Gasbag Hillary Blasts China on "Human Rights"
Date: Wednesday, May 11 @ 17:14:04 UTC
Topic: US Foreign Policy

By Mike Whitney
May 11, 2011 - smirkingchimp.coms

Is there anything more irritating than listening to US officials blabber about "human rights"?

I mean, really, doesn't it drive you crazy? Here's Hillary Clinton blasting China for their "deplorable" human rights record, and meanwhile Bradley Manning sits naked and freezing in a 6' by 8' cinderblock cell in some far-flung American gulag waiting to get fingernails yanked out. Does she think we're blind?

And that's just for starters. What about Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and the myriad other dungeons, concentration camps and black sites the US has scattered across the planet. Seriously, the United States is the biggest human rights abuser in the world today, and they're giving other people lectures?


Remember, all the phony indignation over Saddam gassing his people in Halabja? What a joke. Obama kills more people in his sleep every night than Hussein killed in a year. And Halabja's small potatoes anyway. Just look at Falluja; a city of 300,000 that had about 40,000 of its people wiped out by US bombs, 80% of its buildings and infrastructure reduced to rubble, and a legacy of cancers and birth defects until the end of time. Now that how you kill people!

So, what's the point of bad-mouthing China and making a fool out of yourself? No one's buying it anyway.

Seen any foreigners waving Old Glory lately? Don't think so. The only time you see the flag is when someone's set it ablaze in a fit of rage and stomping it out with their feet. That's not exactly a sign of affection.

And, please, can we stop talking about democracy? Everyone knows it's just shorthand for capitalism. And--not even capitalism really, but slash-and-burn, take-no-prisoners, scorched-earth predatory capitalism, the hybrid strain of the virus that's particular to America's 'oligarchy of racketeers'.

Here's gasbag Hillary droning on about the "repressive Chinese system of government."

“We have made very clear, publicly and privately, our concern about human rights. We see reports of people, including public interest lawyers, writers, artists, and others, who are detained or disappeared. And we know over the long arch of history that societies that work toward respecting human rights are going to be more prosperous, stable, and successful."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before, Hils. Love the spandex pantsuit, though.

Indeed, the Chinese haven't mastered democracy like we have in the good old USA, where 5 right-wing jurists pick the president, and where the government taps your phoneline, sifts through your e mail, and gropes your scrotum before hopping on a flight to Boise. That's capital "D" democracy; land of the free and home of the ponzi-scamsters. And don't forget it. We might boot you out of your home, kick you out of your job, and fleece you out of your retirement, but we've got our principles, dammit!

So, do you know what this is really all about, all this duplicitous foot-stomping by Clinton?

The Obama team is trying to pressure China into opening their markets to Wall Street so Big Finance can peddle their garbage paper to 1.5 billion new suckers. That's what it's all about. I'll bet you even-money that Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon spent the better part of Sunday evening quaffing single malt scotch and high-fiving while they put the finishing touches on Clinton's speech. That's how incestuously-close the relationship is now.

Just take a look at this report from Bloomberg, and tell me if you think I'm right or just being cynical?

Bloomberg: "...Geithner will say China should relax controls on the financial system and give foreign banks and insurers more access, said David Loevinger, the Treasury Department’s senior coordinator for China. Officials from both nations are meeting in Washington today and tomorrow as part of the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

As the talks opened today, Geithner called on China to shift its economy toward domestic demand and said the goals of the two nations are “not in conflict.”.....Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Jeff Merkley of Oregon called May 6 for a “rebalancing” in the U.S.-China economic relationship. The two lawmakers, who just returned from a trip to China, said the Chinese need to open their financial sector, address “abnormally low deposit and lending rates” and allow broader market access to foreign firms....

The American Chamber of Commerce in China said last month that foreign banks play an “insignificant role” in China.

Foreign lenders’ market share in China has dropped since the government first opened the industry in December 2006. Banks such as New York-based Citigroup Inc. (C) and London-based HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) want to tap household and corporate savings that reached $10 trillion in January as China overtook Japan to become the world’s second-biggest economy" ("U.S. Will Urge China to Boost Interest Rates as Talks Start", Bloomberg)

See? There it is in black and white. "Let our feral banks set up shop in Beijing so we can swindle your people until they're penniless, or we'll lower the boom on you!" That's it in a nutshell.

"Human rights"?!? Are you kidding me? Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Merkley and every other scumbag political freebooter are only interested in one thing alone; keeping Wall Street in the chips. That's their job, and no one does it better.

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