What happened to the hope-inspiring 'sweet bird of youth' of Ernst Blo
Date: Monday, March 07 @ 18:05:56 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

By Franz J. T. Lee
Marcg 07, 2011

In the same way that a sensitive, sensible human mind cannot for long tolerate the infernal, hammering noises of modern  'music' that comes out of a myriad of 'blockbusters', shops, cars, cellphones, radios and TV apparatuses day and night infesting even more the polluted air across the love forlorn planet, similarly, with few exceptions, it hurts the very ear drums to listen to the eternal, sterile, rattling and crackling noises which generally accompany 'democratic' political gatherings and electoral campaigns which are saturated with ossified, 'democratic', demagogic slogans and ideological catch words. For example, on a world scale, the following words are top favorites: 'humanitarian help', 'revolution', 'rogue states', 'society', 'failed societies', 'transition', 'socialism', 'change', the 'process', the 'new man', democracy and peace. Most of these terms have lost all their original cognitive connotations. Most of them have just become ideologically infiltrated empty shells. The word 'ideology' itself is the best example of this category. Without any liberatory destiny, such words and phrases are whirling around in the enslaved brains of millions; simply like barren, dry, crackling leaves in the raging storms of the bellicose corporate typhoons. Consequently, under such trying circumstances, it is well-nigh impossible to think profoundly, to create emancipatory theory.

Surely, many of us seriously study the above concepts and are trying to fill them with transhistoric emancipatory contents. However, the vast majority of peoples on a world scale, in the raging 'war of ideas', are being bombarded with alienating songs, are technologically violated by  'psychotic dissociation', are bamboozled with subliminal messages, psychological terror, 'cognitive dissonance', 'cognitive infiltration' and CIA 'wikileaks'.
In the end, we, the evergreen youth and sempiternal students, are getting totally confused, we cannot differentiate ideology from theory, practice from praxis anymore.

The modern youths and students in Venezuela and elsewhere have an immense difficulty intellectually to grasp philosophic terms like nature, society, labor, revolution, socialism, capitalism, emancipation, praxis, peace and democracy. Here daily we could witness the political danger of incorrect identification of the class enemy and of imprecise conceptualization of anti-capitalism, of socialism. In our university seminars or public discussions theoretical reflection is deteriorating into 'learning by rote' or in some cases of committing 'internet plagiarism', of 'drag and drop' malpractices. This is not an exception to the rule, even a contemporary German defense ministers could  participate in such illegal practices to obtain a much desired doctorate.

In the 20th century at the height of the students' revolts and the campaigns against the Vietnam War, apartheid in Southern Africa, Zionism in Israel and global imperialism, the German Marxist  philosopher of the 'principle of hope', Ernst Bloch indicated that there is a radical change of the epoch in the air, that is, currently the weltgeist and zeitgeist are ushering in a new era, the New itself. Human alienating labor would eventually be surpassed by natural emancipatory creativity, by human creation; as such, according to Bloch, the divine myths and religious chimeras would fade away, and a new epoch of accelerated unfettered human  creation would be dawning on the planetary horizon.

This is not wishful thinking; in globalization already both the dialectical affirmation and the negation of capitalism is in agony. Corporate capitalism is digging its own global military tomb. As far as the proletarian 'permanent world revolution' is concerned, we are living in the era of huge global class struggles. Nonetheless, for the time being we have not been able to launch a New International. However, in this 'transvolutionary' epoch of space colonization and militarization, of 'geo- and genetic-engineering, cloning, Tesla- and nano-technology, we should prepare ourselves for many new cosmic surprises, for an exodus, for an already raging global 'exvolution'. Why are the USA militarizing every square meter of this planet? But, as living humanity, we are made of cosmic stardust, of much sterner stuff than treachery, murder, avarice and megalomania. 

Furthermore, Bloch emphasized that future hope for mankind is being born in the youth, in youthfulness. The central question remains: Venezuela, Africa, what happened to the hope-inspiring 'sweet bird of youth' of Ernst Bloch? Is it already dropping dead from the 'chemtrails' infested skies of NATO?

What did the students and youths of the 1960s know and have been studying diligently and conscientiously?

Where are their thoughts and acts today?

* Since decades already, are we losing two whole generations of youths? Or is it just the calm before the storm?

* And who is sowing the transilluminating  wind; is it the workers of the world?

* Where is the permanent world revolution?  The workers' international?

Hence, what have we, the youth and students of the 21st century urgently to study in order to understand what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East today? Let us put this problem in transhistoric perspective.

