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Venezuela's Coup 2019 - Feb 01-09

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February 09, 2019
Venezuelan Artists March to Commemorate Ali Primera, Reject Coup
By Ricardo Vaz - February 09, 2019
They also rallied in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution.

What the Press Hides From You About Venezuela
By Eric Zuesse - February 09, 2019
This news-report is being submitted to all US and allied news-media, and is being published by all honest ones, in order to inform you of crucial facts that the others – the dishonest ones, who hide such crucial facts – are hiding about Venezuela. These are facts that have received coverage only in one single British newspaper: the Independent, which published a summary account of them on January 26th. That newspaper's account will be excerpted here at the end, but first will be highlights from its topic, the official report to the UN General Assembly in August of last year, which has been covered-up ever since. This is why that report's author has now gone to the Independent, desperate to get the story out, finally, to the public.

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt
By Adam Johnson - February 09, 2019
The Trump administration's now completely overt effort to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had a very successful public relations effort this week, as major Western media outlets uniformly echoed its simplistic, pre-packaged claim that the Venezuelan government was heartlessly withholding foreign aid...

US Blockade on Venezuela Has Cost US$350 Billion: Report
telesur - February 09, 2019
According to CELAG's report, the financial and economic blockade that was mainly promoted by the United States, and enforced by its allies, would have cost Venezuela around US$350 billion "in the production of goods and services between 2013 and 2017."

China Says Only Venezuelans Can Solve Venezuela's Issues
TeleSur - February 09, 2019
Venezuela should resolve its own matters itself via peaceful talks and China supports the international community's efforts in this regard, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

Chavistas March Against Imperialism: What Is the Next Step in Trump's Coup?
By Jorge Martín - February 09, 2019
Even though the ongoing imperialist coup in Venezuela has not yet succeeded, the impression one gets is that there is an inexorable march forward in its implementation, which is pushed mainly from forces abroad rather than from within Venezuela itself. The next step in the plan is the use of "humanitarian aid" as a provocation on the border with Colombia.

The Planned Plunder Behind Canada's Support of the Coup
By Yves Engler - February 09, 2019
In a bid for a greater share of oil revenue, Venezuela forced private oil companies to become minority partners with the state oil company in 2007. This prompted Calgary-based PetroCanada to sell its portion of an oil project and for Canadian officials to privately complain about feeling "burned" by the Venezuelan government.
February 08, 2019
In Venezuela, White Supremacy is a Key to Trump's Coup
By Greg Palast - February 08, 2019
This is the story of Venezuela in black and white, the story not told in The New York Times nor the rest of our establishment media. This year's so-called popular uprising is, at its heart, a furious backlash of the whiter (and wealthier) Venezuelans against their replacement by the larger Mestizo (mixed-race) poor.
Four centuries of white supremacy in Venezuela by those who identify their ancestors as European came to an end with the 1998 election of Hugo Chavez who won with the overwhelming support of the Mestizo majority. This turn away from white supremacy continues under Maduro, Chavez' chosen successor.
In my interviews with Chavez for BBC beginning in 2002, he talked with humor about the fury of a white ruling class finding itself displaced by dark-skinned man who was so visibly "Negro e Indio," a label he wore loudly and proudly.

Regime Change "Made in the U.S.A."
By Steve Ellner - February 08, 2019
Trump's unwavering backing of Juan Guaidó's shadow government in Venezuela attaches a "made in the U.S.A." label to all those positioned to govern should Maduro fall. This could scuttle the opposition's chances of maintaining longstanding support among the majority of Venezuelans.

How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela
By Tim Gill and Rebecca Hanson - February 08, 2019
Self-declared president Juan Guaidó comes from the right-wing, US-backed student movement that tried to subvert Hugo Chávez's government.

Venezuela – The Straw that Breaks the Empire's Back?
By Peter Koenig - February 08, 2019
Venezuela in the limelight, on practically all the written, audio and visual mainstream media, as well as alternative media. A purposeful constant drip of outright lies and half-truths, "fake news", as well as misleading information of all shades and hues about Venezuela is drumming our brains, slowly bending our minds towards believing that – yes, the US has a vital interest in meddling in Venezuela and bringing about "regime change", because of primarily, the huge reserves of oil, but also of gold, coltan and other rare minerals; and, finally, simply because Washington needs full control of its "backyard".

