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Black Empowerment Day


On March 31, 2001, at its 3rd Annual Convention, the National Association for the Empowerment of African People (NAEAP), will celebrate Black Empowerment Day at La Joya, St. Joseph, beginning at 8 a.m. At 9 a.m., Orville London, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, will deliver the feature address, "Education, Empowerment and Civic Responsibility." Professor Selwyn R. Cudjoe, President of NAEAP, will deliver his Presidential Address at 3 p.m. The Convention's theme, "Empowerment Through Education," will be the subject of five workshops: Academic, Moral and Spiritual, and Civic Education; Classroom Dynamics and Women's Views. Panelists include Trevor Oliver, President of T&TUTA, Elton Nelson, Principal, Rennie Dumas, Senator, Pamela Elder, Attorney-at-law, Fr. Henry Charles, PhD, Hazel Gibbs de Peza, principal and adjunct Lecturer (UWI), Arthur Joseph, Lecturer (UWI) Raymond Hackett, Lecturer (UWI), Donna Carter, Educator, Brigid Annisette-George, Attorney-at-law and Laurel Lezama, Flight Attendant and graduate of NAEAP Vacation School. Priscilla Campbell-Jones, programme chairperson, will over an overview of the theme, "Education Through Education."

The afternoon session will be devoted to a Leadership Forum, the theme of which is, "Towards African Unity in Trinidad and Tobago." Participants include Imam Yasin Abu Bakr (Jamaat Al Muslimeen), Arthur Sanderson (CUFU), David Mohammed (Nation of Islam), Sam Babalorsa, Sam Phils (Orisha) and a representative from the Emancipation Support Committee. "The First Five Months," a short documentary about NAEAP, will also be shown.

Rose Janneire will chair the morning session and Jerome Lewis, formerly of Power 102, will chair an afternoon session. Lewis will also host a short cultural presentation featuring artists such as Sprangalang (Dennis Hall), Lady B, Mystic Prowler, Annette Valdez, Cynthia Ross and Culture Lovers, an African drumming group. Pastors Clyde James and Kwame Mohlabani will offer invocations. Food, art objects, books, ceramics and other such things will be on sale.

Black Empowerment Day is being held in memory of the life of Guy Griffith, Education Officer of NAEAP, who passed away on March 13, 2001. Charles Campbell will offer a short eulogy of his life and Linda Lambert will present a NAEAP Plaque to Carson Griffth, son of Guy. Tene Reece, attorney-at-law, will introduce Professor Cudjoe.

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