Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Exposing Rome's papal geo-political supremacy
- Part 1

Colour of smoke does matter

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
May 08, 2005

Now that the conclave of 115 Cardinals have elected German-Bavaria-born Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XV1) as the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church, certain aspects of the selection process need to be examined along with the exposure of the past geo-political supremacist history of the Church.

At the outset, it must be noted that the modus operandi of the papal selection process dictates that when "Black smoke rises from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican" it indicates a "no choice" decision among the Cardinals; however, when White smoke rises , it indicates " a choice" in the decision to select a new Pope.

In other words, the racist "Black Box" syndrome/scenario/ mind-set in relation to a plane crash is visibly and deeply entrenched in the Euro- Vatican hierarchy.

The fact of the matter is that the papal decision-making process smacks of European supremacy at its zenith. . Ergo, the Euro-Roman Catholic Church is ossifying and perpetuating the supremacist notion that the colour Black is associated with any and everything that is ugly, sinful, powerless, negative, wrong, inferior, illegal and indecisive, while the colour White is associated with any and everything that is beautiful, pure, holy, powerful, superior ,legal, positive, right and decisive.

To all intent and purposes, the Vatican's zenophobic conclusion is that the colour Black is an aberration, anathema , anachronism, while the colour White is the norm, standard, model for effective religious governance.

This papal decision-making process supports the contention that Christianity/Roman Catholicism is one of the nine potent weapons in the armoury of Europeans to destroy, decimate and annihilate Afrikan peoples.

If the Euro- Roman Catholic Church wants to shed this etnocentric label/image, then, during the selection for the next Pope, Red smoke should indicate a "no choice" decision among the Cardinals and Green smoke should indicate "Habemus papam, Habemus papam",--- "we have a pope."

Moreover, Jewish human rights groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, has publicly praised the new Pope as a "friend of the Jewish people" and his "anti-Nazi roots".

While all these accolades may be valid and apropos, one needs to "look below the surface" as it relates to the unholy , supremacist geo-political history of the Roman Catholic Church and Afrikan peoples.

Let us recall that it was the European Christian Roman Catholic Pope Nicholas V who on 8 January 1455, per his Papal Bull titled "Romanus Pontifex", authorized fellow European Portuguese "to subject to servitude all infidel peoples."

This papal dictum both legalized and religiously sanctioned the enslavement of Afrikan peoples by Europeans in the name of God. This is so because in religious matters, the Pope is infallible; ipso facto, a Papal Bull is the "word of God."

On 13 March 1456, Pope Nicholas V's Papal Bull titled "Inter Caetera" granted to Prince Henry of Portugal "all lands discovered or conquered in Africa, to and including the Indies."

And in a Papal Bull also titled "Inter Caetera" dated 3 May 1493, Spanish-born Pope Alexander V1 granted to the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella "as their personal property and peculiar responsibility, rights in the countries discovered by Columbus as were enjoyed by Portugal in Africa."

These two papal dicta both legalized and sanctioned the initial colonialisation of Afrikan peoples by Europeans, beginning with the Portuguese and Spanish.

It must also be recalled that the Pope of Rome was the most powerful person on planet-earth in the 15th century.

Hence, it need occasion no great surprise that when the two European global superpowers, Portugal and Spain, were at each other's throats in regard to global control and dominance, they went to the Pope of Rome to prevent a war between them.

Thus, on 8 June 1494, Pope Alexander V1 ratified the Treaty of Tordesillas whereby he decreed that all lands discovered West of the imaginary demarcation line he drew across the earth went to Spain and lands discovered to the East were given to Portugal.

As a result of this papal dictatorial, geo-political decision in the 15th century, Afrikans in Brazil speak Portuguese today.

The afore-mentioned therefore speaks volumes as to the subversive, licentious, contemptuous, nefarious, psychopathic and diabolical alliance/collusion between the European Christian Roman Catholic Church and major European global powers in the enslavement and imperialistic colonialisation of Afrikan peoples.

It also brings to the fore the stark geo-political reality that the Roman papacy has always been wrapped up in the swaddling clothes of European supremacy --- a phenomenon that now masquerades under the sobriquet of Globalisation.

This, indeed, is the ultimate " manifestation of the evil genius of Europe" and Europeans.

Let us recall that under brutal pressure from the demands of the Renaissance and Reformation Movement in the 15th century, Pope Julius 11 commissioned Michaelangelo to paint the Holy Family in the Sistine Chapel in 1509. Michaelangelo painted his uncle as Joseph, his blonde, blue-eyed aunt as Mary (who suddenly became pure and virgin) and his cousin (who was gay) as Jesus.

As deceased Afro-centric, Afrikan-American historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke correctly asserts: "Europeans not only colonized the world but more importantly, they colonized information about the world, including the image of theAfrikan Gods."

As a result of Pope Julius' 11 papal supremacist geo-political decision, the original Black, Afrikan spiritual Triad of Asuar, Iset and Heru is now portrayed as White, European in their derived Christian, religious form .

The geo-political record also shows that in October 1997, the Roman Catholic Church of France atoned and apologized for its silence and begged "forgiveness for Catholic inaction as (Hitler's) regime sent Jews to their deaths in the '40s."

Now is the time for this new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church to rectify this past shameless, unconscionable, anti-human record by issuing a public "act of contrition" per an Encyclical Letter (aka Papal Bull in 15th century) to atone and apologize for the Church's pivotal, magnanimous and all-inclusive action as fellow Europeans sent over 100 million Afrikans (human beings) to their deaths (particularly during the Middle Passage) over the period of their enslavement.

This period lasted from 1516- 1834(38) in case of Afrikans in the Caribbean and from 1619 -1865 in case of Afrikan-Americans.

Truth Be Told: Why Afrikan peoples still belong to and worship the God of, this supremacist religion of their enslavement , exploitation, oppression, colonialisation and genocidal extinction (Afrikan Holocaust or MAAFA) is the penultimate wonder-question of this millennium.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Dr . Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani Labour College.

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