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June 13, 2001

Dr Carole Yawney recently highlighted in an article entitled Praising Jah Rastafari on the Banks of the Nile a statement from our Rastafari idren in the Sudan. Here is an excerpt.

"Rasta is not a new thing in the Sudan. A long time ago we had Rastafari and they used to live a natural life, grew dreadlocks, depended upon agriculture, as shepherds they raised animals, lived besides rivers and were very connected to nature, dealing with others as well as each other in a human way with honesty and justice.

But now everything is different, Society looks upon Rastafari in a bad way and they think that Rastafari is not even human, that Rastafari is just a person who has no class in the society, and is not recognized. To us this is a very narrow minded way of looking at Rastafari.

In fact, Rastafari should be regarded in the highest class, since Rastafari are clean, honest and dignified. Everbody should have their own place in society. This is how you make a society, with different kinds of people. Why don't we all live in unity and brotherhood? It is my duty to help the poor and disenfranchised.

We do not see any difference between Rastafari in the Sudan and the Rastafari elsewhere. We do not forget the root is one and history is a witness because Africa is the Mother. Africa is the land of the original man and the original Rastafari.

We the Rastafari in the Sudan for the first time have grouped ourselves into an organization called Roots Group. We are working to unite all the the Rastafari in this country by calling and by visiting. We are the original Africans that have been isolated from the brothers who are far away in the Diaspora. From reggae we got our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be Rastafari. Our Rastafari knowledge is limited to Reggae, since we never left the country and never had a chance to speak with Rastafari elsewhere.

Ras Mohammed's visit to the Sudan lately has inspired us. He taught us the fundamentals of the Religion and the Philosophy, and for the first time we understand the art of Nyahbinghi. We were taught of Marcus Garvey, Leonard Howell, Walter Rodney and Mortimo Planno. We do not see any differences between Rastafari in the Sudan and elswhere. We share common bonds.

We are calling all Rastafari, especially in Jamaica, the Twevle Tribes, the Bobos, the Nyahbighi, and the Ethiopian Orthodox to get in touch with us since we need to know more of spiritual aspects of Rastafari. Also extend our plea to all Rastafari of the world to contact us."

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Ras Mohammed Jackson Hammad
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Ras Mohammed
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