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Great Sporting Moments

Lara Power, West Indies Win By 3 Runs February 10, 2003
100-meter winners
1 Maurice Greene
2 Ato Boldon
3 Obadele Thompson

Ato Boldon, Obadele Thompson, and Maurice Greene, Debbie Ferguson
Serena Williams wins Australian
Open champion
Jan 25, 2003 BBC

Williams Sisters Serves Up History
Date: 28 Sept 2000

Reality Checks October 01, 2000
By Raffique Shah

Thanks for the run, Ato 29 Sept 2000
By Keith Smith

Bahamas team wins Gold
Date: 30 Sept 2000

The Bahamas 4 x 100m relay team powered to gold Saturday in 41.95, more

Cameroon first-ever Olympic gold
Date: 30 Sept 2000

Ngeny of Kenyan - 1500m Upset
Date: 29 Sept 2000

Forty metres from the finish line, one of the biggest boilovers of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was confirmed, more

Malleswari becomes national hero Date: 20 September 2000
The first Olympic medal ever won by an Indian woman.
Obadele Thompson: Barbados welcomed Obadele Thompson to the realm of truly great international sporting heroes. more

Derartu Tulu: In Olympic distance running: First woman to win a gold medal at two separate Olympic Games. more

AFRICA took all the medals in the final event of the Sydney 2000 Games this evening. The nation swept all the men's medals from 1500 metres up. Gezahgne Abera and Tesfaye Tola of Ethiopia won the gold and bronze medals in the 42-kilometre marathon, while Eric Wainaina of Kenya, took the silver. The winning time was 2 hours 10 minutes and 11 seconds. more

Science can help an athlete break rules

Russell Latapy
His name has always been synonymous with a high quality of play as extracted, in the past, by equally illustrious sons of the soil Carlton "Squeaky" Hinds, Carlton "The General" Franco, Warren Archibal, Everald "Gally" Cummings and a host of other attacking footballers. Profile of Russell Latapy

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