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Clarifying The Concept Of "Spirituality"
What Is Rasta Spirituality?

July 16, 2001

As a people who have been THE WHITE MAN'S PROPERTY for so very long, we have grown accustomed to searching for "GOD" through other people's eyes. If it is not the white man's eyes, it has been the Arab's, the Chinese or the Indian's eyes. This idea that "spirituality" means soaking up the White man's, the Indian's, the Chinese or the Arab's ideas, is all part and parcel of our own degraded sense of self-hood.

When we rediscover and resurrect an appreciation for ourselves as THAT UNIQUE PEOPLE OF CREATION WHO HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE WOOLEN CROWN OF HAIR, we will find a greater link with the God that we have been seeking so vainly for so very long. It is only within our own image that we as a people will find our God. Never through any other people's eyes.

Any people that view God through another people's eyes will always remain CULTURALLY SUBSERVIENT to that other people. Because culture and spirituality are not remote from each other, it means that such cultural subservience will entail spiritually crucifying OUR TRUE GOD-HEAD and preferring BARABBAS instead.

Under the influence of such FOREIGN SPIRITUALITIES, we have often become ideologically divorced from our own unique history which in itself carries a certain HISTORICAL IMPERATIVE. It is this historical imperative which characterizes The Rastaman's brand of spirituality.

Because of the influence of such history, DEVIL and GOD are demystified. HEAVEN and HELL are no longer HERE-AFTER and OUT 0F-WORLDLY, and THE AFRICAN HOLOCAUST is conceptualized as the Black man's main lesson book in the college of TRUE BLACK SPIRITUALITY. It is BLACK SPIRITUALITY without an apology, for it must be seated within a particular cultural and historical framework, distinguished from all that was picked up in the supermarket of intellectual consumerism.



In the same way that he trained animals by giving them TREATS when they obey, THE SLAVER trained his slaves in THE ART OF COMPROMISE, and the skill of HOW TO BOW AND BEND, and how to keep silent until the Slave Master tell you when. They were rewarded and given "PROMOTION" for faithfully obeying the Slaver's rules and not behaving "TOO BLACK," They were encouraged to go to Church and talk about heaven, BUT NEVER TALK ABOUT AFRICAN LIBERATION.

MAINTAINING CONTROL OF STOLEN PROPERTY required that the Afrikan be made to believe that the white man is more civilized and he always knows best, so you can't go wrong when you quote him and let him do the thinking for you. Blacks internalized the belief and are still guided by it today, that DETERMINING WHAT IS WHAT is something best left to WHITE EXPERTS alone, and it is wiser not to have your own opinion, but wait and hear what the white man has to say ...because he always knows best. If he tells you that poison is good for you and labels it with some big words that you can't pronounce, then drink it down with confidence like if it is blessed by the lord. If he tells you that a certain medicine is bad, then hate it and scorn it, even if your people had been using it for centuries before coming to know the white man. This belief and trust in the white man's advice is what ran THE AFRICAN BUSH DOCTOR disastrously out of business.

THE OWNERS encouraged their slaves to read the same book all the time, over and over again, and MEMORIZE it, and BELIEVE it, and UNDER-stand it the way the Teachers of White Christianity VISUALIZED IT, INTERPRETED IT AND EXPLAINED IT TO THEM. White Christianity is making millions of dollars today by writing books which EXPLAIN the Bible but never any denouncing the years of RACIST THEOLOGY which have created black inferiority.

OWNERS had to create in the minds of their slaves a distaste for discussing the crimes of the Robber in terms of black and white, and to favor the word "MANKIND" instead. TURNING DESERTERS AGAINST THEIR OWN would be a program paid for by quite a big budget, and the UNINFORMED would get so confused by blacks killing the wrong enemy that they would throw their hands in the air in helpless-ness and bewail "THE MANKIND PROBLEM THAT ONLY THE LORD CAN SOLVE WHEN HE COMES."

Mother Afrika is weeping bitterly in this day because TURNING DESERTERS AGAINST THEIR OWN has become so much easier for the Slaver now that so many black men just don't know themselves. Too many don't know their history, care not about their destiny, and have allegiance to no one but the god of the dollar bill. Whenever freedom fighters stand up for the right, MERCENARIES stand in the way, guarding the backdoor of White Supremacy.

