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Archive December 2001

¤ Year's Most Outrageous Examples of Media Bias Dec 31
¤ Argentina Names Provisional Leader Dec 31
¤ NYC Braces for New Year's Eve Party Dec 31
¤ Euro Arrives in 12 EU Nations Dec 31
¤ Six armed Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza Dec 31
¤ US bombers kill 100 Afghan civilians Dec 31
¤ India, Pakistan Rattle Their Nukes Dec 30
¤ Africa Displays Some of Its 'Faces' in US Capital Dec 30
¤ Argentina's Interim Leader Resigns Dec 30
¤ Death Toll Passes 276 in Peru Fire Dec 30
¤ We may never find bin Laden, Bush concedes Dec 30
¤ BBC hires detective agency to fight £6m libel action Dec 30
¤ 100 Feared Dead in Peru Market Fire Dec 30
¤ Bush calls for probe into Enron Dec 29
¤ U.S. Forces Facing Long Afghan Stay, President Asserts Dec 29
¤ New protests in Argentina BBC Dec 29
¤ Buffalo Digs Out From Snowstorm Dec 28
¤ Sydney Devastated by Wild Fires Dec 28
¤ Somalia's president called on the US not to attack Dec 28
¤ Seven Killed in NYC Accident Dec 28
¤ Zambia's Election Too Close to Call Dec 28
¤ China Moves Troops to Diffuse Indian War Threat Dec 28
¤ Climatic catastrophes strike as US freezes, Australia fries Dec 28
¤ Bush's proclamation on China's permanent trade status Dec 27
¤ Coalition allies lament: It's still 'America first' Dec 27
¤ Hit US economy, urges Bin Laden Dec 27
¤ Al-Jazeera TV Airs Bin Laden Tape Dec 26
¤ India, Pakistan Prepare for War Dec 26
¤ Stop American Billions for Israeli Bombs Dec 26
¤ Details Emerge on Shoe Bomb Suspect Dec 25
¤ Is that a star over Bethlehem, or an Apache? Dec 25
¤ Pakistan military warns of nuclear conflict with India Dec 25
¤ Argentina to default on $132bn debts Dec 25
¤ Israel issues ultimatum to Arafat Dec 25
¤ Troops mass on India-Pakistan border Dec 25
¤ Kill the globo cop biz before it kills the USA Dec 24
¤ Nigeria AG and Minister of Justice shot dead Dec 24
¤ Russians Grill Putin on Live Television Dec 24
¤ Arthur Miller accuses Bush of abusing civil rights Dec 22
¤ Bush backs IMF austerity measures for Argentina BBC Dec 22
¤ Israel Prevents Arafat From Visiting Bethlehem Dec 22
¤ Bush Predicts 'War Year' in 2002 Dec 21
¤ WHO says Central Africa's Ebola outbreak at peak Dec 21
¤ U.S. economy shrinks at 1.3% rate Dec 21
¤ Canada: Prices take biggest drop in 42 years Dec 21
¤ China Supplied arms ao Al-Qaeda after Sept 11 Dec 21
¤ Argentina collapses into chaos, President quits Dec 20
¤ Argentina on the brink of collapse Dec 20
¤ Funeral Operator Accused of Dumping Corpses in Woods Dec 20
¤ Argentinian cabinet resigns after 16 die in riots Dec 20
¤ Windows Vulnerable to Hack Attacks Dec 20
¤ Ebola Death Toll In Gabon Hits 16 Dec 19
¤ State of Siege Declared in Argentina Dec 19
¤ Mugabe: Pending US Sanctions Are An Insult Dec 19 - (Comment)
¤ Argentina Police Storm City Hall Dec 19
¤ India's prime minister says war is under discussion Dec 19
¤ Haiti Cops Search for Conspirators Dec 18
¤ Five Family Members Killed in Cuba Dec 18
¤ U.S. Again Placing Focus on Ousting Hussein Dec 18
¤ Fire damages landmark cathedral Dec 18
¤ Judge throws out Abu-Jamalís sentence Dec 18
¤ Reports of war draw fire to Fox Dec 18
¤ Geraldo Caught In War Tales... Dec 18
¤ Ventura Says He's Disappointed With Bush's Stance... Dec 18
¤ US Puts Premium On Research For New Weapons Dec 18
¤ Israel charges EU aid going directly to Arafat Dec 18
¤ Wind may explain mystery anthrax cases Dec 18
