Thousands In Peace Rally
Date: Saturday, September 28 @ 21:32:43 UTC
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War Protest. Sept 28, 2002

Dossier on the world's #1 rogue state

Socialist Worker Answers Blair's Lies On Iraq

Quarter-million march against war

By James Cusick, Westminster Editor

It dwarfed anything seen in central London during the 1960s and rivalled the masses that gathered for last weekend's countryside protest. A quarter of a million people taking to the streets is difficult to ignore. Organisers of the anti-war march, which crowded the streets of London and swamped Hyde Park yesterday with one of the largest mass demonstrations seen anywhere in Europe, couldn't quite believe the size of the protest they had gathered.

In its early stages, police were caught ill-prepared and had to divert the march into two routes to cope with the sheer scale of protest. En route to Hyde Park, the marchers covered the streets, stretching miles between the Embankment, along Whitehall, through Trafalgar Square, up Haymarket, along Piccadilly and into Hyde Park. Continue

350,000 claim at anti-war rally

"One day people are going to have to have a peaceful revolution to make sure Parliament answers to them and not just the government of the day" - London mayor Ken Livingstone Continue

Thousands In Peace Rally

Biggest protest in a generation

Anti-War Protesters Rally in European Capitals

Organisers estimate 400,000 took part

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