Pious ole Founding Fathers determined to CHRISTIANIZE the minds of their slaves so that they would view THE AFRICAN HOLOCAUST AND THE ROBBERY as an event not worthy of mention by those who have been "saved and born again," and too long-buried, insignificant and inconsequential to be worthy of discussion anyhow.

TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF STOLEN PROPERTY, the Owners saw that they had to "convert" their slaves from consciousness to unconsciousness, so that they would separate their spiritual reality from their human reality and comply with Slavery. THE SLAVERS also saw it necessary to paint GOD white and then admonish their slaves to be GOD-FEARING, so that their FEAR OF A WHITE GOD-HEAD would contribute greatly to their fear of A WHITE SATAN SLAVE MASTER HEAD.

The Owners knew that it would be in their best interest after a time, to make the stay on HELL PLANTATION very sweet, so they fed the slaves with special "DIE-ITS" of intense salt and intense sugar that would paralyze their spiritual perception and make them find beauty in THE WHITE WIG AND THE SERVANT CAP OF BLACK INFERIORITY. Fed on such "DIE-ITS", the bodies of SLAVES would get fat and obese, while their AFRIKAN SOULS would SHRINK, locked as they are in a world of SPIRITUAL DEATH AND CULTURAL INERTIA.

Not having ever known WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE REALLY FREE, they would mistake a bellyful of cheap junk food washed down with poor TV, for the attributes of true liberty.



A thorough job needed to be done on the mind of the Afrikan, and hence came THE SCHOOLS AND CHURCHES OF "WHITE CHRISTIANITY," THE INSEPARABLE TWIN OF WHITE SUPREMACY. Never, never forget, and let us not be stupid, every major institution invented by the SLAVE MASTER on the Plantation, was invented to strengthen the Plantation, NOT TO ABOLISH THE PLANTATION. Why did we ever think otherwise? Never, never forget, that everything has a purpose, and you should know The Slaver by now. You should know that THE SLAVER always has A SLAVER'S PURPOSE.

Ask yourself a few little questions, does the mosquito change his mind about sucking blood? Does the VAMPIRE resolve to give up blood-sucking because his victims are perishing? When faced with a riot, a revolt or an attempt at revolution, did the Slave master ever go to church and say "Lord, what these people saying is true. I resolve to stop sucking blood, because it is wrong and people are getting hurt by it?" Never. He will resolve instead to find a different way of doing the same thing. In a system that is built on ROBBERY AND EXPLOITATION, there must be blood donors to keep the vampire breathing.

If "common sense" was common on the Plantation, we would have known by now, that when THE SLAVER wants to hook you up on the "WHEN GOD COMES" doctrine of "HERE-AFTER RELIGION," it is because he does not want you to OPPOSE INJUSTICE ON EARTH HERE AND NOW. We should have known that Spiritual TEACHINGS that have the endorsement and full support of THE SLAVER, are always THOSE THAT WILL NOT INTERRUPT OR HINDER THE LONGEVITY OF HIS LAW AND HIS ORDER. Why do you think we have had so much "Slave-master spirituality" along with so many civil rights decrees but THE BASIC PLANTATION ORDER remains the same? How could we be so foolish to believe that THE SLAVER would knowingly encourage, promote and permit an education that would set his slaves free? Information received from birth is the substance of human mentality. Information received from birth UNDER THE SLAVER'S ORDER, is the substance of Slave and Negro mentality. Employing PREACHERS and TEACHERS, THE ROBBERS packaged THE WHITE STORY and labeled it "HISTORY." In the name of "CHRISTIAN EDUCATION" they attempted to perpetuate, in generation after generation, A SENSE OF BLACK INFERIORITY. The PREACHERS told the slaves WHAT TO BELIEVE, and the TEACHERS, after teaching them HOW TO SEE THEMSELVES NEGATIVELY, promoted the wearing of white spectacles from which to view BLACK REALITY. No other versions of the truth were ever allowed on Hell Plantation but THE SLAVER'S VERSION. When the Preachers finally got Afrikans to believe the ROBBER'S version, NEGROES were born, a species specially cloned for the benefit of Hell Plantation.

MALICIOUSLY TAMPERING WITH THE HUMAN MIND for the purpose of creating A PERMANENT CLASS OF HUMAN CLONES is SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS. When it is cloaked in the garments of religion you know that you have encountered SATAN IN DISGUISE.

