Rastafari Speaks

Message To Black Humanity

Indiscriminate Absorption Of The Ideologies
Of The White World Order Leads To Spirituality
Remote From Black Reality

July 25, 2001

SPIRITUAL FREEDOM is but a meaningless dream if throughout all one's waking hours, FOR CENTURIES, one's strength is totally drained in building another man's house and yet one has no house of one's own. If you have been building other people's houses for centuries and find yourself still living from rent to rent, SOMETHING HAS TO BE WRONG WITH YOUR SPIRITUALITY.

When such spirituality is examined within the context of your grim every-day reality it is seen to be DYSFUNCTIONAL as a liberating force. It can only be called A RECREATIONAL SPIRITUALITY.

To evaluate the relevance of any particular form of "spirituality" it is necessary to first assess the conditions that make up one's present day-to-day reality. What is the Black race's present reality?

  1. TOTAL DEPENDENCY on another race for survival.
  2. CHAINED IN DEBT by another race, both on an individual level through mortgage, rent, loans etc, and on a national level as in the case of "foreign debt".
  3. SEVERE CRISIS in the Black family with women having to play the role of both man and woman because the Black man in most cases has been economically incapacitated, or his psyche has been adversely altered to the point where he is just a penis on two legs.
  4. CHAINED TO THE THINKING OF ANOTHER RACE and governed psychologically by THEIR value system in which BLACK BELIEVERS are only allocated three-fifths of manhood or womanhood.
  5. TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF ANOTHER RACE'S DEFINITION OF BEAUTY which says that God made a mistake when he created the Black woman with wooly hair, or perhaps he had run out of STRAIGHTENER, and that without STRAIGHT HAIR AND WHITE SKIN one is really ugly and inferior.
LIVING IN A STATE OF PERMANENT INSECURITY WHERE THE WHITE MAN'S DECISIONS COULD BE PERILOUS AND EVEN FATAL IN YOUR LIFE. Suppose the white man fires you from your job and causes your whole family to CRASH, suppose the white man raises the price of your basic needs and sends up your COST of living EVEN MORE, suppose the white man stops investing in your country and causes the businesses to close down, suppose the white man stops coming to your country and causes everyone to lose their job, suppose the white man is not pleased with how you are getting on "too black" and decides to put on the economic squeeze like how he did to Cuba, suppose the white man gets vex because not enough pressure is being put on the Rastas, and he decides to exclude you from his aid package so as to teach you a little lesson, suppose he decides to stop giving you GRANTS and all your programs come to a halt, suppose he decides to stop giving you LOANS and left the Government without a budget, suppose he likes the piece of land where your family has been living for generations and he decides TO "DEVELOP" IT. Suppose he gets the idea that your neighbor-hood looks like a good place to set up a polluting industry, suppose he decides that the place where you live would be a good place to try out his bombs, suppose he tells your government that they are spending too much money on social programs and education and they have to cut back, suppose the white man decides that some part of your culture needs to be made ILLEGAL, suppose he passes some more LAWS OF LIMITATION.

It is the same DEPENDENCY everywhere, whether it be up north or down, south, weather it he east or west. Where ever he is to be found, the Black man is DEPENDENT on favors and patronage. When a people are in such a disgraceful situation and instead of focusing their minds on achieving INDEPENDENCE they blindly pursue pathways that bind the chains even tighter, it is because THEY ARE UNDER A SPELL. They have been hypnotized into SUBSERVIENT THINKING. They have accepted the yoke and have decided to shape their backs to fit it. That is the meaning to being DOMESTICATED. It is no different to a dog who has been TRAINED TO LIVE IN A KENNEL.

Anyone whose power of hypnotism has given him all that dominion over your life has to be THE REAL GOD IN YOUR LIFE. That is why the Rasta-man says THE BLACK MAN'S FIRST SPIRITUAL OBJECTIVE SHOULD BE TO RID THE WHITE GOD-HEAD OUT OF HIS LIFE. Nothing else could be more important.......if manhood means anything still, if womanhood means anything still, if nationhood means anything still, if pride and self-respect means anything still.

RACIAL INDEPENDENCE is something that needs to be repeated over and over like a mantra and kept before our vison constantly. RACIAL INDEPENDENCE, not better pay for a servant job. The only reason why RACIAL INDEPENDENCE is not at the head of our priorities is because A SLAVE EDUCATION has equipped the race with A SLAVE MENTALITY.

