The Second Coming of George W. Bush: The Messiah of the 21st Century
Date: Wednesday, October 19 @ 15:54:48 UTC
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By Franz J. T. Lee

According to an article of Ewen MacAskill, in the Guardian of October 7, 2005, a senior Palestinian politician, Nabil Shaath, who was the Palestinian foreign minister at the time, said that in an interview George Bush had claimed that he was on a mission from God when he launched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; furthermore, he assured the Palestinian delegation that God also talked to him about Middle East peace.,12271,1586978,00.html

Yes, we are experiencing a New Renaissance of the Spanish Inquisition, of the Second Coming of George W. Bush, of the Messiah of the 21st Century.

This is a classical example of a religious, pathological delirium, of a dangerous unio mistica with the earthly gods of fascism, in fact, historically it is a paradigm of why in the first place Roman feudalism, the Spanish Inquisition, had to invent official, dogmatic, Christian religion, why an omnipotent God had to be fabricated and was later used by all conquistadors, tyrants and dictators as spiritual legitimization, as absolution from the most heinous and barbaric crimes committed against humanity.

Within the framework of this divine conception of history, that is, of a great God that makes history, by the grace of this very God, all kings, popes and presidents freely could perpetrate the most abominable crimes against humanity. In order that this could function at all, for millennia already the sine qua non was that "les miserables" (Victor Hugo), the imperial "subjects", the absolute majority of the downtrodden world population -- as believers, nowadays counting probably over 90% of some 6 billion human beings, -- as a minimum, staunchly they must believe at least in one of all the holy, patriarchal, human "critters" or in all divine, oligarchic creatures, and, like parrots, reciting an eternal "paternoster" or "credo" they must daily affirm and confirm all the accompanying, ideological, theological paraphernalia, chimeras and phantasmagorias.

To reach such a high level of total, totalitarian mind and thought control, to be able to launch the colonial and neocolonial mental holocaust, to produce docile, genuflecting slave-laborers and wage-slaves, all the natural, original human instincts, all real, true social emotions, feelings, sentiments and beliefs of the inhabitants of the "Third World", of the conquered peoples had to be extirpated and replaced by the colonial doctrines and dogmas of metropolitan men-gods who, like Bush, claimed that their capital and cardinal crimes corresponded to fatherly, heavenly will, to the grace of the Almighty God.

What George Bush is saying and doing perfectly fits into his trans-historic colonial and neocolonial role as the great white man, inspired by the great white god, who makes white history.

Yes, this is Calvinist "Die Boer met sy Bybel en sy roer" (The Boer with his Bible and his Rifle" who mercilessly conquered the "Wild South" in Africa.

Similarly, the cowboy forefathers of Bush had conquered the "Wild West", at whim and caprice, they shot and killed the indigenous peoples, the "Red Indians", only much later blind justice, the slow grinding mills of god, were asking questions.

Now, in our age, the DivineTrinity Bush ... Father, Son and Holy "In God We Trust" ... is torturing "Reds", Arab terrorists, is again conquering and "civilizing" the world, is globalizing the North American way of life, in a newborn religious style, is now "christianizing" the planet once more. .

In Africa, this way of imperialist thinking and acting was the social product of centuries of cohabitation of "whites and non-whites" in slave-owning colonial societies. In one of my writings, I explained the religious essence of this particular colonialism as follows:

"The military and technical superiority of the white immigrants and the ethnocentric interpretation of Christianity amalgamated themselves into the 'chosen people' mission of the 'Herrenvolk', into the anti-democratic ideology of Christian Nationalism, which recognized its parallel in German National Socialism, and after the second world war, found its political practice in organized outlawry, culminating in the massacres of Sharpeville and Langa."

Today, we could simply update the above as follows: " ... it finds its political practice in organized national patriotic outlawry and international military vandalism, thus fulfilling the sacred will of the newborn North American God in the brutal massacres and genocide of the Bush administration in Kabul, Baghdad and Fallujah."

All these fascist and Nazi mechanisms of capitalism and imperialism, can be verified scientifically at best in the Third Empire of Hitler, but also in the past Apartheid system of the Boers in Southern Africa.

The Bush administration has learned a lot from the 20th century Boer Herrenvolk of South Africa, especially from their "homeland" policies, their labor concentration camps, their torture chambers, their cruel secret intelligence service, BOSS, their "Anti-Terrorism Laws", their crude racism, mercilessly meted out against their "black" third class citizens and their religious bigotry and fanaticism, especially the arrogant claim of being a divine "chosen people", who is destined by God to save the world from all evils, from all Marxists, communists and Arab terrorists.

According to Nabil Shaath: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I am driven with a mission from God'. God would tell me, 'George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan'. And I did. And then God would tell me 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq'. And I did.' "

Truly, Bush and his newborn God are great pals; they must be having great fun in the "White" House, permanently enjoying the torturing of innocent, helpless Iraqis, condemned as "Arab terrorists", forever seeing Arab children being ripped to pieces by the uranium depleted, atomic mother of all bombs.

After looking at such bloody pictures, in CNN or in Fox News, of North American victory and nobility in Iraq and elsewhere, every night Bush and his God must be enjoying a deep, sound, glorious sleep.

Generally we do not cite popes to make a point; however, in this specific case, we will make an exception: the above is an excellent example of "neo-liberal savagery" (John Paul II).

