Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Exposing Rome's imperial religious supremacy
- Part 2

Constantine's Aryan legacy

Exposing Rome's papal geo-political supremacy - Part 1

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
June 01, 2005

"Constantine the Great" was born in 274 A.D. and after the death of his father, Constantius Chlorus in 306, he was proclaimed emperor.

Romans believed that "God, the supreme governor of the world, by his own will, appointed Constantine to be prince and sovereign."

In 313 A.D., Constantine, "who had been previously a man of no religion, is said to have embraced Christianity" and thus became "the first Christian emperor of the Roman World."

"An Egyptian (probably Hosius, Bishop of Cordova in Spain) came to Rome and instructed the emperor upon the nature of Christianity."

IN 321 A.D., emperor Constantine decreed the general observance of Sunday as the Lord's Day, namely, "Dies Solis"--- the "Day of the Sun or Sun's day."

"He enjoined on all the subjects of the Roman Empire to observe the Lord's Day as a day of rest." "It was not generally called 'Sunday' before this time; probably, never so called."

Constantine then deceptively "claimed Apollo, the Sun-God as his patron and even after becoming a Christian, he stamped Apollo's image on one side of his coin and the initials of Christ on the other."

The fact of the matter is that Constantine's derived "Apollo, the Sun-God" is nothing but the true, original, ancient (B.C. era) Afrikan-Kemetic-Egyptian Deity, Heru, the Son of Ausar and Aset/Ist who was re-named Apollo by the Euro- Greeks and Romans.

This is blatant, unadulterated, unmitigated Euro-Roman religious thievery, malfeasance and supremacy at its maximum.

However, at the beginning of his rule, the burning question hanging over the empire was whether "the Hindu Krishna should prevail over the Druidic Hesus or whether both should be worshipped accordingly or whether they should be united and molded into one God."

Emperor Constantine initially attempted to deal with this thorny issue by proposing the adoption of both Gods. This solution failed and "the arguments of the Bishops finally became so hostile between the factions that Constantine summoned the leading Bishops of the sects to meet in Council at Nicea and consider the matter."

This Council met at Nicea (modern-day Turkey) between 25 May- 25 August 325 A.D. and was attended by 1,800 Bishops.

Of the 1,800 Bishops present, only 300 supported Constantine's vile scheme on the first vote. Constantine became furious.

The leader of the opposition to Constantine's chicanery was Bishop Arius. So great was the opposition in this putative Holy Christian Council that Constantine was forced to call on his Roman guards to restore order.

Ergo, with directions from the Emperor, the armed Roman guards summarily rose up and excommunicated Arius and his 1,500 followers. They were taken from the Holy Chamber and sent into exile by the edict of Constantine.

After Arius and his 1,500 supporters had been driven and expelled from the Council of Nicea, Constantine's vicious scheme was presented to the 300 Bishops who supported it and it received "unanimous approval."

The stark reality is that as a result of Constantine's skullduggery, the 300 Bishops who finally voted "to unite the names of the two chief Gods were a set of illiterate, simple men who understood nothing much."

Furthermore, "it was these ignorant prelates, subject to all kinds of motives, to fear of being branded heretics, their desire to agree with the Emperor and win his favor, anxiety to close the angry proceedings that finally, by their votes, decided under duress that the world should accept and receive the name of the New God who would lead the New Religious System known as Christianity."

"That's how Christendom got its Christ Jesus, saviour of the world who washed us from our sins in his own blood."

Ergo, Jesus "The Christ" was made saviour of the world by Man; he was not born saviour of the world per Immaculate Conception.

The fact of the matter is that most biblical scholars agree that "Jesus 'The Christ' was a person of colour." However, "Biblical scholars cannot agree on the date of the birth of Jesus 'The Christ' but they know he was not born on 25th December."

The Roman imperial religious supremacist reality is that "that date was agreed upon by the Bishops who attended the Nicean Conference in 332 A.D. because it commemorated the birth of the Sun and the Son of God ( the original Afrikan Deity,Amun-Ra), thousands of years before the birth of Jesus the Christ."

Constantine's ultimate religious supremacist act occurred in 333 A.D. when he decreed "Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and ordered the closing of all Egyptian Temples, in an attempt to eradicate any and all competing religious systems."

As such, the original Afrikan spiritual Trinity of Ausar, Aset and Heru (re-named Osiris, Isis and Horus by the Euro-Greeks), which pre-existed circa 4,100 years, was replaced with a derived Euro-Christian religious Trinity consisting of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

The fact of the matter is that Emperor Constantine's Aryan legacy is that under his imperial religious supremacy, Rome functioned as the most potent outpost of religious tyranny; he decreed Christianity as the supreme religion.

Constantine's hegemonic dictum epitomizes the apocalyptic prophecy enshrined in the Holy Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, paragraph 14 as follows: "Then, the Lord said unto me, Out of the North (Rome) an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land." This prophecy has indeed come to pass.

Truth Be Told: Christianity had its early beginnings/development in Mother Afrika and "the most tragic thing that happened to Christianity occurred when the (Euro-) Romans, who had been burning people alive for being Christians, became Christians themselves."

At this crucial juncture in world's religious history, even Christianity was no longer sacrosanct ; the Euro-Romans transformed it into a potent Weapon of Mass Destruction(WMD).

And when Christianity left Mother Afrika and came to Father Europe, "it was not Christianity any more but Christendom. Now, there is a difference between Christianity and Christendom."

In its original, pure Afrikan form, "Christianity is a religion." In its derived, contaminated European form, "Christendom is a political instrument."

All Christianity has ever meant to Europeans, beginning with the Romans, is to be used and manipulated as a political-power-control tool/weapon.. It has been their geo-political, genocidal weapon/apparatus for their global, imperialist expansion, enslavement, colonialization and the callous, insane, etnocentric and zenophobic rationale for every crime that they have committed against any people at any time.

Euro-Christendom now operates under the sobriquet of Globalization; the United States has only replaced Rome as the global Euro-Numero Uno.

Truth Be Told: Afrikan peoples are the mothers and fathers of human civilization and we introduced the foundation of human knowledge, order, justice, balance and harmony to the world.

One must understand that history and humanity are dialectically linked and that the greater grasp one has of one's history, the greater grasp one has of one's humanity.

What Constantine viciously sought to do was not only to dehumanize Afrikan peoples and to delete the Afrikan origin of Christianity but also to portray Afrikans as a non- historic people.

This is the overt manifestation of the evil genius of Rome's imperial religious Third Reich regime at its zenith.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani Labour College.

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