Under such influence, other options besides serving the white man are not visualized. One is mentored into a cripple's wheelchair of psychological dependency. If EDUCATION is not equipping one with the tools to accomplish the mission of RACIAL INDEPENDENCE it is not really EDUCATION but SERVANT RECRUITMENT.

The fact of the matter is that as a people who are supposed to have been emancipated and given independence, YOU ARE STILL LOCKED IN A WHITE MAN'S CAGE and if the spirituality that you practice is not dealing with that, it is A VAIN SPIRITUALITY. It is VAIN AND IRRELEVANT. It is just RECREATIONAL SPIRITUALITY.

Economic dependency is not a joke, nor is it a slight thing. IT HAS HUGE SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS, for it always compromises spiritual integrity. It compromises one's manhood, womanhood and nationhood, and any people living in such a situation are a people never far from living on their knees with their tail between their legs and their heads bowed. Such an economic situation entails a lot of bowing before the Master on a day-in and day-out basis. If one takes the laws of EVOLUTION seriously, such constant bowing can evolve A HUMP-BACKED SPECIES. Such is the present result and legacy of SLAVERY AND COLONIALISM, and it imposes on true spirituality a limit that is stifling to any soul where life and spiritual freedom are still remembered. THE BLACK MAN'S SOUL IS STILL BEING KEPT IN A BOTTLE.



It is the people who have been living under the footprint of The White World Order who should be visualizing and working towards A NEW WORLD ORDER.

If reason and sanity should ever come alive again it would be seen that it is the Black race's PRIMARY OBLIGATION to work for A New World Order. Thus re-equipped with reason and sanity, they will learn from the lessons of history and accept beyond any shadow of doubt that THE WHITE WORLD ORDER IS SATAN'S WORLD ORDER and it needs to be discredited and abandoned.

We should be cleansing our minds from the teachings of the Satan WHITE world order and all their definitions of spirituality. We should be resurrecting that kind of spirituality which teaches that GOD is the power which is made manifest WITHIN THE UNITED WILL OF A PEOPLE. Such a spirituality will take responsibility for conceptualizing and building another world order where BLACKNESS is not equated with INFERIORITY AND SERVILITY.

No God is going to come from the sky and do it. No vain or illusionary spirituality is going to do it. Each man and each woman has to be doing it within themselves and within the world at large in the process of building A NEW WORLD ORDER.

Throughout history every other people have devised RELEVANT spiritualities to deal with the realities of their human condition IN THE FLESH. The strangest social phenomenon that one can ever see is a people that have a spirituality unconnected to their human reality.

Imagine a people being baked in the fiery furnace while their minds are totally preoccupied with vain spirit-isms and illusionary hallucinations.

Imagine a slave practicing elaborate and painstaking ritual to open his third eye in an effort to become clairvoyant, and see beyond the stars and even read people's minds and hear the voice of Duppies , BUT STILL NEVER CLAIRVOYANT ENOUGH TO SEE THE CHAINS AROUND HIS OWN FEET. And if he catches a glimpse of the chains around his feet, it is not as important a matter as that of thrashing out religious doctrine that he heard from Paul, or the Indians or the Chinese or the Romans or the Greeks.

What is the reason for this strange phenomenon?


The slave had to be given an outlook on life that saw his SOUL as something other than, apart from, AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS BODY. After they have swallowed enough books of such spirituality, SLAVES will be heard to say: "It is not important whether we are in captivity because our soul is free. They are only chaining my body but "I" cannot be chained. It is not important that our whole life has been a living hell, this is just preparation for a better here-after, I don't identify with anything called color, I don't even see color because "I" am just a living soul who has no color, so I don't even deal with anything called black power."


A drowning man grasps for power to escape the depths of the sea. A determined man grasps for the power to carry on.
A sick man prays for the power to heal.
The white man has white power,
The Chinese have Chinese power,
The Japanese have Japanese power.

Because of POWER all such people are able to put THEIR vision into reality. If it is a white man, his vision will necessarily embody white ideals. If it is a Chinese it will embody Chinese ideals, if it is a Japanese it will embody Japanese ideals.