Juan Guaidó: The Man Who Would Be President of Venezuela Doesn't Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On
By Roger Harris - February 08, 2019
The Guaidó/Trump cabal's fig leaf for legitimacy is based on the bogus argument that Article 233 of the Venezuelan constitution gives the National Assembly the power to declare a national president's "abandonment" of the office. In which case, the president of the National Assembly can serve as an interim national president, until presidential elections are held. The inconvenient truth is that Maduro has shown no inclination to abandon his post, and the constitution says no such thing.

Italy Saves Europe's Dignity over US Bullying of Venezuela
By Strategic Culture Editorial- February 08, 2019
It's comically ironic. France has now recalled its ambassador from Rome in a mounting row over Italy's alleged "interference" in French internal political affairs. This is at the same [time] that France and other European states are joining in a brazen campaign by the United States to overthrow the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Irony doesn't come much thicker than that.

Venezuela Is An Opportunity For Russia And China To Change The World
By Paul Craig Roberts - February 08, 2019
Washington has been trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government for years. Washington wants the state owned oil company to be privatized so that it can fall into the hands of US oil companies. That would ensure Washington's control over Venezuela. Transferring the wealth out of the country would prevent any economic development from inside the country. Every aspect of the economy would end up in the hands of US corporations. The exploitation would be ruthless and brutal.

Maduro Welcomes Delegation of EU-Backed Contact Group to Venezuela Despite Rejecting Resolution
TeleSur - February 08, 2019
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Friday that while he rejects the final declaration of the EU-backed International Contact Group, he would be open to a delegation sent by the group in order to promote peace talks between the government and the right-wing opposition.

Does Washington Rule the World?
By Philip Giraldi - February 08, 2019
One of the most disturbing aspects of the past two years of Donald Trump foreign policy has been the assumption that decisions made by the United States are binding on the rest of the world.
February 07, 2019
The BBC and Venezuela: bias and lies
By Darrall Cozens - February 07, 2019
Coup d'états are not accidental; they don't just fall from the sky. They are the product of specific material conditions. To be successful they need preparation, planning, propaganda, time and money. Propaganda is important for the public, both domestic and international, to be "convinced" that a coup – the forcible removal of an elected government – is the logical and necessary outcome of specific circumstances.

Saker Interview with Michael Hudson on Venezuela
By The Saker and Michael Hudson - February 07, 2019
First of all, oil refineries were not built in Venezuela, but in Trinidad and in the southern U.S. Gulf Coast states. This enabled U.S. oil companies – or the U.S. Government – to leave Venezuela without a means of "going it alone" and pursuing an independent policy with its oil, as it needed to have this oil refined. It doesn't help to have oil reserves if you are unable to get this oil refined so as to be usable.

Bolivia, Mexico, CARICOM Says No To EU's Venezuela Resolution
Video TeleSur - February 07, 2019

Bolivia, Mexico and CARICOM says no to EU's Venezuela resolution. Bolivia's Foreign Minister Diego Pary Rodríguez explains why.

Venezuela - U.S. Aid Gambit Fails - War Plans Lack Support
Moon of Alabama - February 07, 2019
The U.S. is using the pretext of 'delivering humanitarian aid' from Columbia to Venezuela to undermine the government and to establish a supply line for further operations.

Venezuela: International Mediation Efforts Splinter as Tensions Build over Humanitarian Aid
By Ricardo Vaz - February 07, 2019
US officials maintain hardline stance while fears of armed conflict over humanitarian aid delivery grow.

Venezuelan Opposition Begins to Fissure as US Military Threats Mount
Venezuelanalysis - February 07, 2019

VA's Lucas Koerner speaks to Sky News Australia about growing divisions within the Venezuelan opposition as the White House ramps up its threats to intervene militarily in the South American country.

Replicating Regime Change Playbook, Pompeo Says US Obligated to 'Take Down' Hezbollah in Venezuela
By Jessica Corbett - February 07, 2019
"It's no coincidence that this seems copy/paste from Bush's lies to justify his wars."

