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Blood on the Hands of Bush and Blair (Read 362 times)


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Blood on the Hands of Bush and Blair
Aug 17th, 2003 at 1:16am
by Sam Hamod
Dissident Voice
August 16, 2003

As I predicted months ago, the Iraqis will not allow the UK or US to remain in Iraq without major fighting. The real war began the day the US and UK took Baghdad. Many experts aside from myself, who worked with the US State Department, had been warning of this, only to be ignored by Bush, Rumsfeld, Franks and Wolfowitz--as well as the lazy and impotent US Congress, House and Senate. 

Though many top generals and other deserted the Iraqi nation, the people will continue to fight for their freedom and will not allow themselves to be taken over by this new US/UK colonialism, regardless of what Bush and Blair call it. 

Not only this, but Iraq has a very devout religious population of Shi'a and Sunni Muslims who will give up their lives, if necessary, believing that they will be rewarded in heaven if they fight for their family and their homeland. Add to this the thought that it is the return of the "crusaders", the Xians, and the Islamic impetus is extremely strong. This is something that few westerners want to believe, or can even understand; such people as Bush, Rummy, Wolfie and others don't even begin to fathom this belief and commitment on the part of the Iraqis. 

These needless deaths of US and UK youth rests on the bloody hand of Bush and Blair, not on the hands of the Iraqis. Thus, if these two liars do not pull their troops out of Iraq, it will cost more lives. The only beneficiaries will be the munitions, arms manufacturers and oil companies in the US and UK who are being rewarded by profits by this take-over and attempt to stay in Iraq. The people of Iraq and the people of the US and UK and their children are all the losers, not only in terms of human lives (which are very dear) but also in terms of tax dollars being blown away in the dry, hot and dangerous Iraqi air. 

One must remember that many of the "American troops" in Iraq are actually reservists and national guard troops; they are supposed to be only for homeland defense. Instead, these barbers, cooks, dishwashers, home-makers, mothers, truck drivers are now being asked to be killers at will, policemen, firemen and diplomats in a strange land where they understand little of the language, culture, terrain or enemy commitment.

This is not fair to the Iraqis, the UK or US troops or civilians. Nevertheless, Bush and Blair have put them in this terrible situation. Many will die because of this.

It is time for the people of the US and UK to tell Bush and Blair, "Get out of Iraq, or we'll throw you out of office."

Up to now the American Congress has been pussy-footing around, politely worrying whether criticism of Bush will fly politically. But the British, especially the "old labour party", as contrasted with the corporate led and dominated "new labour party", are going after Blair, his lie filled "dossier", investigating the death of David Kelly, investigating the relationship of Blair and Bush, and how much the cost will be in lives and wealth to continue this Iraq invasion mistake. 

Hopefully, the American public and Congress will wake up before it's too late and Bush gets re-elected. Blair is now awash in troubles, with his credibility down to almost zero in Britain. If the media would also wake up in America, they could do the same for Bush; show his lies and that he is a danger to our country and our democracy.

All this American, British and Iraqi blood is on the hands of Bush and Blair--may God forgive them for their great sins. May they receive their punishment in this life, as well as in the next for their criminal acts.

Sam Hamod is an expert on the Middle East/Islam and World Politics; formerly editor of 3rd World News (DC), professor at Princeton, Michigan, Iowa & Howard, Director of The Islamic Center of Wash, DC and Pulitzer Prize nominated poet. He publishes often in;, and KONCH at; he may be reached at
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