It is time now for Negroes to see that what they are holding on to is THE SLAVER'S VERSION, and JUSTICE in the here and now, is just as important as liberation in the HERE-AFTER. Why can't Negroes see that "here-after" doctrines were specially designed by the Slaver for the purpose of making them RESIGN THEMSELVES TO THE RIGHT NOW SLAVERY REALITY? Christian Negroes ought to ask themselves how come after so many generations on Hell Plantation, we are the only ones getting "HERE-AFTER LIBERATION." Isn't that a serious thing? Mankind's history is millions of years old, and up to now nobody who got "HERE-AFTER LIBERATION" ever came back to tell Negroes what it is really like, but Negroes are still BELIEVING faithfully in THE SAME OLD WHITE STORY from the same old white Christian Plantocracy. Haven't you noticed that THE CHURCHES OF WHITE CHRISTIANITY who champion the "Here-after doctrine" never talk about RETURNING STOLEN PROPERTY?

Look at Zimbabwe, look at South Africa, look at all the Afrikans who have been ROBBED, FORCED OFF THEIR LAND and displaced in GHETTOES. From pole to pole, the landless African can be found, bound in a yoke of dependency, still at the disposal of the Robbing Barons of White Supremacy. Look at all the BLACKS that are being forced into THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS OF AMERIKKKA today. Where is the voice of WHITE CHRISTIANITY on THE CRIME THAT CONTINUES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY? Is it not clear by now that the man who has always been so interested in SAVING BLACK PEOPLE'S SOULS has never had a serious interest in CHANGING THE CONDITIONS THAT AFFECT THEIR BODIES? How can you speak of TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS and not get to the root? Who is responsible for BLACKS being LANDLESS in the GHETTOS all over the Americas?

Really think about it, how did so many BLACKS get to be so far away from AFRIKA? The contest for the Americas ought really to be one between INDIGENOUS AMERICA AND IMMIGRANT/INVADERS. Blacks are neither of these. Blacks came in the baggage of immigrant slave masters, so CONSCIOUS Blacks know their real struggle ought not to be for the Red man's land. As long as Blacks are struggling for The Red Man's land, Blacks are seeing THE INVADER'S point of view. Blacks are neither IMMIGRANTS or Natives of the Americas. When you really think about it, there are really three basic types of people in the Americas today, The Indigenous People, INVADER PEOPLE, and CAPTURED PEOPLE. Blacks never immigrated. Like contraband, Blacks came in the baggage of THE SLAVER. The only way to truly solve a problem is to get to the root, NOT BUILD MORE PRISONS.

If you end slavery by COMPENSATING THE SLAVE MASTER and freeing the slave with no title to his name, and nothing in his hand but a basket of shame, does that not mean that your FREE SOCIETY has started off in a state of INEQUALITY that would eventually perpetuate the results of the robbery? Generations come and generations go, but the wealth that is accumulated in one generation goes on to another. Money gets more money and poverty always hands down more poverty. Why is it so hard to see that the gap between SLAVE MASTER DESCENDANTS and SLAVE DESCENDANTS is more likely to get wider than to get closer? Black people have been living with A VAMPIRE in their necks for a very long time. It is a wonder that they still survive. See how many Indigenous peoples have gone to the here-after since they met the vampire. Why do you think "FIRST WORLD" means WHITE and THIRD WORLD means BLACK? Why do you think the gap between the "first world" and the "third world" is getting wider and wider and wider, as one world gets richer and richer while the other gets poorer and poorer? That is the basic nature of any vampire relationship. One gets fatter while the other gets thinner. Is it not a fallacy to measure BLACK PROGRESS by the standard of living enjoyed by BLACKS IN THE BIG HOUSE?

Every generalization has its exceptions and its limitations, for there are indeed some rich Blacks and also some poor whites, but exceptions never change the general rule. INTERNATIONAL APARTHEID always highlights the exceptions in its scheme to blur vision and obscure the truth. When the big house did not have running water and fridge, blacks that lived in the big house did not have running water and fridge. One of the many advantages of living in the big house is that you get to use the modern conveniences when Massa's standard of living improves. Massa's standard of low-living has improved so much that now the slaves that live in the big house are the envy of slaves all around the world; yet although they may even be enjoying some of the "goodies," they are still SLAVES IN HAMBURGER HEAVEN.