Over the last decades, the two Bush regimes have demonstrated the elevated "divine" human costs of getting "the Israelis their security, and of getting peace in the Middle East'."

Concerning the latter, Bush is really desperate: "And, by God, I'm gonna do it." He means: By God, I shall bomb Iran!

This is part and parcel of Washington's "moral and religious obligation" towards Israel, towards the construction of Bantustan racist walls, towards the introduction of Apartheid policies in the Middle East.

Calming the Palestinians down, the new messiah Bush swore: "I must get you a Palestinian state. And I will." Similarly, he wants to eliminate "world poverty", simply by eradicating the poor by means of mortal weapons of mass destruction, by HAARP, tsunamis, droughts or mighty earthquakes, that is, by brutal "new world wars".

However, we should note, the Bush clique will come and go, but as long as we affirm capitalism, in our own countries and on an international scale, in our very "democratic" constitutions, guaranteeing ruling class robbery and pillage of "private property" (Proudhon), Orwellian North American world fascism will be here to stay with us for a very long time, unless, of course, especially in Venezuela, we nip it in its economic bud pretty fast.

Moving our oil reserves to a Swiss Bank was a grand revolutionary step in this direction, only, the rest of Latin America must follow this emancipatory paradigm, and we should not forget that Switzerland is never neutral when it concerns capital and capitalism.

In real "Big Brother" style, by converting truth into its opposite, indirectly referring to "Arab world terrorism", linked up with "Latin American Integration", with "Chavism", Bush declared: "We're facing a radical ideology with unalterable objectives: to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world."

In 2002, while discussing future invasion plans, Bush's modern, reborn religion, as military fascist ideology, was employed when George Bush and his other earthly pal, Tony Blair, were reported to have prayed together at his ranch at Crawford, Texas.

It is not strange that practically all world religions in one way or the other are mixed up with imperial and imperialist conquests ... or that current "Western" churches and religious creeds, like Roman Catholicism or Calvinism, all historical European offshoots of the Spanish Inquisition and the Reformation ... in our time directly or indirectly have supported the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini, Salazar or Franco during and after the Second World War, and till today, many of them secretly still aid Bush in his current fascist wars of conquest.

This is why Bush so arrogantly can kill in the name of God, in reality, in the name of church patriarchs, oligarchs, war mongrels and imperialist moguls.

Who or what was the richest proprietor on earth during European feudalism and colonialism? Who and what till this very day owns the land of Brazil, Venezuela, of Latin America? This any serious social scientist knows and can verify at any time with concrete historical facts.

To see how patriarchal, hierarchical church structures and a ruling class religion can play counter-revolutionary, that is, counter-emancipatory roles, current Venezuelan history is an excellent field for serious social and political investigations.

If one sees what type of war criminals are praying together, then most staunch Christians logically should really lose all their faith, all interest in passive prayers, and should get down to do the job of their heavenly father, that is, to draw their fiery swords, not to generalize the theology of revolution again, or to create obsolete, reformist, Kautskyian, economic alliances between Labor and Capital, that would just veil the global class struggle, rather all should definitely get down to concrete, daily, earthly, revolutionary brass tacks.

The only way to liberate us from all brands of religious superstition is to promote the various Bolivarian "missions" in Venezuela, is to globalize them, is to pave the road towards scientific and philosophic knowledge, that is, towards revolutionary, emancipatory education.

Elsewhere, I explained this urgent issue. Four decades ago, in September, 1966, while on a lecturing tour in the United States and Canada, also addressing the then Special Committee on Apartheid of the United Nations, with reference to the South African Revolution, I published a booklet, titled "The Anatomy of Apartheid in Southern Africa".

Inter alia, in it, I underlined:

"An educational system that is successful must be acceptable to those for whom it is designed. It must be seen by the African people themselves as beneficial for them, and not dictated to them against their better interest. In fact, an educational system should be the product of the people themselves, embodying their aspirations and needs. It has to be in accordance and in keeping with the general social, economic, political and cultural trends of the time, towards a better world, a more hopeful, peaceful, happier and freer future for all mankind... . These ingredients are the quintessence of education."

In his battle against Apartheid, at the beginning of the 1960's, in his work, "Education For Barbarism" the practically unknown Marxist South African freedom fighter, the late Isaac Bangani Tabata, had sent out an urgent message to everybody in Africa. However, it also has a revolutionary actuality especially for the contemporary North American, European and Asian capitalist wage-slaves, to the billions of global physical and intellectual laborers:

"It is our belief that the people of South Africa, both white and nonwhite, will one day jerk themselves out of their complacent smugness and prostration, wake up to their responsibilities and seek to wipe out from the book of history this chapter of degradation, misery and moral destitution."

Finally, concerning the radical annihilation of religious bigotry, of racist fascism in Southern Africa, and in the rest of the world, decades ago, in the booklet mentioned above, I wrote:

"There is no precedent to suggest that the South African revolution can be imported from anywhere, just as there is no example of a ruling class having stepped down from its throne in peace because it grasped the historical necessity to do so. The South African revolution will be the work of the millionmembered toiling masses of South Africa and South West Africa, struggling for equality, justice, human dignity, freedom and peace, in solidarity with the same struggle on a global scale."

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