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Zimbabwe: The propaganda continues... (Read 306 times)

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Zimbabwe: The propaganda continues...
Mar 25th, 2003 at 11:28am
Angry  I am appalled after seeing a very biased article against Mugabe that recently published.  I'm beginning to wonder if Africana staff takes the time to read between the lines before publishing various articles.  This one in particular so obviously exaggerates comments made by Mugabe and presents the news of the Zimbabwe situation in such a biased manner that it simply bleeds with propaganda.

People need to realize that the lust and greed of colonial powers has not waned at all, but has merely taken new form. They went underground with their pillaging, exploiting natural resources and wealth from Africa just as easily as they did before African countries became independent.  They do not want to see total black financial independence and the British, French, US and various other mega-powers feel threatened by real African unity.  When an African leader genuinely seeks justice for his people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people and their rights over their resources, Western powers are quick to make him out to be a tyrant or to compare him to Hitler.  If he's like Hitler, where are his death camps and give us proof of his so-called violent repression. I've seen countless posts by white people worldwide who claim that Mugabe is evil and wrong for taking back the farmlands in his country from Europeans because the Africans are too unintelligent to farm the lands for themselves.  Black people worldwide need to wake up to the insults being slung at the Zimbabwe people, because an affront to them is a front to us all.

If Mugabe is indeed committing human rights abuses, that should be reported fairly and clearly.  In fact, an entire section should be dedicated to the Mugabe situation.  But for a black media outlet to allow colonial views to be splashed all over its screen, that is just plain irresponsible and dangerous.  

Its important that we don't allow the war to distract us from another ongoing war - the African battle for self-hood.  We must take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves and others about what is happening on the mothercontinent continuously because lies and deception abound.
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