On the broader level however, where the majority are concerned, the result of ROBBERY AND BRUTALITY is still very obvious. What would one expect to be the result when THE SLAVER ROBS a people of their land, ROBS them of their wealth, ROBS them of their spiritual health, ROBS them of their freedom, ROBS them of the fruits of their own labor for centuries, and chains them to a standard of POWERLESS-NESS which says "YOU HAVE TO WIN THE LOTTERY TO GET OUT OF POVERTY?"

When such people have been systematically denied KNOWLEDGE OF SELF and knowledge of their TRUE history, when they have been purposely and systematically raped of their PRIDE AND SELF-ESTEEM, when THE FAMILY INSTITUTION has been deliberately tortured and wrecked after being subjected to the trauma of rape, poverty, separation and dispersal, what type of PERSONALITY, CHARACTER and BEHAVIOR do you think would be the result of such physical and psychological brutality? After being brutalized for centuries and DISCARDED LANDLESS and pennyless in the unnatural conditions of CONCRETE POVERTY in the Ghetto, what do you think would be the outlook on life if a sick diet of TV STUPIDITY is added to that?

If you look into A CAGE and see a bird displaying behavior uncharacteristic of its species, would you blame the bird or blame the man who cages the bird in such an UNNATURAL environment? Do we not realize that THE AFRIKAN has been existing IN THE WHITE MAN'S CAGE for over five centuries, and that his social, economic and political environment have always been prescribed, shaped, manipulated and implemented by THE OWNERS OF HELL PLANTATION? Why do you think there are so many "blacks" walking around today bleached out of their blackness and looking almost white? Do you think it is because there existed a bond of affection between slave and OWNER? Why do you think there are so many blacks today walking around with their minds deranged and SEXUALLY DISORIENTED, not sure of what gender they really are? Don't you know that RAPE AND SODOMY have always been integral parts of THE SLAVE BREAKING PROCESS?

CENTURIES OF RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE characterize old Slave history. Day after day young girls were raped and young boys sodomized. That is a major part of the story that says the "THE RAPE OF AFRIKA" is not fiction, neither is it a mystery, it must be taken both figuratively and literally.

How long ago did it stop? Don't you think that such a recent history would leave its traces both psychologically and materially? Who really is responsible for creating THE GHETTO CONDITION? Is it not those whose dream of creating an "EASILY ACCESSIBLE RESERVOIR OF CHEAP LABOR" drove them to invade Afrika and dehumanize the Afrikan? Is it not those whose love for THE PROFITS OF SLAVERY caused them after "emancipation" to go for the next best solution which is A LARGE SUPPLY OF CHEAP WAGE LABOR readily available next door to the factory?

In the same way that WHITE CHRISTIANITY in collaboration with THE OWNERS always agreed that SLAVERY WAS NECESSARY, don't we realize that RACIST scientific and economic planners also feel the same way about POVERTY?

Because of the unique history of the African after being raped and colonized by U-ropeans, HELL is no longer a mythical place "down-under" or in the here-after. HELL is the condition imposed on Blacks by the Slave master. We have been for a very long time, here locked down on HELL PLANTATION. We have been SMELLING HELL ever since being raped, abused, domesticated and forced to labor in the building of WHITE HEAVEN.

Humiliated and never compensated, we have been thrown into a vicious ring of dog eat dog survival in the CONCRETE JUNGLE. "Mr have-nothing" competing with "Mr have-nothing" in a deadly game where Mr INHERITOR controls the price of food, the price of clothes, the price of water, the price of rent, AND THE PRICE OF YOUR LABOR. Think about that. When THE SLAVER controls the price of your food, the price of your clothes, the price of your water, the price of your rent, THE PRICE OF YOUR LABOR, and also CONTROLS YOUR TIME, IS THE PRICE CONTROLLER NOT REALLY STILL YOUR OWNER?

