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Dangerous tendencies in the new U.S. strategy (Read 1752 times)

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Dangerous tendencies in the new U.S. strategy
Jun 4th, 2002 at 3:44pm
by Jean Tekei, Kavkaz-Center

The world is reviewing the results of the US President's visit to Russia in the context with the results of the Italian summit of the NATO members. According to the conclusions made by experts from different countries, the strategies of the Bush Administration have been totally discovered.

"The United States "have seized the anti-terrorist war", - as the Chinese believe for example. Prominent analysts from China are summarizing: "The consolidation of its status as the only superpower through the "anti-terrorist union" - such is the core of the US global strategy".

The survey conducted by Beijing English newspaper "China Daily" on the issue of the US-Russia agreement is also testifying about it. The question was worded like this: "The US and Russia reached the accord on the significant reduction of nuclear arsenal: down to 1700-2200 warheads by the year of 2012. President Bush is praising it as a step toward the liquidation of the heritage of the Cold War. Do you believe that it will promote securing peace?"

The participation was quite active; about 2300 people expressed their opinion. 43.04% answered "yes", 7.38% answered "don't know", and 49.58% answered "no".

As we can see, the survey results do not coincide with the official estimates made by China's Foreign Ministry: the majority of the poll participants expressed a negative opinion about that agreement.

The article published in China Daily titled "Anti-Terrorist War, Seized by the US" claims that the so-called "anti-terrorist coalition" is used by the  United States to pursue their global strategic interests under the new conditions, as well as the way out of the isolation in Foreign Affairs that arose right after Bush took his office in 2001.

In reality under the slogan of the "fight against terrorism" the US have improved their relations with Russia, who gave the FBI the intelligence data about the situation in Afghanistan, closed its eyes on the American presence in the republics of Central Asia and is now considered as a "quasi-ally". Russia joining the "Council of Twenty" during the NATO summit is nothing but playing games with Putin's ambitions and putting Russian society to sleep.

"Anti-terrorism" also provided the turning point for the US-China relations: under the guise of the campaign against "international Islamic terrorism" the US deployed their military bases in close proximity to the Chinese borders.

According to the newspaper's observer, Bush used the "war on terror" as a good possibility to get out of the ABM treaty. He is attempting to turn it in such a way so that he could deal with radical anti-American forces by characterizing Iraq, Iran and North Korea as "the axis of evil". The US are using the stick and the carrot policy in order to attain support from the countries of Central Asia.

Thus, the author of the article is stating the commonly known fact that through the "campaign against Moslem terrorism" the United States have entered the heart of the Eurasian Continent, which has always been considered the center of the world-wide geopolitics.

However, besides the implementation of the American new strategy, that fact is also bringing side effects for the whole world. Today, using the slogans of the US "anti-terrorist" policy, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and Russian President Putin are blowing the fire of local wars in the Middle East and in Caucasus with an unheard of zeal. And in Baghdad they already claim that the US attack on Iraq will occur on September 11 - the first year anniversary of the events in New York and in Washington. As Russian information agency "Novosti" (The News) reported, it was stated in the note of Iraqi representative in the League of Arab States Mr.Mohsin Halil, which was submitted to the League's Secretariat. The note says, that the information that Iraq has, is based on the data received from "European and Asian capitals".

In the meantime, after letting the genie named "fight against the world-wide Islamic terrorism" out of the bottle, the US turned out to be too powerless to control it. For example, the Americans do not know how to prevent new terrorist acts at home. And not just in the US or Russia, but in the entire Western world. After the reports appeared in the press that the White House and US intelligence services were informed about the September 11 attacks in advance, the American society is asking itself: "why then could they not prevent the tragedy?" And they answer to their own question: "because a thing like that are impossible to prevent". And then another question arises on the subconscious level: "If this is so, then what the war, which is going on against Afghanistan, or the war planned against Iraq, is for?"

The Americans are also worried with the following thoughts: - what is the intellectual level of American intelligence agents and the high American leadership today , since, even with the abundance of the information that they had at their disposal, they were unable to even make a prediction about how terrorist acts would be carried out? Apparently, the United States government is also worried with that same problem.  At least recently, rapid activities were developed not only on reforming the intelligence services, but also on providing security for scientists.

For instance, at the present time a seminar of seismologists from the US and Europe is under way in Washington. There is an opinion that the science of earthquakes may be a good source of information about the terrorist acts that are being prepared. The scientists claim that with the help of seismology you can detect the location of small nuclear explosions, because while orchestrating attacks, the attackers will have to test their explosive devices.

This can mean only one thing: the scientists are already talking about possible explosions of small nuclear devices as a quite real phenomenon. The danger that nuclear weapons will sooner or later end up in the hands of those who are ready to use them against the domination of the Western dictate, is no wonder for anyone anymore. And of course, it frightens so much. Because the consequences of using a nuclear weapon are more than predictable and quite deplorable. The question is whether seismologists will be able to act more efficiently than the FBI, CIA or other intelligence services. It's quite doubtful, let's say...

Today it is obvious that the White House's new strategy provoked quite dangerous tendencies and it is hiding a potential threat for the Americans first of all. And it seems like the American society is starting to understand it.

Copyright 2001 Kavkaz-Center News Agency
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