The Gaddafi Paradigm: Our dim chance of survival against World Fascism
Date: Friday, May 13 @ 09:29:14 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

By Franz J. T. Lee
May 12, 2011

For global workers movements to become radical is firmly and decisively, with clear emancipatory principles, to grasp any historical problem at its roots. For example, it is to tackle the current global fascism at its very radix, that is, at its transgenetic roots, and to eradicate it together with all the economic, political, social, military and alienating conditions which have brought it about. Because capitalism exists, it is tangible, man made and planetary. Hence, organized workers creative power, that is, its 'superation' (transcendence) could annihilate it globally, not only in Libya or Venezuela, but everywhere.

Independent of different appearance forms, the very existence of past varieties of national fascism, or 'national socialism' ... in individual States like Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and elsewhere ... and of present global fascism, which is being spearheaded nationally and internationally by the 'Empire', by the USA, its allies and military wing, NATO, is the scientific verification that a dramatic class struggle is raging on a planetary level. In the past two centuries, as a dialectical rule, violent, repressive regimes, including fascism, were preceded by huge workers class struggles which were suppressed brutally. Although these proletarian battles failed, they did change the correlation of the contending class forces; the uprisings of the workers, supported by some middle class sectors,  scared the hell out of the bourgeoisie, everywhere its political reaction was the launching of fascist terrorism by State order. 

The question is: why did scores of promising global proletarian revolts and revolutions fail or stagnate and were eventually nipped in the bud by capitalist, imperialist fascism?

The answer is very simple: Most of them were heroic, do merit our honor and solidarity, but they were not radical enough, were not radically anti-capitalist, in a few words, they were not modern Marxist emancipatory movements. They did not (perhaps could not) transcend the closed capitalist world order. Surely, much has been said and criticized with reference to this tragic state of affairs which has now become a gigantic global problem of possible human existence on planet Earth. Currently Venezuela and Libya, soon Syria and Pakistan, will have to try to get out of this fascist maelstrom, whirlpool of international fascist terror.

As a brief commentary, we will just highlight some of the errors committed by  the Libyan leadership vis-a-vis world fascism in Africa. However, much is also valid for other 'failed societies' which form 'the axis of evil' and which merit 'full spectrum dominance' and 'military humanism'.

At the moment, it is the unfortunate turn of Palestine, Libya and Bahrain, but other countries like Syria, Zimbabwe or Pakistan will soon follow. South Africa, whose some 50 million inhabitants have experienced decades of fascism, of apartheid, is now a trustworthy ally ally of United States imperialism in Africa. However, it should learn from the Libyan catastrophe.
Now, concerning global fascism, what did Colonel Gaddafi and his government under-estimate?

President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is learning the hard way to understand what is capitalism, socialism, globalization, fascism and emancipation.

* One should not betray one's revolutionary daydreams of youth by declaring them as 'juvenile sins'. Currently Colonel Gaddafi is the longest-governing leader in the Arab and African worlds; he rules Libya since  the age of 27, when he and his comrades got rid of the repressive King Idris I in a bloodless coup. One thing is clear now: Gaddafi lives and dies an important lesson: the Gaddafi Paradidm: no matter what may be the case, as an emancipator, one always has to give his very life in defense of his people, of his comrades-in-arms.

In the sixties of the 20th century, on the waves of the African anti-colonial revolutions, Gaddafi launched his Green Revolution. This occurred during the epoch of African national liberation, of the development from African nationalism, to Pan-Africanism, to African Socialism.

* In spite of the heroic efforts of Kwame Nkrumah, the then president of Ghana, in the praxical, theoretical and military fields, the above three forces got stuck in ideological lip service, in so-called anti-imperialism, which was severed from true anti-capitalism, as dialectical negation, as scientific, philosophic socialism, as emancipatory Marxism. The Organization of African Unity lost the idea that unity must be based on principles and degenerated into the current toothless African Union. 

* Like in the rest of Africa, in all her revolutions, also in Libya anti-imperialism, in realityy, pro-capitalism was and still is devouring the social emancipatory fruits of bloody class struggles. In fact, cum grano salis, today all African States, except the five, including Libya, which refused to accept the Africom of NATO, are on the track of globalization, of the Second Conquest, the final Scramble for Africa, of global fascism.  

 * Among the grievous errors of the government of Libya are the following: if you are swimming on an ocean of oil and fresh water, you must know that no matter how you try to escape in the end the Orwellian bloody NATO army boots will come for you: hence prepare yourself with the coming gigantic class struggle;

*President Gaddafi, alone never ever you have the slightest chance of victory if you collaborate with corporate imperialism. Also, Colonel, in principle, we cannot sign Hitler - Stalin Pacts of 1939, secret ´gentlemen agreements' with your powerful class enemy, we should not run across Europe to hunt for fair weather friendships, to organize 'peace talks' and senseless 'dialogues'. Those 'friends' are just waiting for the right moment to nail you and your family on the cross of 'terrorism', of drug-dealing, trafficking of human organs and massacring your people.
* The capitalist world order only allow change from within, it is a jail, a closed system. Within we could carry out rainbow revolutions, white, red and green ones. Revolution, the invincible arm of the power elites, is the guarantee that anti-capitalism can never realize itself, we have to come up with better ideas than ideology or revolution.

* Comrade Ghaddafi, to err is human, thus, in the name of the invaluable contributions that you have made for the sake of African emancipation, please remember that one does not kill the poisonous African black mamba serpent with its own venom, there are very effective ways to accomplish such a democratic mission. Also, if you are not one second, one millimeter ahead of your class enemies, then your chance of survival is infinitesimal.

Summing up, we live in the age of global fascism. All over, we could see, could sense and experience its mortal pangs and fangs. Big Brother states: You are free to criticize me, but never try to do it. Freedom is Slavery. Peace is War. Lies are Truths. All over Friend-Enemy relations, anti-Marxism, anti-Communism. Scape-Goats, workers fiendish regimes, lawlessness, elimination of habeas corpus, the rule of law, etc. pave the highway towards the total, totalitarian, authoritarian Corporeal and Mental Holocaust, to Barbarism.

Capitalism has a Janus-head; under 'normal' peaceful conditions, with relative economic stability, a low level of workers' struggles, in times of boom and bonanza, it is called Democracy. On the other hand, in times of severe economic crises, great depression, political upheaval, social unrest and violent class struggle, capitalism becomes savage, shows its true fascist snarl, its war mongrel face. Its functions are the destruction of the labor movement, of workers trade unions, of the 'left organizations, of Marxists. Furthermore, as a mass movement fascism controls the workers ideologically , conditioning them with aggressive political propaganda, slogans, racism and 'friend-enemy' and 'scape-goat' relations. It also introduces the 'Fuehrer' principle, the messianic great leader, the idea of a 'chosen people', a belief in a Herrenvolk, a master race and other machinations of  mass psychology.The main functions of fascism are the defense and preservation of the bourgeois, capitalist, economic relations, of private property of the means of production. It is a huge campaign to save the dominant global system at all costs. Fascism tries to save the imperialist system from total collapse. Only when we know the above could we begin to eradicate fascism for ever, but time and space are running out -- our dim chances of survival are diminishing at the speed of scalar waves.

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