, refined sermons on the mountain tops, strange miracles at epicurean festivals, patriarchal racist prayers, cruel revelations of 'end times', second death and hell fire accompanied by 'weeping and gnashing of teeth', double standard 'love' songs, feudal obscurantist fairy tales and ideological nursery rhymes.

    Concerning the latter, as stated above, already in the kindergarten or primary education, the foundations are being constructed of what later we would so readily accept as the biblical 'gospel truths' and would staunchly follow our messianic 'great leaders' and believe in authoritarian and totalitarian structures and hoaxes like '9/11', or even of the one and only oil 'leak' in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Simply by using its magic propaganda wand, in the style of Goebbels and Goering, British Petroleum drilled for oil in a most dangerous region, caused a leak, then it closed the hole again, made the tons of barrels of oil disappear from the eyes of the public and every body is content now and would live happily hereafter forever more. In reality millions live on a huge explosive tsunami of oil and of benzene and methane gas which has a volume the size of Mount Everest; the time-bomb is ticking loud and fast, not only for the Gulf, but for the whole planet.

    Under imperialism who ever cared how many 'niggers' or 'coolies' would perish?

    Under globalization, who cares how many 'camel drivers' are being massacred in Iraq, Afghanistan or in Palestine?

    Where should the poor people of the Gulf region go? To the special camps of containment?

    Yes, proudly parents show family members how brilliant their kids are and how they could repeat all the words of the rosary or sing all sorts of nursery rhymes, namely, the forerunners of the coming indoctrinating comic strips and video war games. In reality, as kids we were already being trained to accept capitalism and violent acts, like a brave cowboy regularly to gulp down a 'Bloody Mary' in a desert tavern, or just for the fun of it, to 'cut the tails of 'three blind mice' with a butcher's knife' (see below).

    In other words, as kids by means of primary education, we are already being trained to have the appropriate 'mind-set' to become possible military recruits as 'cannon fodder' for future wars, 'death squads' or paramilitary forces. This is what Hitler meant by totally controlling child education and to train promising youth to become part of 'ignorant' toiling masses.

    Before continuing with the real apocalyptic drama in the Gulf region, allow me to give a personal example of colonial education that shows how early the seeds of capitalism are being sown in the delicate minds of innocent youth. Not even a simple nursery rhyme is void of capitalist ideology.

    At the age of ten, in Apartheid South Africa, attending the British 'Poplar Farm School in the Herschel District of the Cape Province, I had to learn the 'Humpty Dumpty' nursery rhyme by heart. I was too young and still too ignorant about the origin and history of colonial fairy tales and folklore.

    Till today this nursery rhyme, like so many other colonial songs and stories, is imprinted into my mind:
    "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the King's horses, And all the King's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again!"

    However, having an inquisitive mind, I wondered about Humpty Dumpty, what or who he was, why he fell and why all the King's men "couldn't put Humpty together again!"

    Two decades later, while studying in West Germany, fighting against 'Education for Barbarism' (Isaac B. Tabata), while doing research work for my doctorate in Frankfurt on the Main, my tutor, Professor Dr. Iring Fetscher at explained to us the origin and historical background of this nursery rhyme.

    We learned from various sources that 'Humpty Dumpty' was a colloquial word used in 15th century England pejoratively to designate a fat, but perhaps also a lazy, decadent and extravagant person.
    However, the relevant question here is
    what was Humpty Dumpty?

    Historically this term reflects the falling of European feudalism, of the nobility and clergy, and of the coming into power of modern capitalism, of the upsurging 'democratic' bourgeoisie, of a new  dominant mode of production and destruction,  in the 17th and 18th centuries,

    Specifically, it was the name of an unusually big canon which was stationed on the wall of St. Mary's Wall Church in Chesterton, England, which was helping to protect the  city. During the British civil war (1642 - 1649), temporally the 'Royalists', the 'King's men', besieged Gloucester.

    It was not possible to put the canon back into its original place. Eventually, mutatis mutandi, the 'Parliamentarians' (the upcoming capitalist democratic bourgeoisie) triumphed over the 'Royalists'  (over the falling nobility). Historically, the following occurred:

    "A shot from a Parliamentary canon succeeded in damaging the wall underneath Humpty Dumpty causing the canon to fall to the ground. The Royalists 'all the King's men' attempted to raise Humpty Dumpty on to another part of the wall but even with the help of ' all the King's horses' failed in their task and Chesterton fell to the Parliamentarians after a siege lasting eleven weeks. (1)

    At a young age, in South Africa, what really struck me was the cruelty of another nursery rhyme, the 'Three Blind Mice':
    "Three blind mice, three blind mice,
    See how they run, see how they run,
    They all ran after the farmer's wife,
    Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
    Did you ever see such a thing in your life,
    As three blind mice?"
    Also this rhyme has nothing to do with education of the youth, it is also based in British capitalist history.