Venezuela Reveals Evidence, Plotters Behind Recent US-backed Coup Attempt
TeleSur - February 07, 2019
The official revealed that thanks to a Venezuelan intelligence operation, retired Colonel Oswaldo Valentín García Palomo was arrested in recent weeks.

Washington issues ultimatum to Venezuela over "humanitarian aid" ploy
By Bill Van Auken - February 07, 2019
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued an ultimatum to the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, demanding that it throw open its borders to a US-orchestrated scheme to deliver "humanitarian aid." Washington's aim is either to provoke a fissure within the country's armed forces or set the stage for a US-led military intervention.
February 06, 2019
Venezuela: Coup d'Etat or Constitutional Transition?
By Lucas Koerner - February 06, 2019
Writing for the Venezuelanalysis team, Lucas Koerner examines the (un)constitutionality of Juan Guaido's claim to power.

The U.S. Can Help Solve the Venezuelan Crisis by Not Being a Bully
By Jorge G. Castañeda - February 06, 2019
"The sanctions it has imposed on Venezuela's state-owned energy company Pdvsa are sufficient. According to Mr. Guaidó and other sources, $20 million in American medicines and food will be unloaded this week just outside Venezuelan territory in Cúcuta, Colombia; Brazil, and on a Caribbean island – either Aruba or Curaçao – near the Venezuelan coast.
"Venezuelan military officials and troops in exile will then move these supplies into Venezuela, where if all goes well, army troops still loyal to Mr. Maduro will not stop their passage nor fire upon them. If they do, the Brazilian and Colombian governments may be willing to back the anti-Maduro soldiers. The threat of a firefight with their neighbors might just be the incentive the Venezuelan military need to jettison Mr. Maduro, making the reality of combat unnecessary."

Venezuela: The US's 68th Regime Change Disaster
By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies - February 06, 2019
In his masterpiece, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II, William Blum, who died in December 2018, wrote chapter-length accounts of 55 US regime change operations against countries around the world, from China (1945-1960s) to Haiti (1986-1994). Noam Chomsky's blurb on the back of the latest edition says simply, "Far and away the best book on the topic." We agree. If you have not read it, please do. It will give you a clearer context for what is happening in Venezuela today, and a better understanding of the world you are living in.

UN Warns Against Politicizing Humanitarian Aid in Venezuela
TeleSur - February 06, 2019
The aid contributed by the United States amounts to roughly 20 million dollars, considerably less than the amount of damage being done by President Donald Trump's multi-billion dollar sanctions.

Uruguay, Mexico Present Outline for Montevideo Conference
TeleSur - February 06, 2019
Held in hopes to mediate the domestic turmoil between Venezuelan opposition forces and the legitimate Nicolas Maduro administration, the conference will be broken into four segments, the foreign ministers said.

Venezuela Seizes US Weapons Destined for Coup Plotters
TeleSur - February 06, 2019
Venezuelan authorities seized a bunch of U.S-made weapons during an operation in the Aducarga storage yard at the Arturo Michelena International Airport, in the state of Valencia.

Infograms: How Much International Support Does Guaido Really Have?
By Paul Dobson - February 06, 2019
VA looks at Guaido's claim that he has the support of the world.

Labour Party Rejects EU's Recognition of Guaido, Meddling in Venezuela's Affairs
TeleSur - February 06, 2019
Britain's opposition Labour Party's foreign affairs policy chief Emily Thornberry said Wednesday, that her party is against the move by EU states to recognize Venezuela opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido as the "interim president" of Venezuela saying that diplomacy and dialogue should be the way forward instead of taking sides.

UN to Support Montevideo Dialogue Meeting on Venezuela
TeleSur - February 06, 2019
The UN spokesman said they "support the efforts of the international community that will help find a political solution" to the situation in Venezuela.
February 05, 2019
Venezuela's Maduro talks to RT about avoiding war
RT - February 05, 2019

At a time when the eyes of the world are closely watching his country, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has given an exclusive interview to RT Spanish, speaking about the threats of war and of foul play in politics.