The only people who have not been putting THEIR OWN VISIONS into reality are the Black people of the earth because they have been for a long time LOCKED IN SERVILITY, putting other people's visions into reality.


It only seems new and strange because for centuries IT HAS BEEN TOO BUSY BUILDING THE VISIONS OF THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.

And yet such a POWERFUL people say they have no use for Black Power. What they are really saying is that they cannot visualize the beauty of USING THAT SAME POWER ON THEIR OWN BEHALF. How sick can we really, really get?

It is only Black Power that will put Black visions into reality. Why should we be content waiting to see where another man will place us in his vision of reality? If you are rooted in your history you will know where you have always stood within the other man's vision of reality. You would know that if you are careless enough you could quite easily find yourself on the auction block all over again.

It is sad to say, because there are so many that have been thus deluded, but All the FAST-FOOD SPIRITUALITIES give hope of permanency to THE WHITE WORLD ORDER. As long as we cling to vain spiritualities, we as a people will forever be putting into reality the visions of WHITE SUPREMACY. We have done so for over five hundred years already. Is it not time to wake up from stupidity?

Whether it be a white person or a Black person that rejects the idea of BLACK POWER, it is because WHITE POWER has PERM-eated their brain cells long enough to feel natural, normal, necessary, and indispensable....JUST LIKE A PERM on a Black woman's head. White Power seems to the brainwashed mind to have just as rightful a place in the black constellation as the moon, the stars and the sun.

Even though WHITE POWER has eliminated so many of earth's, animal and plant species, even though WHITE POWER has made extinct so many of earth's indigenous peoples, even though WHITE POWER has brought the world to this present brink of ecological disaster and nuclear holocaust , IT IS STILL ACCEPTED AS INDISPENSABLE.......... by the ignorant.

The superiority and inferiority premises sowed by WHITE RACISM are so entrenched in the psyche of the Plantation that BLACK POWERLESSNESS seems like the natural way things should be.

In the face of such spiritual darkness, SHATTERING IGNORANCE, shattering illusions, and SHATTERING THE HYPNOTIC SPELLS that are being cast by the magicians of the white world order must be a number one priority.

It is right there in our mind wherever we are throughout the African diaspora that the seeds of The White World Order have to be rooted out. Any mind that has shattered ignorance, shattered illusion, and shattered the delusions that come from HYPNOTISM must change for the better. Such cleansing is sure to produce a people who will assume a positive role on earth's landscape.

Some will ask, "but how come so much effort has gone into spreading Black consciousness and yet so many still remain CHAINED TO IGNORANCE as can be seen in a place like Jamaica where Mr have-nothing is killing Mr have- nothing, while Mr Have-It-All is still enjoying PARADISE?" The truth is that all the Black consciousness that has been spread so far is but a table-spoon compared to the buckets of HYPNOTISM that are constantly being poured out upon the people every day.

Such HYPNOTISMS are not easily purged by reasoning alone, and the people will not easily be dissuaded from pursuing pathways that lead to destruction. The slave master has mastered the art of PACKAGING so very well that no matter what the product, whether it be Religious Entertainment, Secular Entertainment, or the various forms of CONTRARY SPIRITUALITIES, they are so intoxicating and ADDICTIVE that the voice of reason is resented and avoided.

So strong are the HYPNOTISMS that no matter how much consciousness is placed before the people they still will not drink, even though their feet are right next door to the brink. Ole folks always said "you could carry a cow to the water, but you cant make him drink."

Raised on the milk of Sodom, one becomes accustomed to eating THAT WHICH IS FAKE, so it not surprising that when the time comes to make a choice, one is more likely to choose THAT WHICH IS GLITTERING AND FAKE. The fake things are always very attractive and sweet to the mouth even though they eventually prove to be bitter to the belly.

The rulers of the White World Order have perfected well the art of CHILD PSYCHOLOGY, and that is why PRETTY PACKAGES AND VERY SWEET FAKE FOODS are always placed right next door to the cradle. The SWEETIES melt out of the mouth but THE ADDICTION TO FAKE-NESS AND GLITTER ENDURES RIGHT ON INTO ADULTHOOD.

Many will be seduced and fit into the plan and go down with Babylon.

