Cranking Up the Fear Quotient
Date: Thursday, July 28 @ 23:31:19 UTC
Topic: Britain

By Kurt Nimmo,

William Bowles has posted an excellent analysis of the continually mutating London bombing story, arriving at the conclusion that the whole thing is a load of rubbish (I concur). In Ramping up the fear quotient, Bowles writes, "The objective is clear; keep ramping up the 'fear quotient' in the minds of the public by issuing an endless flood of baseless accusations that keep the stories in the headlines and which have the additional advantage of sowing total confusion when one tries to find out what is really going on."

In sowing confusion, the state moves the focus to the "perceived enemy," the only rock solid constant amidst the confusion of smoke and mirrors (at this point you need a scorecard to keep track of the mutating story, although you can rest assured "al-Qaeda" is responsible). "The point is, given the way the public have been conditioned to accept the idea of a global network of terrorists, out to destroy the 'Western way of life'... it matters little where they come from, or indeed what their real motives are. All that matters is that they have Muslim-sounding names, dark skins, they all need a shave and that they are enemies of 'Western civilization.'"

And so we have today the arrest of the darkest of the dark pictured in a handful of highly suspect CCTV images. "Yasin Hassan Omar was among four men arrested in police raids on two homes in the central English city of Birmingham early Wednesday," reports the Voice of America. In keeping with the program to ramp up the "fear quotient," authorities in Birmingham made sure to force people out of 100 residences after "they found a suspicious bag in a home where Yasin Hassan Omar was arrested. [Peter Clarke, chief of the London police anti-terrorist branch] says the evacuation was a precaution, and there was no intelligence to suggest that there were explosives in the house." It wasn't a "precaution" so much as continuing theater to send home the required message: the "war on terrorism"—a term now in the process of being "retooled" into something considered more palatable: "a global struggle against violent extremism," as Donald Rumsfeld would have it—will require an interminable fear of dark-skinned others and you may be ushered from your house in the dead of night, in the pouring rain—or maybe you will even end up executed, Israeli death squad style, for the "mistake" of being "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

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