The only reason why Negroes cannot see is because they have been converted" from Consciousness to Un-consciousness and are too busy looking into the sky for the heaven preached by THE PASTORS OF WHITE CHRISTIANITY. They have been fed with a concept of "spirituality" that is divorced from human reality in the flesh. If "BLAME THE VICTIM AND BUILD MORE PRISONS" was not the policy of White Christianity, would the voice of The Preacher not be in the forefront of the movement for atonement and RETURNING STOLEN PROPERTY? Would they not be re-educating the people in an effort to correct the results of a cultural history of psychological brutality?

Up till this day, the major cities of U-rope still hold THE BLACK MAN'S TREASURES that were pillaged during THE RAPE OF AFRIKA. Where is the pious voice of White Christianity that is saying WRONG IS WRONG, LET US DO RIGHT? Because the Devil knows well what he is doing, he knows that if he starts to return stolen treasures, he would have to get around to returning STOLEN LAND also, for LAND IS THE FIRST OF ALL TREASURES. Is the Afrika of today not a product of the Afrika of yesterday? How come a man sat in a house for over five hundred years and all the blame is put on the man that recently got a chance to sit in it for five minutes Have we forgotten that U-ROPE enriched itself by DIVIDING, RULING, AND RAPING AFRIKA FOR CENTURIES? If we are going to rule out talking about "THE PAST," should we not first ask WHO IS PRESENTLY STILL HOLDING THE ECONOMIC CHAINS? Are we so dumb to believe that this is a history with no result? Are the nations of Afrika today not burdened with DEBT? And have we forgotten that DEBT is A CONTROL TOOL, or have we allowed ourselves to turn fool?

How come no one wants to get to THE ROOT? How come everyone wants to behave like if the egg did not drop out of a foul and like if the fruit did not come from a tree? Who is so foolish to believe that Afrika's problems over the past twenty or so years are completely detached from what happened over the past four hundred years? Did COLONIALISM depart from Afrika willingly or has it really departed at all? Is it the nature of THE VAMPIRE to change his mind about sucking blood? Why should we think that he would not find another way of appeasing his thirst? How come as Afrikans, we have so much familiarity with THE SLAVER'S schemes of DIVIDE AND RULE, and yet we would believe that THE SLAVER is sitting on his hands, detached and guiltless about what is happening in Afrika today? WHITE CHRISTIANITY in these times has spread its wings all over Afrika, fully aware of the history of pillage, robbery, rape, and murder, and what is the message on the lips of THE PASTOR? "GET SAVED AND WAIT TILL THE HERE-AFTER." Never a word of protest, condemnation, reproof or rebuke DURING THE ROBBERY, and in this day never a word about RETURNING STOLEN PROPERTY. Add to this WHITE CHRISTIANITY'S silence on the EXTORTION that is now disguised as NATIONAL DEBT, where paradox of paradoxes, THE VICTIM NOW OWES THE ROBBER



During the rape and robbery of Afrika, WHITE CHRISTIANITY was telling Africans that the rape was good for them. Today White Christianity is telling Africans that the only thing that really matters is a man's soul, so they should close their eyes to right now reality and concentrate on the HERE-AFTER. Is that not evidence of a great conspirator and clever collaborator? How come so many Negroes still sit and wait like thirsty sponges for THE TEACHERS AND AUTHORS OF WHITE CHRISTIANITY to explain and interpret the Bible for them? If you look around and see Negroes still clinging to THE SLAVER'S VERSION, you know SLAVERY is still very much alive, and Afrikans are still very much dead.

THE OWNERS knew that it was necessary to keep TOTAL CONTROL OF INFORMATION ON THE PLANTATION, for that was the only way to develop an obedient servant nation. The whole idea was to keep the details of THE ROBBERY hidden, so that subsequent generations would take LANDLESS-NESS AND POVERTY for granted. HIS-TORY was a subject ONLY TO BE TOLD BY THE SLAVER. Up to this day FOLLY-WOOD still controls the monopoly on TELLING THE BLACK STORY. So it is not surprising that on HELL PLANTATION, what the majority of people think, is usually what THE SLAVER taught them to think. FOLLY-WOOD is just a more advanced teaching tool used by the same Defenders of White Supremacy TO PERPETUATE OWNERSHIP OF STOLEN PROPERTY.

