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Black Power 1970

Indians in 1970
Black Power

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Responses to: Non-Indian will never lead UNC April 29, 2001


From: Trinidad Guardian's Forum (May 5th, 2001 at 11:11:35pm)
By: Guy Guyadeen (Picture below)
Naps Man : 1964 - 1969. A Posse Ad Esse

Guy Guyadeen Here is an e-mail I sent to Mr. Shah;

Dear Mr. Shah,
Isn't Trinidad a wonderful place? Isn't it truly a paradise?

Where else in the world can a military officer, trained at one of the most prestigious academies in the world, participate in a treasonous act, a treacherous act, and live to tell about it.
Where else can saboteurs upset the peaceful day to day existence of an entire nation, including school children, in an effort to overthrow a legitimate government and get away Scot free?
Where else can that same traitor be elected to parliment, fall flat on his backside and lay the blame on others, yet, continue to try to usurp a legitimate government, and get away Scot free?
Where else can that individual earn a handsome living, lead a comfortable lifestyle, while denegrating others who have committed far less worse crimes, and get away Scot free?

Isn't Trinidad a wonderful place? Isn't it truly a paradise?

Raffique Shah is a traitor to T&T and should have been hung for his treasonous acts. I was one of the many schoolchildren affected by Mr. Shah & cohorts' unsuccessfull attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Guy Guyadeen
I have a genetically nasty streak in me.
I'm fat, you're ugly. I can lose weight.

Dear Mr. Shah,

I just finished reading your article about the state of leadership within the UNC and I must admit for the sake of our beloved country I hope you will be wrong. Although I no longer live in Trinidad I have strong ties through my Parents and siblings. One thing is certain, Trinidadian of Indian and African decent are still Trinidadians. My only hope is that a strong leader from the new school will emerge.

Mr. Shah I was just a child in 1970, but I distinctly remember the united front you and your brother soldiers exhibited then. I refer to this because I am convinced that Africans and Indians can and will unite but it cannot only be in good times.

Unfortunately it may have to come from a united struggle to rid the country of the rum and roti politics of yesteryear. I do not,will never, wish any armed struggle on my country but I am sure that time will have the last say.

The rum and Roti politics will die with Mr. Panday. I hope the youths are paying attention. __________________________________________________________

Dear Mr. Shah,

Does it matter that a non indian will never lead UNC, or is that your feud with the Bas is far from over.You could not even settle down when you were an elected member of Parliment, always fighting the Bas for power.

Who supported you in Siparia..Only the Indians. FROM MENDEZ TO pENAL. Your victory was one for ULF, not for PNM. We have fought long and hard for the recognition of our purity and superiority. Why should we let some African come in and destroy all that is in place.( a la Robbie with NAR).

Let this new African leader go to the PNM party and feel at home with their inferior methods. Remember while India is testing nuclaer missiles, Africa is still excited about replacing the elephant bone tips on their spears with fiberglass ones.

Why was Chambers elected PM when Kamal and Errol were the deputies. Why did they have to share terms when Chambers were away. Because no Indian could be the ruler of the PNM. So who started that, huh?.

Raf you have got to cool down and let things be. You are an indian and you should respect that. You and your whole janamm can not bring africans and indians together. If that was to be there would not be any separation between Africa and India.

Raf the only indians that have lasting relationships with africans are the weaker ones that are comparable to the weaker pups in a litter that are weeded out by its mother. These type of indians are called "CHAMAARS". You and the PNM can have them Sometimes when you write you should think of quality and not the fact that you have a contract to fill a (PNM CONTROLLED)newspaper column every week.

Trini Boy


Dear Mr. Shah,

I just read your "articles" on the website. I had to reply. No offense taken and none meant. It amazes me that you and even not you are not telling the who story. Yon mentioned about the killing of MLK and the bonding you had with Stokely and the "Black Power" movement in the US. The heck did we know about black power?

We were living in a country that only knew (and still does) "Coolie and Negro" The Prime Minister was black, all his cabinet ministers were black, top CEO of most companies were black, but yet you were calling your group "Black Power" Wasn't it the same "Black" Government sent you (and other officers) to Sandhurst Academy for training? And what did they get in returned?