Did Venezuela's president really 'steal' the 2018 election from an unknown who didn't run?
By Joe Emersberger - February 05, 2019
That wouldn't make sense. Because Guaidó didn't even run in the 2018 presidential election. Henri Falcón was the opposition politician who finished a very distant second in that election, over four million votes (47%) behind Maduro. Nobody has shown or even attempted to show that any votes, never mind millions of votes, were stolen from Falcón. In Venezuela's electoral system, a very small amount of ballot stuffing is detectable in any contested election. That's why, in 2012, Jimmy Carter said the electoral system was the best in the world.
That soundness of the electoral system helps to explain the vitriol Falcón received from other Maduro opponents over his decision to run in the election. US officials threatened Falcón with sanctions if he ran. During the campaign, one of Falcón's top advisors became exasperated enough to publicly ask the opposition party Voluntad Popular (Guaidó's party) to "stop spreading lies" that a secret pact existed between Maduro and Falcón.

Avoiding Regime Change in Venezuela
By Scott Horton - February 05, 2019
Palast explains the situation in Venezuela, where the Trump administration has recently been signaling for U.S.-backed regime change. Although the claim is that it's the U.S.'s duty to support "democracy," says Palast, the concern is really for Venezuelan oil. Major players like the Koch brothers need reliable access to Venezuela's particular form of heavy crude oil, and the Maduro government doesn't play ball the way the Saudis, for example, do. Now Maduro's political opponent, Juan Guiado, is openly calling for outside military support in his attempt to overthrow Maduro. Palast is adamant that that would be an utter catastrophe both for the U.S. and for the Venezuelan people.

India Supports Maduro Government: Venezuela Envoy
The Wire Staff - February 05, 2019
Venezuelan ambassador to India, Augusto Montiel, said on Tuesday that India's statement in lieu of Venezuela's latest presidential crisis – which erupted last month – demonstrated New Delhi's backing of the government of Nicolas Maduro, adding that his country was securing India's energy security "even in these hard times.".

US 'Regime Changes': The Historical Record
By James Petras - February 05, 2019
As the US strives to overthrow the democratic and independent Venezuelan government, the historical record regarding the short, middle and long-term consequences are mixed.

Lima Group Urges Armed Forces to Support Guaido as Maduro Calls for International Solidarity
By Ricardo Vaz - February 05, 2019
The Lima Group reiterated its support for Guaido, while an event calling for international solidarity was held in Caracas.

Twitter Greenlights Venezuela's Pro-Opposition Online Blitz - Shuts Down Genuine Opponents
By Alexander Rubinstein - February 05, 2019
Shady anonymous actors are waging an information war manipulating social media with automated posts in an apparent attempt to manufacture a faux consensus for regime change in Venezuela.

Either Washington or Venezuela, Savage Capitalism or Socialism: A Conversation with Luis Britto Garcia
By Cira Pascual Marquina - February 05, 2019
Many people on the left are critical of President Nicolás Maduro's government, but that criticism has nothing to do with a desire to join the ranks of the right-wing opposition or its foreign allies. In the face of the current imperialist attack on Venezuela, we need to defend the country and stand up against interference.
February 04, 2019
Paul Craig Roberts: "Maduro Would Have to Arrest Juan Guaido"
By Paul Craig Roberts - February 04, 2019
Maduro would have to arrest Juan Guaido who without any doubt is guilty of sedition. Maduro would have to arrest the Venezuelan elites who are cooperating with the CIA against the duly elected government of Venezuela, and he would have to nationalize the media to take it out of the hands of coup plotters. He would also have to ensure that the country's oil revenues make it into the government's budget instead of into the hands of thieves and use the resulting financial stability to stop the high inflation. He should also arrange for Russian troops to protect their airbase and for Chinese troops to protect their oil investment. The presence of these troops would likely prevent a US invasion from Columbia.

US issues new threats of war for oil against Venezuela
By Eric London - February 04, 2019
President Trump, Vice President Pence and National Security Advisor John Bolton escalated threats to launch a war against Venezuela, as large pro- and anti-government demonstrations filled Venezuela's streets on Saturday.
Self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaidó, the US and their allies in South America and Europe are preparing a new provocation aimed at forcing the Venezuelan military to abandon Maduro, with Guaidó announcing that the US will deliver aid at three locations along the Venezuelan border in the coming days.
While Maduro and the Venezuelan military leadership have said they will refuse the aid, the US hopes that images of crowds gathering to receive food and medication will either provoke the military to defect to the opposition and help distribute the aid or provide valuable propaganda footage justifying the need for a "humanitarian" intervention.