The Teachers and the Pastors of White Christianity, skillfully planted THE TREE OF WHITE SUPREMACY whose roots are deeply nourished in the mud of an education system that proclaims Black inferiority. All these WRONGS were motivated by the need to maintain a permanent grip on STOLEN LAND, and legalized with the title "RIGHTS OF PROPERTY." "Even though I stole your land, now that I have given you emancipation and independence, you can have your own flag, you can have your own black government, sing your own new anthem, and even rename the country ZIMBABWE, BUT RESPECT MY RIGHT TO STOLEN PROPERTY."

How come Negroes cannot see that WHITE CHRISTIANITY never preaches about RETURNING STOLEN PROPERTY? How come Negroes cannot see that the subliminal message behind the teachings of WHITE CHRISTIANITY has always been "THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE WHITE GOD-HEAD ETERNALLY?" GUILTINESS still chokes the stony heart of WHITE CHRISTIANITY, so that up to this day despite all the WICKEDNESS, it still cannot say "WRONG IS WRONG. IN THE NAME OF CHRIST WE GOT TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT." Despite the ECONOMIC DEATH-GRIP that is now EXTORTING the dripping blood of Afrika in the name of A NATIONAL DEBT, despite a knowledge of its historical involvement in binding Afrika with chains and UNDER-DEVELOPING Africa, despite a knowledge of the IRREPARABLE DRAIN on Afrika's MAN-AND-WOMAN-POWER throughout THE MIDDLE PASSAGE and the EXPLOITATION OF AFRIKAN LABOR that has continued up to this day, despite a knowledge of the drain on Afrika's mineral resources and natural wealth that has been made to gush from the bowels of Afrika to fatten and enrich U-rope, DESPITE THE UNIVERSAL CRISIS IN POVERTY THAT SUCH DRAINAGE HAS LEFT IN ITS WAKE, the conscience of White Christianity cannot even see any need for AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OR REPARATIONS. IS THAT NOT SATAN IN DISGUISE? How come Negroes cannot see that WHITE CHRISTIANITY never preaches about RETURNING STOLEN PROPERTY? Think about this, the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM encourages the worship of Columbus, SLAVERS, PIRATES, INVADERS, ROBBERS AND RACIST GENOCIDAL KILLERS whose hands are all steeped in the blood of Afrikans and countless other indigenous peoples. IF THEY DO NOT APPROVE OF IT, HOW COME THEY NEVER DISCOURAGED IT YESTERDAY AND NEVER CONDEMN IT TODAY? In the name of WHITE CHRISTIANITY, one of the slave ships was even called H. M. S. JEEZUS OF LUBEC.

Where and when have THE PASTORS OF WHITE CHRISTIANITY risen up to condemn SUCH WORSHIP OF THE SATAN ARISTOCRACY? Maybe that is asking too much, because it was SAVAGE CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS who set sail to the shores of Africa in slave ships looking for "savages" to save. It was Christian statesmen who tried to keep South Africa "pure" by instituting Apartheid. It was the zealous Christian in the USA who believed in the blessings of slavery the most. So much so that the place where there was the most slavery is the place widely known as THE BIBLE BELT. THE WHITE INTERPRETATION OF CHRISTIANITY made it A DEVILS'S RELIGION, and eating and drinking the body of Christ became a daily ritual, as Blacks were lynched, tortured and brutally worked to death. Meanwhile staunch upholders of White Christianity thanked the lord and prayed that the benefits of Slavery would never end.

Some would say "Not the whole of White Christianity favors Slavery because some used to help the slaves to run away," but the question to be answered is How strong TODAY is the voice against the White Supremacy psychology that has for so long been covered up in the garments of White Christianity? Where is the Christian voice that is coming out and condemning the present interpretation of history which glorifies the robber and makes villains out of the victims? How strong are the actions to correct the psychological damage that such racist teachings have caused and still cause? Where is the Christian voice that is coming out against BUILDING MORE PRISONS? Where is the WHITE Christian voice that is outraged against the obvious scheme to PHYSICALLY RE-ENSLAVE BLACKS by means of PRISON WARE-HOUSING AND THE LEGAL PROCESS?

Where is the WHITE Christian voice that is approaching the ears of the Super powers and showing them their responsibility for Africa's condition today? Where is the WHITE Christian voice that is reproving U-ropean governments for still squeezing the breasts of Africa after they have long become fat from centuries of daily drainage of her lifeblood? How strong is the voice in favor of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND REPARATIONS? How come silence on THE CRIME AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY?


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