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    Caribbean: Midnight Reflections on Fidel Castro and Global Orwellian Imperialism
    Monday, July 04 @ 23:22:24 UTC
    CubaBy Franz J. T. Lee

    Last night, Friday, July 1, 2005, between 10 and 12 a.m., I was listening to and looking at a most informative live interview with President Fidel Castro, directed by Walter Martínez in his Dossier program of Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

    Reflecting deeply on all what Fidel explained ... especially about the Orwellian future that faces the "Third World" in general, and Latin America, Venezuela and the Caribbean in particular ... unless we urgently unite, integrate and defend ourselves in total revolutionary unison ... my mind began to run wild, reaching trans-historic dimensions and future awesome realms.

    In bed I was still pondering about all of Fidel's profound reflections, explaining his rebelling youth, the development of the Cuban Revolution, also his high esteem and respect for President Hugo Chávez. He also confirmed that over 600 foreign CIA attempts were made on his life.

    It's midnight. My candle flame is turning blue. Some evil sorcerer must have set loose all the evil spirits of the underworld, of Northern Transylvania. Hamlet warns us that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. He reminds us, that for homo sapiens sapiens, now, more than ever, the vital global question remains as: To be or not to be?

    In my mind, God-Man, Man-God, appears on the historic scene. He has already exploited the horse's power, even the sacred cows are now running mad. Instead of using creative, free, clean Tesla energy, everywhere to be found in abundance, now profit hungry France, as Fidel explained, prefers to produce expensive mini-suns, solar energy, solar power in the laboratory. The world order really has a power problem, its energy is running out, it faces extinction.

    In fact, delving much deeper into this contradictory global energetic issue, we observe that Chirac is treading on forbidden, dangerous soil; he is moving away from the divine, formal logical, mesocosmic curse of earthly toil, of digging for oil, of earning his daily bread by the sweat of his brow, by slave labor, by capitalist, imperialist, destructive production, and is now nearing the divinely reserved realm of micro- and macro-cosmic, galactic Creation, of fiat lux!

    During the following decades, ... as Fidel elaborated ... haunted by "Peak Oil", and faced by the coming scarcity or even absence of the black gold commodity itself, France will not be able to produce natural fossil energy anymore, on the contrary, scientifically, as reported, it will be forced to create a real baby sun on earth. Hence Chirac and his European successors, in spite of obvious Christian religious blasphemy, will become part of a new species Man the Divine Creator.

    And why not, also another species could be born, Man the Self-Creative Emancipator, the Self-Emancipating Creator?

    Many centuries ago, African, Arab and Jewish Aristotelian materialist philosophers, like Avicenna, Averroes and Avicebron, already spoke about this Self-Creative Nature and Self-Created Nature, about natura naturata and natura naturans.

    How I wish to have discussed this particular transcendental, revolutionary issue with Fidel, who is an expert in global political economy, explaining to him that the Creation of Suns, Moons and Stars would imply an emancipatory exodus out of the heliocentric, dialectical, capitalist world and its exploiting, dominating ideology, towards other still unknown horizons, undiscovered worlds, new spheres of human being, existence and transcendence. Like Fidel remarked, with regard to the origins of the Cuban national liberation movement, that radicalized itself progressively, this is not "utopian" ivory-tower wishful thinking in a non-practical sense, but necessary teleological reflections about things already happening and existing on our planet earth.

    However, returning to more day to day earthly realities, to Venezuela, already since decades, Joan Baez desperately has asked: Where have all the flowers, all the trees gone? Soon the Middle East, the Balkans, Asia, Africa and Latin America will sing: Where have all our black gold, our gas, our water, our oxygen, our biodiversity, our Congo Basin, our Orinoco Delta, our Amazonia gone?

    Yes, like Amazonia, like our biodiversity, our strategic, invaluable natural resources, because of the new global, fascist conquest, because of the onslaught of the mighty international corporations, all our natural wealth is evaporating into metropolitan, capitalist, imperialist, corporate "private property of humanity"! Soon we will know who all along history exclusively, form part, belonged and still belong to the sonorous concept "Humanity".