Experts Warn Ousting Maduro Without Violence Is Unlikely
By Jason Ditz - February 04, 2019
In backing regime change, the US both loses its ties to the de facto Venezuelan government, and risks embarrassment if the opposition doesn't ultimately take over the country. It leaves the US in an inflexible position, with few options.

Guaido's U.S. Envoy Vows to Open Oil Deals, Restructure Debt
By Jose Enrique Arrioja, Nick Wadhams and Anna Edgerton - February 04, 2019
Venezuela's government-in-waiting intends to scrap requirements that state-owned oil giant PDVSA keep a controlling stake in joint ventures as it seeks to revive the oil sector and encourage private investment, National Assembly leader Juan Guaido's representative to the U.S. said.

US Tightens the Noose on Venezuela: Will the Coup Succeed?
By Jorge Martin - February 04, 2019
Washington's efforts to remove the Venezuelan government, an imperialist coup attempt, proceed apace. On 26 January, the US announced sanctions on PDVSA and seized assets from the Venezuelan oil company. This is a very serious blow to the Venezuelan economy and government. It is clear that the Trump administration thinks it has a window of opportunity and it is going in for the kill.

European Powers Back Guaido as Trump Threatens Venezuela with Military 'Option'
By Paul Dobson - February 04, 2019
Seven governments, including the Spanish, British, French, and German, all followed through on an earlier promise to recognize the opposition politician as head of state should President Nicolas Maduro not call new presidential elections within eight days. They were joined by the governments of Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Poland.

Twitter Erupts After 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts Are Deleted
TeleSur - February 04, 2019
February 03, 2019
Venezuela crisis resonates loudly in battleground Florida
By Nation World - February 03, 2019
As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro clings to power, many of the loudest American voices urging on the Trump administration in its campaign to push Maduro out are concentrated in one place: Florida. Florida has a large number of anti-Maduro Venezuelans and Cubans and is also likely to be a critical battleground state in the 2020 race for the White House. As a result, the crisis in the South American country is reverberating politically thousands of miles away in the U.S.

Ear To The Ground Podcast #10: Venezuela Under Siege - February 02, 2019
VA's team examines the current state of affairs in and from Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro Visits Navy, Gives Message of Unity And Strength
TeleSur - February 03, 2019
"You saw the failed coup plotters yesterday ... with the gringo flag behind them. They no longer hide, they no longer hide their identity. They no longer hide what they have inside, they want to deliver our country, in pieces, to the gringo empire and the local oligarchies."

Caricom scolds OAS head over Guaido support
By Carla Bridglal - February 03, 2019
"(We write to you to) express our disapproval and grave concern with regard to the position that you, in your capacity as Secretary General, have adopted, by recognising the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido as interim president of (Venezuela). This action on your part, without the authority of the member states of the organisation, is considered inappropriate," Caricom chairman and St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister, Dr Timothy Harris said, in a letter dated January 31.

Tensions rise between Caricom, OAS head over Venezuela
By Renuka Singh - February 03, 2019

Tensions over the political collapse of Venezuela are continuing to rise after the countries of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) distanced themselves from the Organisation of American States (OAS) Secretary General Luis Leonardo Almagro and his support of Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó.

Turkey: 'Venezuelan People Punished,' Coup Backers Fuel Crisis
TeleSur - February 03, 2019
Turkey's foreign minister said Sunday countries that have recognized Venezuela's self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaido, were fueling Venezuela's troubles and punishing millions of its people.
February 02, 2019
The People Of Venezuela Speak Out - February 02, 2019
Feeling a little confused about the current situation in Venezuela with all the information floating around in corporate media? Check out these interviews by Tatuy TV, community TV station in Mérida state, exclusively for

"I Oppose Interventionism, But–" But Nothing. Stop Being A Pro Bono CIA Propagandist.
By Caitlin Johnstone - February 02, 2019
"All of a sudden now there are millions of Venezuela experts in America, and many of them could not point Venezuela out on a map five days ago," McAdams said. "And everyone has to have this disclaimer, 'Well, I know it's probably worse than North Korea, but the US government shouldn't get involved.' It's cowardice, because once the war starts, they can say 'Hey I never called for US intervention!' No, but you're a conveyor belt for propaganda. You're a conveyor belt to get the machine ginned up for war. And so you've got to stand up and take responsibility."

