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Laqtel - The Truth (Read 1609 times)

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Laqtel - The Truth
Mar 6th, 2007 at 8:42am
Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago some questions/statements:

1. Why has TATT allowed Laqtel to continue with operations?
2. Laqtel has not paid employees since December 2006.
3. Why hasn't the media exposed Laqtel?

People are suffering at that company. Please assist.
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Re: Laqtel - The Truth
Reply #1 - Mar 6th, 2007 at 9:03am
An article that was never published by the media:

What a Laq of Intelligence in Telecommunications!
  Please consider the following articles before proceeding.
  There are probably reasons why politicians are who they are. Probably even better
are the reasons why they should keep tight reign on their web-spinning profession.
Outright lies are re-classified as misconceptions; truth becomes relative to the
scenario in which it is presented and wanton disregard for due diligence is
exhibited and passed over as marginally acceptable behavior.
  It should therefore not surprise many, that those who have advised the national
public that “it’s worth the wait” are not themselves worth their salt or better
yet, their weight in dust. Political cheekiness, promises, and lately blatant
allegations of corruption have free rule with this corporate citizen who seems not
to adhere to various honorable or legal business practices; including those which
dictate that a company that cannot meet its financial obligations, least of all to
its employees, should cease to operate.
  Shocking isn’t it, that on December 14th 2006, this said organization hosts a news
conference announcing a new joint venture with fresh financial partners and that
jazz, but weeks later are unable to complete even partial December salary payments
to their entire “skeleton staff” currently being retained. I wonder if the
Ministry of Labor would quietly sweep this under the carpet after considering the
obvious political associations which exist within the firm’s management. Talk
about a next generation telecommunications company!
  Forget that everyone seems to be mute about the fact that the present Chief
Operations Officer is piece of Nortel’s trash. After months of prolonged
investigation by Nortel Networks, the dismissal occurred in mid October 2006;
reportedly as a result of the glaring conflict between Nortel and his alleged
personal/managerial role in this shaky telecom startup (who also happens to be a
Nortel customer). Yes I too have done my requisite research.
  So while the public appreciates the media coverage of the aforementioned
conference, what is really being launched in time for Cricket World Cup 2007....a
mobile network? Can we propose something realistic here...stop wasting the
public’s time! I guess someone is expecting TSTT and Digicel to roll over and play
dead in order to facilitate an organization whose staff with telecoms experience
comprises less than 25% of the entire operational resource.
  I’m appalled that the media hasn’t yet torn this apart for what it’s worth! Aren’t
these corporate scam artists worthy of being nationally exposed for flaunting
illegal behavior as it categorically is? I guess it does pay to have a politician
(or at least a well connected former one) at the head of your organization. Not
like he knows all the facts although it looks like it works out pretty well. I
suppose he’s still under oath about these mysterious financial partners.
  I’d love to see the Harvard Business Review make a fleeting pass across Sackville
Street . No doubt it would make small work of the farce of a board of directors
that seems to convene to sip coffee while being led into making business decisions
that are unfounded and just plain stupid...or are they just that naïve? Beats us
all. Apparently Chairman Mr. Peter Ganteaume doesn’t realize the immense
professional responsibility which rests on his shoulders and threatens to ruin his
otherwise impeccable reputation. Has he forgotten the necessity of “setting a good
standard of governance” as quoted in an interview with the Guardian’s Asha Javeed
in early November 2005? He would do well to take a page from the example of former
CEO Mr. Michael Barrow who resigned in July 2006, well ahead of the chaos and
misrepresentation that has characterized the last 6 months.
  After all attempts to source funding from local banks and financial institutions
have failed – and with due reason – doesn’t it make you wonder why SprintNextel
has no equity investment interests in this operation? The poor Americans may not
have a clue what they’re in for. Either way, probably they’ve been advised by
First Citizens and every other bank in Trinidad and Tobago that this band of merry
men is super efficient at bouncing cheques and accumulating debt. Their employees
as well as major investor CMMB need to follow both SASKTEL and PALTEL....RUN! A
word to the wise is sufficient.
  I hope the media staff covering the Goodwill Insurance developments is ready to
handle another such financial jolt. Perhaps no one has seen the newspapers’ Notice
of Sale by Mortgagee for the 5 Storey Commercial Property located on 38-40
Sackville Street . We take it they’re too busy getting ready for launch!
  The views related herein are solely those of the writer and do not represent that
of any publishing house, media agency or other public or private entity unless
expressly stated. oo
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Re: Laqtel - The Truth
Reply #2 - Mar 6th, 2007 at 9:23am
WOW this topic is getting HOTTER----- please read on:

Extracted from:


On September 6th, 2005 an article by the Barbados DailyNation, first made public the intentions of an attempt by Telecom Holdings Limited, (TH) of Trinidad to purchase Sunbeach Communications Inc. Telecom Holdings Limited as a holdings company of LaqTel Communications, made an offering of US$2.59M, to obtain majority shareholding of the Barbados-based Sunbeach Communications.

As part of the deal, Sunbeach was to remain a mostly Barbadian company, many of the board of directors were promised to remain Barbadian and Sunbeach Communications would continue to be traded on the Barbados Stock Exchange with its over 700 shareholders. Shares of Sunbeach were suspended on the BSE in September, 2004 when they last traded for about $0.55 per share.

Once launched, Sunbeach through LaqTel would be the only CDMA and 3G wireless / mobile provider operting in Barbados. Sunbeach's competition in Barbados includes both Digicel and Cable and Wireless. Since the deal was first announced, AT&T Wireless had changed its name to Cingular and had subsequently exited the Caribbean market, Cingular had then turned existing customers over to Digicel.

To date Laqtel have been unable to raise their financing. They split from their equity partner, SasTel in February 2006 and have been searching for a new partner since then. Their current CEO - Dr. Joseph Laquis, a general practitioner and ex politician is heading the company and Mr. Richard Nixon - ex sales executive from Nortel is their COO.

THE TRUTH ABOUT MR. NIXON --- this is where it gets VERY interesting:

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