REASON will only help those that already have a love for the truth within themselves, and when they hear THE VOICE OF REASON it will serve to clarify THAT WHICH IS ALREADY INSIDE. Of such are the children of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. When they hear the truth they will not say "BUT", they will not get vex, they will not run away and succumb to the Demons of HABIT AND CUSTOM, they will know that it is time to turn a new page. They will gladly receive correction.

SOME ARE SHEEP AND SOME ARE GOAT....... and some are FAKE, Some just follow style and fashion and will always be wolves in sheep's clothing.

That is where we stand now as a people today. The keys to BLACK REDEMPTION have already been placed on the table.

"Four hundred million Black man and Black woman, WAKE UP from your spell. See your program standing there before you like a mighty swell. Get your backbone to your brother neith the Red, Gold and Green, Black I-THIOPIA calls I and I home.

Four-hundred million Black-man and Black woman STAND UP to your call, for a house divided gainst itself must surely fall. But I-NITED I and I will be righted neath the Red, Gold and Green Black I-thiopia calls I and I home.

Be not quick to take a title from another race.
They are only camouflaging you before your face.
Take your title from your brother neath the Red, Gold and Green.

Since that period in world history when BLACK SKIN was made to look dishonorable, no other race, no matter how dark or how light-skin, have ever shown much love and respect for the Black race. especially that portion of the Black race that was once SLAVE-SHIP CARGO.

The ideology of Black inferiority has spread so far world-wide that all peoples generally see LACK OF MELANIN as a desirable condition. They all try to distance themselves from BLACKNESS for fear of becoming contaminated IN THE EYES OF THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.


Every ideology cannot fit to a people that are so UNIQUE. Shop for your ideologies under the banner of the Red, Gold, Black and Green and MOVE RED WHITE AND BLUE.

Why should we be so conversant on the teachings of the prophets of the white world order and treat with such skepticism those that came from our own root? Why do we put so much faith in borrowed spiritualities? Why do we always prefer second-hand and retail stuff and scorn and disrespect the voice that speaks from deep within our own root?

It is time that we as a people grow up and stop being so impressionable when we see PRETTY PACKAGES that come from THE FACTORIES OF THE WHITE WORLD ORDER. We need a spiritual maturity that is less attracted to style and fashion, and one that is more in search of substance.


MASS FEEDING today is the same as when a man has a foul farm and he carefully mixes the right ingredients to produce the right result. Let us say that again. MASS FEEDING today is the same as when a man has a foul farm and he carefully mixes the right ingredients to produce the right result.

In other words, the Black man's present MIXED-UP state of mind as we know it today is A PRE-PLANNED RESULT.

IGNORANCE is a necessary ingredient of a slave's DIE-it, and two types of IGNORANCE are specially prepared in the Slave master's kitchen, EDUCATED IGNORANCE and IGNORANT IGNORANCE. The first type is fed to slaves in the big house, and the second is fed to slaves in the field.

EDUCATED IGNORANCE remembers in fine detail everything that is taught in college by WHITE EXPERTS, but in the process, "common-sense" is displaced. Educated Ignorance works like a tape-recording where just a push of the button causes pre-recorded voices to speak through one's mouth.

IGNORANT IGNORANCE on the other hand, not being the college type, remembers and BELIEVES the Church and the News Media as if they are GOD'S MICROPHONE.

Too much exposure to this appetizing DIE-it from THE WHITE WORLD ORDER successfully blinds the slave's eye to the truth of his own reality, and he ends up being distracted in a maze of SPIRITUAL ILLUSION or fighting against his brother.

Think carefully about the food that one consumes. Whether it be food for the mind which one ingests through the ears and eyes, or food for the body which comes through the mouth, THE INGREDIENTS OF MASS FEEDING are carefully and scientifically prepared to achieve a desired result.

FOOD AND BEHAVIOR are closely intertwined. Certain attitudes, certain behaviors and certain states of mind are stimulated or created by certain foods. Whether they be foods that go into the belly or foods that go into the mind, there is a direct relationship between FOOD AND BEHAVIOR. That is worth some thinking. SOCIETY is administered like A CHICKEN FARM.


Most of the "spiritualities" that you see the Black man practicing today can be called BOOK-SHELF SPIRITUALITIES. They are for the most part spiritualities that were OKAYED FOR SLAVES by the Gods of The White World Order and placed conveniently on the bookshelf of the "LIE-BURY" OF White Supremacy, that place where one's mind gets "BURIED IN LIES".