¤ Apparent Coup Attempt Foiled In Haiti Dec 17
¤ Prepare for Total War, Mugabe Tells Voters Dec 17
¤ Americans in Haiti urged to stay inside Dec 17
¤ Gunmen attack Haiti palace Dec 17
¤ Osama or CIA's Funniest Home Video? Dec 17
¤ Unpaid Alliance soldiers spark crime wave in Kabul Dec 17
¤ Deal-Making Let Many Leaders of Taliban Escape Dec 17
¤ Mossad Chief: Iran Developing Nukes Dec 16
¤ Putin warns US over war on terror Dec 16
¤ U.S. set to pump up 'spin' machine Dec 16
¤ Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks Dec 16
¤ Bin-Ladin said to be in Iran Dec 16
¤ Paranoid Americans buy guns to block future attacks Dec 15
¤ Israeli Troops Kill 8 Palestinians in West Bank Dec 15
¤ Ebola spreading rapidly in Gabon: Red Cross Dec 15
¤ Is America riding roughshod over the world? Dec 14
¤ Israeli raids kill six Palestinians Dec 14
¤ Israel pounds Palestinian land Dec 14
¤ Putin: U.S. ABM Withdrawal a 'Mistake' Dec 13
¤ US Army Lab Produced Anthrax Since 1992 Dec 13
¤ Arafat in hiding as Israel launches massive attacks Dec 13
¤ Bush Invokes Executive Privilege Dec 13
¤ 'Eleven dead' in Delhi parliament attack Dec 13
¤ Israel hits back after bus shooting Dec 12
¤ Palestinian militants kill eight on Israeli bus Dec 12
¤ Israeli air strikes kill four in Gaza Dec 12
¤ US To Withdraw From Missile Pact Dec 12
¤ Iran Judiciary Closes Newspapers Dec 12
¤ India Tests New Missile Dec 12
¤ Loyalty Oath Urged For Uk Immigrants Dec 12
¤ China demands return of its terror fighters Dec 12
¤ Man charged over attacks on US Dec 11
¤ Powell loses power over Pentagon Dec 11
¤ Once lost, these freedoms will be impossible to restore Dec 11
¤ Ebola Virus Deaths Rise to 11 in Gabon Dec 11
¤ Lots of wars on terror Dec 10
¤ Israeli Missiles Kill Two Boys in West Bank Dec 10
¤ BA crisis as 10,000 face axe Dec 09
¤ US jobless at six-year high Dec 09
¤ Beijing videos glorifies attacks on 'arrogant' US Dec 09
¤ US targets Somalia in hunt for al-Qaeda Dec 09
¤ South Africa Gets Tough On Zimbabwe Dec 07
¤ Arafat Accuses US of Pro-Israel Bias Dec 07
¤ Israeli F-16s hit Gaza police compound Dec 07
¤ Congo Fever Death Toll Rises to 28 Dec 07
¤ What Have Governments Done to Stop Slavery? Dec 07
¤ Taleban surrender last stronghold Dec 07
¤ Danger of war as Arafat hits at Hamas Dec 07
¤ Hamas supporters clash with Palestinian police Dec 06
¤ Up to 35 shot at Indiana industrial park U.S.A. Dec 06
¤ Taliban leader to surrender Kandahar Dec 06
¤ Congress Must Challenge Moves By Ashcroft Dec 06
¤ Hamas stands its ground Dec 06
¤ Ethiopians Hope To Recover Looted Treasures Dec 06
¤ Kurds Oppose Bombing, Sanctions Against Iraq Dec 05
¤ Civil rights, legal groups sue over secret detentions Dec 05
¤ Missile blasts leave Arafat the master of nothing Dec 05
¤ Five hurt as suicide bomber hits Jerusalem Dec 05
¤ They ran for their lives through a field of death Dec 05
¤ Email virus 'worse than lovebug' Dec 04
¤ Two Palestinians killed in attacks Dec 04
¤ Israel Unleashes More Airstrikes Dec 04
¤ Israel attacks Arafat HQ Dec 04
¤ Arafat risks civil war by ordering dozens of arrests Dec 04
¤ Argentina close to collapse after run on banks Dec 03
¤ US bombs hit wrong target for second time in two days Dec 03
¤ Bush Team Seeks Broader Surveillance Powers Dec 02
¤ Bush orders backing for rebels to topple Saddam Dec 02
¤ African Artifacts Suggest an Earlier Modern Human Dec 02
¤ 12 Killed in Jerusalem Blast Dec 01
¤ Fatal errors that led to massacre Dec 01