    Here In Mérida, because of the demographic explosion and geometric progressive growth in a limited space, like elsewhere, everything is running bezerk. The infrastructures break down, the forests are glowing, are burning, creating a premonition of fiery things to come. The green slopes, the Andes, are becoming a naked mountain range; in the city, yearning for the trolley-bus to come, the traffic is becoming a real nightmare, the heavy laden polluted, anti-tourist air causes asthma and other lung diseases, the soaring condors disappeared, progressively, even majestic Pico Bolivar is losing its innocent age-old snow cap.

    The Bolivarian Revolution has done many things, yet, still so much to do, so little done!

    Yes, globally even the air groans, moans, is being suffocated by the smog, the fog of the scorched jungle log. The weather is being exploited, violated as a United States weapon of mass destruction. Neither the weather nor the human being is fine anymore. There was no natural climate in the very USA over the last thirty years. The rain, ... gone with the wind ... and, in the Iraqi desert air no fragrant rose blushes unseen anymore. In fact, roses have no fragrance anymore, they have become highly poisonous, because of the toxic chemicals used to cultivate them in green houses.

    HAARP, Tsunamis, Vargas, everywhere.

    Power, power reigns, rules the waves, the electro-magnetic waves, scalar waves. Rocks melt, faith no more moves mountains; Big Brother surely does. Along with the desert rats, Mohammed, tortured, violated, terrorized, humiliated, in the name of "liberty", now is forced to hide in the dark sewerage systems, in the quagmires of powerful oil mongrels, of megalomaniac war mongers. In the USA, the Patriot Acts and the concentration camps are awaiting the foreigners, tracked down by chips, the own domestic rebelling poor and working classes.

    Many flora and fauna, many bushes and birds are gone, so are the Bushmen, a huge, wild bush fire currently scorches, scourges the agonizing face of the earth. Those who could stop it, have no class interest in doing so. Those who cannot stop it, use their very bodies and souls as human bombs to try to blow the world system to blazes.

    Mercilessly, in the epicenter of the "Project for a New American Century", innocent bush-babies, so spoilt by their loving moms, now boil and broil in the global Oil Moloch of "Shock and Awe".

    And all this is called Progress, Development, Globalization, Civilization, Western and Christianity!

    It really deserves the biblical royal treatment that Jesus Christ has suggested for those who slaughter little children. Why do the true, real Christians not fulfill the "socialist" and "revolutionary" wish of their Savior and Redeemer? Why, with the blessing of the United Nations and of the Christian God, Santísimo Pope John Paul II was prepared to approve the coming massacre of innocent Iraqi women and children? Is this divine "infallibility"? Are these "camel driver" babies not "Children of God", members of the human species? Or does Apartheid also reign in Heaven?

    In carrying out the sacred, divine death penalties of Jesus Christ, our only problem would be, that there will not be enough mill-stones to hang around the necks of child-murderers like Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld, and their other fascist consorts, all along history, and that the Atlantic Ocean would not be deep enough, because of the millions of African slaves, piled up at its bottom, the innocent victims of the epoch of the brutal Transatlantic Slave Trade. As Walter Rodney explained, the exploited Africans constructed the world market, metropolitan "development", wealth and power!

    Holding hands, the dead, these African victims of discovery, militarization and christianization would go around the earth several times. Who cared, who cares about them? What happened to their sighs, their un-Christian, pagan prayers, their reparation, that would go into hundreds of trillions of US $? In fact, it would be impossible to estimate the real historic human misery and damage.

    In this specific global context, what has European Christian religion got to do with them, with the peoples of Africa, with Latin America, with Venezuela, with the "Theology of Liberation", with the Bolivarian Revolution? What was and still is the social function of imported European colonial religion? Why does it only work in community, as socialized, not individualized, prozac?