That is why there are so many religions and so many occult-isms and so many demon-isms but SLAVES still cant rest.

That is why the Rastaman says that as a Black man, your main lesson book of spirituality has to be THE LESSONS OF THE BLACK HOLOCAUST. BE ROOTED IN YOUR OWN ROOT.

When one learns the lessons of THE BLACK HOLOCAUST one will realize that Heaven and Hell are always next door to each other in the same place. There is the PARADISE JAMAICA and THE HELL JAMAICA, all on the same little rock which is a microcosm of the black man's existence internationally. This arrangement is also a mirror image of old-fashioned slavery where THE PLANTATION represented HEAVEN and PARADISE for the Slaver and Hell for the slave.

Without exception, when it comes to control of the economy which means control over people's lives, THE PLANTATION STILL FOLLOWS A COLOR LINE and that is why color is relevant to every discussion when speaking of TRUTH, RIGHT, AND JUSTICE. If you ever hear someone trying to address these issues but wants to remove color from the discussion, that person is knowingly or unknowingly through ignorance, operating as a rear-guard soldier of white supremacy. Rear-guard soldiers are there to cover up the tracks made in history and divert the arrow of truth from its mark.

To address the issue of truth, right and justice, one must necessarily raise the issue of color, not because one is a racist as some will accuse, but because THE CORRELATION BETWEEN COLOR AND SURVIVAL CHANCES on the broad international level needs to be explained.

SEE: http://www.webcom.com/nattyreb/rastafari/babylon.html

It must be accounted for so that one can understand why most of the tourists are of the same color and most of the people who are incarcerated or dying from gang violence, Aids, malnutrition and poverty have another color. Why are the "angels" that travel from "paradise" to "paradise" mostly of one color and those that are burning in "Hell" always have another color?

From such observations it becomes clear that Slavery and Colonialism CREATED WHITE HEAVEN..............AND BLACK HELL, and to mash down all the artificial barriers that have been set up by THE WHITE WORLD ORDER to keep the children of Africa divided, "BLACKNESS" as a philosophy and world view will have to be embraced.

The legitimacy of "BLACKNESS" as a uniting force lies in the fact that it speaks to a shared "WE", We who suffer on the basis of having a copious share of melanin, we who are not realizing our full potential because of being the victims of POLICIES OF LIMITATION, We who have been robbed and now find ourselves exploited, we who have been partitioned and scattered, we who are gifted with rhythm and dance, we who are gifted with soul.

All the names like Jamaican, Trinidadian, Somalian, Eritrean, South African, Afro-American, West Indian, light skin, dark skin etc, have been used for centuries by the white world order to perpetuate the scheme of divide and rule. When we look around and see that whether it be in Brixton, New York, Johannesburg, Bridgetown or Kingston, HELL is still made up of the same people, it is clear that A BLACK WORLD-VIEW is the only one that can make obsolete the barriers of ethnicity and geography and unite the scattered peoples of Africa around A SHARED HISTORICAL, RACIAL, ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL COMMONALITY.

It will take such a Black perspective to bring some sanity back to our choice of priorities, for it is only through A BLACK WORLD-VIEW that we will realize that as a people our cause is basically the same.......LIBERATION FROM THE OPPRESSION OF THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.

All objections to A BLACK EMPHASIS stem from either one or two things, fear that the dominion of The White World Order would cease if Black people start to get conscious, or that IGNORANCE found in some Negroes which comes from drinking the white man's milk too long.

The fact that the White World Order manifests itself in a Black face on the local level does not contradict the truth that HE WHO MAKES AND OWNS THE DOLLAR IS THE REAL GOD IN THE LAND. It is THE MONEY GOD who allows or disallows the right to rule. Such is the nature of so-called Democracy. NEO-COLONIALISM is just one of the many camouflages, but behind the scenes, THE WHITE WORLD ORDER RULES BY PROXY, enlisting the services of weak-heart Negroes who have not embraced A TRULY BLACK IDEOLOGY or who have misunderstood it completely.

From the time that such divided and scattered people rise to the occasion and stand firm on A TRULY BLACK IDEOLOGY, power to break all the chains of servility is accessible, for the simple reason that THE POWER IS INHERENT. THE FALLEN GIANT OF AFRICA WILL HAVE ARISEN.

