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CIA plot to assassinate Pres Hugo Chavez Frias (Read 805 times)
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CIA plot to assassinate Pres Hugo Chavez Frias
Feb 8th, 2002 at 8:29pm
Highly-placed diplomatic and IC sources, speaking exclusively to on the strictest condition that their identities will not be revealed, have told us of a Washington-iniated plot to assassinate Venezuela's democratically-elected President Hugo Chavez Frias. 

Spanish-speaking US military operatives are already present in Venezuela lending logistic support to several anti-government terror cells in what's described as "a fail-safe plan" to dislodge Chavez Frias and to win US control over strategic oil supplies. US planners are also lending support to one or more anti-Chavez Frias plotters who are to be installed as Washington puppets in the event of a successful bid to kill the President.

(Friday, February 8, 2002) Search!
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