VENEZUELA: To Make and Think the Bolivarian Revolution
Date: Wednesday, October 20 @ 15:12:10 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

By Franz J. T. Lee

Although all the great revolutionaries of history seem to have emphasized the "making", the acting of revolution, this does not imply that thinking the revolution is a negligible social factor.

For sure, in his famous "Eleven Thesis" with reference to Feuerbach, the "young" Marx underlined: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it."

Also, Che Guevara stated categorically: "The duty of a revolutionary is to make the revolution."

Ever since the victorious electoral Battle of Santa Inés, all over Venezuela the Bolivarians are talking about "deepening the revolution", about making the "revolution in the revolution". Across the country various study groups came into existence, to pursue "ideological" education, to analyze, to penetrate the historic essence of the Bolivarian Revolution. However, very soon, many discover, what the German philosopher, Ernst Bloch has formulated : " ... etwas fehlt" (... something is absent), something is missing,

As we stated a while ago, the main problems confronting the current, young, Bolivarian journalists and revolutionaries in Venezuela, and in Latin America, Marx has explained in his 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte: it is not only that "all facts and personages of great importance in world history occur, as it were, twice, ... the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce", ... but even more so, he emphasized that "the tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living."

That is why, "when they seem engaged in revolutionizing themselves and things, in creating something that has never yet existed, precisely in such periods of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service and borrow from them names, battle cries and costumes in order to present the new scene of world history in this time-honored disguise and this borrowed language."

Precisely this is happening here. The question is how to make and think our own revolution in the globalized aurora of our troublesome times, that is, how to generate a permanent practice ... more precisely, a revolutionary práxis ... and how to formulate a corresponding "ideology" ... more precisely, a revolutionary theory ... that would reflect and relate with precision our contemporary trans-historic emancipatory tasks. In other words, how to do something that we have never done before, how to think, to think about society and nature, about history, as we never have done it before, that is, ... in the revolutionary spirit of per aspera ad astra, ... of how to reach out for the stars, for the immediate, immense Horizon of Human Emancipation, of how to enter the New, the Original, the Authentic, in a nut-shell, how to enter a possible, future Age of Human Creativity and Creation.

Thus, making the revolution, in the first instance, is thinking the revolution. This is why Lenin warned: without theory, there is no revolution.

If a social revolution ... which negates capitalism and imperialism ... really and truly, that is, concretely is taking place here in Venezuela, then it definitely must have a corresponding scientific práxis which again must be the dialectical result of philosophic theory, and in its turn, it permanently will generate new levels, degrees and dimensions of historic class struggle and global social consciousness. Hence, individually and collectively, across Latin America, across the globe, our own acts and thoughts, our arduous, human endeavors must be aimed at the discovery of our real, true, permanent, global revolution, to find it, to think it, to live it, to realize it victoriously. There exists no social revolution without natural práxis and social theory, similarly, there exists no concrete práxis without abstract theory, and vice versa.

For these reasons, all the Bolivarian "Missions" are of strategic importance to make and think the revolution. In fact, it is of paramount importance, not only to alphabetize the masses, to teach them the three R's ... reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic ... rather, much more, it is to help them to think of, by and for themselves, to make and think their own revolution. If we do not eliminate all colonial, capitalist and imperialist ideology from our text-books, we ourselves will nip our very own revolution in the bud.

Only in this way, Hitler's greatest fascist dream ... which Bush is currently adopting in his "full spectrum dominance" policy ... can be converted into a fatal nightmare for brainwashing Washington: "If you want to control a people, control its education", that is, you must launch a full scale global "war of ideas", an info-war, a myriad of disinformation campaigns.

Many of us do not like to think, to theorize, to philosophize, we find this simply a waste of precious time. And yet, we will find no other way of liberating, of emancipating ourselves, unless we begin to learn to act, to think and to excel, of, by and for ourselves. Those of us who are free already, who are living in a liberated, opulent society, enjoying capitalism, only propagating reformist "changes within the imperialist, corporate system", of course, have no problem whatsoever anymore. Nonetheless, as we know, billions of "under-dogs" do not enjoy these globalized, ruling class privileges.

One of the existential conditions, the conditio sine qua non to create revolutionary ideas ... not words without any ontic content, not bourgeois ideology ... is to formulate the three "T's", thinking, thought, and theory, is emancipatory philosophy. This is the trans-historic task for revolutionary Venezuela; the Venezuelans, the Latin Americans, the Caribbeans, the Africans, the Asians, etc., they all have to develop their own Scientific Práxis, their own Philosophic Theory, have to make their very own Emancipatory History.

To be able to understand revolutionary ideas, thought and theory, one has to be ... not an obsolete, reformist ideologue, not an eternal, wailing conformist, not a corrupt factory of politickery, but ... a living philosopher, that is, on any level, degree or dimension of human endeavors. Children across the globe are excellent philosophers. If we do not even understand our very own method in our own "madness", then, how could we know what we are doing, thinking and surpassing? How could we understand others, anything for that matter?

In the absence of self-thought, of self-creativity and of self-consciousness of the masses ... as it was by and large the case here in the Americas, over the last centuries ... necessarily, empty words will have to think for us, others will direct us, will over flood our brains with their own class interests and reactionary ideas. If we are not careful, as so often has happened already, official kindergarten, schools and universities will practice mind control lobotomy on our brains, will eliminate our back-bones, and will eventually dump us as wage-slaves into the epicenter of the boiling cauldron of the globalized, capitalist Moloch, adorned with academic laurels summa cum laude.

Bolivarians of the World! Now and here, the next ferocious battle has just begun ... the most dangerous one of them all: the emancipation of a slave mentality, of four decades of oligarchic puntofijista thoughts, desires and venom, of feudalist indoctrination, of absolutist manipulation, of discriminatory racism, and, last but not least, of centuries of religious mind and thought control.

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