    The myth of "my religion", of "my personal god" is already part of the ideological strychnine produced and reproduced in the minds of millions. There do not exist any personal gods or religions on the globe. What is the real Power of Religion? It has no power, it is simply a superstructural instrument to produce social class power, state power, ruling class state power. If the ruling classes should not need religion tomorrow, they will simply throw it into the industrial dustbin, where all things that do not serve capitalist interests always land. It will linger on for a while, but will eventually vanish into nothingness.

    This very issue Fidel also discussed with Walter Martínez in the Dossier interview, and he had no problem with Nothing after death. Like the Marxist philosopher, Ernst Bloch, after knowing a little about Everything, we are keen also to know what Nothing is all about.

    Concerning Naked Brutal Power, the coming North American Fascist Power, Orwell made a precise prediction of what is happening currently in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and of what is threatening Iran and Venezuela:

    "The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power. "

    Also, Orwell underlined that he was not speaking about Stalin or Hitler, but about the coming of a Bush clique type:

    "The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. ... Power is not a means, it is an end. ... The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. "
    (George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-four, The New American Library of World Literature, New York, 1961, p. 217)

    Even knowledge is being converted into chips, into nanobots, into naked materialized power, into Zombie robots, into intellectual private property, into weapons of mass destruction. As Orwell explained, gnosis, episteme, paedagogics, information, news, all will fall under the heavy blows of the fraternal, patriotic "legal" ax of terrorists like Bush, Condoleeza Rice and her "rummy" Feldmarschall, the ineffable Rumsfeld.

    Info-war, psycho-war, cognitive dissonance, psychotic disassociation now shake the very foundation of contemporary "civilized" Pallas Athena. "Education", Missionary Work, Religion, always have belonged to the major, most effective instruments of Mind and Thought Control across the ages. From Plato to Hitler, from Stalin to Bush, we can follow the bloody intellectual trails of the current, global, imperialist Mental Holocaust, that across the millennia has inculcated globally a slave mentality, master and slave relations, inhuman alienation.

    Concerning censorship, and giving concepts like "terrorism" or "democracy" new fascist "doublethink" connotations, about Winston Smith's Newspeak articles in the Capitalist (New York) "Times", not in the Communist "Pravda" or in the Nazi "Volkszeitung", Orwell's Big Brother comments:

    "You take a scholarly interest in Newspeak I believe? ... In your article I noticed you had used two words which have became obsolete. ... Some of the new developments are ingenious. The reduction in the number of verbs - that is the point that will appeal to you."

    And, in global fascism, what is the ideological objective of Mind and Thought Control?

    To complete that what was not yet achieved in Belief, Religion and Revelation, to kill all the remaining sparks of independent thinking and thought, theory and philosophy on a global scale.

    To prevent that the masses, that billions of working, toiling peoples will commit "thoughtcrime", will discover the truth of their world reality.

    "Don't you see, that the whole aim of newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end, we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words, in which to express it." (p.46)

    On July 2, 2005, as aljazeera informs us, with reference to the Internet, in true Orwellian style, the current Bush clique has in mind to control the world news and to eliminate all unwanted information, independent ideas and thoughts on a global scale:

    "A decision by the US to retain oversight of the computers that control internet traffic has drawn harsh criticism about the lack of independence it could mean for the free-flowing, anything-goes communication network. ... Critics contend that in a worst-case scenario, countries refusing to accept US control could establish their own separate Domain Name System, thereby fracturing the internet, with addresses in some regions becoming unreachable in others."

    In fact, this burning censorship issue is getting very urgent:

    "A United Nations panel is to release a report this month on internet governance, addressing such issues as oversight of the root servers, before November's UN World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia. Some countries have pressed to move oversight to an international body, such as the UN International Telecommunication Union."


    Yes, Venezuela, Cuba, the Caribbean and Latin America, the days of the free internet are numbered!
    Let us continue to make revolutionary hay, while the emancipatory sun still shines!

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