Zarqawi Flubs and Kills Israel's Enemies
Date: Saturday, November 12 @ 20:56:13 UTC
Topic: Meet the Fourkers

by Kurt Nimmo,

It's amazing the way the corporate media simply passes along unsubstantiated claims and outright Bushcon propaganda as fact—for instance, over at the Chicago Tribune, it is said an "al-Qaida offshoot" is "spearheading the anti-U.S. insurgency in Iraq," in other words, according to Joel Greenberg of the Tribune, the al-Zarqawi black op designed to discredit Iraqis who are attempting to end the illegal occupation of their country are terrorists who blow up hotels in neighboring countries. No doubt Greenberg is paid well to make up such fairy tales—or rather pass along the lies and distortions contrived by his editors and the Bushcons.

"After first claiming responsibility for the Wednesday attacks on three hotels popular with Israelis and Westerners, al-Qaida in Iraq later issued a second Internet statement that appeared to acknowledge that its tactics may have backfired and undermined any support the group enjoyed among the Jordanian population," writes Greenberg. In other words, the intelligence ops who issue these "internet statements" for the dead al-Zarqawi's P2OG false flag terrorist group decided their initial story didn't hold water, so they are sending out a clarification via one of their secured servers.

"The group said the attacks were launched only after its leaders became 'confident that (the hotels) are centers for launching war on Islam and support the crusaders' presence in Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the presence of the Jews on the land of Palestine,'" Greenberg continues. "They also were, the group asserted, 'a secure place for the filthy Israeli and Western tourists to spread corruption and adultery at the expense and suffering of the Muslims.'" No mention here of the now scrubbed fact the "filthy Israelis" were tipped off and evacuated the hotel before the black op unit attacked. Moreover, as usual, the blasts killed not only innocent Arabs, but in this instance also "the commander of the Palestinian Special Forces, Bashir Nafeh, Jihad Fatouh, the commercial attaché at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo, and Mosab Khorma, deputy Chairman of Cairo-Amman Bank in the Palestinian territories and Col. Abed Allun, another high-ranking Preventive Security forces official, were also killed in the three nearly simultaneous suicide bombings on American-owned hotels," according to Rumor Mill News. It sure is odd how al-Zarqawi kills important Palestinians for the Likudites.

But not only did the dead al-Zarqawi kill innocent Jordanians and important Palestinians, he also managed to kill a few Chinese. It is common knowledge the Chinese government is nurturing a relationship with the Palestinians and no doubt the Likudites hate this idea since they want the Palestinians to suffer in isolation in their Bantustan ghettoes the same way the Polish Jews suffered in the walled-up Warsaw ghetto. Back in May, Abbas went to China and met with Chinese leaders including President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan. "The consensus reached by the two sides includes further developing mutually-beneficial and friendly cooperative relations, making joint efforts to push forward the Middle-East peace process, and so on. As far as I know, China and Palestinian side signed five documents of cooperation during this visit, including China-Palestine agreement of economic and technological cooperation, agreement of economic, trade and technological cooperation. China agreed to offer 50 million-worth economic aids and gratis, some aids in kind such as medical equipment, mobile houses and cultural and sports utilities," according to a statement released by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan. Of course, this would put to waste the years of destruction inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israeli state and the IDF. Best send in the black op al-Zarqawi team to kill a few Chinese along with the important Palestinians.

It really does not take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here or to notice the al-Zarqawi black op team is obviously working for the Israelis, the British, and the Americans. It was only a month ago U.S. spooks made public a supposed letter from Ayman al-Zawahiri to Musab al-Zarqawi (thus putting a new spin on the term "dead letter") warning al-Zarqawi to be "careful about attacking civilians because they might turn against the insurgency and harm the long-term al-Qaeda aim of imposing its medieval version of Islamic rule on the region," according to USA Today. Now we are told by corporate media stenographers that al-Zarqawi did not heed this warning and as "if to validate that warning, large crowds have turned out in Jordan to protest three horrific bombings there Wednesday for which Zarqawi's group has claimed responsibility."

I bet Abu is in Dutch with Osama these days.

Anyway, all of this is simply becoming too transparent and surrealistic. If Americans buy into this crap in significant numbers it is once again more than ample proof George Hull, standing in for P. T. Barnum, was absolutely spot on: there is a sucker born every minute.

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