Ever since the 19th century, since the political victory of capitalism over feudalism in Europe as the new dominant mode of destruction, many erudite scientific and philosophic socialist scholars have seriously studied and unraveled the objective, physical,   exploitative essence of capitalist vandalism, its subjective, alienating, social existence and its barbarous, military immorality and mortality. Among the outstanding socialist scholars are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Vladimir I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Eduardo Galeano, Mao Zedong, Kwame Nkrumah, Ernest Mandel, Samir Amin et al, whose works are respected across the globe, even by their most fierce liberal academic adversaries. They identified the systemic internal tendential laws of the bourgeois, democratic,  capitalist revolution. With scientific incision and philosophic precision they transilluminated the inexorable terrorist warpath of imperialism towards globalization, that is, towards global exploitation of all natural resources, a one world fascist government, totalitarian militarization and the criminal launching of Orwellian authoritarian body, thought and mind control, and thus the total destruction of the thinking faculties of laboring humanity.

Among the tendential laws of the transhistoric development of capitalism, indicated above, and whose veracity could be verified today more than ever before, are the brutal competition, concentration, monopolization and the belligerent destruction of capital. At this moment we experience the geometric explosion of pauperization on a world scale, of hunger, poverty and misery of billions especially in Africa, Asia and America. There is nothing obsolete about Marxist praxis and theory. Socialism is the dialectical Negation of Capitalism, is Non- or Anti-Capitalism; hence Marxism will only become obsolete when capitalism itself will be fading away into galactic conflagration, into cosmic entropy.

To know what is Marxism is to know what is Capitalism, and vice versa. They are contradictory opposites, two sides, the unity and contradiction of the very same current historic process, of the capitalist revolution, - as was explained by Marx and Engels in 1848 in their 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' - that is, of globalization.

Very clearly we could see today that  globalization is the belligerent attempt of the United States of America and their allies, spearheaded by NATO and all its global military 'commands', to gain the final capitalist politico-military victory, to complete the one and only bourgeois capitalist democratic revolution on a world scale.

The only thing that could stop this 'permanent world revolution' is to surpass it, to transcend it with global human emancipation, with the creativity of billions, who could create, could create a new world, the New Man, that is, Mother Nature anew. This is a topic for another collective writing. 

Nonetheless, what is our real, true problem? Capitalism? Really? Or do we just want our 'privacy', carpe diem, our 'peace', to have a job, to consume, to vegetate on the immediate zero point of a wretched non-existence?

If this is not the case, well, then in simple terms what is capitalism? What is it de facto for one billion people in Africa?

In other writings we have summarized the planetary contradictory quintessence of capitalist production, of the imperialist process of globalization as follows:

* economic exploitation of Nature and of physical human labor power;
* political domination by means of the State machinery of the ruling classes or power elites;
* social discrimination, master and slave relations, racism, apartheid, Zionism;
* militarization, world wars, genocide, full spectrum dominance, 'peace'-keeping forces, Global Commands, military humanism;
* alienation, religion, ideology, destruction of human thinking and thought, hoaxes, lies, 'weakileaks', 'mal-education', disinformation of corporate controlled mass media, ´war of ideas', psychological operations, 'cognitive infiltration' of the enemy, body, mind and thought control, Global Mental Holocaust.

If we would find any of these attributes in any State or society on planet Earth, then we could be sure that it is definitely caught up in the corporate pangs and imperialist fangs of world capitalism. If we would know this, then we could have an idea what is anti-capitalism, what is socialism.

Socialism is the negation of the above capitalist affirmation, of its quintessence, it is the dialectical opposite of capitalism.

In how far does the above concern the workers of Africa, America or Venezuela?

Revolution, capitalist revolution brought about contemporary globalized exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation. All over everybody is seeing all kinds of revolutions. At the moment we all speak about revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Tomorrow we could have a revolution of Vatel in the frying pan; or a revolution on the Moon or Mars.

What we do not know is that we are so right. Even Marx confirmed what we are suspecting. We are living in the epoch of accelerated capitalist world revolution, of globalization. As Marx explained nothing has revolutionized human production more than capitalism, than capitalist revolution; it is the dynamo, the life wire of capital and power accumulation.

There are not rainbow or colored revolutions, they are all different appearance forms of the very one and only global capitalist revolution. Millions and millions have died in the name of 'revolution' and still capitalism is revolutionizing us out of existence.

To avoid an apocalyptic man made cataclysm of mankind, it is of ultra-importance to investigate the ideological phraseology which we are using and to replace it with thoughtful concepts and theories for global, emancipatory, creative praxis.

Who does not expect the unexpected will never find the anticipatory New, never be the emancipatory New.


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