Will we go down in atomic radiation without an anti-capitalist fight?
Date: Sunday, April 03 @ 08:56:12 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

Venezuela and the Globe, will we go down in atomic radiation without putting up a  global anti-capitalist fight?

By Franz J. T. Lee
April 03, 2011

Venezuela, the question is: as a huge oil producing country will we really go down in atomic radiation disaster without declaring global war against the current imperialist disasters in Japan and Libya?

As ruling classes, in reality, as a Lilliputian, infinitesimal, powerful minority, arrogantly they declared themselves as a herrenvolk, as a master race, as homo sapiens sapiens, but they never ever nurtured real human philia (love) nor did they cultivate sophia (wisdom) with regard to nature and working slaves. They only believed in their hen kai pan, in their one and all, in themselves as 'chosen' Platonic philosopher kings; even when they lose popular 'democratic' presidential elections - like in the cases of Bush I and of Bush II - they still take it all. They only believed in a systemic panta rhei, in the eternal dialectical flux of accumulation of corruption, privileges, wealth, profits and is the father of all things' (Heraclitus). Like Napoleon, for them global life is veni, vidi vici', is: I came, I saw, I conquered. They have a ravenous, insatiable hunger for blood, conquest, war and booty. Currently in North Africa, in Libya, and in the Middle East, NATO and its Western allies and Arab puppets verify this quintessential, wolfish trait of this imperialist, Hobbesian homo homini lupus, of his bellum omnium contra omnes, of his imperialist 'war of all against all'.

Those who did not belong to the sonorous species, to Man - among them, wo-men, natives, pagans, Blackamoors, Black  slaves, Red Indians, Bushmen, 'les miserables' (Victor Hugo) and 'witches' (later upgraded to 'bitches') were simply burned at the stale, persecuted, exploited, violated, tortured and quartered. The 'royal' treatment given to non-European 'pack animals' and 'camel drivers' is practically beyond description. 

On this side of the Rubicon, the European rulers, the clergy and nobility, were trying to erect an earthly 'Civitas Dei' (City of God) of St. Augustine. On the other side, in feudal reality, outside divine wishful thinking, ten thousands were killed in cruel 'peasant wars', crusades and the  'Thousand Years War'. Violently they were sent into the hereafter, into everlasting fire.

Small wonder that the present kith and kin of these Draconian ruling classes could kill without any respect for life, for nature and society.

Since millennia, behind all this was (and still is) the brutal historic process of capital accumulation.

 The rulers - nobility, clergy, feudal lords and upsurging capitalists - became incorrigible experts in telling lies, in organizing theft and endless torture, terror and murder. Inter alia, this whole historic process was euphemistically called civilization, Western Culture, Christianity, humanity, freedom, democracy, peace, revolution and progress. What are the real connotations of the above terms we could see across the globe, could read in Orwell's novel "1984". The rest is simply political lip service and diplomatic jargon, sweet talk of the rulers, their hoaxes and racist, arrogant ideology.

During discovery, conquest and colonialism, that is, during the era of the transatlantic slave trade and the establishment of the world market, horrendously, without any moral feeling or mercy millions and millions of innocent peoples were sacrificed on the racist altar of the Moloch of capitalism.
Till today, this is the 'vale of tears' for the poor, are the soulless conditions in a heartless world, in globalization. This is happening now in Libya and could soon occur here in Latin America, in Venezuela.

Across the past millennia, ever since the introduction of capitalism, inexorably a mode of anarchic destruction was launched on Mother Earth. Until now, in latency and tendency, that is, in scientific and philosophic possibility, this world order, globalization, is hell bent on destroying the experiment life on Planet Earth. In colonial and imperialist world wars, millions and millions of rebellious slaves, peasants, serfs and workers were simply massacred in the name of business, of capitalism.

Who really cared about the 'outcasts' of bourgeois society, about the 'white man's burden' (Kipling), who still cares today? Where is concrete, effective international workers' solidarity?

In reality, all over we see the signs of a coming global apocalypse. Capitalism is destroying the very substratum of the experiment life on the blue planet, and therewith the cosmic experiment homo novum.