Venezuela's Maduro proposes earlier elections for National Assembly
Reuters - February 02, 2019

Turkey warned over Venezuela gold trade
By Mark Lowen - February 02, 2019
The Turkish government is coming under renewed pressure to stop buying gold from Venezuela, the BBC has learned.

Canada's Left Party Blinks at US-led Coup in Venezuela
By Yves Engler - February 02, 2019
Canada's New Democratic Party has failed to take a principled stand against the Trudeau government's pro-US regime change agenda in Venezuela, argues Yves Engler.
February 01, 2019
Capriles: Partidos no apoyaban autojuramentación de Guaidó
El ex gobernador dijo que la mayoría rechazaba la acción
By Henrique Capriles - February 01, 2019
Google Translation: "ÚN.- The former governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles, said during an interview with AFP that the majority of the Venezuelan opposition parties did not agree with Juan Guaidó's self-regulation as interim president of the country, and that the proclamation January 23 surprised them."

CIA in Venezuela: 7 rules for regime change
By Jefferson Morley - February 01, 2019
U.S. regime change operations in Latin America have seven consistent features

Venezuela Gets 'Ukrained'
By Finian Cunningham - February 01, 2019
US national security advisor John Bolton tweeted cynically this week that he "wishes" Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to take "retirement on a nice beach somewhere far away".

The real Venezuela: From Caracas, Prof. Aline Piva explains US coup attempt

Moderate Rebels - February 01, 2019
Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Aline Piva, who lives and teaches in Caracas, Venezuela and explains what's really going on in the country, with a US-led coup attempt to install the right-wing opposition. We discuss the economic warfare and US sanctions on Venezuela, the daily life and problems, coup leader Juan Guaidó and the opposition's neoliberal politics, and the geopolitics of regime change against Nicolás Maduro.

National Security Adviser Ambassador John Bolton
By Hugh Hewitt - February 01, 2019
"...our objective is a peaceful transfer of power. And that's why we've been imposing economic sanctions, increasing political pressure from around the world, including from the European Parliament yesterday, for example, hopefully from the countries themselves."

Canada vs. Venezuela: The Background Gets Even Murkier
By Joyce Nelson - February 01, 2019
On January 26, Canadians learned the extent to which Canada's "quiet diplomacy" had helped Venezuela's Juan Guaido emerge to declare himself interim president on Jan. 23, in defiance of the elected president Nicolas Maduro. In a lengthy piece for The Canadian Press, reporter Mike Blanchfield noted that "emboldening Venezuela's opposition has been a labour of months" for Canadian diplomats, given that the opposition parties had been in complete disarray. [1] But by January 9, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was able to phone Guaido and "congratulate him … on uniting the opposition."

Trump's Brilliant Strategy to Dismember U.S. Dollar Hegemony
By Michael Hudson - February 01, 2019
The end of America's unchallenged global economic dominance has arrived sooner than expected, thanks to the very same Neocons who gave the world the Iraq, Syria and the dirty wars in Latin America. Just as the Vietnam War drove the United States off gold by 1971, its violent regime change warfare against Venezuela and Syria – and threatening other countries with sanctions if they do not join this crusade – is driving European and other nations to create their alternative financial institutions.

UN Recognizes Only Maduro as Legitimate President of Venezuela
Resumen Latinoamericano - February 01, 2019
The UN refuses to take a position in favor of the U.S. backed coup plotter Juan Guaidó and says that in Venezuela it acts in coordination only with the government recognized by the member countries.

Venezuela: Let's Cut to the Chase
By Pepe Escobar - February 01, 2019
Cold War 2.0 has hit South America with a bang – pitting the US and expected minions against the four key pillars of in-progress Eurasia integration: Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. It's the oil, stupid. But there's way more than meets the (oily) eye.

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