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  • SELF is a non-profit fraternity, sharing information and
    experiences for increasing Self-awareness.

This was first a study group founded by A. H. Hotep in the island of Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to address the absence of worldly discussions and African History in the school curriculum and local media.

The group has since grown to become a registered non-profit organization with a US and Trinidad & Tobago arm.

Members continually learn and share their views and ideas that contribute to social development.

We develop through our own ethical guidelines.

We provide media space for individuals and groups that have been denied their right to publicly express their cultural viewpoints even if we sometimes disagree with their views.

It is our firm opinion that we cannot learn from our differences if these differences are not allowed the space for public exposure.

In an era where media is largely seen as tools for commercial enterprises and are most times manipulated by business conglomerates and politicians in power, the role of media owned and controlled by ordinary people becomes critical to a free, open, and informed society.

Freedom of expression is a human right.

  • SELF's goal is to bring researched Internet, radio and television - programs that engage creative risks, advance issues, and represent points of view not usually seen on commercial or public television.

  • We are committed to programs which addresses the needs of under-served audiences (including children educational programs).

  • We seek to create and promote independent media that will expand civic participation by bringing new voices and expressions into the public discourse.
We use our historical experiences and our ongoing historical research and reflections to make known what have been hidden, misunderstood and or deliberately distorted, so people can have a greater understanding of themselves.

  • For U.S. and other International contributions or correspondences,
    contact Vashti at Vashti@trinicenter.com
    PO BOX 625 New York, NY 10108.

    Make check or money order to

    To make contributions in Trinidad & Tobago,
    contact Meri at meri@trinicenter.com
    Call: 868-628-7392

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Our Websites: SelfEmpowermentLearningFraternity.com
TriniView.com, Trinicenter.com, RaceandHistory.com, HowComYouCom.com, AmonHotep.com, AmonHotep.org
AmonHotep.net, RastafariTimes.com, UScrusade.com, LandofBeginnings.com and PanTrinbago.com

A. H. Hotep

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