You and your thugs trying to over thrown the Government. The only reason why the Treason charges did not stand was that what ever happened,took place in the Regimental Compound. It was only "assumed" that you were on your way to take over the Government.

Also, it was Lt. Kalshalle from the Coast Guard that blew up the Hills in Treteron, stopping you from leaving the compound. I was stationed in Carrera (HMP) and later to Nelson Island, where I met most of the detainees. It was there that I learn a lot about this "so called Black Power" The lies and misinformation that was spreading.

This one political detainee nick name "QRC" told the crowd in Woodford Square park that while inpolic custody he was burtalized and show the crowd a bandage on his back looks like blood and the crowd shouted at the police. It was in Nelson Island it was relieved that he was lying because other detainees accused him of been a traitor. When they removed his shirt there wasn't any know of marks on his back.

This is to show how your and your Cronies did not have a plan. What a waste of Training in Sandhurst. Didn't they teach you to first you study your plan, drawn out your plan and the execute your plan of attack? No, you, Rex and Mike just jump on the bandwagon. Here it is three young Lieutenants, just from Sandhurst thinking they were "Gun-Ho" with this none-plan-attack on a duly elected Government.

Although, the PNM consists of most Negroes (now called Afro-Trinidadian) in his administration and most businesses heads were of Negro's decent, so for you to say in your article that the UNC will never have a a non-Indian as their leader, it is ridiculous. One should judge a person of what he is capable of and not his color.

Remember that black leader you mentioned. Judge a person not by the color of his skin, but by the context of his character. Instead of criticizing the Government why don't you do something for the people of the country like working with together in making it a better and safer place to live. Remember that training at Sandhurst? The people paid for that, so why not pay them back? Just like you mentioned in one of your articles, copycat. "Monkey see Monkey do."

There are so much I will to say that it will take days to get if off my chest. But before I end, you said "what you did was for the people of the country. Who gave you that authority to "do and represent" the people? Wasn't Eric Williams elected to represent the people? By the way, wasn't our Present President involved with this also? You were just a soldier who came back thinking that he was Gun-Ho

Anyhow, thanks for you website.

Capt. C.Chris Ramesar


Dear Mr. Shah,

I read your article "Non-Indian will never led UNC" in the Trinidad Express April 29, 2001. I found it to be an interested commentary and would like to know how much of it is composed of facts and how much from personal invectives.

My caption calls upon you to compose a path forward, now that we know the sky's blue and the earth is not flat, how can this nation state gather rewards for its present and future citizens and what do you forsee the costs to be?

You may contritely answer that healing begins with first recognizing there is illness but then what?

It behooves me to ask you what is your true agenda? Are you a vanguard of reformation , or are you part of a historic artifact of an "what if" that occurred more that three decades ago? You seem to succinctly calibrated and refined your dosage of hemlock as to what the "real" power centric ego motivation of the current Prime Minister Mr. Panday is, but to what end ?

Are you planning to step forward as the new Moses for the 21first century? Do you have the vision, single-mindedness , wisdom thickskined, ruthlessness and diplomatic finesse to lead and empower for the betterment?

Who do you really represent , Mr. Shah and why should you be entrusted with a pan-national mandate? Are you a guns or butter man or a hybrid of both polarities?

Where is your thoughts on good governing and what value system is it premised on for this heterogeneous, pluralistic and mass "politically uneducated" citizenry as you allude to in your writing?

Many persons much wiser than myself have often called us not to focus on answers which ebb and flow as the tidal changes in Mayaro's beaches, but to find clarity, accuracy and brevity in the questions you ask of your self and others. It is the latter which remain as constant as the northern star.

Macavilli, Bentham, Lenin, Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, Von Clauswitz, Paine,Montesquie and Mill tried to define the ideal relationship of that carnal trinity of leader to statehood to the individual. It seems to be all Solon's Greek to me.

Your published response is appreciated.

Yours respectfully,
Adrian Matadeen
Old Boy of Naparima Class of 1987
Vancouver , BC Canada

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