Venezuela: In Defense of the Internet while it still lasts
Date: Friday, January 28 @ 05:17:38 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

By Franz J. T. Lee
January 28, 2011

The international attack on the Internet has begun. Also in Venezuela by law the usage of the Internet is regulated. Especially here in Venezuela, we should use the Internet for anticipatory and emancipatory purposes while it still is lasting, this won't be the case for very long anymore. If we did not have news and information sites like  Aporrea, VHeadline, Venezuelanalysis, Abrebrecha, Ensartaos, and a few others, we would practically know nothing about daily political occurrences in Venezuela.

Orwellian 'Big Brother' is already launching his 'Brave New World'. Since ages, ever since the division of human society into classes, into masters and slaves, and the original accumulation of capital in the Mediterranean region, to perpetuate themselves all rulers developed ideological systems of body, mind and thought control of their 'subjects'. In fact, culture, religion, customs, norms, morals, 'information', mass media and education are still the main instruments for the eventual construction of a possible global 'Mental Holocaust', directed and carried out by a 'One World Government' economically based in total corporate concentration and monopolization.

Internet was invented by the Pentagon to serve military purposes; it has been placed at the disposal of the public not out of human love, but for achieving 'full spectrum dominance', and for globalizing  'military humanism'. Inter alia, Internet is being used in combination with other military 'toys', like HAARP, CERN, spy airplanes and satellites, and the Global Positioning System, ... hence, all are there for the sake of military reconnaissance, intelligence, vigilance, surveillance, mass manipulation and data mining.

Of course nothing is secure on the Internet, not even our computers; Big Brother has the master key to all our 'privacy'. And yet, while it still lasts, we have an international information source about which neither Marx nor Trotsky could dream about. The problem is that we are over flooded with 'disinformation' and could not so rapidly learn to differentiate truth and reality from big lies and virtual reality. An infinitesimal percent of Internet users create home pages and blogs to reveal global capitalist exploitation, domination, racism and destruction of society and our natural habitat. However, to find millions of brains to grasp the facts, which openly are hanging everywhere in the air, is a job for Sisyphus. Precisely to accomplish this is the objective of mind control, of the global 'Mental Holocaust'.
On Internet, like nowhere else, we can still get the means to develop human consciousness, a class consciousness, provided that we still have a sound intellectual capacity, above all, a sound knowledge about logic, political economy, science and philosophy, in a word, of Marxism.

Who should fear to be called a modern anti-capitalist, a socialist or a Marxist, would be already a victim of global corporate fear, a conditio qua non for establishing a 'one world state', would be  already on the 'information highway' towards the Mental Holocaust.

Big Brother currently is concluding his search for 'terrorists', especially for scientific actors and philosophic thinkers, in this gigantic battle, in the 'War of Idea'.

Most of us already are loving Big Brother, but many 'fighters', who still trust in the power of the 'proles', like Winston Smith, are continuing the struggle of and for humanity in Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Greece, France, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Gaza, the Niger Delta, the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere. 

Without the Internet we would not even know about all these valiant global class struggles.

Exactly this corporate imperialism wants to curtail or even eliminate now ... many websites and blog spots are already, censured, blocked and eliminated by the USA. Other capitalist governments and states in the interest of hiding their Big Lies to the working masses, are rapidly following suit.

Without the Internet we would have to resort again to our African drums, indigenous smoke rings and pipes, messenger doves (which may fall dead from the intoxicated skies) and to Dracula's stagecoach to deliver our mails, speeches, articles and news. What would really serve our purposes would be galactic telepathy and teleportation.

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