Another valuable spiritual truth that one learns from THE LESSONS OF THE BLACK HOLOCAUST is that the term ?~SIN" must have much broader meaning than what the Preacher man would reveal, for IT MUST INCLUDE SELF-HATE and SELF-DEFACING. Spiritual health must be manifested in one's acceptance of the Creator's image as reflected in one's person.

For too long the Prophets and Preachers of THE WHITE WORLD ORDER have planted in the people the disease of SELF-HATE and have encouraged them to be eager CONSUMERS of THOSE THINGS THAT CARRY HIDDEN FISH-HOOKS.

When the ability to think for oneself is rediscovered and resurrected from the grave of Negro-hood, Africans will realize that it is their turn to dream of A NEW WORLD ORDER. They will realize that for any world order to be really NEW it must mean AN END TO THE WHITE WORLD ORDER. Otherwise it is just another game of PLANTATION WINDOW-DRESSING.

One must realize that amongst the arsenal of mind-control techniques that are used by The White World Order, "FUTURE-IZING BLACK HELL" is one of the very latest. Despite the fact that they have been SMELLING HELL for so long, Blacks are now being penetrated by new false prophets who would make them dread the future so much that they would want to thank THE LORD for the Plantation and voluntarily strive to preserve PRESENT HELL.

It should be clear that Global dominion by THE WHITE WORLD ORDER goes much farther than the physical might that is represented in great wealth and the ownership of weapons of mass destruction, for it is also very much A DOMINION OF SPIRITUALITIES. It is the order along which the black man's head has been programmed so that he would see no farther than "me, my family and myself" and aspire to nothing more than BETTER PAY for his SERVANT ROLE in history. So convincing have been the teachings of THE WHITE WORLD ORDER that blacks would actually feel that third-class citizenship on HELL PLANTATION is a blessing in disguise........JUST BECAUSE OF THE SWEET MEATS OF DISTRACTION.

Such spiritualities of the white world order equip Blacks with a certain outlook on life which is devoid of any comprehension whatsoever of the real connection between SPIRITUAL HEALTH and Black Liberation. Because spirituality is placed in the sky, Black Liberation is made to seem strange and irrelevant, something only for radicals.

Under the influence of such spirit-isms, black reality is viewed through WHITE SPECTACLES and the brain is fed the germ of ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS, a complete disconnect from black reality.

In the land of RED, WHITE AND BLUE especially, there is no shortage of these so-called spiritualities of distraction which block the road to true BLACK LIBERATION. All too often one can hear certain books talking through people's mouth like if they are Zombies suffering from indiscriminate absorption. That is why the Rastaman says BE GROUNDED IN YOUR OWN ROOTS. While it might be appropriate to adopt that which is positive in other cultures, ALWAYS DRAW THE MOST NOURISHMENT FROM YOUR OWN ROOTS, and when you are borrowing be very careful not to borrow that which is contrary.

When you know your own roots through studying THE LESSONS OF THE BLACK HOLOCAUST, you will have a sharper perception on the issue of good and evil and you will never allow yourself to be convinced by the Slave master's ideologies that there is no good and no evil, no right and no wrong, no high and no low to choose from.

The whole issue that presents itself before the Black man and the Black woman in this time is one of CHOOSING GOOD AND REJECTING EVIL, STEPPING HIGH AND LEAVING OUT THE LOW.

Of these two voices that are talking into one's head in this time, one has to make a choice, because the two voices are leading opposite places. Remember Lot's wife thought she could keep one foot in and one foot out. Remember that in the days before being brought in chains to the West there were also TWO VOICES talking into our heads, and we listened to the wrong one just because it was accompanied by FAKE-NESS AND GLITTER.


Is it not utter SPIRITUAL CONFUSION when we the same people turn around in this day and say WE WILL NOT CHOOSE BETWEEN THE HIGH AND THE LOW?

Should we not learn from our history and distance ourselves from those paths of SLACK-NESS which can only defer our liberation?

Why is it so hard to see that in such SERIOUS TIMES as these there is no place for joking, SLACK LIVING and cooling out?

What will it take for the voice of reason and sanity to prevail over the din of entertainment, MORE TRIBULATION?


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