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Maxie Cuffie's Journalism

Published: April 10, 2013

EDITOR: I wanted to compliment the clear-eyed and logically-argued insights that Maxie Cuffie brings to bear on his columns each Sunday. It is a pleasure to open the Trinidad Guardian on a Sunday morning and see this young man offering such lucid, commonsense advice to the nation. For example, with all the hulla-ballo going on around the implications of Jack Warner being investigated (or not being investigated) by the FBI and the evasions advanced by our Prime Minister, did it not occur to her that the easiest thing to, as she has done on other occasions, is to call in Mr. Warner and ask him what he knows. He may tell her the truth or he may be evasive. Whatever happens, she would have done the right thing: go to the horse's mouth and ask him what he knows. If she opts for this course, it is more than likely that she will not leave an entire population guessing about the integrity and good sense of the minister who holds such an important portfolio in her Cabinet.

At any rate, I simply wanted to commend Mr. Cuffie on the marvelous job he is doing and the tremendous intelligence he brings to bear to his craft. I only wish that other columnists would display similar intelligence and demonstrate an equal forthrightness and fearlessness when they do their work.

Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Professor Cudjoe is a professor Africana Studies at Wellesley College.


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