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St.Kitts Conference vs
South Africa Conference

May 26, 2001
By Ras Sela aka Carlos

Greetings brethren & sistren of InI Rastafari Nation, ancestry love in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Jah Rastafari I. Give thanks and praises for our Divine Light. Black Solidarity Day May 30th was of the Most High manifestation for the first time in this nation and Rastafari in Panama played a major role in coordinating this glorious day. Unfortunately, InI was not present because of several shortcomings that prevented our conference. I had to leave Panama on May 30th to attend a veterans board of appeal in Washington D.C. on May 31 at 1pm, after the trial I trod to the Nyahbinghi House in D.C.

InI reasoned with Ras Jack and Ras Irice about the Panama and St. Kitts conference and the U.N. conference on racism & discrimination to beheld in South Africa and schedule for Aug-Sep. 2001. InI must plan, organize and coordinate to attend this conference since the Panama conference was to reason around African citizenship, repatriation, reparation and other Rasta businesses. I feel that InI must dedicate our time, effort and resources to have a conference in South Afrika three days prior to the U.N. conference at the Binghi house there.

InI in Panama are planning fundraising activities around H.I.M 109th Earth Day to send our delegates to South Africa and InI feel that the St. Kitts conference will exhaust the little resources in Rasta chest Box. InI in Panama know that I can trod to St. Kitts in July for $673 and turn around in August to trod to South Africa for over $1000. InI must reason about the situation of all houses and mansions resources situation. InI main focus should be the South Africa UN conference. And InI houses and mansions should be making every effort for this trod.

All houses and mansions of Rastafari should be present for this iour gathering. Rastafari must not depend on no body or sponsor to do H.I.M works, Panama is a good example. So, InI must reason among bredrin and sistren on this Imatter to bring forth the fullness of Zion on this planet Earth as I revelator to I revelator of Jah Rastafari as Psalms 68 reads:

v.30- Rebuke the wild oppressors of the marshes, the multitude of the wild bulls, the idols of the gentiles which are covered with silver; scatter the people who delight in war.
v.31- Ambassadors shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon strecth out her hands to Jah.
v.32- Sing to Jah, you kingdoms of the Earth; sing praises to the Lord.
v.33- To H.I.M who rides upon the heavens of heavens; out of East he gives his voice and that a mighty voice.

InI must forward words on this vision, One heart Ras Sela aka Carlos
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