    "The 'farmer's wife' refers to the daughter of King Henry VIII, Queen Mary I. Mary was a staunch Catholic and her violent persecution of Protestants led to the nickname of 'Bloody Mary'. The reference to 'farmer's wife' in Three blind mice refers to the massive estates which she, and her husband King Philip of Spain, possessed. " (2)

    Like today, in those days before the Industrial Revolution (1830) in Europe it was still 'the best of times', but it was also already 'the worst of times' (Charles Dickens). At the turn of the 18th century earthly fate all depended on the historic mood of the 'weltgeist', of the world spirit, that is, whether capitalists were heading  towards heavenly bliss and whether noblemen were losing their heads under the guillotine or were still burnt at the feudal stake.

    At that time openly capitalists were making the revolution, across Europe brutally class struggles were raging between Clergy and Nobility; violent battles raged between Church and State,  between Catholics (feudalism) and Protestants (capitalism). Within this revolutionary turmoil who were the 'three blind mice' that 'Bloody Mary' was persecuting as Dark Age 'terrorists', and what was their 'crime', their final fate? It seems that ruling class justice against contenders has not changed much since those days of yore.

    "The 'three blind mice' were three noblemen who adhered to the Protestant faith who were convicted of plotting against the Queen - she did not have them dismembered and blinded as inferred in Three blind mice - but she did have them burnt at the stake! (3)

    Another nursery rhyme which also features 'Bloody Mary' which we had to recite at school was 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary!' Of course, the crown of it all is the rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons', the Bells of St, Clement's, nowadays also in video. The guillotine, fear, is being installed and instilled into the mind of the child: just imagine before visiting Alice in Wonderland, a mother says good-night to her kid and sings to her the following: "Here comes a Candle to light you to Bed Here comes a Chopper to Chop off your Head ... !" (4)

    Now, enough about emerging capitalism, about Queen Mary, saints, churches, fear, butchers, choppers and blood.

    Why did we introduce this article with the simple analysis of nursery rhymes? For Venezuela or the inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico, what is the importance of recollecting such examples of subtle, surreptitious ideological invasions of the human mind and also the systematic destruction of intellectual and theoretical capacities?

    Of ultra-importance is to wake up, to remind ourselves of our own beautiful daydreams of youth, our natural rhymes and stories, our attacks against 'Bloody Mary', alias 'Big Brother', who is cutting off the tails of 'blind mice', who live in Louisiana or Port Harcourt.

    To begin to solve any problems we have to ask questions. Asking questions has not yet fallen under the ax of apartheid, of Orwellian 'thoughtcrime'. Rest assured the coming 'one world government' will honor  us such a patriotic act, with 'educational' laws against 'terrorist thoughts'.  However, as Marx pointed out: A problem only turns up when its solution is also in sight.
    To get emancipatory answers, here are simple samples of questions which we could ask, and to which we should give our very own organizational answers and solutions of, by and for ourselves:

    * Like so many other similar genocidal events, was also the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster made to happen on purpose?

    * Could there be a military connection between the HAARP projects, the Haiti earthquake and the damage of the sea bed of the Gulf of Mexico?

    * Were the British Petroleum oil well installations perhaps attacked as a preventive measure by one of the major contenders for world power, for a 'One World Government'? Were perhaps the plans for multiple NATO military attacks on the 'axis of evil' foiled?

    * Any conscientious student of fascism and of the theories of fascism, especially of the latest varieties, of Zionism and Apartheid, could note that the USA inexorably is marching at top speed towards the worst global fascism that the world ever would experience. What will happen to billions of unemployed, poor, sick, starving, migrating workers?

    * In fact, the current 'military humanism', armed to its teeth with arsenals and stockpiles of lethal, fatal and mortal arms of mass destruction,  and its 'full spectrum dominance' doctrine is tantamount to a de facto military coup in the USA. Who and what can still halt this coming global fascism?

    * Are the Big Earthquake of Haiti and the Gulf Oil Leak being used for the planned purposes of military humanism and of full spectrum dominance on the American continent? ?

    * Already Costa Rica, Haiti, Honduras, Curacao, the Gulf of Mexico, Colombia and other regions of Central and South America are already militarized by the USA. Do millions of oppressed and exploited workers still care about the coming military world government? Or is the overwhelming part of mankind already totally mind and thought controlled?

    As indicated, already Hitler explained what is 'total war', full spectrum dominance: by means of manipulative and indoctrinating education to control the minds and thoughts of the masses of workers. If education works, then rulers could sleep in peace. As Hitler said: Good Lucky for rulers that people do not think! Obviously, the beginning of the solution to all our man-made problems is to start thinking again, or for the first time in our lives.

    What to think, what to do, what to surpass towards real, true Human Emancipation, we have to discover all these of, by and for ourselves.

    This writing is meant as delicious food for thought, and if music is the food for real, true human love, then play on!
    (1) See: http://www.famousquotes.me.uk/nursery_rhymes/humpty_dumpty.htm
     (2) See: http://www.rhymes.org.uk/three_blind_mice.htm
     (3) Ibid.
     (4) See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdy_B2zDQJs


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