Venezuela: What should urgently be debated in our schools and universities?
Date: Monday, January 10 @ 15:33:42 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

Venezuela: What should urgently be debated in our schools, missions and universities?

By Franz J. T. Lee
January 10, 2011

In what international context a new Law of University Education in Venezuela should be debated?

The context is clear, we are living in the epoch of globalization, of the total collapse of the capitalist system. Venezuela is a capitalist state and is directly affected and infected by the inexorable demise of a decadent, decaying world order.

With all the deafening, ostentatious noises of its crashing, industrial-military complex; all the blinding flash lights of its big business; all the polluted air filled with the moribund stench of a decadent dying culture; and all the trillions of worthless fiat dollars, of counterfeit paper money, which it is stuffing down the gaping, speculative throats of its international, ravenous bankers; hic et nunc, here and now, capitalism has doomed itself, across the globe, it is now digging its own grave, is in protracted agony.

Over the last three millennia, during the epochs of immense, brutal capital accumulation, all slave-owning, feudal or capitalist empires, one after the other inexorably fell. The current United States 'Fourth Reich' is not an exception to this dialectical rule.

However, this time, as the result of having crossed the Rubicon of any possible super exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation, that is, of having destroyed the very concrete substratum of any possible future mode of production on earth, namely, having introduced globalization, global, fascist barbarism, the whole mode of capitalist production, in fact, of over-production, is collapsing.

The 'trillion dollar question' remains:

Until now, what did the billions of toiling workers, the 'wretched of the earth', not yet do, not yet think and not yet venture beyond?

The answer to this transcending question forms the gateway, the exit towards the 'Eleventh Thesis of Marx on Feuerbach' -- 'to change the world' -- and towards Bertolt Brecht, -- 'to leave a better world behind' for future generations to come. The praxico-theoretical answer would pave the transhistoric path from bourgeois revolution (1789, 1830) to proletarian 'human emancipation' (Marx).

Workers everywhere, especially now in Europe, who are in large numbers already reduced to sub-human living commodities, 'instinctively' are sensing the coming of their butcher whom they themselves as 'electoral fodder' have elected.

At the turn of the millennium what is on the world order is a portentous implosion of the global, capitalist mode of self-destruction and a global explosion of poverty, misery, horror and terror.

What could launch this future 'Brave New World' with 'Big Brother' as Leviathan at its helm?

In our transhistoric 'crystal ball' inter alia, for the 21st century, we would observe: tumbling skyscrapers, the falling of giant statues, huge methane gas explosions coming from the perforated sea-beds of the seven oceans, chemtrails, white phosphorous bombs, unmanned killer 'drones', e fishes, birds and plants dying, mortal vaccinations, pandemics, wild electro-magnetic pulses, mad syndicates of international war criminals, disastrous floods, droughts and earthquakes, total body and mind control, millions of surveillance cameras, chip implants, geometric explosion of pauperization, food shortages, potable water and oxygen shortages, walls and fences around Greece and Israel, famine ... impoverished, starving, unemployed Africans migrating around and dying like flies. ...

It is time to wake up, to leave the sinking capitalist Titanic. The above is what urgently should be debated in our Venezuelan school, missions and universities.

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