¤ New World Disorder: War is peace. Now we know. Oct 26



The War in Afghanistan
Posted: Sunday, December 30, 2001

Excerpted from Lakdawala lecture, New Delhi

By Noam Chomsky

The threat of international terrorism is surely severe. The horrendous events of Sept. 11 had perhaps the most devastating instant human toll on record, outside of war. The word "instant" should not be overlooked; regrettably, the crime is far from unusual in the annals of violence that falls short of war. The death toll may easily have doubled or more within a few weeks, as miserable Afghans fled -- to nowhere -- under the threat of bombing, and desperately-needed food supplies were disrupted; and there were credible warnings of much worse to come. Full Article

The Rape of Afghanistan

By Rasil Basu

An unexpected fall-out of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon was the sudden concern of the American and other governments with the plight of Afghan women. Full Article

Mugabe seeks more oil from Libya
Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2001

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is in Libya for talks with Colonel Gadaffi on possible further aid to help ease Zimbabwe's crippling fuel shortages.

The Zimbabwean Energy and Transport Minister, Edward Chindori-Chininga, who is accompanying Mr Mugabe, said that under a deal agreed earlier this year, Libya was supplying 70% of Zimbabwe's fuel requirements. Full Article

Neighbours back Mugabe

Violence associated with Zimbabwe's land reform programme is declining and the government is committed to holding free and fair elections, according to Southern African ministers.

The ministers also repeated their opposition to sanctions at the Southern African Development Community meeting in Angola's capital city, Luanda. Full Article

Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support - Report
Posted: Monday, December 10, 2001

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A court in Sweden has ruled that a man who donated sperm for artificial insemination, enabling a lesbian couple to have three children, must pay child support after the two women separated, a Swedish newspaper reported on Sunday. Full Article 

Rep. Ron Paul's Heroic Address On The 'War On Terrorism'
Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2001

"The world today is being asked to side with the U.S. in a fight against global terrorism. This is only a cover. The world is being asked today, in reality, to side with the U.S. as it seeks to strengthen its economic hegemony. This is neither acceptable nor will it be allowed. We must forge together to state that we are neither with the terrorists nor with the United States." Full Article 

The dream of replacing Arafat
Posted: Wednesday, December 5, 2001

by Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian
Is Ariel Sharon trying to kill Yasser Arafat? Can this be the policy of the prime minister of Israel, to kill the man renowned the world over as Mr Palestine, symbol of an entire nation? Full Article

Consenting apartheid
Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2001

by Matthew Taylor Guardian UK
Riots in Britain's towns and cities, the growth in racist violence, the apparent rejection by some British Muslims of the values and policies of their chosen country; all this appears to suggest the failure of the liberal dream and of its translation into the policy and practice of multiculturalism. As our idealism fades, so we turn increasingly to the law to enforce attitudes that we once might have hoped to have instilled. Full Article

The Vanishing Evidence of Classical African Civilizations
by Prof. Ampim