What the experimentum mundi (Ernst Bloch) has created across more than four billion years, now homo homini lupus is busy to destroy within the next decades.

In case we have deleted and forgotten some events of contemporary reality, let us refresh our memory and transilluminate  some issues which reveal a most troublesome global reality for humanity.

* Till 1996, France carried out atomic tests in the vicinity of the Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls in the South Pacific. Today still the indigenous peoples are suffering from intensive radiation. Even the turtles have lost their sense of direction and are perishing.

* The same is true elsewhere for bees and birds. Einstein warned that if the former should happen, then mankind probably could have only a few years more to live.

* According to scientific estimates, over the past decades the atomic reactor 'accidents' of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island have already claimed one million victims.

* The Exxon-Valdez oil disaster near Alaska has already killed nearly all those workers who were trying to clean up the corporate mess; it seems that none of them reached the age of fifty years; the death toll will be much higher for the 'heroic liquidators' in Japan.

* The current apocalyptic situation (the oil 'leaks') in the Gulf of Mexico and the Niger Delta are still spelling doom for the inhabitants of the region. The corporate giants do not care a dime what is happening all over with precious human life. 

* Millions of human beings are dying as the results of the experiments in the production of biological and chemical arms of mass destruction.

* Also AIDS, bird and swine flu, after leaving left the military laboratories, especially as vaccination, are also take their million death toll across the globe.

* Not only uncountable plants, insects, fish and birds are perishing, a while ago, a million 'mad 'cows' were cremated; more recently in South Korea, a million infected pigs were buried alive.

* Who knows, as a matter of pure speculation, during the Iraq wars, how many soldiers probably could have suffered the same fate. After electro-magnetic treatment, followed by an overdose of Extra Low Frequency (ELF) waves, some thousands may have been buried alive under the desert sand; in fifty years, like in the case of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, we might get wise.

* ELF-waves, depleted uranium bullets and white phosphorus bombs complete the initial stage of capitalist global destruction.

 * Those African countries which did not join 'Africom' - Libya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Eritrea - are now being violently integrated into NATO.

The Second Conquest, the Third World War, is even more devastating, it already is launching the total, totalitarian bodily, mind and thought holocaust, the global maafa (Swahili: apocalyptic disaster).

The earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan is just a premonition, an ominous warning about far worse things to come, about true, real global fascism, called globalization.

What is taking place in Japan now, the same could occur anytime in France, the USA or Russia. Hundreds of atomic reactors are ready to give up the ghost. A tremendous continental or regional black-out could already spark off a chain reaction of uncontrollable events. With the weapons of mass destruction stockpiled  all over soon we will be playing Russian roulette. Powerful arms like HAARP could reproduce the Japanese maafa anywhere, could cut the USA into half, in fact, could split the planet itself, and could even rip it out of its orbit.

What is happening in Japan now is not comparable to more recent events, perhaps in its possible human toll partially to the Transatlantic slave trade and the Conquest. In all probability there is no Japanese on the islands who are not affected radically by the atomic radiation, if not yet affected, then very soon in the following months everybody will have a huge problem. The real dimension of this disaster, which is really beginning now, we will only know in the next decades. This time not only Chernobyl or Japan are threatened, all human life is in danger of extinction. 

Not even at this dimension of danger seven billion 'condemned of the earth´are taking up arms against a sea, a tsunami of troubles. Venezuela and Elsewhere, Will we go down in history, in the solar system, without a global anti-capitalist fight?

What is to be thought, done and transcended? 

As we stated in so many writings already, the very simple answer to this multiple question is: To get rid of world capitalism in all its manifold dimensions, in all walks of life, of nature and society! Who has not tried to do this since birth already has a serious mental and physical problem, but it is not too late to mend. This is how capitalism surpassed all obsolete modes of production, and how it also became obsolete and merits to pass away. Dialectically, like any historic process capitalism affirms and negates itself ,as 'A' and 'Non-A'. It makes no sense only to attack the affirmation (A) of capitalism, to be truly anti-capitalist, radically we have to get rid of 'Non-A' too, have to transcend the whole capitalist global order, towards cosmic, creative emancipation, towards homo novum, the New Man. 

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