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Trinidad and Africa/India (Read 129 times)

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Trinidad and Africa/India
Apr 3rd, 2003 at 9:39pm
Nobody has convinced me that Trinidad's crime problem is not a direct result of the population being half African. On the flip side of the coin it would be hard to convince any Trini that the citizens of East Indian descent aren't prone to corruption and alcoholism. If you want to see the future of Trinidad and Tobago just look at Africa, particularly Zimbabwe, and India. The comparisons are startling and maybe Trinis can't see the trees for the forest. Just now there 'ent' no forest. The good times have left T$T for good. Welcome to the jungle baby, because when the business men leave all that will be left is the PNM handing out oil dollars to the most violent gangs. Welcome to paradise, just don't step ouside your front door. Yu mad o what!? Wink
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